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  2. "Evie, with a musical teddy on, I hardly think anyone'll be looking at your blue pants!"
  3. I didn't know teddies were musical. I wonder what kind of sexy tune one would play.
  4. Celebrity Bowling

    The Nanette Fabrey, Marilyn Maxwell vs Patty Andrews, Barbara Nicholas episode was particularly crazy.
  5. Last Lucy Item You Bought?

    They look awesome. I you found a Mame poster on a 2nd hand site recently a d a cheap copy of Madelyns book so snapped both of those up. My first lucy items in years
  6. Home Before Dark, an interesting Jean Simmons starrer, featuring such notables as Mabel Albertson, Joanna Barnes, Eleanor Audley -- and a small, but great dramatic turn from Kathryn Card as the housekeeper.
  7. Celebrity Bowling

    Ah! There's a station on Roku that has about 20 of these, but Lucie's episodes aren't among them.
  8. Last Lucy Item You Bought?

    I found these beauties at a Toronto movie poster store today — and the entire shop was 30% off!
  9. Today at a used bookstore I found a copy of Ilka Chase's book "Past Imperfect" from Keenan Wynn's library. (It has his bookplate inside the front cover) I didn't realize until I got home that inside, used as bookmarks, were two of Evie's receipts from Saks Fifth Avenue. One one, it looks like she bought a "musical toy teddy" and the other a pair of blue pants.
  10. Celebrity Bowling

    Amazon Prime has the first season of 1971's Celebrity Bowling. Lucie and Phil V. were on 2 episodes.
  11. Last week
  12. Desilu Studios is Back?

    I wonder if the new owners are actually Lucy and Desi fans themselves? A great business idea to bring back the Desilu brand. Will be interesting to see how this new company operates and what tv and movie projects they will make.
  13. Aunt Sylvia and Betsy are always on the lookout for men, but something about their relationship tells me they don’t have too much need for one Bosom Buddies indeed!
  14. Betty, Carol Channing, and The Love Boat Mermaids perform Bosom Buddies.
  15. MAME

    Just discovered that the "other" Mame movie with Rosalind Russell got a Blu-ray release back in December. Here's the review: http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Auntie-Mame-Blu-ray/102581/ It's worth reading to learn about how the film was shot, and the efforts the Warner Archive Collection undertook in preparing for this release. Undoubtedly the Lucy movie will get the Warner Archive treatment at some stage.

    This show should've run for years. It sounds absolutely fantastic.

    Oh that's right. Somehow he always gets brought up when those 2 are together.

    In response to the question, Lucy says to Zsa Zsa, "You think you married a couple of them" and mentions George Sanders.

    And I got to see that Zsa Zsa show and it's as batshit crazy fun as it sounds. I forgot about that most fascinating men question.

    The Zsa Zsa Gabor Show was a talk show pilot taped in February 1969. Lucy, Adam West (or as Zsa Zsa calls him "Adam Vest ze Batman"), and Marty Allen were the guests. It's everything you would hope and expect from a Zsa Zsa talk show. Zsa Zsa has a handsome male sidekick who's job seems to be just to keep Zsa Zsa on track. Zsa Zsa asks Lucy who were some of the most fascinating men she ever met. Lucy mentions FDR and Zsa Zsa exclaims, "I dated him!" She then is surprised to learn that FDR isn't John F. Kennedy. Zsa Zsa asks Lucy about her trip to Monaco and Princess Grace, but then immediately changes the topic to how a duke wants to marry her. Zsa Zsa's cohost announces that Zsa Zsa has a special phone call and when she picks up the phone, it's nothing but a loud dial tone. She eventually gets to speak to the caller: her daughter Francesca. One segment is a takeoff on The Dating Game trying to find Zsa Zsa a new husband. Another has them trying funny hats on Marty Allen. Before one commercial break, all of the stars do some groovy dancing. Lucy looks absolutely terrific on the show.
  21. Lucy Sightings!

    I know, it's great. This one was very well done, too. After watching a number of episodes, he finally says something like, "It's a great show, but there's no way someone would ever do these types of things in real life." Cut to Brian scaling the trellis to the hotel balcony. The opening scene was a hoot. "I just found this wonderful old show about this couple, Fred and Ethel." "Oh, you mean I Love Lucy." "Who? Oh, right, the neighbor." As an aside, Kirstie Alley makes a cameo as Rebecca from Cheers in this episode.

    There was a Zsa Zsa Gabor Show?? When? What was it?
  23. Lucy Sightings!

    I never knew that was a thing! Isn't it interesting how at least three different shows (Golden Girls, Designing Women, Wings) devoted entire plot lines to characters watching I Love Lucy? Talk about cultural impact! It really is just the absolute best there ever was or ever will be.

    It's confirmed. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/marty-allen-dead-zany-comedian-925520 He was still working. Marty had the honor of appearing with Lucy on The Zsa Zsa Gabor Show. They did the Watusi together Goodbye Dere.

    Carrot Top reports that Marty Allen has gone to Frenchy at the age of 95 — but I don’t see any news sources yet. Hmm...
  26. Gag Headlines

    Love these! I'd watch them all, even "Bill Frawley Sings the Old Ones."
  27. Gag Headlines

    Willviv options Desilu's failed Maggie Brown pilot and recasts with Merman understudy Vivan Vance Willviv's variety show pilot "Bill Frawley Sings the Old Ones" sits on the shelf next to "Maggie Brown" Under Frawley's helm, Willviv submits their sitcom pilot script "The Betty Grable Show" to Betty in which she falls "legs over heels" for a slightly-older diary-writing ex-vaudevillian. Grable's agent: "Nertz!!"
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