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  2. I mean, there is absolutely no denying or making excuses for the fact that Birth of a Nation is objectively, blatantly racist (even "for the time") and its success had horrific repercussions that still last to this day. As far as I've seen, Gish never made any blatant statements about Civil Rights and never denounced her association with the movie. She never hesitated to put Griffith on a pedestal throughout her whole life, but he did kind of give her a career and help to pioneer the industry and art form she was so passionate about. Despite the backlash at the time (the NAACP boycotted the movie), it wasn't until fairly recently that the general consensus has fully condemned BOAN- for example, when Gish presented Best Picture at the 1981 Oscars, Johnny Carson spoke only of the movie in his introduction of Gish. So if the public didn't have that much of a problem with it, then how can we blame her? I know this has been a bit of a rant, but it seems so cut and dry to me and I've always had such a deep appreciation for Gish that I feel like talking about it. I actually have a friend who attends BGSU and next time I see her I'll be sure and ask if she's aware of the situation. She certainly has never heard of any of the long-dead people involved with the controversy.
  3. When you apply today's standards to actions that occurred more than 100 years ago, very very few people could pass that test. Some of the extremists appear to want to erase history. We'll have our own "cultural revolution."
  4. This is getting ridiculous. I bet most of the people who complained probably never even saw the movie.
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  6. https://deadline.com/2019/06/lillian-gish-birth-of-a-nation-bowling-green-state-university-name-removal-1202636690/ Here we go again. Bowling Green has taken the Gish Sisters' names off of a University theater due to Lilian's being a cast member in Birth of a Nation. This makes me especially sad because I've always had wonderful feelings about Lilian Gish. For someone who came to prominence as a Silent actress, nobody speaks more eloquently or with more passion about the movies than she does. Her AFI acceptance speech is a real treat. Birth of a Nation was a prominent element of Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman last year, and he received the Lilian and Dorothy Gish Prize in 2013. In his acceptance speech, especially thanked Lilian for being a part of two of the films that helped shape him the most during film school- Birth of a Nation and Night of The Hunter, so take that as you may. About fifty Hollywood figures including Helen Mirren, Martin Scorcese, James Earl Jones, and Malcolm McDowell signed a letter decrying the decision. BGSU responded by saying that they won't reverse their decision. However, they are retaining Lilian's honorary degree, the scholarship in her name, and all of the archival collections, papers, and money she donated to the school.
  7. Lucy Sightings!

    I'm sure you did! And over the years, I've heard Miss Uh-Oh on various other sitcoms, some as part of the laugh track (a la "Lucy" as it it's recorded, not "live" every time) for many shows, most which weren;t even filmed before an audience!
  8. Agreed, except that only the most hardcore of us ILL fans will get it. Still, be pretty cool so hope to see it happens. If I haven't said it before, i'll say here that this was truly a missed opportunity to also make the colorized collection available on blu-ray...there's few enough episodes that it'd only take a couple of discs to put out and it would have been a "toe in the water" to see if it would be viable to continue the "Ultimate" blu-ray releases, which failed miserably because CBS was so greedy and priced them so exorbitantly. Pity.
  9. Yay! Well this will definitely be added to the collection! Thanks for the heads up, as I would have put this under the "this likely ain't never gonna happen" category. Hmmmm...I don't recall the original AITF and Jefferson's Lionel Jefferson being part of the cast? Interesting.
  10. The Warner Archive is releasing Danny Thomas' 1976 - 1977 sitcom THE PRACTICE on July 16, 2019. Lucy guest stars in the episode "The Dream" (10/13/76).
  11. Lucy Sightings!

    Okay. Well, I definitely heard the "Uh-Oh" lady, whoever she may be.
  12. Ooo and they could do it with the Lucy In Connecticut opening and closing credits
  13. Lucy Sightings!

    I know both Lucy and Desi have said years later in interviews they could hear DeDe in the audience. But they never said anything about her being the uh-oh lady. So I'm not convinced either.
  14. Lucy Sightings!

    Frankly I've never been totally convinced that the "uh oh" lady was DeDe... could have been any old lady from back in the day since it's one of many laugh track "sounds" and "segments" that they dubbed onto the soundtrack over and over.
  15. Lucy Sightings!

    Not a sight but a sound - I just heard DeDe's "Uh-Oh" in the Woody Allen episode of Just Shoot Me.
  16. Lucy Fest 2019

    Yes, and it's so stupid. I had to email them about it. Look where it has the date in green in the center of the page. Then look to the right and you'll see "next day". Click that. It will take you to a new screen. Then you're good to order.
  17. Lucy Fest 2019

    Has anyone had any luck getting tickets for the Ernie Kovacs event? When I click on the link, it takes me back to the main page.
  18. I think we're overdue for some colorized Connecticut-based episodes!
  19. In Ricky and Fred are TV Fans, I love how Lucy snips her scissors at Sergeant Frank Nelson when they are released.
  20. Earlier

    Gloria Vanderbilt has died at 95. I really enjoyed all of the art and family history on her Instagram, which was active until a week ago.
  22. New Lucy Books

    You are correct. Previous to 1947, this book lists the top money-makers of the year in alphabetical order without giving specific numbers or rankings top to bottom. The time period covers parts of 2 years. Though she's 3rd billed, "Easy to Wed" is considered a Lucy movie and did make the list of 1945-46. I guess MGM didn't appreciate Lucy's contribution because her contract with the studio was just about to end. "Ziegfeld Follies" "Thousands Cheer "Top Hat" and "Roman Scandals" also made the lists. One more reference: 15 female film scholars were asked to name the top movies featuring women of all time. "Dance Girl Dance" heads up the list compiled by one and was included in another.
  23. 1. Lucy Does a TV Commercial 2. Pioneer Women 3. Job Switching 4. The Million Dollar Idea 5. Bonus Bucks 6. LA at Last 7. The Fashion Show 8. Lucy Gets in Pictures 9. The Dancing Star 10. Harpo Marx 11. Lucy Visits Graumann's 12. Lucy & John Wayne 13. Lucy Goes to Scotland 14. Lucy's Italian Movie 15. Lucy & Superman 16. The Christmas Show
  24. I always wondered if little touches like that were Lucy's idea or one of the props people having a little fun.
  25. I watched the four broken leg story arc episodes, which are all great episodes of the series. I never noticed before that in Harrison Carter, Male Nurse, on her dresser, Lucy has a framed picture of her and the kids dressed as “Ma Parker,” “Herman,” and “Mildred!”
  26. No. The colorized Lucy Goes To Scotland has never aired on TV. But will be included in this collection. It was a previous bonus feature on a dvd collection.
  27. We can't forget OJ- who, to put it mildly, was probably at his most-loved around 1973-74. As far as sixth season guest stars go, it was no small feat to hook Lucille Ball for an appearance!
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