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#107844 "We Love Lucy"

Posted by Brock on 22 July 2015 - 07:46 PM


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#93630 'I Love Lucy' Christmas special on CBS: Dec. 7, 2014

Posted by tjw on 14 December 2014 - 04:30 PM

I do believe some are over-reacting to the idea of colorization.


I sincerely doubt that the entire series will ever be colorized. It's so expensive to do even a single episode, that the idea of doing all 180 (plus 13 hour longs) is mind-boggling...


Secondly, I agree with Brian about it being sad that the original show would disapear... but I fear that there is a greater chance that it might disappear because viewers and advertisers do not want to deal with black-and-white television. I'd rather have people see colorized Lucy  than no Lucy at all...


I find it strange that for the past 20 years or so, fans have rushed out and spent a zillion dollars on dolls, plates, and all kinds of other merchandise that has all been colorized... (very few of these items appear in black-and-white), but when someone colorizes the show itself -- in order to give it a bigger, contemporary audience -- people balk...


The black-and-white originals will never disappear -- unless time itself does the damage.  The films themselves are now 50-60 years old, and despite being carefully "cared for," they are disintegrating.  CBS has been diligently transferring them to whatever new media form comes along, remastering them for future generations... But no one knows what these elements will look like 50 years from now...


But I stand by my earlier posts that say that while the black-and-white programs will live on in home video, little by little they are being relegated to "middle of the night" time slots on local stations and cable outlets.  Gone are the days when it aired seven nights a week opposite Walter Cronkite (and often beat Uncle Walter in the ratings).  Audiences, advertisers and stations want more modern programs -- in color -- in their prime viewing hours.   Happily, some of the local stations still air the series during the day -- I believe a local LA station still airs the show at noon -- but these instances are becoming fewer and fewer...


So pardon me when I am thrilled to see the show be invited back into network prime time, where it continues to earn its weight in rating points... and if the price of admission is colorization, then I am all for it...



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#77785 Colorized "I Love Lucy" DVD set for Nov. 5, CBS Special airs Dec. 20

Posted by tjw on 01 January 2014 - 03:20 PM

Colorization is very much a subjective and still imperfect art... What one person may love, another rejects totally...


When colorizing the I LOVE LUCY elements, we try to balance three objectives:


(1) Does is look good HERE

(2) What might the Ricardos and Mertzes' apartments, clothes, belongings, etc. have looked like in real life if they existed in the 1950s

(3) What did the actual studio sets, props, costumes, etc. look like


Item #3 is tricky because -- even tho we LUCY fans may relish knowing the exact color/shade that a certain thing was -- we must remember that that color was chosen not necessarily because anyone liked the way it looked, but because of the way that color photographed on black-and-white film.  Everything, from props to Lucy's costumes had to be tested and approved for lighting purposes by Karl Freund before it was allowed on the set.


So ... when someone asks "are you sure these were the real colors," I must say, no -- and even if we did know the real colors, that cannot be the sole consideration...


Like I said earlier, it's a subjective and imperfect art...  But if colorization gets these shows off the "back burner" and back into the mainstream again -- and keeps them alive for another generation, I am all for it!



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#62524 The ending pool video in Home Movies

Posted by Brock on 04 June 2013 - 01:02 PM

I would like to see the texts she sent Gary.

"RU golfing? OFC UR! ROTFL Gotta great offer on challenging role! Pls look at contract l8r. xoxo"
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#60814 Lucy Dies April 26th, 1989

Posted by C L A U D E on 26 April 2013 - 02:50 AM

So, personally, what i take away from all this is that today, there are no stars that equal her talent, but talent aside, what i admire most about her is that she has lasted in an industry that forgets it`s icons, and she provides so many lessons to us in how to lead one`s life. As Joan Rivers also said, Gilda Radner dying of cancer so young, that was sad, but Lucy dying at 77, surrounded by family and loved by the world is not, how could it be termed sad to leave such a legacy. She accomplished more than her contemporaries, and certainly any of us here. What a life she led and she surely left her imprint on this world. A visit to Jamestown can certainly prove that. And if there is a God, and she is in Heaven, then she knows and she smiles accordingly, she looks down on us and smiles instead of us smiling broadly or laughing uproariously at her antics for all those decades. She`s earned the rest and we are extremely grateful that she was among us for so long, making us forget our troubles, entertaining us with laughter and as Carol Burnett once said, OUR LIVES WOULD HAVE BEEN DECIDEDLY DULLER WITHOUT HER SHINING PRESENCE.
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#49661 Viv: A Whip With a Quip

Posted by Neil on 30 November 2012 - 01:15 AM

I was wondering what to wear at all those SMART dinner parties I give.

