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  2. I’m absolutely shocked and so saddened by this news. How devastating.
  3. Jimmy Garrett, our beloved Jerry Carmichael, has unexpectedly passed away at the age of 66. He brought so much to The Lucy Show. Jimmy is survived by his two beloved children, Amelie (age 13) and Spencer (10). Sending so much love to his family. Rest In Peace, Jimmy. Thank you.
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  5. That's interesting. Perhaps Miss Elkins could have been providing Lucy's singing voice backstage only to be taken away mid-song because her daughter was giving birth. Other than the Caldwell exchange, did the script outline anything in the last act except for "Lucy sings and dances"? From 68-69, of the 20 sitcoms on the air, Here's Lucy was the only one still remaining in the 73-74 season. If, as many do, you count The Lucy Show & Here's Lucy as one run, it must hold the record for a sitcom: (or any show) spending 10 years in the top 10, holding every position except #5, #7 and (damn you, Laugh In!) #1.
  6. I have the original script for Mod, Mod Lucy. In the original script, after the dance number, Lucy as Kim talks with Harry and the Caldwells. The Caldwells compliment her and Harry tells “Kim” he is giving her a bonus… and it’s coming out of her mother’s salary. In the script, secretary “Doris Singleton” is named “Carole Elkins,” which always made me wonder if Ms. Cook was the initial casting idea.
  7. Here's Lucy premiere Episode 1 "Mod Mod Lucy". The introduction of the kids: they're OK, if a little over-the top-hammy in their line readings. The script is fine, by Here's Lucy standards, with the best line being "Does Mahalia Jackson go surfing before a concert?". But the "You'll have your vocalist....Sonny? Meet Cher" line that ends the 2nd act promises us some comedy in the 3rd act. Instead what we get is Lucy's first on-series dubbed singing of "All Alone", composed by every teenager's favorite Irving Berlin. It's not challenging vocally so I don't know why a dubber was necessary. Nobody has yet confirmed who the ghost-singer is. It's definitely not Carole Cook. Some have suggested it was Lucie herself. Maybe. "All Alone" segues in that trusted Here's Lucy stand-by "I Know a Place" with the teens joining in with precision("ish") choreography. Lucy performs her limber dance moves admirably, but where is the comedy? Why not a Mumu Yo Quiro attempt at lipping to Kim's practice tape? Or something else besides this rather overlong dance number, for which I blame just plain lazy writing. When Here's Lucy involved "typical teens", it could be embarrassing as it is here. Interesting that Doris Singleton's (addressed by Harry as "Miss Singleton" and simply "Doris" in the credits. I mean, couldn't these writers have come up with a character name?) role was dropped--she and Lucy share no screen time-- because we could have had some good Ricardo-Appleby rivalry. I wonder if Doris figured in to some of the early proposed plots. Some of the best Lucy Shows from the first two season were those that featured that outer circle of friends: Mary Wickes, Carole Cook, Dorothy Konrad, Kathleen Freeman and the most prominent Mary Jane as Audrey Simmons. Except for the two appearances of Mary Wickes as Isabel, Lucy Carter was virtually friendless until the fanfare-less reappearance of Mary Jane (evidently Miss Lewis got tired of waiting on Lucy Carmichael's doorstep for her return). Bob&Madelyn made the same mistake with The Mothers In Law as they did creating Life with Lucy, colorless adult children and no steady cohorts for Eve/Kaye or Lucy, but at least Eve & Kaye had each other. Lucy seemed adamant there would be no Viv replacement, but Here's (and LWL) sure would have benefited by a group of semi-regular peers, woman Lucy could conspire with or against. Rumor has it that Viv was approached about returning for Here's, but I haven't confirmed that. Was LBP too cheap to expand their cast beyond the four of them? If so, too bad. (And with Lucie and Desi getting meager scale, there should have been cast money left over). I much preferred the Lucy-Harry relationship later in the run, where there was less bickering (which sometimes bordered on overt hatred, sometimes crossed it), usually from a B&M script. Ski Lift/Dinah, HC-Male Nurse, Kim Moves Out, Wandering Mother & NG as RN are great examples. I find it amusing that for "Milton Berle/Life of Party", it's implied that Saturday nights are regularly shared by Lucy, Mary Jane and HARRY, who normally doesn't like either of them. In defense of the Here's Lucy premiere, it was about as good as 1968 sitcoms got, but disappointing in that they missed the chance to return to a format that involved closeness of a family we actually cared about. The 68-69 Best Comedy nominees were three rather tired long-running series: Get Smart, Bewitched and that insomnia-curing Family Affair, along with two newbies that weren't exactly laughfests: Julia & (the cancelled) Ghost & Mrs. Muir. Get Smart, also cancelled, was the winner. Both Muir & Smart were picked up by other networks for one more season, then scuttled for good while Here's Lucy went on and on, well into the 70s relevant comedy period.
