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  3. Sounds like Betty White's Pet Set is hitting streaming next month. I haven't heard what streaming service has it yet.
  4. Let's do a post 1960s film. Francis Fisher for 60/70s Lucy and Carole for 80s Lucy.
  5. I'm also fascinated with "Lucy Day". What a schedule they put her through! She held up under the oppressive humidity and heat, so humid that despite the heat it rained at one time. Thanks to the bonus material on one of the DVDs (Here's Lucy?) we got to see all the footage they could find. And yeah, where IS that slab of cement now?
  6. "Jim Nabors" is a rather odd offering. But there's hope we'll get a look at some other obscure series in the future. The market I lived in did not run "The Jim Nabors Talk Show". My wishlist includes "Pete & Gladys" and "Glynis". When CBS ran I Love Lucy in the morning from 1959 to 1966, they did edits to allow for more commercials. The show was divided into 4 acts instead of 2. When it was beamed, I'm wondering whether they still ran the 35mm film through a telecine device or whether the shows were transferred to 2" videotape, the only tape format available at the time (as far as I know). CBS reran the 78 Pete & Gladys episodes for 2 years, mainly (I think) because they had ownership in the show. All of their other daytime offerings over the years were prime time ratings hits.
  7. I would love to see Carole Cook play Lucy in a film chronicling her later years, on the proviso she recreate the “Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs” dance.
  8. Great statement from Lucie. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKK7JLgl1Mt/?igshid=11rdhyp5021fq She does now have me wanting to see a sequel with Carole Cook in the lead, though.
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  10. Would the DVD producers Gregg Oppenheimer (Seasons 1 - 5) and subsequently, Tom Watson (S6 - 9) have any knowledge or insight to this question? I would think they might know something and/or who might.... just a thought...as well as another "tip of the hat" to the excellent job they did on these WUNDAFUL DVD releases!!
  11. A long-overdue honour -- and one I didn't think would ever come after some of the Kennedy Center's more recent, questionable appointments to the Board.
  12. I don't think I've ever seen a credit on the DVDs, or on any of the merchandize that subsequently featured these designs, including mugs and t-shirts. A shame, as they are my favourites as well.
  13. All is well. Thank you for checking in. I'm just not always logged into my account. Be sure to also follow The Lucy Lounge on Instagram and Facebook @thelucylounge!
  14. I know they were polarizing upon release but - of the many home video iterations for 'I Love Lucy' over the past 30+ years - the 2012 repackaging is my absolute favorite. However, I don't believe the artist or team behind these Roy Lichtenstein inspired "comic" graphics has ever been credited. There's nothing to be found on the DVD artwork or any of the merchandise that utilizes the same graphics. Anyone ever sleuth this one out? Have I missed an obvious credit somewhere?
  15. This thread inspired me to check and it looks like he signed in Thursday, less than a day after you posted this. Hope he - and everyone else - is as okay as possible right now. ❤️
  16. According to his profile, he hasn’t visited this site for a month. I hope it’s just a break and he’s not leaving us or worse.
  17. The Kennedy Center Honors seems to be back on track after the past few years. They are finally honoring Dick Van Dyke! There is no one more deserving. Other honorees include Debbie Allen, Joan Baez, Garth Brooks, and violinst Midori. The honors will be held over a week in May and air June 6 on CBS. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/13/arts/kennedy-center-honors-pandemic.html
  18. Looks unlikely, but blame no one but greedy CBS! Along with same day & date Blu releases of "The Honeymooners" and the first season of "The Andy Griffith Show", they originally priced them at "suggested retail" at 3, 4 times what they should have (about $120)! Yes, they were reportedly expensive to produce and they were excellently done, IMHO the best on-video representation of the series yet, so it is truly a shame that we won't get the remaining seasons (unless something drastically changes) on this WUNDAFUL physical format... oh well perhaps someday if they ever get to the point where they actually colorize more than just an episode here and there, maybe they'll reconsider and start putting full season versions of them that way! Here's hoping...
  19. Those are not bad casting choices. I do wonder about Sorkin being attached, as I'm not usually a fan of his writing. This makes me wonder who on earth will be cast in other roles. I really have no clue. Whenever this project comes to fruition, I AM anticipating the Lounge nitpicking it to death as only diehard fans could.
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  21. I have been away from this forum for a long time, not sure why, but I just found out that Life With Lucy was finally officially released on DVD! That got me thinking about Lucy again, and so I'm wondering, has CBS still not said anything about continuing to restore one of the greatest American TV treasures for future generations?
  22. Did they just throw a bunch of A list redheads and Latin men in a hat and pick one? If so I would have preferred Bryce Dallas Howard. A few years back they said it was to be a one week plot. Its red scare all the way. Calling Judy Davis, we need you to do Hedda again.
