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  2. This thread makes me realize that it was a shame that "Here's Lucy" did not have staff writers. For example, the character of "Craig" disappeared with even less explanatory dialogue than "Viv's" absence on "The Lucy Show." "Craig's" departure could have been an interesting story arc. Also the cheapness bothers me. "The Brady Bunch," which was far less popular than "Here's Lucy" during their network runs, could afford to shoot in Hawaii. But "Here's Lucy" went cheap and cancelled its plans to have part three of "Lucy Goes Hawaiian" shot on location even though CBS has production facilities for "Hawaii Five-0."
  3. Compliment Neil on this one, I was merely quoting him. This was all his work
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  5. Oh how I adored dear Valerie and am so glad that Lucy was in her "orbit", if only briefly. What it must have meant to her to have her own show and then be recognized for it by LUCY!! Wow! So cool! 😎
  6. My guess would be legendary Broadway producer director George Abbott, with whom so many "greats" either got their start or he helped by casting them in one of his many hit plays. If memory serves, didn't he do "Too Many Girls"??
  7. Brian, this is another entry that makes me wonder why you don't write for a living, you are that GOOD! (And oh so clever! "Viv is Enciente"....almost fell off my chair laughing!! ) Good job!
  8. Yes! And the fact it's in the hands of long-ago Desilu "employee" Ron Howard is not only impressive that he'd do it, but I think will do it with the utmost respect and "reverence." Interesting aside about how Kate "may have lost her interest by now..." which actually might be a good thing. At this point, I agree a doc would be preferable, we don't really need to see their story fictionalized again and not to be rude, but Cate be getting just a bit too old to play the middle-aged years of the late great Lucille Ball. Just my two centavos.
  9. Absolutely! Hard to go wrong with Tracy & Hepburn -- although this certainly isn't their best -- but Lucy, too? Go for it!
  10. Here's a really great interview that is ostensibly about cabaret, but covering a wide variety of topics including her grandchildren, life in Palm Springs, the They're Playing Our Song reunion concert, and spirituality.
  11. Tonight at 8:00pm, CBS will be re-airing the colorized “Coast to Coast Big Mouth” and “October Eve” Dick Van Dyke Show episodes with a new intro from Dick. CBS Sunday Morning will interview Dick about Carl on Sunday.
  12. So many LOL moments it’s hard to choose a favourite, but “New York based bon vivant John Dodds” makes me chuckle every time. I’m also cracking up at “Viv is Enciente” and the visual of William Frawley being so strong despite you never mentioning his name once.
  13. Looking at the earlier entries on this thread, Brock cast Bob Cummings in the role. He certainly would’ve been good. I think I kept that choice for my “The Viv Show” spin-off concepts. Going in a different direction, Red Skelton could’ve provided Viv with another wacky redhead to play against.
  14. Hugh Downs, who played host to Lucy on The Tonight Show in 1960, has died at 99.
  15. A devastating loss. And who among today’s crop could ever be considered a worthy successor to the likes of him? The giants of yesteryear are irreplaceable.
  16. That is so clever and reads like a real gossip column. This brings up the idea of who would be a good Vern for Viv. Gotta think about that.