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  9. From a 1954 interview with Johnnie Ray: “I can recite to you the dialog of Best Foot Forward. (He did). I stopped counting after I saw that picture 21 times. When I met Lucille Ball and told her all the lines she had in that picture, she flipped!“
  10. I do like this one a lot. Aside from its comedic worth, it employs an "A-story" and a "B-story," which became much more common on other shows many years later. I wish it had been employed more on "Here's Lucy."
  11. I re-watched "Lucy, the Shopping Expert" this afternoon. I know other people, i.e. Geoffrey Mark Fidelman, really like this one, but I'm not a huge fan. Milt Josefsberg tended to write the Lucy character as being dumb and tacky (as opposed to sly, manipulative, and cunning,) and this episode is no exception. The scenes with Lucy messing up the melon display, eating vegetables without paying for them, and dropping things on the ground are annoying, rather than amusing. Like many of the first season episodes, this show feels more like a collection of scenes - as opposed to one unified episode. Individual parts of the episode (i.e. Gale Gordon's "birds and the bees" bit) are funny, but they didn't seem to come together as a whole for me.
  12. Lucy will be TCM Star of the Month in October! Here’s the first two weeks of programming (eastern times); subject to change. October 7 evening: 8:00pm I Dream Too Much (1935) 9:45pm Stage Door (1937) 11:30pm Room Service (1938) October 8 morning: 1:00am Bunker Bean (1936) 2:15am Don't Tell the Wife (1937) 3:30am Follow the Fleet (1936) 5:30am Chatterbox (1935) 6:45am Beauty for the Asking (1938) 8:00am Five Came Back (1939) 9:30am The Affairs of Annabel (1938) 11:00am Annabel Takes a Tour (1938) 12:15pm Panama Lady (1939) October 14 evening: 8:00pm Too Many Girls (1940) 10:00pm The Long, Long Trailer (1954) 12:00am Forever, Darling (1956) October 15 morning: 2:00am Easy to Wed (1946) 4:00am Seven Days' Leave (1942) 6:00am Next Time I Marry (1938) 7:15am Go Chase Yourself (1938) 8:30am A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob (1938) 10:15am Twelve Crowded Hours (1939) 11:30am You Can’t Fool Your Wife (1940)
  13. The 25 best episodes of 'I Love Lucy', ranked (msn.com) The familiar favorites top the lost, but the lower part of the list has shows like "Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald" while shows like "The Million Dollar Idea," "The Business Manager," "Ethel's Birthday," "Ethel's Home Town" and "Lucy's Schedule" are not in the list.
  14. Toni Lamond (sister of Helen Reddy) from the original Australian cast of Wildcat performs “What Takes My Fancy.”
  15. Barbara Pepper as a teacher in the film A Child Is Waiting.
  16. I was in Barnes & Noble and was pleased to find the cookbook and two other books! Forever Lucy seems to be similar to the magazine of the same name. It has great photos, and a lot of errors. I was surprised to learn that William Frawley won 5 Emmys for playing Fred Mertz 😖 And that CBS cancelled "Life With Lucy"! The other book has good photos too and funny captions. I was glad to find these three new books to add to my collection of 'Lucy' books!
  17. That list would include Dick Van Dyke, Carol Burnett, Julie Andrews, Candy Moore, Eva Marie Saint, Jane Powell, Mitzi Gaynor, Arlene Dahl, Julie Newmar, June Lockhart, Nancy Sinatra, Tommy Sands, and Mary Costa, plus Lucie and Desi Jr. Robert Sunval remains a mystery!
  18. She's among the very short list of original guests still with us.
  19. I’m on the look out for the new Barbra Streisand interview. That ought to be interesting.
  20. I heard a bit of Ron Howard today.
  21. I’ve heard Rosie, Carol Burnett, Ron Howard, Fran Drescher, Sally Struthers, and Sean Astin so far.
  22. The Sean Astin one is just so oddly meta given the whole mess with his mom.
  23. Saw they have one with Rosie O'Donnell.
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