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  3. The editing was phenomonal! If you didn't know Spacey was originally in it, you'd never know it by watching it!
  4. Outlived Mary Tyler Moore, which is pretty miraculous given her original few months to live diagnosis.
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  6. Lucy letters, telegrams, etc...

    Never saw that Channing one. That's very cool. The second one I love.
  7. Unpopular Opinions - Lucy style

    What Here's Lucys and I Love Lucys has Max seen? I've mentioned this before but when the DVD release of the 24 best Here's Lucy was announced, they didn't say what episodes. I had trouble coming up with 24 that I considered worthy of any 'best' disc. Whereas I Love Lucy's 180 episodes can be divided into thirds: 1/3 true classics we never get tired of, 1/3 that are still pretty good but shop short of classic status and 1/3 that are so-so. Other than the episodes mentioned on this board, there aren't many episodes that are truly BAD, just disappointing when compared with the rest of the series. Max is not the first person I've heard this from but this opinion is certainly in the minority.
  8. Unpopular Opinions - Lucy style

    Max just dropped this one on me. He prefers Here's Lucy to I Love Lucy because he finds Lucy Carter less "annoying" than Lucy Ricardo. He also feels Here's Lucy had a stronger plot, whereas I Love Lucy was just a pretext for slapstick. Also, he thinks it's too saccharine, like The Brady Bunch. Am I in a parallel universe down here or something?
  9. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    I saw a preview of the new Bob Hope American Masters documentary that is airing in the few weeks. To illustrate how Bob was not keeping up with the changing times they showed an outtake from a 1971 Bob Hope special monologue. The punchline of the joke was "Mamie Van Doren," which was greeted with complete silence from the audience. Shocked, Bob says, "Nobody here knows who Mamie Van Doren is?! Nobody?" Still complete silence from the audience. I think it speaks more about Mamie's star power in 1971 if Bob Hope's older audience was clueless about her.
  10. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    Bob's rep was known about for years. I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing some old Milton stories come out too. I've been watching the new Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs Maisel set in 1958 and cracked up when her manager was getting thrown out of the Friers Club. "Why don't you get Milton Berle to swing his dick and knock me out in the street." That's a guy I never found funny and yet one not only did Lucy like she dated in her starlet days. I wonder though if Bob did cross a line with Lucy but one she didn't seem to care about.
  11. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    Most of the time he wasn’t funny with his writers! Bob seems like a total reprehensible asshole, but the stories about his awful antics are funny. Well, he was pals with Lucy, and he certainly never crossed the line with her. I literally cannot picture what Mamie Van Doren would’ve looked like at 16.
  12. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    Miss Mamie Van Doren posted the following on Facebook today: Does anyone remember Bob Hope? I was just the right age for Mr Hope....16. Because I turned him down he would never invite me to work with him. Bob Hope made millions of dollars off entertaining the troops. Those tours were sold to NBC. He never did anything for the good of anyone else. He had side pieces tucked away in bungalows all over L.A. He once told Barbara Peyton that she needed a new mattress, and if she didn't get one he wouldn't fuck her anymore. Miraculously, he paid for it. That said, he was the most tightfisted asshole in Hollywood. Delores was complicit too. She knew what he was doing and looked the other way. It saved wear and tear on her. Worst of all, he wasn't funny. He was surrounded by writers all the time, and couldn't be funny without them. Can you tell I didn't like him?
  13. I can't say I was impressed with this week's Christmas episode. Easily one of the most bizarre holiday shows I've ever seen a sitcom do.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Blanchett has proven very adept at adopting different voices and mannerisms, so I think she'll convince as both Lucille Ball and Lucy Ricardo. Regarding previous actresses who've tried playing Ball as the Lucy character, I feel Rachel York was superior to Frances Fisher. No, York didn't "become" Lucy or anything close, but her musical comedy background served her well, and she at least made the transitions between actress and character convincing. Suzanne LaRusch wrote that she auditioned for the role, but was told she was too old. She also commented on what little time Rachel had to prepare because of the rushed schedule, but complimented her on the grape-stomping scene. If nothing else, at least this latest movie isn't being rushed in any way. I'm glad all involved are taking their time.
  15. Happy 95th Birthday, Doris Day!

    Dodo’s annual Christmas Message has been posted: https://m.dorisdayanimalfoundation.org/news/founders-corner
  16. Outside of Diane and Suzanne, we all know no one can "play" Lucy, but since Cate pulled off playing Bob Dylan, I'm sure she'll be able to come close.
  17. So I got to thinking about this the other day. With a focus on the interworkings of a week in the life of I Love Lucy as the new focus it changes how we are thinking of Cate. Many of us have said that she is a good dramatic actress and will be able to capture Lucille. More criticism has been about her playing Lucy Ricardo, and many come back with she’s playing “Lucille”. Well now that we have a stronger focus on the show itself, there has to be times where they will be showing her play “Lucy”, so the question is, can she play “Lucy’? Something that we keep dismissing when casting choices are talked about.
  18. Lucy Sightings!