Ricky: That one is ours.
Danny: Those two are ours.
Ethel: We raise chickens

Judge Gale: Oh, you ARE a miserable tightwad.
Fred: What'd he say, Ethel?
Ethel: Nothing you haven't heard before.

Mr. Mooney can tiptoe through those tulips all by himself!

(handing passport photo to Charles Lane)
Now, don't laugh....

I LIVE HERE and when there's a bed, I sleep here.

and my nominee for best Ethel line ever:
I am getting a LITTLE TIRED of being called a cow.
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#45100 The Lucy Show -- Season Six -- Reviews and First Impressions!

Posted by Neil on 04 October 2012 - 04:28 PM

Only seen the public domain episodes and maybe one or two others. I can't wait! (Though, I think I'm actually more anxious for HERE'S LUCY Season Six, as I have only seen one episode.)

Of the two Season 6's coming out, I prefer HL's, but you have to get into the season quite a ways before there are a string of good ones. HL-6 contains the most entries in my HL top 10.
I've looked through the episode list of LS season 6 and there's not a single episode I can say I remember with more than a slight degree of fondness--except for "Lucy and Viv Reminisce" ("From an idea by Hilda Josefsburg"--my favorite credit of all time) which does not really qualify because the highlights are season 1 clips. Those of us who around on January 1, 1968 (and who may have seen these when they originally aired but were too young to remember them) were treated to these scenes for the first time. Such a stark contrast to the style and tone of the rest of the season. Take any episode of this season and try to imagine it being played in Season 1's Danfield.
One episode that has grown on me is "Phil Harris". Though the piano bar scene teeters on the edge of too-obnoxious-Lucy, it's really quite funny. Like "Lucy and John Wayne", people seem to love or hate this episode. I love Phil's reactions to Lucy in this (and HL's "Strike Up the Band" from season 6). The episode contains one of the few 'dramatic' scenes as Phil is confronted with the memory of his past sweetheart. Because he is dressed in a frilly bathrobe, Phil gets an unintended laugh, which pisses him off. He then looks directly at the studio audience with a bit of disdain.
I am looking forward to the "Boss of Year" songwriting scene. "Meets the Berles" has a few laughs, but the only stellar Lucy moment of the season I can think of is in "Carol Burnett-part 1" when the plane's movie projector malfunctions and spews film in Lucy's face. "Lost Star/Joan Crawford" is more infamous than enjoyable, though it's pretty good up until the "Speakeasy Days" skit. (Lucy Carmichael would not write such a skit!!)
I haven't seen episodes from this season in years so maybe they'll surprise me.
LS Season 6 is notable for me because of just how successful it was: on paper anyway. For the better part of the season, it was TV's NUMBER ONE show and would have held that position for the end of season averaged tally had it not been for the inroads "Laugh In" made when it debuted in January and caught on quickly, though by the time it was really popular "LS" was already in reruns.
This season had the most Emmy nomination for the show. Ironic for me because it's my least favorite season, while my favorite season (#2) received none, not a one. "The Lucy Show" was passed over for the likes of "The Bill Dana Show" and "farmer's Daughter". S2 was the only LS season where Lucy did not get a Best Actress in a Sitcom nomination when there was that category (there was that one silly Emmy year 64-65 where they did away with nominations) Instead it was Inger Stevens. And not to knock her, but she wasn't required to do much but look adorable.
1968: Lucy was definitely on a roll.
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#116464 Updated: Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds have died

Posted by Brock on 29 December 2016 - 02:54 AM

Shared this on Facebook a moment ago. Otherwise, I am completely at a loss for words -- unexpectedly devastated. I can't imagine what poor Billie and Todd are going through.


When I had the chance encounter with the great Debbie Reynolds in Toronto in the summer of 2010, I was completely starstruck. After a brief chat lasting a second or two, she grabbed me by the shoulders, turned me in the direction of the camera and said, "Darling, look up and into the air!" (Pronounced "aihh.") I thought that might simply have been just a trick she learned at Metro to get a good photo but the more I learned about her and read her own work I like to think it is how the #unsinkable Debbie made her way through life, not with her head in the clouds but with her eyes firmly on the horizon. Sadly, I suppose that horizon became all to bleak yesterday. Six years on -- and still no clearer on just what Debbie was going for that summer night -- I'm making "looking up and into the aihh" a New Year's Resolution.

