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  2. The iconic streetscape painting behind the Ricardo piano in the first apartment can be seen behind Joan Crawford’s shoulder in Sudden Fear, as she’s introduced to Gloria Grahame’s Irene for the first time at the reception.
  3. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Ive been enjoying this. One of the best revivals out there
  4. Last week
  5. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    I can't say I'm a big fan of his either, but most of us have said immature things and made dumb jokes at some point or another. It sucks when you're a celebrity and there's documentation of most everything you ever say. He made those jokes a long time ago and he apparently already apologized for them. Some folks just like being offended, I guess. I say dial down the politics and make the Oscars fun again. Have Carol Burnett host in character as Nora Desmond.
  6. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    The ceremony needs Jane Fonda to do a 50th anniversary tribute to this Oscar presentation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLJ8RjvesnvDPXKGB3lFq3PXKHn-ZKitO5&v=jG96Q1CLv6E
  7. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    If they decide to even have a host you know it's going to be anybody but a straight, white guy.
  8. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    I’m hoping they call Our Mildred Frances for the gig.
  9. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    Kevin Hart has stepped down as host after failing to properly apologize for making homophobic jokes in the past. Now, I think Hart and his puerile ego are a poor fit for the show, but the fact that he was edged out over "offensive" material seems like an incredibly regressive move. Anyway, here's hoping they give Tiffany Haddish a call!
  10. I saw that top one last night. So was this hanging at Gimbles touting how Lucy got her dress from the club show at a bargin? I needed to know more about this.
  11. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    I know, I'm glad that made it. Love it in color. All those bubbles.
  12. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    Well Luvsbway you got your wish.
  13. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    First videos are up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raABIyi0xI0&fbclid=IwAR3CpKxoqF9y14oIU6OYUTOT9i8KSV_O3MFG-hO31KU6qfwf-0B8MOp6iLM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8z4A3KLBbo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEkIeRQ1RBg
  14. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    With the deadline looming ever closer, apparently the Academy is looking at Kevin Hart to host this year's ceremony. I'd rather watch Bill Cosby emcee the show live from San Quentin.
  15. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    I will be very disappointed if CBS pulls the plug on Murphy Brown after their initial order of 13. It has not been canceled (that I know of) but is on the "iffy" list.
  16. Earlier

    "PETER FARRELL, the Portland Oregonian's TV columnist from 1979 to 2004 has died at the age of 79." I only bring him up because I had a Life with Lucy battle with him in 1986. (Just to remind: this was BEFORE email, so it was through the regular mail). His review of the first "Life with Lucy" was no rave but he did point out 3 things she did well: pointing to the box with the casserole, dancing to Top Jimmy and tasting her own health drink concoction. His only real complaint was the it was all so "old hat" (yes I suppose, but wasn't that what people expected?) He prefaced this review by saying he's "never really been a Lucille Ball fan". (then I say "find another line of work"!!). It wasn't until after the national reviews came out, the ones that hated the show and Lucy herself so fiercely and cruelly, that Farrell started slamming the show in his column (apparently without viewing any more episodes). I wrote him a letter, chastising him for "changing his mind" about the show and not giving Lucy a chance by viewing additional episodes. I pointed out that his initial review wasn't all that bad. He wrote me back in a most unpleasant and curt tone. Can't remember what he said but something along the lines of "butt OUT. What the hell do YOU know?"!! This same thing happened with "Mame" reviews. I collected every local paper reviews I could find and most of them were fair-to-pretty good; in addition to Variety's qualified thumbs-up. It wasn't until the national magazines came out ("Time", in particular) that "Mame"-bashing became OK. This included our local movie reviewer, whose initial review was kind to the movie and Lucy. (This reviewer was much more into things like "The Exorcist" and later "Star Wars", so "Mame" was not his cup of tea to begin with.) And then at the end of the year, he named "Mame" as one of the 10 worst movies of 1974.
  18. Ken Berry has died

    Ken was part of the company. He was discovered in a Los Angeles musical, The Billy Barnes Revue (with Jackie Joseph). However, he left Desilu when The Billy Barnes Revue transferred to Broadway. This is why he isn't part of The Desilu Revue. After the show closed in New York, Ken returned to Desilu and was given a regular role on The Ann Sothern Show.
  19. Ken Berry has died

    Was Ken officially in Lucy's company and left because he got so many jobs or did he turn it down because of too much work? I forget how the story goes.
  20. Ken Berry has died

    Oh no. What a terribly sad loss. He was a true talent.
  21. Ken Berry has died

    Ken Berry, The Lucy Show guest star and Desilu player, has died at 85.
  22. DVR Alerts!

    On Dec. 3rd at 4:30 am (yes AM!!), "The Joey Bishop Show" will feature Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carter, our own Paula Stewart. I looked up Paula on imdb and her bio ends with this statement "More recently, Paula had a radio show on KCLA-FM that features Hollywood celebrities and other people with interesting careers." Does anyone know about this radio show? And I wonder what they mean by "more recently". I don't know what to make of "The Joey Bishop Show". It's not BAD but there's nothing to draw you to it. After the first season, filmed single-cam style in black-and-white, in which Joey lived with his mother Madge Blake and his extended family (including "sister" Marlo Thomas), season 2 was completely revamped. Season 1's supporting cast was gone and the show started filming in front of an audience (at Desilu, of course). Joey was now a TV host with wife Abby Dalton. This format continued for 2 seasons on NBC in color. Dropped by NBC in 1964, CBS picked it up for one last season (continuing the same format) airing at 9:30 on Sunday opposite the #1 rated Bonanza. Its success depended completely on its lead-in: Bob Cummings' new gimmicky comedy My Living Doll (with Julie Newmar as a robot!). I don't know what CBS was thinking. Despite having 123 episodes (70 or so in color), "Joey" had NO syndication life. (I'm only guessing this from listings in my old TV Guides). "Joey" has the distinction of being the only series I know of, that started in b/w, went to color, then back to b/w (for its CBS season.) The format and set, post Madge Blake-season, are similar to "The Danny Thomas Show"---Danny and Sheldon Leonard produced it. Someone in the know told me that the series, never a ratings grabber, continued to be renewed in order to placate producer Sheldon Leonard. If this is the case, why couldn't Lucy use her Desilu muscle to get Ethel Merman's Maggie Brown on the air? --not to mention one of the other sitcom pilots Desilu was churning out.
  23. Lucy Sightings!

    Trained robots to draw outside the lines?

    That was my takeaway.

    I can't make a lick of sense out of this. "Dick Joke Naming Convention"??? What is the Mary Taylor Moore Show connection? Doris appeared on Phyllis, but that's about it. I'm very much intrigued but also don't want to give this wacko any of my time. Kind of excited to hear his Mary Jane Croft/Lady Bird Johnson theory, though.

    So...this person is saying that Barbara Bush was a character played by Doris Singleton?
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