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  2. "No Children Allowed" is really a wonderful episode. Nothing outlandish happens. The plot moves along briskly and plenty of true-to-life laughs along the way. The "little things...." in this episode that I've never noticed before: the very last shot of Mrs. Trumball holding the baby. It's quick but when the camera zooms in as Mrs. T is saying her "don't worry, you'll always have me" speech, she looks up from the baby and gives the 4 a quick side glance look. So real and a perfect ending to this perfect little episode. And it sets up that Mrs. Trumble would, in the future be their on-call willing baby-sitter. I wish during the Europe arc, they had had a "Meanwhile Back in New York" episode with Trumble and Mrs. M. ( where scatterbrained Mrs. M brings the wrong "baby" home from nursery school and the two panic.) Spin-off material!
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    Lee Radziwill has died at 85
  5. Last Lucy Item You Bought?

    I found this photo at a local flea market today. The autograph looks authentic to me. If not, I still think it was a pretty good deal for $8.
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  7. Lucy Sightings!

    The things you find stumbling into a YouTube rabbit hole! You-know-who is in the audience of this nightclub act, presumably taped for cable in the 80s. Maybe someone could pinpoint a specific date? I'm not familiar with Charles Pierce's work, but he's very funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkO1nV-e9fI
  8. I’m glad that some excerpts have been released! I assume that the full recording will be going to the Lincoln Center Library. They said that Carole Bayer Sager couldn’t attend at the last moment and they were sending her a copy of the tape.
  9. Highlights video. https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/VIDEO-Lucie-Arnaz-and-Robert-Klein-Reunite-for-THEYRE-PLAYING-OUR-SONG-Concert-Watch-Highlights-20190213
  10. Working with Lucy

    I thought that that was where it was leading but instead it took the side path into utter oblivion If she was implying it then she needed to say it. I agree though, really REALLY unlikely. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt as she never actually claimed it was Steven Spielberg but the Lucy parts of the story more or less matched up to what we know.
  11. Lucy Fest 2019

    Mine too!! In answer to Mot's comment about his sitcom. No, that is not a good use of his talents. The show was SO Seinfeld, it's almost like they were trying in a satirical way (which, if they were, they didn't pull off). Here's one of my favorite bits from his stand-up.
  12. I heard this was filmed. Is that a standard thing for these Actor's Fund benefits or are there plans for something? I was reading some of the Bway boards today and many echoed what you wrote.
  13. Lucy Fest 2019

    No, definitely not. It was a noble effort to attempt to do a sitcom in the style of an earlier era, though.
  14. Some photos from this unforgettable night! https://www.broadwayworld.com/viewcolumnpics.cfm?colid=1918713
  15. Last night was truly a magical evening! Lucie was absolutely incredible. It was like time stood still in 1979. She looked and sounded just as she did 40 years ago. Actually, she was even better! She stopped the show with “I Still Believe in Love.” Robert Klein really impressed me. He sounded great. Lots of Lucy/Lucie fans were present, along with Tommy Tune, Tony Danza, Elaine Joyce, Anita Gillette, and much of the Luckinbill family. The audience was clearly having the best time!
  16. I Married Joan

    I missed the first of the episode but in it Joan has to get rid of some excess dresses. She goes to a dress shop to snatch customers with "Tell ya what I'm gonna do". I guess the IMJ people were counting on viewers who didn't have TV sets during the 51-52 season. (Joan debuted in the fall of 1952), and there were a lot of them. I read that my hometown Portland, considered a major metropolitan market, did not get a TV station until '52 (and at first there was only one), so we missed the entire first season. IMJ lasted only 3 seasons but was one of the first successes in syndication; the first to run episodes 5 days a week. It was a huge success; its 98 episode were run by local stations well into the 60s. Yes, the show is a bit of a hush-push but I find something endearing about Joan herself. She tries SO hard.
  17. Lucy Fest 2019