    Thanks for the heads up. I read his blog but haven't listened to a podcast yet.
  19. A week or so ago, I watched TV Antenna again. It might be my all-time favorite from TLS. The big physical comedy scene on the roof is BRILLIANT (not only the way it’s written, but the way it’s staged, filmed, and performed- perfection), but this episode has some hilarious dialogue. Lucy in particular seems to be on a roll- not that she isn’t always great (duh) but there’s a spark in her that you don’t often see. Recently, I was at a beloved secondhand bookstore in the city that also sells DVDs and vinyl and stuff like that. Out of curiosity, I picked out a couple of Sing Along with Mitch albums that were in excellent condition. The music is perfectly fine, but it’s no Papa Oo-Mow-Mow. Heck, it’s not even a Long, Long Trail!
  20. Lucy Sightings!

    The newest episode of Ken Levine’s podcast features his discussion with a seasoned celebrity interviewer, who recounts lots and lots of stories about old and new stars. The episode is a lot like Gilbert Gotfried’s podcast. Lucy is one of the first stars talked about, and they’ve got some funny stuff on her. There’s a brief mention of her serving KFC to her guests... is that true? I’ve never heard that story before. I should also note that she’s only referred to as “Lucy”, but everyone automatically knows who’s being talked about. THAT’S star power.
  21. What's the episode where...?

    And I just watched that one a month back or so! No wonder it struck a bell.
  22. What's the episode where...?

    NoI know the episode it's from! 'Lucy Hires an English Tutor". I had it on while cleaning house and heard that great Desi saying "doin it the way you're doin it" and STOPPED in my tracks!!
  23. What's the episode where...?

    Darn...I remember the line but can't place it either.
  24. I read it in the store as I didn't think it would have any new info in. If you've read what Betty said about Lucy in a few of her books you pretty much had the article. I think they go back to the 70s. You know the story about Lucy sending Tess flowers? That was in the article so therefore that shows a friendship in the 70s. And Allen and Betty were at a party at Roxbury circa mid 70s from photos I've seen.
  25. A few months back I heard about a ‘Closer’ magazine cover story about Betty White’s thirty-year friendship with Lucy. I couldn’t find it in stores, however. Did anybody happen to read it and if so where there any new and interesting insights? I’m curious about their friendship. I always figured that they got to know each other really well on the game show circuit in the 80s, but wasn’t sure how friendly they were prior to that.
  26. Jim Nabors dies at 87

    Jim was the most unlikeliest of stars. He's so remembered for Andy Griffith that I was surprised (according to imdb) that he was on only 23 of the 64 season 3&4 episodes before "Gomer Pyle USMC" was launched in 1964, concurrent to, and out-ranking The Andy Griffith Show's 5th (and IMO BEST) season, the last with Don Knotts. "Gomer" was a surprise hit in a less-than-stellar time slot: Friday at 9:30. A ratings-disaster lead-in "The Entertainers" and up against "Jack Benny" when he returned to NBC for one season. "Gomer" ran for 5 seasons and only ceased because Jim wanted to do something else, a variety show. Little known fact: if you tally season-by-season Nielson rankings and divide by number of seasons the show ran, "Gomer" was the MOST SUCCESSFUL SITCOM OF THE 60'S!!! Here are the tallies by my math: "Gomer Pyle USMC"'s 5 year average ranking : #4 In fact, Gomer would have been much higher had CBS not moved it to Wednesday for its 3rd season where it "dipped" to #10. The next year they moved it back to Friday and the ratings rebounded. Amazingly "Gomer" ended its 5 year run at #2 behind "Laugh-In". If we exclude the Wednesday season from the equation, for the 4 remaining seasons "Gomer"'s average ranking was #2.5. (2nd only to ILL's #1.5 average). It must have Jim's personal appeal and likeability because, truth be told, they were running out of Pyle v. Carter plots, especially when it aired in its later seasons concurrent to the height of the Vietnam war. His subsequent variety series "The Jim Nabor Hour" debuting right after "GP" started out strong at #12 for 69-70, but the next season 70-71 with strong competition from the first season of "The Flip Wilson Show" it dipped to a still respectable #29 (sound familiar?) and was axed as part of the CBS rural purge when the networks were forced BY THE GOVERNMENT to give up a half hour of their prime time schedule. Season average ranking after Gomer, "The Lucy Show" and "The Andy Griffith Show" tie at #4.5.. TLS, TAGS and GP were the only 60s sitcoms that place in the top ten for every season "Beverly Hillbillies" (ratings through 69-70 only) #8 . Though it spent two years at #1, it was out of the top ten for 3 of its 60s seasons. Though "Gomer" had a healthy 2 1/2 year run as part of CBS's M-F daytime sitcom rerun schedule, it never joined the ranks of 'classics" in the same way "Andy Griffith" did. (Then again, neither did TLS). Checking imdb: I did not know that Jim had a talk show in 1978. Worth noting is that when Carol came back with her "Life with Lucy" return to TV variety in 1991, Jim, no long a draw on TV, was NOT her first guest as he had been on all 11 "CBShow" seasons, but rather was introduced from the audience.
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  28. The 50th anniversary special was pretty great! I noticed that Carol called Jim Carrey “kid”. I wonder where she got that from... The closing where everyone sang the theme song and Carol cried was very emotional, even if they had to conspicuously edit around Kevin Spacey.
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