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  2. God finally got Bill Macy for that at 97.
  3. 10/17/19 (Evening): “Mod, Mod Lucy” (Episode #1) “Lucy Visits Jack Benny” (Episode #6) “Lucy, the Process Server” (Episode #7) 10/18/19 (morning): Here's Lucy Marathon “Lucy and Miss Shelley Winters” (Episode #9) “Lucy, the Conclusion Jumper” (Episode #4) “Lucy’s Impossible Mission” (Episode #8) “Lucy and Eva Gabor” (Episode #5) “Lucy’s Birthday” (Episode #2) “Lucy’s Working Daughter” (Episode #3) “Lucy and the Gold Rush” (Episode #10) “Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50?” (Episode #12) “Lucy Sells Craig to Wayne Newton” (Episode #13) “Lucy, the Matchmaker” (Episode #14) “Lucy, the Fixer” (Episode #15)
  4. The rude comment about Gale made me remember something I was going to ask. Does anyone think there is a bit of soft focus used on shots of Lucy? This was something that I had been trying to figure out starting back with Here’s Lucy. I know the closeups of Lucy really started to trail off starting with Here’s Lucy and I’ve been trying to pay attention to how tight they get with her on LWL. Gale seems to have some tighter framed shots in comparison to Lucy and his seem clear. I’m undecided on Lucy’s tightest shots if there are any “softness” to them.
  5. Yeah, that was an unnecessarily comment of his.
  6. 10/16/19: “Lucy Buys a Sheep” (Episode #2) “Lucy Becomes an Astronaut” (Episode #6) “Lucy Is a Kangaroo For a Day” (Episode #7)
  7. Yesterday
  8. I have the Prettybelle CD but never caught those lyrics. Prettybelle is no WILDCAT but it has a good score. Show closed out of town but many years later Angela and (what I assume is) the rest of the original cast put it out on LP. This was 1971 so I don't know how UN-PC this was at the time, but there are many references to rape (including its own peppy song) and it's treated a little too light-heartedly. I was able to get a recorded-from-audience version of whole show and my favorite number "Manic Depressives" had been cut!. The failure of Dear World and Prettybelle along with the rather unsavory "Something for Everyone" movie are reasons cited for why Angela did not get the Mame movie, but I'm inclined to believe even without front-runner Lucy, they wouldn't have gone with Angela. Though I can't think of any other likely candidate in 1973.
  9. This is on my Christmas list now. But that picture...
  10. Last week
  11. I don't know if anyone finds this interesting but sometimes I think about and find fascinating how fleeting time is and how close things were relative to the current year--when they seemed like ages apart, if that makes sense: (my math may need a little fact checking). If "Mame" was in production today, Lucille "too OLD for the role" Ball would have been born in 1958, the same year as Megan Mullaly, Bebe Neuwirth, Annette Benning, Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Pfeiffer, Holly Hunter, Jamie Lee Curtis AND EVE PLUMB!!---any one of which seems age-appropriate now. If "Life with Lucy" was airing this season, Here's Lucy would have ended its run in 2007, I Love Lucy would have premiered in 1983 and the Ernie Kovacs Comedy Hour would have aired in 1992. Lucy would have been born in 1944. Marriage to Gary: 1994. Wildcat: 1993-4. Today, the rustic old days of "Wildcat"'s Centavo City: 1970
  12. Heaven's loudspeaker: "TELEPHONE FOR WALTER PIDGEON"
  13. Wonderful news! However...is that really the best picture of Eve they could've used?
  14. Season 1 is now available in two parts. Part 1: https://www.oldies.com/product-view/6332KD.html Part 2: https://www.oldies.com/product-view/6333KD.html So far, Oldies.com seems to be the exclusive distributor.
  15. 10/15/19 (Tuesday Afternoon/Early Evening) *I LOVE LUCY DAY*: “Lucy and the Astronauts” (episode #77) “Lucy Makes a Few Extra Dollars” (episode #76) “Someone’s On the Ski Lift with Dinah” (episode #79)
  16. I was saddened to read through these obits that Mrs. Bowers died last year. She was, by far, the most compelling and interesting character in that documentary.
  17. "The resolution is a little lower which probably works out fine for Gale Gordon." RUDE.
  18. I've binge watched the series about 20 years ago over a weekend. I didn't watch all of the episodes as at that time I didn't have the entire series on tape but I watched a vast majority of them. It was great fun. I will probably do it again sometime in the future.
  19. I love the bonkers part. I caught the documentary done on him after his book came out. Seeing him tell these stories actually was less creditable then reading them in his book.
  20. Cheers, yes. But was "Newhart" all that GREAT?
  21. The absolutely bonkers Scotty Bowers has died at 96.
  22. Well this reviewer seemed to like it: https://insidepulse.com/2019/10/10/dvd-review-life-with-lucy-the-complete-series/
  23. It would've been the 9th one broadcast had they not cancelled the show. It's one of the sillier entries so I can see why it was held back.
  24. I'm binge watching the entire series. Just finished Lucy Goes To The Air Force Academy, parts 1 & 2. Love the "on location" episodes.
  25. Just finished watching my dvd set and thoroughly enjoyed it! I know reviews back in the day said she was too old and it was a rehash. Here’s my take. I always thought Lucy Ricardo would be a fun friend, Lucy Carmichael a cool aunt and Lucy Carter a fun mom. After watching Life with Lucy, I see Lucy Barker as a fun grandma. I now feel like I’ve been able to experience the full life cycle of the “Lucy” character. I’m really pleased about that! When the price goes does on the LWL set, I’m going to buy a back up copy! I ❤️ Lucy!
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