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  2. Fairly new article on Carole. https://www.ebar.com/bartab/cabaret/279633?fbclid=IwAR0TsF1Ixvq4kG5GQbkyf2KaaXQQ0dbLiOZfxM61zRMql7yzX_8O4Wcldzc
  3. LIFE WITH LUCY Coming to DVD Oct. 8 2019

    That's awesome! I agree, "The Golden Palace" should get released. No, it's not the original show, but it's still a continuation that would appeal to fans. Well, if LWL can, there's still hope!
  4. LIFE WITH LUCY Coming to DVD Oct. 8 2019

    I’m super excited at the moment. Just realized after the LWL release, I’ll have all episodes but 1 of the “Lucy” character on official dvd!! Now I’ll just need to hope and pray “Lucy’s” appearance on The Ann Southern Show makes it to some official release. Then I can start obsessing over getting The Golden Palace on dvd 😂😂
  5. The I Love Lucy Funny Money Special (2019)

    Thank you! I hadn’t seen that post. Appreciate
  6. Anyone know what this is? Saw it on IMDB https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10048534/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_1
  7. LIFE WITH LUCY Coming to DVD Oct. 8 2019

    I just found this great interview segment with Jenny Lewis: Who would be your perfect main stage Coachella hologram to perform alongside? Lucille Ball. She was my mentor. I was on a show with her called Life with Lucy when I was a little kid. She played my grandmother. She was very tough on me but taught me a lot of important things. She was stern and she wanted me to focus and she taught me a lot of great lessons that I still carry with me. Like what? “Learn your fucking lines, kid!” (laughs)
  8. LIFE WITH LUCY Coming to DVD Oct. 8 2019

    I don't think anybody's taking issue with your posts or saying you don't have a right to express your opinion. I completely agree that we're very lucky to get this release. I think we were merely expressing our belief that $50 was perhaps a bit high for only 13 episodes. Naturally, of course, that's only the "suggested" retail price, and most outlets will ignore that suggestion and sell it for far less. I also have no doubt it'll be discounted further after release. I certainly wasn't being a "whiner" - just stating my viewpoint. My concern was that the initial price point might turn off casual purchasers, like the Blu-Ray cost did. True, there aren't exactly additional season releases dependent on this unit's sales, but still...I hope future discounts will ensure everyone can get this.
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  10. Mary Jane, Parley Baer, Lyle Talbot, and Don DeFore appear in the 1981 Ozzie & Harriet Christmas Special.

    Thank you for the recap. $25 that's pretty good. Watching Lucy with people is always fun. I never heard of the guy either until I saw the promotion for this event. Glad you had a fun time.

    I was on the fence but bit the bullet and went and am very glad I did! It was a WUNDAFUL evening and actually the theater was PACKED -- and at $25 a head! -- and I'd estimate the crowd at nearly 300, give or take -- and surprisingly was certainly more full than the recent "Colorized" event I attended here in Burbank! I've seen it before on the Big Screen but it's been eons so it was great to see it again that way, plus Charles Phoenix the host for the event was hilarious and presented a very enlightening and entertaining slide show (replete with remarks, commentary for each slide) by a very "colorful" personality whom honestly I'd never heard of before but he was great. Should they do anything like this in your area, I'd highly recommend it.
  13. I wasn't singling anyone out for their remarks, just the general "'tude" of those who think this legit, never-thought-it'd-actually-happen release is "overpriced": if that's what you think, then don't buy it. I'll do my homework, preorder it at the best price I can find and support the release. Again, we're unbelieveably LUCKY we're getting it! If you don't like my choice of words (ok, substitute with "griping"), then don't read my posts. I have just as much right to my opinion here as you whiners. Get over it.
  14. LIFE WITH LUCY Coming to DVD Oct. 8 2019

    Like RS, I wasn't bitching. I was just surprised, that's all. Obviously we'll be able to get it at most places for less than the SRP. So "Won't You Calm Down, JoeySoCal"
  15. LIFE WITH LUCY Coming to DVD Oct. 8 2019

    I wasn’t b*tching about that price but I was surprised. I’m fine with the $34 and preordered. I’ve been hoping forever that LWL would get released.

