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  2. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    The time line is fuzzy for me too. I think they met in June of 1940 and it was only a few weeks earlier that Desi showed up in LA. Now if he happen to hit LA with Cugart's band or any other time he was passing through then it's entirely possible he had a day off and went to the track. Of course in those early weeks in 1940 he could have gone to the track too.
  3. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    Well, he supposedly had a photographic memory, so my money is on him remembering it. My question is, when did he hit on her? I thought he came to LA and almost immediately met Lucy. (Not that he would have hesitated to hit on another woman while seeing Lucy...)
  4. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    Probably in a bin with the Lucy and Carole Lombard photo. I want to know more about Desi at Santa Anita when he was hitting on Edie as the cigarette girl. Did Desi remember her all those years, or did Edie remind him when they met up again in the 50s?
  5. Carol Channing has passed away

    What a great take on the title song to Hello Dolly. Last year at this time I saw Bernadette and it was the second best night I ever spent in a Bway theatre. When the title number started I thought, "here we go!". Smiles the whole time. Dolly was the first show I saw on stage at age 9 at my local summer stock theatre and don't remember anything about it. It took the Bway viewing to reintroduce it to me. I caught this CBS piece this morning and loved the show all over again.
  6. Carol Channing has passed away

    If there is another number in any musical that inspires the same audience reaction as the "Hello Dolly" number, I can't think of it. It makes you glad to be there, glad to be alive and wanting to run onstage and join the waiters singing to her (or depending on your gender or leanings, want to get into her costume and descend those stairs to the opening bars of the song). Many wonderful actresses played Dolly on Broadway, each bringing their own charm to the role, including Phyllis Diller!. Her run was short--3 months--by all accounts she gave a great performance. But none captured the pure joy of the title song more than Carol Channing. The term one-of-a-kind is thrown around a lot but Channing was certainly that. A theater historian whose accuracy I trust told me that David Merrick made a personal visit to Roxbury Drive to try to talk Lucy into doing a limited run on Broadway. Said historian thinks this was about 1966. Lucy's memories of the rigors of "Wildcat" were probably still too fresh in her mind--but what a thrill that would have been had I been old enough to hitchhike the 3000 miles to Broadway. Interesting that the Dollys in the revival were so much older than the originals. The equivalent today in relation to the ages of the 60s Dolly's would be Tina Fey, Amy Poeler or Julia-Louis Dreyfus and none of them seem old enough for Dolly. Bette and Bernadette could be the mothers of all of 60s Dollys (except Merman: possible but a stretch). The 60s equivalent of the ages of the revival's well-preserved Bette and the even more well-preserved Bernadette would be the 1960s versions of Madge Blake, Lillian Gish, Isabel Randolph, Eleanor Audley, Norma Varden or Kathryn Card! And I mean "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" Kathryn, not Mrs. McGillicuddy--Bern and Bette are over 10 years older than that one. Chew on THAT! 70 really is the "new 50". Re: the wonderful What's My Line? "LuvsBway" posted. Lucy, Ginger, Carol, Dorothy and Arlene were still at their peak of glamour. Lucy's voice-disguise is the same one she used to impersonate Channing in "Countess/Undercover Agent" the next season! 1965 was one of those watershed years. Sadly, 3 months (and a few days) later Dorothy would be dead, the main reason for my WML obsession. Very few Broadway musical offerings from that point on would capture "Hello Dolly"'s exuberance . A perfect musical and I have to say, my all-time favorite. (I love Gypsy, but for different reasons). I'll never forget taking my newly purchased "Dolly" LP home, not knowing anything about Channing, and hearing THAT VOICE for the very first time.
  7. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    I would REALLY love to see a photo of the Arnazes (Lucy & Desi) with the Hirsches (Clement & Edie). They were supposedly friends. Not sure if one exists, though.
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  9. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    Cropping Edie out, stupid people. It's so hard to find photos with her in. I don't know if she was camera shy or just not at much.
  10. I think you may be right. Never thought it was pink. Marvy.
  11. LOVE that episode! Penelope Poopendorf!
  12. Oh, Those Traveling Props!

    It's a bit hard to tell from her brief time on screen in Lucy Goes to Vegas, but it looks like Carole may have been given this Oscar winning costume from The Facts of Life.
  13. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    I've seen a tighter crop of this photo before... without Edie. (circa 1977) Happy birthday, Desi IV!
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  15. Working with Lucy

    The teenager is implied to be Steven Spielberg and there’s more holes in that story than in Swiss cheese.
  16. Working with Lucy

    Thanks. It was only $3 so I think I'll take a shot and just skip that teenager stuff.
  17. Working with Lucy

    I can't remember much that was particularly mean and overall the commentary seemed to match what we know about everyone. I think that she amplified her role in many events as I doubt that she was as important, or as relied upon, as she claimed. Her facts do seem accurate though and we know that she was the costumer so there seems less ambiguity around how often she saw Lucy as other books. A large portion of it goes in an odd direction and talks about her mentor / friendship with a teenagers. Then that sort of goes nowhere and you're left feeling confused and a bit annoyed at the waste of time. Overall I think that it's well worth a read! She provides a behind the scenes description of times we know well and some interesting insight into Gary. At least it's not expensive!
  18. A very happy 97th birthday to the White Queen!
  19. Working with Lucy

    That's what I was looking for.
  20. Lucy Fest 2019

    We'll be there!
  21. Working with Lucy

    There was a lot that was hard to believe in her book.
  22. Working with Lucy

    I do too, if they're B.S., which many are. But when true, they can be fun.
  23. Working with Lucy

    I read a small portion of Sharon's book. It seemed pretty accurate on her observations of Lucy, Viv and Gale. is it worth the Kindle buy and read? I hate bitchy, trashy books.
  24. Beautiful Carol Channing tribute. Love the photo of her with Lucy and Betty.
  25. Carol Channing has passed away

    There probably isn't a single Carol performance that isn't absolute gold, but here's a personal favorite of mine, from about a decade ago at the Hollywood Bowl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RakE9t4jcbI Even though it isn't the best quality video, she still has you in the palm of her hand (a phrase that's been thrown around a lot today) and truly exudes that special something that comes with one in a million performers.
  26. Carol Channing has passed away

    A wonderfully in-depth obituary from Carol’s hometown paper with quotes from Lucie, Kaye Ballard, Lily Tomlin, Tommy Tune, and more. https://www.desertsun.com/story/life/entertainment/people/2019/01/15/broadway-icon-carol-channing-remembered-palm-springs-area-unsurpassable/2579332002/
  27. Carol Channing has passed away

    An all around excellent episode of What's My Line with Lucy, Ginger Rogers and Carol Channing. Ginger was taking over Dolly from Carol and they both appeared as the mystery guest, and are just adorable. Lucy was the other mystery guest on the show that night and mentioned that it was nice to see Carol and Ginger.
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