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  2. The Twitter isn't. My Instagram Lucy page is @luvsbway.
  3. Oh nice. I found all those and the titling is mine. Not the first time they reposted from my page without a thank you.
  4. Oh nice. I found all those and the titling is mine. Not the first time they repksted from my page without a thank you.
  5. Lucy tribute page on Twitter posted some of the rarest I Love Lucy color pics. https://twitter.com/LucyTributePage/status/1287436285825691648/photo/1 https://twitter.com/LucyTributePage/status/1287433978761404421/photo/1 https://twitter.com/LucyTributePage/status/1290369621892112384/photo/1
  6. Here's Lucie commenting on the critics by the fans about the casting choices. https://www.facebook.com/luciearnazofficial/videos/397888791514214
  7. Like most of Amazon’s films, this would likely get a theatrical release and qualify for Oscars.
  8. Obviously this is the type of film that will be submitted for awards consideration left, right and centre, but I’m curious which ones it’ll be eligible for. Will it qualify for the Oscars or is Amazon considered TV and therefore Emmys?
  9. Lucie hinted in her Instagram video that no "I Love Lucy" recreations would be featured.
  10. There's a lot of griping about getting an actress who can do comedy for the role, but I'm guessing that Sorkin's script isn't big on laughs. Studio 60 had a similar setting and emphasized the backstage drama over the fictional sketch series that was being produced. If this is Sorkin's immediate followup to The Trial of the Chicago 7, he's probably got carte blanche to do what he wants. It'll probably be serviceable at best. And Carole Cook needs a cameo.
  11. Sounds like Betty White's Pet Set is hitting streaming next month. I haven't heard what streaming service has it yet.
  12. Let's do a post 1960s film. Francis Fisher for 60/70s Lucy and Carole for 80s Lucy.
  13. Earlier
  14. I'm also fascinated with "Lucy Day". What a schedule they put her through! She held up under the oppressive humidity and heat, so humid that despite the heat it rained at one time. Thanks to the bonus material on one of the DVDs (Here's Lucy?) we got to see all the footage they could find. And yeah, where IS that slab of cement now?
  15. "Jim Nabors" is a rather odd offering. But there's hope we'll get a look at some other obscure series in the future. The market I lived in did not run "The Jim Nabors Talk Show". My wishlist includes "Pete & Gladys" and "Glynis". When CBS ran I Love Lucy in the morning from 1959 to 1966, they did edits to allow for more commercials. The show was divided into 4 acts instead of 2. When it was beamed, I'm wondering whether they still ran the 35mm film through a telecine device or whether the shows were transferred to 2" videotape, the only tape format available at the time (as far as I know). CBS reran the 78 Pete & Gladys episodes for 2 years, mainly (I think) because they had ownership in the show. All of their other daytime offerings over the years were prime time ratings hits.
  16. I would love to see Carole Cook play Lucy in a film chronicling her later years, on the proviso she recreate the “Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs” dance.
  17. Great statement from Lucie. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKK7JLgl1Mt/?igshid=11rdhyp5021fq She does now have me wanting to see a sequel with Carole Cook in the lead, though.
  18. Would the DVD producers Gregg Oppenheimer (Seasons 1 - 5) and subsequently, Tom Watson (S6 - 9) have any knowledge or insight to this question? I would think they might know something and/or who might.... just a thought...as well as another "tip of the hat" to the excellent job they did on these WUNDAFUL DVD releases!!
  19. A long-overdue honour -- and one I didn't think would ever come after some of the Kennedy Center's more recent, questionable appointments to the Board.
  20. I don't think I've ever seen a credit on the DVDs, or on any of the merchandize that subsequently featured these designs, including mugs and t-shirts. A shame, as they are my favourites as well.
  21. All is well. Thank you for checking in. I'm just not always logged into my account. Be sure to also follow The Lucy Lounge on Instagram and Facebook @thelucylounge!
  22. I know they were polarizing upon release but - of the many home video iterations for 'I Love Lucy' over the past 30+ years - the 2012 repackaging is my absolute favorite. However, I don't believe the artist or team behind these Roy Lichtenstein inspired "comic" graphics has ever been credited. There's nothing to be found on the DVD artwork or any of the merchandise that utilizes the same graphics. Anyone ever sleuth this one out? Have I missed an obvious credit somewhere?
  23. This thread inspired me to check and it looks like he signed in Thursday, less than a day after you posted this. Hope he - and everyone else - is as okay as possible right now. ❤️
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