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  2. Me-TV is running the early My 3 Sons episodes and I can now see why it caught on. William Frawley WAS the show. Apparently Bill was originally intended to be the star. And he is. In the few episodes I've seen, Fred MacMurray isn't particularly engaging or even necessary. Frawley could have carried the show as the only adult. There was an episode called "The Toupee". "Bub" is meeting up with a lady he's been corresponding with and is trying unsuccessfully to grow hair. Chip uses his allowance money to buy Bub a mail-order toupee. It looks ridiculous but Bub wears it because of his appreciation for Chip's sacrifice. Everyone gets a big laugh at the sight of Bub with his pompadour hair---including MacMurray who's sporting a rug of his own! So this episode had everything a comedy (especially of that era) should have: laughs (thanks to Bill) and heart (thanks to Bill and Chip). I'm not familiar enough with the series to know if the Demerest episodes were any good.
  3. I think YOU should write the letter. My arguments will descend into Mrs. McGillicuddy "Oh, POOH!" and "HA!" Why is it that "Wildcat" has gradually gained the status as a "flop" over the years? There are many reasons Lucy dropped out after 6 months (8 if you count the Philadelphia out of town run) but lack of attendance or interest didn't figure into it. I can't remember which Lucy biography it was but when it came to the Wildcat chapter, it took a negative slant and quoted reviews. I went back and looked at the full text of the 7 * New York newspapers and the biography author cherry-picked the negative and left out anything that was praised. This is how these things morph into "facts". I got into a "friendly" back-and-forth with someone on Facebook about it who stated something like "it was a disaster and it was Lucy's fault". Them's fightin' words! The reviews as a whole can be summed up with "loved Lucy; hated the book (script)". Writer N. Richard Nash may have had some other great works but Wildcat is not among them. In fact, Wildcat has the same general concept as his big hit "Rainmaker". A stranger comes to town, promises are made, and the final curtain douses the cast with liquid (one ends up wet, the other greasy). Even an accomplished writer can have a dud. Lucy has been criticized (in revisionism) for inserting Lucy-isms but when the audience is bored with the goings-on, what else is a performer to do? N objected to the changes and years later complained that his concept was highjacked. I say "O, N shut your M". They didn't highjack it enough. N was lucky to have a star of Lucy's caliber interested in his work. *yes, can you believe in 1960, New York City had SEVEN major newspapers.
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  5. Darn Darn Darn!!! I've missed all of these 😫
  6. I loved this. Although true pantyhose were actually invented and mass produced in the late 50s. She does have a point though. I could never figure out why tights were full length but they couldn't figure out how to basically make sheer tights.
  7. You’re not alone. Years ago, Lily Tomlin told a story on a late night show about how she’d publicly referred to “the late Wilford Brimley” and later had to apologise, in writing, to Brimley’s camp, who were deeply offended. She read the letter out loud and it was hysterical.
  8. The Denver Pyle syndrome.....he was 2 years older than "daughter" Doris Day
  9. I swear I thought he died years ago. He was old in the 1980s on Our House.
  10. Wilford Brimley has died at 85; yes, only 85. It seems like he’s been an old geezer with di-a-beetus forever.
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  12. From the new book "Dolls Dolls Dolls" about the making of the movie Valley of the Dolls. In the section about casting Helen Lawson (eventually played by Susan Hayward), it states: (CAPS are mine) "In January, Lucille Ball SHOULDERED in (??), VAULTING herself to the top of the list of contenders. The moviemakers sparked to that idea: signing Ball to that role would not only be a shocker but a publicity windfall. Ball--with her singing voice dubbed * of course--certainly could have been a revelation. On December 24th national syndicated columnist Alex Freeman reported that Ball was committed to the project as long as the script could be "padded a little to make it an even more important part". Apparently Ball wanted more than a little padding so the moviemakers kept dangling the carrot before Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and BETTY HUTTON (??)".....(then they signed Judy Garland and....well I assume you know the story) I find it hard to believe that Lucy would consider appearing in such a movie but wouldn't THAT have been interesting? Especially considering who her co-star would have been. *With just a slight tweak, I can see/hear Margaret Whiting dubbing for Lucy and it sounding like the real thing.
  13. "This is the story of how the most famous and talented sitcom star of her era — and maybe of all time — failed on Broadway." Probably because someone dimmed her bulb. I mean it's just like Lucy Ricardo wrote that. As for the book. I'm waiting on my library to get it in to give it a spin.
  14. The New York Times has an article about Lucy and Wildcat today. I don't think it's particularly flattering. Neil, I think you should write a letter to the editor! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/31/theater/lucille-ball-wildcat.html
  15. Great Lucy stories in his book I Loved Her in the Movies: Memories of Hollywood's Legendary Actresses By Robert Wagner
  16. I wish The Lucy Show would get the Blu-ray treatment someday.
  17. The "We Love Lucy" episode of Will & Grace received three Emmy nominations today: Outstanding Directing for James Burrows, Outstanding Editing, and Outstanding Production Design.
  18. Oscar Expert Matthew Stewart, who has a great website with statistics concerning Oscar-winning and nominated performances, pointed out the following about Dame O today: She was the oldest-living Oscar winner and nominee, oldest Best Actress winner and nominee, and oldest Best Supporting Actress nominee. As of last night, the oldest living winner is Eva Marie Saint, the oldest living Best Actress winner is Joanne Woodward, the oldest living nominee/Supporting Actress nominee is Glynis Johns, and the oldest living Best Actress nominee is Cicely Tyson. Stewart's website, https://www.screentimecentral.com, is a bevy of information for us data nerds.
  19. The best comment I've seen about this so far: https://twitter.com/carriecourogen/status/1287421710837460994 Ryan Murphy had better sleep with one eye open tonight.
  20. Good God, I am genuinely stunned. What a sad, sad day. 104 though. What an incredible life and legacy.
  21. Truly the end of an era. It’s incredible to think how she outlived the co-star of her first feature film, “Much Ado About Nothing,” Ross Alexander, by 83 years!
  22. Honestly, out of everything 2020 has thrown at us, this is one that I did not see coming.
  23. I understand, I’m particular about those things as well. It drives me nuts how many people out there don’t set their televisions to the right aspect ratio, and are happy to watch pictures that are completely distorted.
  24. It was the original DVD. I was the only real nerd about that stuff in the room, so nobody else really noticed.
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