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  2. Here's some really cool film footage, shot in New York in 1911. You get some good perspective of what the world looked like (or New York, at least) at the time Lucille Ball was born.
  3. Yes! Annotated scripts are always fun to read!
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  5. This sounds like something very fun to sit a poor over.
  6. Today, on his 97th birthday, Carl Reiner and the National Comedy Center announced a significant donation. If he is able to travel that far at his grand old age, it would be wonderful to see him properly feted in Jamestown. Jamestown, New York – March 20, 2019 – The National Comedy Center and legendary producer, director, and writer Carl Reiner announced today, on Carl Reiner’s 97th birthday, an initiative to digitally preserve Reiner’s extensive personal collection of production-used scripts from “The Dick Van Dyke Show” – one of the most iconic, innovative, and beloved comedy series in television history. The scripts, which are heavily annotated in Reiner’s own hand, have been stored away since the series wrapped production in 1966, and have never before been made available to a cultural institution for conservation or exhibition. Scripts for all 158 episodes, totaling more than 7,500 pages, feature detailed edits and additions made in real-time during the writing, read-throughs and rehearsals for each episode – providing extraordinary access into the script development and creative process for the 15-time Emmy-winning situation comedy. “There’s nothing more satisfying than having an idea and seeing it through to find out that, not only did you like it, but the audience and critics all seemed to agree.” said Carl Reiner. “When asked, ‘Of all the theatrical projects you’ve done in your life, what are you most proud of?’ I always say, hands down, it’s creating and producing ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show.’ It was a labor of love.” “I applaud The National Comedy Center for keeping the creative fires burning by singling out and preserving something most people feel deserves preservation,” added Reiner. “This is a treasure trove of original material, direct from the pen of one of comedy’s most important and resounding voices,” said Journey Gunderson, National Comedy Center Executive Director. “We are honored that Carl Reiner has placed his trust in us as we preserve this incredible body of work — which will enable future generations of comedy fans and scholars to understand the creative process behind one of the most influential TV series of all time.” MORE: https://comedycenter.org/dick-van-dyke-show-archives/?fbclid=IwAR2k1k1fwbkJY4LZIG3aZqUN4qBcjnnZ2vxWBJIFn8loUj9-BcmUIGWi0-Q
  7. Lucy Sightings!

    https://www.romper.com/p/tv-mom-firsts-almost-complete-timeline-of-rule-breaking-small-screen-matriarchs-16950797 Hmm... Not digging the fact that Lucy is only mentioned as a footnote in the Mary Kay and Johnny section. Also, no mention of TV's first divorced mom, Vivian Bagley? And couldn't Viv technically make the case for the first "Remarried Mom" rather than Carol Brady?
  8. Wildcat

    She worked hard for not being a trained dancer. All that about killed her. She had good rhythm, which makes learning how to dance so much easier.
  9. Wildcat

    It’s nice to see everyone compliment her dancing.
  10. Wildcat

    A few people who saw Lucy in Wildcat reflect in this thread. https://www.talkinbroadway.com/allthatchat_new/d.php?id=2450062
  11. Don't worry, by the time they all get colorized we'll be dead as a door nail.
  12. Lucy Sightings!

    She's a girl, so I guess it's euphonious.
  13. Lucy Sightings!

    As opposed to euphonious??
  14. Lucy Sightings!

    Not positive or negative- she just kind of pops into the show for a hot second in a very unique way.

    Just from briefly scanning his IMDb page you realize that he was in everything. I thought he had already passed. Not many can boast that they've been in Mr. Skeffington and Dr. Ken- nor would they admit it!
  16. Jimmy, thanks for sharing that insightful article. Jenny's sure come a long way since Becky McGibbon! Makes me want to check out her latest effort, the one with the involvement of Don Was and drum vets (legends, actually) Jim Keltner and Ringo Starr. Thank you!
  17. Lucy Sightings!

    Thanks! Hopefully in a positive light??
  18. Oh, please god no! By the time they got to the end to get all 180 out, the "themes" got to be pretty ridiculous!
  19. DVR Alerts!

    Whew, well that's a relief.

    Richard Erdman, who appeared with Lucy in Easy Living and played the disgruntled supermarket manager in Lucy Loses Her Cool, has died at 93. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/richard-erdman-dead-community-stalag-917730
  21. Desilu Productions

    LOVE IT!
  22. Desilu Productions

    Whoops! That was obviously supposed to be "Chris"-----unless after Viv pushed her out the 2nd story window. Lucy took an EXTREMELY high bounce, after which the format of "The Lucy Show" merged with "Topper". Viv is charged with involuntary manslaughter and the Danfield Tribune headline blares "Bagley Busted: Pulled Bounce Boner". At her trial, a defiant Viv protests her innocence: "I haven't pulled a boner since the day before Ralph and I got married".
  23. Desilu Productions

    "Lucy Waits Up For Christ"? I want a summary idea for that one!
  24. Desilu Productions

    Yes it did. I know the "Waits Up for Christ" premiere was #1 for that week. As were other early episodes. And the 5th season Carol Burnett/Roommate did. As well as many episodes for most of the 6th season. Not sure there were any number #1's in between the first season and Burnett. The reason "Roommate" was #1 was obviously the draw of Carol. Which makes the fact that CBS was very iffy about the prospects of her variety show, which debuted the next season, seem all the more strange. TV Guide said many CBS affiliates did not carry it. I think they were referring to smaller market affiliates that represented more than one network. Those stations could pick and choose between what their parent networks were beaming to them. Or they could run the other show at a different time and night. TV Guide did mention one major market that did not choose to carry Carol: Cincinnati. Despite being under-represented, "Carol Burnett" was one of the 1967 freshman shows that did well in the ratings from the get-go (as well as "Mothers In Law", "The Jerry Lewis Show" and "Flying Nun") Interesting that Lucy's 3 main series peaked (in the season end tallies) at #1, #2 and #3 in that order. 70-71's #3 is particularly impressive because it was essentially a 9-year-old sitcom by the time of that season. I don't know if "Burtons" ratings were so high, that that one show's ratings lifted the season's average, because other than 4 or 5 episodes, season 3 was not Here's Lucy at its best. I know I've said this dozens of times (but am going to say it again....because I like saying it): in the same season that saw the debuts of Mary Tyler Moore and All in the Family, HL was the highest rated sitcom on the air and CBS's highest rated show! (and yes, I'll probably point that out again)
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  26. Desilu Productions

    At least it hit #1 for some episodes.
  27. Lucy Sightings!

    Lucy gets a brief mention that I won't spoil in episode thirteen of the new season of Arrested Development.
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