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  2. Did he give her that pill in the hospital?
  3. The Banner Archives

    Damn thought so. Havent seen those ones before. Would love to see the full pics
  4. My apologies if this has already been posted. I've never seen this interview before.
  5. I've never understood why in this episode, while singing The Twelve Days of Christmas, when they get to the part about "three French hens," they sing "three red hens" instead. I've looked online at the lyrics from various sources and they all say "three French hens," not red hens. I've never heard "red" sung in place of "French" anywhere except in this episode of The Lucy Show. Does anybody know why they did that? It seems rather bizarre to me.
  6. Exaggerate much? The queen of comedy took Lowe by the hand and insisted they watch part of the show together. They sat, watched and then 20 minutes later, Lowe’s Oscar night took a final turn for the worse when Ball asked him a favor. “‘Darling I have a splitting headache. Could yet get me some aspirin?’ And so I went got what I thought was an aspirin. I gave it to her and she died 48 hours later,” Lowe said, stunning his fellow comedians who had been sharing stories of their worst, most embarrassing moments on stage. https://pagesix.com/2016/07/18/rob-lowe-tells-all-on-how-he-killed-lucille-ball/
  7. Lucy in the Cher musical

    Not about advice on divorcing Sonny, but about Sonny and Cher and Lucy: From Vanity Fair: Although the couple was wildly successful, they lived pretty traditionally. Working long days on the set, never into drugs, Cher would go home almost every night and cook dinner with her husband. “I think I went out two times alone the entire time I was married to Sonny.” The couple spent a lot of time with an older Hollywood crowd that included Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, and Henry Fonda. According to Cher, “I knew Lucy since I was little. I was crazy about her. My mom was an extra on her show. One time, we were at this party, and Johnny Carson got really pissed off at me, because it was the second inauguration of Nixon. I thought Nixon was a big idiot, and Lucy thought he was a big idiot, and she was making jokes, and I was hysterically laughing. Carson got furious and said that I should get out of the room because I was being disrespectful. He would have never said boo to Lucy—she would have chewed him up and spit him out.” https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2010/12/cher-201012
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  9. The Banner Archives

    Promo shots for when Lucy was shooting Lucy in London.
  10. The Banner Archives

    Great banner pic. Where's this from?
  11. From a 1952 episode of The Red Skelton Show: Was this a common doorframe back in the day? I have no idea how it could end up on the Skelton show, which was on NBC at the time. Most of the show was filmed at CBS Television City, but I don't know for sure where its first two seasons were shot. The door is unequivocally the same as the Ricardo's, with similar "shades", and it's even placed at a similar angle on the set. Does anybody have any idea what the heck could be going on here?
  12. Last week
  13. Love the "Lucy in London" pic. I love all pics from LIL. She seems so "vibrant". I had recently watched the fascinating "Making of LIL" documentary. Lucy had such incredible energy. It was a hard shoot and they had very little time. Apparently to shoot at Madame Tussaud's they had to wait until it closed and worked the entire night so they all (including Lucy, we assume) had a sleepless night. If Lucy was suffering from fatigue, it did not show on-screen. Too bad the 'punting on the Thames' scene didn't work out better. I've never heard an explanation of why it's so clumsily edited. (and why a shot of Lucy swimming in the Thames, which I saw as stills, wasn't included). I attended the premiere in LA with Steve Binder, but didn't know how to ask that question without it seeming insulting. You'd think that Lucy and CBS would have been happy with the high rating LIL got (#3 for the week? citation needed: Harry?) but the lukewarm critical response meant the end of the "Lucy In______" ideas. For her second special she was contracted for that season, she just reran "The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour" from 1964, rather than produce something new. Other than the Thames scene and perhaps an overlong (to me) Newley concert at the end, it's wonderful. And we all owe a HUGE thank you to Tom Watson and crew for not only giving us a long-awaited pristine copy of LIL, but going above and beyond with the "making of" documentary. When we got season 4 of The Lucy Show DVD release, I wasn't confident they would go ahead with Season 5, since practically all of those episodes were in public domain and the poor-quality 16mm prints were sold over the years, packaged in so many different (and usually deceptive) ways. Including "Lucy's LOST Episodes" with a pic of Lucy Ricardo as the cover art. (Now THAT'S shameless). The fact that Lucy trusted these LIL production people, not her usual Desilu crew, and went out on a limb is even more amazing when you consider how relatively safe and often mundane the episodes of "The Lucy Show" had become. (If she liked these writers so much, why didn't she hire them for TLS or HL?)
  14. Yours, Mine & Ours