  23. Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are in negotiations for the film, now called Being the Ricardos. Aaron Sorkin will direct. https://deadline.com/2021/01/aaron-sorkin-nicole-kidman-javier-bardem-lucille-ball-desi-ricardo-being-the-ricardos-1234651297/
  24. Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 "Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank" (#41) & "Lucy and the Military Academy" (#42) Thursday, January 7th, 2021 "Lucy's College Reunion" (#43) & "The Loophole in the Lease" (#40) Friday, January 8th, 2021 "Lucy Gets Trapped" (#133)
  25. Thank you so much for your trip down memory lane. And thank you for recapping those 2 unseen ones as I knew very little about them, especially how the Vivian on Douglas unfolded. Someday I really hope we'll see Metv, Mike and Dinah show up on streaming. DVD seems too hopeful.
  26. I'm going through my Lucy memorabilia boxes from my attic, sorting out the few things I want to keep and it's a laborious process. I can't believe the stuff I saved (and DIDN'T save). One blast from the past: The log I printed up for a rare Lucy tape I gave away. Backstory: As a kid, I had my reel tape recorder set up by TV to catch anything Lucy. I caught most of Lucy's variety show appearances from about 1968 on. I compiled them into one cassette and put an ad in Tom's Lucy Fan Magazine, probably about 1984 or 1985. For $3 (which just covered the postage and blank cassette, mind you), I offered to send one to anyone interested. The response was overwhelming! You youngsters have to remember that at this time VHS was only about 5 years old. I don't know that Columbia House had started their 3-episode I Love Lucy VHS subscription yet. DVDs: that was way into the future. These variety show guest spots were only aired once (in all but one case) so the recordings were rare indeed, not something we EVER thought we'd see again. Since then, most of the clips have come out as DVD extras (TLS,HL producers: THANK YOU!) or are available on youtube. As far as I'm aware only 2 of the selections have never come out are: Lucy and Carol singing "I Remember it Well" from the 1968 Emmys (with intro sung by Frank Sinatra). Lyrics were tailored to the commemoration of "20 years of television". Carol "I remember the 12 inch screen". Lucy: "we were so impressed" Carol: "Bishop Fulton Sheen" Lucy "you mean Father Knows Best?"...you get the idea. The other is the audio from a Mike Douglas Show in 1968, in which Lucy was a surprised guest...AND a little later Vivian was too. A pictorial of this was featured in TV Guide. I almost didn't tape it. TV Guide listed Lucy as guest but when the opening credits listed that day's roster of guests, there was no mention of her because of the surprise element. A sister act had just finished their number and Mike, reading from cue cards, introduced an older sister and much to his surprise out pops Lucy! Ozzie & Harriet were Mike's co-hosts for that week. My recording catches the interview in progress with Lucy saying, in answer to a question from Mike, "I think there were 5 years of I Love Lucy. But I could be wrong, there may have been 10." And "next year I'm having another change of format: my kids are grown and I'm putting them on." looking to audience "I hope they approve". The audience dutifully applauds. During the course of the interview, the camera shows a series of stills from her shows with Lucy doing commentary. Very entertaining The last still was Lucy on stilts. Mike, again reading from cue cards, says "we have a lady backstage who is a champion stilt walker. Would you like to meet her?". Lucy responds with an enthusiastic "Indeed I would!!" (Would you... really???) The curtain parts and we see Viv from the rear (in her knit suit?) trying to mount stilts. It's a great show. As far as I know, the video of this Douglas show has not been found. I think Mike's show originated from Philadelphia so copping both Lucy and Viv as surprise guests must have been quite the undertaking. The girls do "Friendship". Lucy has to be cajoled to do it "I can't sing!!" and proves it by hitting a few clinkers! Lucy is very relaxed in her interview and is obviously thrilled to see Viv. There is one (of many) VERY interesting moment. Mike asks the panel "I was asked by a college student about where we are going with this medium and I couldn't answer. I'm sure you four can (L&V, O&H)." There's an awkward pause. Everyone stammers until Viv jokes "Personally? ... I went to Santa Fe with it".... but then Lucy pipes in with a very authoritarian opinion, which in retrospect actually makes little sense including "If they want to say it's for education, that's fine with me. Unfortunately they put the education shows on Sunday afternoons when you should be out with the dogs and the kids" (in that order?). For the record, the other selections on the tape: 3 Carol Burnett numbers (Boys in Backroom, Good Man is Hard to Find & Rock Sisters), Dinah Shore's Like Hep, "Man Around the House/Cleo" from Jack Benny special, Shirley's Bouncing Back for More, Autograph Ann (Margaret) and Celebrity Lu, Lucy's military-themed song and dance from Pearl Bailey's short-lived variety show and Lucy winning her 1967 (my version has presenters Carl Reiner and Barbara Eden reading list of 4 nominees). It was a LONG time before we got to see these again---probably 2 decades. Naive dolt that I am, I didn't realize I should have saved these to use later as barter for trading rarities with other collectors. By the time I figured out we were not all one big happy family who practiced "sharezees", I had already given my unique recordings away.
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