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  2. Happy 100th birthday to Lucy's Thousands Cheer costar, Marsha Hunt! I believe she is the last surviving MGM star in the famous 1943 MGM anniversary photo with Lucy and Desi.
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  4. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    Regarding the actual Weinstein controversy, I find it ironic that people are expecting a change in the industry even though one of the main figures asked to comment on the situation was Woody Allen. Woody Allen.
  5. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    There’s a Kaye Ballard documentary? Hot dog!!!
  6. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    Groovy! It is being released in New York at the beginning of next month and I'm very excited. I wonder if the Kaye Ballard documentary will discuss Kaye's experience with Top Banana.
  7. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    I saw the film's first screening back in August. You'll want to see it for the home movie footage alone. And, yes, TOP BANANA is highlighted!
  8. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    It was interesting to hear from Rose Marie on this topic. Apparently it’s discussed in her new movie, which is supposed to be terrific! Her Twitter activity is a mix of showbiz reminisces and Tweets of love sent by her celebrity fans. Highly recommended.
  9. I noticed that they're playing some of the more well known episodes too. Good idea especially since this could be some people's first exposure to TLS. Yesterday they played "Lucy Gets a Roommate", the 1st California era episode they've shown. Back to season one next week with "Vivian Sues Lucy". Despite having the series uncut on dvd, it's still nice to watch it on broadcast tv.
  10. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    Rose Marie had costarred with Phil Silvers in the Broadway musical Top Banana. When the show was turned into a movie Rose Marie's songs were cut. Rose Marie had previously written about this in her memoir. Here is something I find very interesting. Rose Marie writes glowingly of costar Phil Silvers in her book and how sweet he was to her and her young daughter. When Top Banana ended its Broadway run and went on the national tour, Kaye Ballard took over for Rose Marie. In her autobiography, Kaye writes about how awful Phil Silvers was. She claims he treated her badly because he propositioned her and she rejected him. It's fascinating to read these two different accounts.
  11. I wasn't expecting to hear from Rose Marie in the midst of this scandal, but good for her! She says she was a victim herself, and that scenes she did for a movie back in the '50s were cut out because she wouldn't put out for one of the producers. So is that what it took to make it big in movies, and even now? Is that why Rose Marie was never a big movie musical star? And those women who were big movie musical stars, did they have to put out to get there? Marilyn Monroe's housekeeper reportedly said that Marilyn told her there is no difference between a movie star and a whore. It's obviously these powerful men (bullies) who put them in that position. It's so sad that all these generations of woman have been put in a position where their talent was not enough for them to get the recognition and success they deserved. I love Alfred Hitchcock films, but apparently he was not much better than Weinstein when it comes to this stuff. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/will-flood-weinstein-accusers-bring-sweeping-change-hollywood-n810701
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  13. I hope it's the S1 TLS Christmas episode, which I love. I'm not a fan of the S4 Christmas episode. Has anybody noticed that these Sunday airings of I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show have mostly been classic episodes from of each series? From TLS, episodes have included "Lucy Is a Kangaroo for a Day," "Lucy and the Good Skate," "Lucy Plays Florence Nightingale," and "Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna" (next week). From I Love Lucy, episodes have included "Lucy and John Wayne," L.A at Last!," "Ethel's Birthday," and "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" (next week).
  14. I don't know but I've been a big fan of this Tumblr account for a long time.
  15. Someone posted MeTV's holiday schedule on Sitcomsonline. If you want to get an early dose of Christmas cheer, both TLS Christmas episodes will air on Sunday November 12 from 4pm-5pm. After that both I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show will be pre-empted for the rest of the year as other holiday themed programs are scheduled in their slots.
  16. Who is this person? Very creative and fascinating! Great graphics!
  17. Lucy and Phil Harris I"m not a fan of the 6th season, mainly because the Lucy Carmichael of this season is so far afield from the Lucy Carmichael as created by 3Bobs&Madelyn. I was never wild about "Phil Harris" but it's grown on me. You have to give Bob O'Brien credit for creating characters with a backstory in the short running time of a half-hour show. This one has some genuine pathos and dialogue that doesn't just set up the jokes, very rare for this series especially at this point. I love Phil's interaction with Lucy at the piano bar ("We've got a live one here tonight") and Mooney's reactions to Lucy's loud off-key singing. Lucy's funny, but SO class-less and brass. Would 1st-2nd season Lucy be so clueless as to cause such a scene that the manager would "start to get complaints from other customers"? During one moment back at Lucy's apartment when Phil is reflecting seriously in that gaudy robe, the audience laughs and he shoots them a derisive look. I've never noticed that Phil is actually crying when he's singing the "But I Loved You" song to "B.B." But what a waste of Carole Cook seen briefly as one of the bar patrons. She's not even in the wide shot of the people around the piano! I understand that they wanted to present the song sounding as good as possible, but the orchestra from nowhere cut into the believability of the episode. Lucy Carmichael may be classless but she's a wonderful person, selflessly trying to help a total stranger, a common theme in the 6th season.
  18. Bob Schiller has died at 98