    Never heard about any falling out with YMO. The falling out was a few years earlier on The Lucy Show. Mickey was her lawyer and I too have never heard Bernie wrote. His positions at Desilu and Universal was not in that capacity. Citation needed is correct as this all seemes to be made up.
  15. Yours, Mine & Ours

    From Yours Mine and Ours wikipedia page: "Later, she had a falling-out with Madelyn Pugh (then known as Madelyn Pugh Martin) and Bob Carroll, precisely because their script overly resembled an I Love Lucy television episode, and commissioned another writer (Leonard Spigelgass) to rewrite the script.[citation needed] Mr. Spigelgass does not seem to have succeeded in breaking free of Lucy's television work, so producer Robert Blumofe hired yet two more writers (Mickey Rudin and Bernie Weitzman) to make an attempt.[citation needed] When this failed, Blumofe hired Melville Shavelson" Wasn't Mickey Rudin her attorney? I did not know that Bernie was ever a writer. It does say "citation needed" after. YMO is good as produced (with a couple of minor complaints) but It would be interesting to see what Bob and Madelyn touches were left out of subsequent scripts. Enough of their original script was retained that they got "story by" credit. Though the drunk scene is not based on any true life event, I'm glad they left it in because it's one of the high points of the movie. Although the idea the she gets so drunk on that lethal mix of alcohol, gets sick and immediate sobers up---let alone having any appetite for the dinner they held up for her, is---I was to find out much later---NOT the way it happens. Speaking of Mickey, it's hard to believe that as late as 1980's "Lucy Moves to NBC", they were still trying to get laughs with Asians pronouncing "R"'s as "L"'s (Choo-Choo: "Mickey Ludin") Also I don't think B&M's YMO script was the cause of any "falling out" (unless Helen entered a pie baking contest in their script).
  16. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    "The Tenant Trap" - Tired of the Hinkleys invading her legally sublet house, Mary Jane conspires with Vanda to arrange a series of booby traps throughout the house and grounds, in order to make DeDe and Herb think the house is jinxed and flee. Unfortunately, the traps manage to snare everybody BUT the Hinkleys - Sam steps on the tarp in the yard and falls into an underground pit; Kim puts her foot through the rope and winds up hanging upside down from a tree; Viv must send her knit suit to the tailor after finding the sofa cushion super-glued to it; while Carol gets the fright of her life after the downstairs toilet gushes instead of flushes. All this culminates with Harry admiring the "taxidermy" skunk on the mantle a little too closely, and sending Mary Jane the bill for the dry-cleaners and a bottle of Flo's Industrial Soap Scrub. "Peaches and Scream" - Mary Jane and DeDe have both entered Sam's cooking contest down at the café, with the winning recipe earning a place on the menu. Mary Jane decides to submit her famous peach cobbler, passed down her family for generations. Never one for honest competition, and knowing her beef hash needs all the help it can get, unscrupulous DeDe doctors the cobbler the night before submission with a mixture of stool-softeners and cayenne pepper. The next day, the concoction wreaks havoc with Sam's chili allergy and his constipation medicine, sending him to the hospital. A furious Vanda accuses Mary Jane of trying to kill her honeybunch, but a cursory examination of the cobbler unearths one of DeDe's press-on nails, and Mary Jane turns the hose on her until she confesses outright. Mary Jane remakes her cobbler and impresses the recovered Sam enough to win the competition. In lieu of pressing charges, Sam has another idea, and everybody takes great delight in watching DeDe force down her modified cobbler with an expression akin to a Vitametavetamin drinker.
  17. "WUNNERFUL"!!! But MORE, plz . I love what comes out of your crazy down-under idea-bubbling head!!
  18. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    Love the idea of Mary Jane playing all of her Lucy characters in one episode. Try doing that with Frank Nelson...yeeeeeesh! "The Dinner Party" - Hoping to get better acquainted with their neighbors, the Hinkleys plan a dinner party and invite Sam, Vanda, Harry, Kim, Viv and Carol. Not much liking the Hinkleys, Viv and Carol scheme to scare them off by disguising Cynthia (Carole Cook) as Lucy, arranging for her to "return home" and order her freeloading relatives out midway through dinner. Unbeknownst to them, Harry and Kim have come up with a similar plan involving a wax model head of Lucy that Harry found on eBay, sculpted by the famous Golddaper. The Hinkleys get the fright of their life at dinner when confronted with two Lucys, and the sight of the wax one melting before their eyes (Mary Jane knocked over a candle and set it on fire) only scares them even more. Just when everyone thinks they're rid of them, however, the real Lucy pops in ("I forgot my lipstick") and the plan is exposed.
  19. OK, well how about this one? (Remember the premise is the Mary Jane sublet Lucy's house. Lucy is traveling as 'secretary to the stars'. Kim has moved in with her Uncle Harry. The Hinkleys: Lucy's mother Dede and brother Herb have moved in with Mary Jane but want the house) “MARY JANE MEETS HER MATCH” The conniving Hinkleys overhear Mary Jane reciting her “I am beautiful….. because I have an inner glow” mantra and perceive (not without cause) this as an onset of senility. They figure this is just what they need to gain conservatorship over Mary Jane and ownership of the house and alert the authorities. Sensing a possible negative outcome for Mary Jane, Harry and Kim see a picture in the paper of visiting socialite Cynthia Harcourt, notice the distinct resemblance and hatch a plan. Meanwhile the Harcourts, eager to take in LA nightlife, visit the Royal Club featuring headliner “Miss Pat, the Hip Hypnotist”. Reluctant Cynthia becomes part of the act. Miss Pat plants the suggestion in her head that when she hears a chipmunk voice, she’ll go from sophisticated to daffy. (insert “uh-oh” laugh) The next day, to gain access to the Harcourt’s Beverly Palms suite, Harry and his “spoiled daughter” Kim represent themselves as West Palm Beach yacht owners wishing to sell, and schedule the Harcourts to come over to the Valley Lawn Drive house to seal the deal during the time set for Mary Jane’s court-ordered psychological evaluation (sending Mary Jane out on a wild goose chase errand) in the hopes that the mental competency assessors will evaluate Cynthia instead of Miss Lewis. All goes as planned until Mary Jane unexpectedly returns early from her errand and squeaks out: “Harry, I couldn’t find any wild geese on Echo Park Lake”. Insert “boing” sound-effect as Cynthia goes so wild-eyed that she and Mary Jane become indistinguishable, eventually harmonizing a pitch-challenged version of “Organically Yours” together, leaving all confused and Mr. Harcourt not sure of which one to take home. FADE OUT. TAG SCENE: New neighbors, New England transplants, the Foster twins, Audrey and Betty (now Simmons and Ramsey) arrive to invite the Valley Lawn household to a get-acquainted dinner party---prompting the assessors and the Hinkleys to scream and scurry out the door in horror! Harcourt hastily picks a “Cynthia” at random and leaves, hoping for the best. Harcourt: Hy Averback. Competency assessors: Barbara Morrison, Florence Bates.
  20. Buy Lucy's Golf Cart