    Are you going? I've been seeing a lot of publicity for this on social media. Looks like a fun time.
  17. AUGUST IS A GREAT MONTH FOR LUCY FANS CONTINUES! 😘 TONIGHT! AUGUST 17, 2019 • 7:30pm • BEVERLY HILLS, CA CHARLES PHOENIX & THE LONG, LONG TRAILER Live Retro Slide Show Tribute and Screening of the Classic 1954 Comedy Starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Ahrya Fine Arts Theater 8556 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT DOOR – Be prepared for your Lucy, Desi and the Long, Long Trailer LOVE to skyrocket into the stratosphere! Ambassador of Americana, Charles Phoenix, celebrates the legendary MGM film, its iconic stars, and the colorful history of travel trailers, followed by the iconic film … presented by Laemmle Theatre’s Anniversary Classics. Your imagination will be inspired and your spirit will soar! Festive attire is encouraged but not expected!
  18. I'm a bit taken aback at the bitching about the SRP. We're LUCKY to get this as a legitimate release AT ALL! This is such a rarity and given the show was such a bust (and that it contains so few episodes) , it's amazing they're even bothering to release it at all, bare bones as I'm sure it'll be. Shop wisely and NOBODY has to pay the full retail price but if you don't do your homework, you'll not get "a deal" (I couldn't help laugh to myself at a fan on another site bragging about finding the new Colorized DVD release for $30 at a lukel Barnes & Noble when she could have got it at Target, Walmart and multiple places online for $20 or so! That's just idiocy to me!) Of course you could always wait awhile and hope that (and it probably will) the price comes down. Look how cheaply you can now grab copies of the two ILL Blu-ray releases, as well as the complete series boxes of ILL and The Lucy Show! If you're a tightwad, go ahead and wait!
  19. AFTER it failed, the LWL 20-20 hindsight naysayers were saying one of the reason was Lucy's type of comedy was old-hat in the modern world of 1986. I said OH POOH! It's just that TV swallows up material so fast, there was nothing new left to do. I saw a couple Perfect Strangers and at least they were TRYING. And fairly successfully.

    Peter Fonda has died at 79.
  21. Lucy Clippings: The 1950s

    This is the most I've ever seen Lucy say about equal rights/women's rights. I think as the decades went on she warmed up a bit to it but was never into the ERA movement or how that was playing out. So interesting to read now when fans keep wanting to champion her as a female breaking barriers. It just goes back to she did what she had to do and had no intentions of breaking rules. Madera Tribune, Volume 17, Number 225, 28 March 1950 Lucille Ball Opposes Move Dames Have Too Many Rights Now, Initiative Taken Away From Men By VIRGINIA MacI’IIERSON HOLLYWOOD (UP) Congress is still sitting on that equal rights bill for women and as far as Lucille Ball’s concerned they can let it go at that. She says dames need equal rights like they need a hole in the head. “We've got too many now,” she snorted. “We've taken all the initiative away from men. I say they oughta put the bill in reverse and take away some of our rights,” Lucille, of the bl ight hair and wisecracks to match, doesn t rightly hanker to be the same as husband Desi Arnaz. There are a lot of things men can do that ladies can’t and she, for one, is happy to leave it at that. “There are times.” she said, “when I like to be mastered. What woman doesn’t? It makes us feel feminine,” Miss Ball is not one to write her congressman at the drop of a vote, but she’s threatening to do some-thing if the house of represent-) ative.s passes that bill. The senate already did. So far the boys in the lower house haven’t done much about it. "The whole thing's ridiculous,” Lucille says. "If this thing becomes a law I suppose we ll have to try everything the men do. And I can't imagine anything duller than ■sitting through a session of slag jokes. I ' "Now we can get up and leave. But the minute they make us equal we won't have any excuse.” The same thing goes for picking up dinner checks. And alimony. "Heavens,” she wailed. “That'll be the day! Whfn women have to pay off their divorced husbands.” There’s none of this equality nonsense around the Ball-Arnaz household, Lucille’ll have you know. I “If I put on a hat Desi doesn’t like off it comes,” she says. "I don't stand around arguing about how we’re equal and I know as much about how I look as he does. I want to look like he wants me to. "I like to be waited on, too, and be taken care of. Right now Desi’s down at the beach painting our boat so he can take me on a vacation when I finish ‘Fuller Brush Girl.’ “If I were legally equal I'd probably have to take turns with that paint brush. No, ma’am, none of that for me.”
  22. Police Reports