    WHAT WONDERFUL MEMORIES . . . I'm green with envy....
  19. Forever Darling Premiere

    Thanks for clarifying this, woman; I was building up a fierce volcano within myself. You ARE the best. JK P.S. Chris is, with a friend he graduated with in 1982, buying one of our iconic restaurants destroyed by fire in May; hadn't got around to posting that; since I didn't think anyone would know who he is. I appreciate your reply.
  20. Forever Darling Premiere

    The photos are part of a book Chris put together. There have been many out in the public for years. No one is selling them on Amazon. The book is on Amazon with a release date of next April. Go click the link.
  21. Forever Darling Premiere

    I'M REALLY CURIOUS NOW, LUVS...... CHRIS OLSEN (SON/QUEEN, JAN) DONATED THESE PHOTOS TO THE CENTER; WHO THE HELL IS SELLING THEM ON AMAZON - anyone????????????????? shades of Watergate!!!!!!!! If we can't find out; it IS interesting to note: [sorry, Brock] ardubya was still there....] The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, Lucy-Desi Center Receives Historic Images: “LA man, Chris Olsen, donates several rare Arnazes photos fr/February, 1956; City welcomed them for world premiere, Forever Darling, during which Look Magazine sent photographer documenting visit. More than 1000 images of historic weekend recently donated to Museum/Center. Chris Olsen, son, then-Homecoming Queen: Arnazes official escort, Janice Swanson Olsen; [see: 10/2/2017]; published, 2006.
  22. Lucy on The Jackie Gleason Show on DVD

    And like Sammy Davis, Jr. who had a short-lived mid-season entry variety show in 1965 or 66. Due to some contractual conflict, he was absent as host from his own show for several weeks!
  23. Forever Darling Premiere

    I can't find my initial post about this book, so I'm putting it here. Lucy Comes Home, featuring over 100 photos from the Feb. 1956 trip is on Amazon for pre-order. Just hope the price comes done on this. The cover image is beautiful. https://www.amazon.com/Lucy-Comes-Home-Christopher-Olsen/dp/0998747467 The author is the son of the woman in this photo.
  24. Lucy on The Jackie Gleason Show on DVD

    Well I didn't know about that one, either. Interesting that Gleason was absent from his own show -- kind of like Carson in the '80s/early '90s with all his guest hosts.
  25. Bob Schiller has died at 98

    Some sort of club? That would be the Riviera Country Club where he treated us to lunch. That's more than some sort of club, especially when Johnny Mathis approaches your table! And that was after spending hours in his library at his house asking questions and perusing his TV scripts. Like I said, generous! And thank you again for that wonderul opportunity. It's amazing that those folks allowed their phone numbers to be listed in phone books when millions of viewers (strangers) were seeing their names in closing credits every day.
  26. Oh, that could be. He does look more 61' with that hair.
  27. Behind-the-Scenes Gallery

    This has probably been shared before, but I just found this shot from the Ziegfeld Follies set that made me smile.
  28. Behind-the-Scenes Gallery

    A great picture! I wonder if it's from the early days of The Lucy Show. To me, Desi looks younger than his Mothers-in-Law days.
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