    Thanks, could not remember which episode it was.
  21. Buy Lucy's Golf Cart

    Lucie also wore this in "Lucy and the Mountain Climber." In addition, Lucy wore it on Danny Thomas' The Practice.
  22. Buy Lucy's Golf Cart

    Or maybe you'd like this top worn by Lucy on a Dinah! episode. Host parties and sit around saying " Who Cares?". https://www.julienslive.com/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/270?page=1&view=list&key=Lucille ball&sale=undefined&catm=any&order=order_num&xclosed=no&featured=no
  23. Buy Lucy's Golf Cart

    From an upcoming Julian Auction own Lucy's studio cart from the 60s. https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/270/lot/104490?url=%2Fm%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F270%3Fpage%3D1%26view%3Dlist%26key%3DLucille%20ball%26sale%3Dundefined%26catm%3Dany%26order%3Dorder_num%26xclosed%3Dno%26featured%3Dno
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  25. TCM Robert Osborne Auction

    The Lucy item from the auction today went for $1625.
  26. Lucy in the Cher musical

    Well know I want to know more.
  27. Lucy in the Cher musical

    Since Cher is heavily involved with the show, I'm sure she mentioned the conversation. I'm pretty sure Cher has talked about this in interviews too.
  28. Lucy in the Cher musical

    So this conversation did happen. I wonder if the book writer saw or heard about this. I will say the dialogue in the Frankie Avalon Here's Lucy did talk a bit about you can't have Cher without Sonny and you can't help but think that's like Lucy without Desi.
  29. Lucy in the Cher musical

    Fascinating! I wonder what song she sings. I was already intrigued that Bob Mackie is a major character in the musical. At one of Lucy's Museum of Broadcasting seminars, an audience member asked her if it was true that Cher asked her advice when she was breaking up with Sonny. Lucy said, yes, it was true and she had forgotten all about that. She asked the audience member, "What did I tell her?" He replied, "You told her to keep working." Lucy responded, "That was good advice."
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