    I take it that failed sitcom of Mulaney's from a few years back was not an accurate testament to his talents?
  18. When Here's Lucy ended in 1974, Broadcast Magazine reported about it saying that Lucy's show has "not kept up with the times, still relying on old-school slapstick while shows like All in the Family and Maude deal with relevant social issues". Were they suggesting Here's Lucy be more "relevant" in the way that Lear's shows were? So what if Norman Lear had taken over when Milt Josefsburg left in 1972, changing the title and titillating up the plots. (Desi Jr: "Where was he when we did the Ann-Margaret episode??") I'm sure MOT will chime in with possible racy "Lear's Lucy" episodes, but in the meantime here's my contribution: "No Nudes is Good Nudes" The marina raises her rent so Kim scans the classifieds for a 2nd job and answers an ad looking for "liberal-minded" models. Kim had recently watched a TV interview with her lookalike Lucille Ball, who advised aspiring actors to "take anything that comes along like I did. Don't turn anything down. " When the photographer turns out to be working for "Hustler", Kim heeds Lucille Ball's advice and does what she is told, assuming no one she knows will see "the spread". But Kim's aghast when the issue comes out and she finds she's on the cover, prominently displayed at every newsstand in Encino, prompting all her former one-episode suitors, except Wayne Newton and Jim Bailey, to seek to rekindle their romances with her. Kim confesses to Uncle Harry and they both panic when Harry realizes that he has had his Hustler subscription sent to the office (so he can write it off as business expense). The two try in vain to keep the magazine from Lucy who, when she takes one look, does her "spider". Steaming mad, Lucy Carter then sets out to punch special guest star Larry Flynt in the nose. (and also give "Miss Ball" a piece of her mind). The name Lucy Carter is well known in the celebrity world so Flynt has been expecting a visit. It seems Flynt has the negatives from an old nude photo shoot attributed to Lucille Ball, though the name on the negative sheet is that of "Lucy Hinkley". When Miss Ball got wind of it, she sued Flynt claiming "that's not me. It's the lookalike contest winner: 'that motor-mouthed, scatterbrained Carter woman'". Meanwhile Cynthia Duncan claimed the pics were of her. "Wanna see proof?", said Duncan when she showed up at the Hustler photography studio in a very revealing negligee ready to pose for a sequel spread. Just as Lucy Carter's winding up for a punch, Flynt confronts her with one of the more provocative stills from the old black-and-white shoot, and Lucy does her 2nd "spider" of the episode. Episode promo: "So who is the young nude model? Is it Lucy Carter, Lucille Ball or Cynthia Duncan? Tune in tonight on CBS for the premiere of "Lear's Lucy" and find out!" (followed by the season premiere of another show Lear has taken over, making its Monday night debut, now called "The Nude Dick Van Dyke Show" pronounced the same way as the series title from the previous season.)
  19. Lucy Fest 2019

    I have no idea who Manisalco is. I have been enjoying John's Big Mouth series on Netflix. They did a special Valentine's episode that is up now. I'll have to check out his stand up work.
  20. Lucy Fest 2019

    John Mulaney and Sebastian Manisalco will be the stand up headliners! John Mulaney is my favorite comic working today. He’s a Lucy fan and I always thought he would be a perfect fit for the festival. I’ve never seen Manisalco before, but I know he has a huge fanbase. https://comedycenter.org/sebastian-maniscalco-john-mulaney/
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  22. New Lucy Books

    I think the RA story is so prevalent because of that Goodtimes "Funny World of Lucy" documentary, which includes footage from a Dick Cavett interview in the 70s where she discussed it. Those tapes were a dime a dozen back in the 90s, then it was put on DVD in the early 2000s. I'm sure a huge number of casual Lucy fans would've picked that set up because of how inexpensive it was. Many probably only know the story from there and not her book. In the Cavett interview, she claimed RA combined with malnutrition led to her infirmity; she wasn't taking proper care of herself in NYC and became very run down because of it. So again, the story seems to change slightly with each telling. I thought that woman's article was a tad overreactive but I was pleased the comments were so balanced. I do agree with her point that the estate should make more of an effort getting the information removed from other sources, if it's that pressing a concern.

    Not only is Finney’s Poirot one of the great film performances of all time (he was in his 30s!), but Sidney Lumet’s Murder on The Orient Express is one of the most masterfully crafted and entertaining movies of the 70s. Check it out! I believe it’s free to stream with Amazon Prime.
  24. Mot inspired me to rewatch the episodes "Misses the Mertzes" and "Chummy with Neighbors" (also "Hates to Leave"). The bit is "Misses" about just missing each other at the train station was done again in "No More Double Dates" and "Serves a Summons" from TLS season 1 and 2. I think it works each time. Very well choreographed. I can't think of another time it was done. (I'm not counting in this category where people are in the same house but don't know the other is there like "Summer Vacation" ---a bit repeated in "The Carol Channing Show" pilot).

    Albert Finney has died at 82 https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-47175304
  26. New Lucy Books

    I found this lovely hardcover, Bosom Buddies, in an obscure gift shop last night: https://www.amazon.com/Bosom-Buddies-Celebration-Friendships-throughout/dp/1452168393/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Bosom+Buddies&qid=1549639577&rnid=2941120011&s=Books&sr=1-1 Lucy and Carol Burnett are profiled inside and I was happy to see they have depicted Carol alongside an era-appropriate Lucy rather than Lucy Ricardo. I'd post pictures but by phone is not cooperating. Will try again later, but the art is quite lovely.
  27. First Glenn gets "Sunset" and now THIS

    The Gypsy movie is in the works again, although Barbra has exited the project. Amy Sherman Palladino is in talks to direct. Melissa McCarthy is under consideration as Rose. The only Melissa McCarthy singing I’m familiar with is her duet of “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” with Barbra Streisand, in which they fight over the same role! https://deadline.com/2019/02/gypsy-amy-sherman-palladino-the-marvelous-mrs-maisel-revival-new-regency-1202551539/
  28. Lucy Fest 2019

    Any ideas on who it could be? Or who do you want it to be?
  29. Lucy Fest 2019

    The Post Journal is hinting at some comedy plans afoot: http://www.post-journal.com/news/page-one/2019/02/wow-factor/
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