  17. I was rereading these brilliant season 4 plot lines. We're a clever bunch! Here's a little different what-if take on season 4 Hedda Hopper's column Feb. 5, 1965: "It's official. Vivian Vance has turned in her resignation and will not be a regular when "The Lucy Show" begins its 4th season next fall. However, in a happy turn of events "Vivian Bagley" will be back for a limited run. Desilu has offered Vance a very lucrative deal to return for the first 13 episodes of the new season which will be a story arc chronicling her meeting and marrying new character "Vern Bunson" with the promise that many episode will center more on the lovey-dovey couple with little involvement from Lucy Carmichael. Doubling the enticement, if the couple clicks, is the possibility of her own "Viv & Vern" spinoff, which Vance would produce in partnership with Desilu. Story outlines for the 13 episodes have been completed which will include the courtship, wedding and the tearful parting of Lucy and Viv, sure to be a ratings winner for CBS (last episode in the arc "Viv Is Enciente"). Vance signed her contract, which puts her new salary on par with the series star and studio head Lucille Ball with the proviso that she waive casting approval. Desilu wanted her new co-star to be a surprise but Vance picked up little pieces of information from the gossip-mill. She heard the name "Fred" and the fact that the actor just completed 5 seasons of a hit sitcom on ABC. Naturally she thinks it will be tall, dashing and age-appropriate Fred MacMurray who recently quit "My Three Sons". *. When the cast sits down for the first table read of "Viv Meets Vern Bunson", she blows a gasket when the actor hired to play Vern walks in, a completely different My Three Sons "Fred" than she was expecting. Vance's contract is iron-clad so she'll make the best of it but has nixed the idea of a V&V spinoff unless her real-life husband, New York based bon vivant John Dodds can replace Frawley as Vern. Vance's weekly 3000 mile commute has afforded the couple little time together. Vance adds: "You can't have children long distance". Dodds: "U-u-u-u-u (spider voice)" *This part is based on fact. MacMurray's My Three Sons ABC contract WAS for 5 years (1960-65) and he wanted to walk but was talked into returning by CBS who offered him a sweetheart deal: all of his scenes for the entire season would be filmed in 3 months. Then the cast would do their scenes after MacMurray's departure which accounts for the show's clunky feel, post 1965.
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  19. A letter from Lucy is included among others in an upcoming Julien's auction of items from Valerie Harper's estate.
  20. Poor Carl didn't get to outlast the administration he so artfully and frequently tweeted about. The pictures of Carl and Mel hanging out on Saturday are extra heartwarming knowing that it would be their last time together. It's almost unbelievable, considering how active and present he'd been right up until the end.
  21. A genius has left us. 😢 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/30/arts/television/carl-reiner-dead.html I'm absolutely in shock. He was tweeting up a storm yesterday (and it was definitely always him sending out those tweets!) and did an interview in the last week. He was the greatest!
  22. I feel like we get Bob from Critics Choice in this special, and he drove me nutts in that. Lucy does in fact look beautiful but her paired with Walter is so not the guy I wanted for her. Well I didn't want Bob either. There are parts of this I like but the baby thing was far fetched and I'm curious what the premise of their TV show was.
  23. What the opinion of "Comedy Hour/Mr. and Mrs."? It was an interesting idea but if it was filmed before an audience, the laughter was sweetened, overly-so as they tended to do.--which gives the show a hollow feel to me. Hope's reliance on cue cards stifles the believability of his performance. Lucy looks so great that I can forgive the script not being all that funny. Lucy as Desilu president gave us a glimpse of what she may have been like behind the desk. The "traveling the world looking for Hope" montage may have gone one location too many. I find it so interesting that they (Desilu?/Lucy herself?) hired Jess Oppenheimer to produce this. Was the whole thing his idea? Not sure what his duties were but his deft hand is missing. I think of The Lucy Show as a lifetime away from I Love Lucy, but it had only been 8 years since Jess left the show. Could she have been testing the waters for the next season's head writer and/or producer? If so, I wish it had gone better so we could have avoided the influence of Milt (and Hilda). Another interesting fun fact. In an unusual move, the Lucy Show ran two weeks of reruns right before starting their official rerun cycle (selecting the relatively recent "Florence Nightengale" and "College Reunion"). One of those may have been opposite the Oscars. Then the next week LB Comedy Hour ran in Ed Sullivan's Sunday night slot (8pm) and 24 hours later, we got our first new Lucy Show in April, on the 19th, "Serves a Summons", followed by just one more new one "Baking Contest" before the "first in a series of reruns" started with "Locked in Vault" (which I would have picked as season premiere). You'd think they would have schedule the Comedy Hour during one of the weeks of a LS rerun.
  24. What is this from? Re: Xray pic and publicity letter. I'm speechless.
  25. This was a big launch. Not just Lucy fans. But the vintage community was big on this too. The red lipstick is already sold out, except in the complete set. I think in a week a lot will be gone. They had a glitch in the system at first and the complete set disappeared and went out of stock. Eventually worked everything out with customer service who got me all fixed up. This should look lovely displayed. The red gold packing looks classy.
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