    This is the one that has been written about. Desert Sun, Volume 40, Number 23, 31 August 1966 Desi Arnaz Arrested On Shooting Charge SAN DIEGO (UPI) - Television comedian-producer Desi Arnaz, 49, was arrested Tuesday night after he allegedly fired two shots at the feel of a young man who had parked his car in front of the actor’s expensive home in nearby Del Mar. The Cuban-born Arnaz, former husband of actress Lucille Ball, was booked at San Diego County .1 ail on a charge of a.'sault with a deadly weapon and released on $1,106 bail. Sheriff’s deputies said Arnaz fired the shots at the feet of John Winston Vodee, '>o, Santa Fe Springs, Calif., after Vodee and a companion emerged from Vodee’s car near the Arnaz home. Vodee told deputies that Arnaz approached them, brandishing a ,38 revolver, and asked w«hat they were doing. Arnaz first threatened to shoot the car and its tires, Vodee said, but then fired twice into the ground. Vodee was not injured.
  23. Police Reports

    Madera Tribune, Volume 73, Number 50, 22 July 1964 $36 Million Lawsuit Facing Desi Arnaz INDIO (UPI) A $36,750,000 suit was pending today against entertainer Desi Arnaz by two former employes of the Thunderbird Country Club in nearby Palm Springs. In one of the largest damage suits on record in Riverside County, Jack and Alberta Young Tuesday accused Arnaz of slander, assault and battery and false imprisonment during an altercation at the club last Jan. 1. The action, filed by the firm of Jones and Waldron of Compton, and Melvin Belli ol San Francisco, charged that Arnaz slandered Mrs. Young in the presence of witnesses. The suit claimed Arnaz. former husband of actress Lucille Ball,imprisoned Mrs. Young in the club for 15 minutes and assaulted her husband
  24. Police Reports

    Deep digging through newspaper articles I uncovered 2 stories I never heard about and 1 I had. Madera Tribune, Volume 68, Number 69, 18 August 1959 Desi Arnaz Escapes Car Accident Injury OCEANSIDE, Calif. (UPII Actor Desi Arnaz, husband of comedienne Lucille Ball,escaped injury when his sports car careened off the road, tore out 20 feet of metal guard rail and hit three utility poles, the Highway Patrol reported today. The accident occurred shortly before midnight last Friday when a truck forced Arncz off Highway 101 north of Del Mar, Calif.
  25. LIFE WITH LUCY Coming to DVD Oct. 8 2019

    Hopefully the cast photo will appear on the back.
  26. I Love Lucy "Colorized Collection" Coming to DVD

    Yes I also have the Million Dollar Idea Ball glitch. I found my copy at a local Barnes and Noble store. They only had one copy in stock. And I noticed that no black and white show option is on the discs. But I understand that they where probably not included because of dvd storage limits. But no big deal since this is a color show dvd. Overall a really nice dvd set. I really like the extras. Redhead Tales, color Jingle Bells and color Phillip Morris spot. Just great extras. The best color dvd release so far. Thanks to all involved with the set. GREAT WORK THANK YOU.
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