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#114480 JYuhas had died

Posted by JoeyCentralCal on 18 August 2016 - 12:37 AM

Wow. How utterly horrible. I am genuinely shocked right now.
I'm sorry to say I wasn't always very cordial to him when he posted, as I'm sure some may have noticed. I let my own petty feelings blind any sense of decency and decorum I could've (and should've) shown instead. You can't imagine how I'm regretting that right now. His passion and enthusiasm should've been respected as much as any other fan, even if I didn't always agree. I hope the assistance I once offered him in setting up a profile picture helped make up for that in some small way.
I'm so sorry, Jonathan, that I didn't let myself get to know the real you because of a silly difference of opinion. Wherever you may be now, I hope you're laughing it up with Lucy in a most colorful fashion! Rest in peace.

It is very sad especially for one so young....but I don't think you should beat yourself up over anything you may have said....we've all said or done things while trying to convey how we feel about something we're so passionate about, it's just human nature.

I know first hand what a kind, sweet and caring young man you are...please remember that despite this sad, tragic news.
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#114474 Remembering Viv today

Posted by DesiluGower on 17 August 2016 - 03:48 PM

Vivian Vance

July 26,1909 - August 17, 1979

We love and miss you Viv.
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#112427 Lucy Goes Canadian

Posted by tjw on 11 April 2016 - 07:36 PM

A few years ago I wrote an article for my Lucy web site entitled “When is a Premiere Not a Premiere,” which dealt with the fact that back in 1951 there was at least one TV station (and possibly more) that showed I Love Lucy prior to its “official network premiere” on CBS on October 15, 1951.  The experts all told me that such things occurred many times back in the early days of television, before all the network links were in place, etc.
This morning, I stumbled on something similar that was happening as late as 1964 – when episodes of The Lucy Show were being shown on an independent station in Canada days before they aired on CBS here in the United States.  Who knew?
I found this information while thumbing through an old TV Guide for the week of April 25, 1964 – the “Lake Ontario Edition,” which reported the programming schedules for stations in the western New York area: Buffalo, Rochester, Erie (PA), etc. It also reports the lineups for independent CKCO-TV (Channel 13) in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada – just to the north of Lake Erie…
CKCO-TV carried (presumably via 16mm film) the episode “Lucy Enters a Baking Contest” on Saturday evening, April 25, at 7:30PM, two days before the same show was telecast over the CBS Television Network on Monday evening at 8:30PM.  The CBS version was shown over WBEN-TV (Channel 4) in Buffalo and WHEC-TV (Channel 10) in Rochester.  I assume that the signal from neither of these two stations was strong enough to be received in the Kitchener community – hence, Desilu (or CBS) arranged for Channel 13 to carry the show on its own.  I must also assume that there were other stations in Canada that made similar arrangements.
I realize that this is not “earth shattering news,” but it is another eye-opener because we have always been trained to believe that a network program had its first-ever showing on the network in question – but that (obviously) was not necessarily true…
Gosh, if we had all known each other back then -- Brock might have been the first of "our crowd" to see the weekly Lucys... (And here I thought people were moving north to avoid the draft!)

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#111944 No More Lucy From CBS Home Entertainment

Posted by Mister Hepburn on 07 March 2016 - 10:38 PM

I hate to say it, and I'm prepared for a barrage of comments, but the blu-ray sets were majorly overpriced. Now I understand a lot of hard work and dedication went into both sets, truly I do. But you can't tell me they couldn't have been more reasonably priced in the $40-50 range upon release, not when season one now sits with a $25 price tag on Amazon. I'm sorry, but when you can get virtually any season of the show on DVD for $10-15, why would most even think twice? I consider myself a tremendously hardcore fan, but money is tight right now and I haven't been able to justify the purchases. I'm more than bummed the sets won't continue, if only because it was a planned further purchase and one I sincerely looked forward to.

I wonder, when they originally released season one at 4 episodes a disc, each disc selling for around $10, were there sales issues? What (seriously) brilliant mind helped move the show in the direction of complete series sets? Shame the same can't be done in this case.
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#109822 Alter Lucy titles to make new episodes!

Posted by RodMcK1 on 19 October 2015 - 10:05 PM

"The Not-So-Popular Hispanics"


In this special episode of "Here's Lucy," a Puerto Rican family moves in down the block, causing alarm to some of the Carter's closed minded neighbors.  To foster tolerance, Lucy reveals that Mr. Carter didn't father Kim and Craig -- their biological father is bullfighter Raphael Delgado.

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#107403 New "I Love Lucy" tribute magazine (?)

Posted by HarryCarter on 06 July 2015 - 04:44 PM

Noted for each was their favorite episode. Their CFO Nicole Fabian picked "Lucy Goes to the Rodeo"!!

I assume that's the only episode of the series Nicole has seen then.
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#106569 Time Facts That Will Floor You

Posted by Neil on 15 June 2015 - 02:10 AM

....or at least make you feel old.


The premiere episode of I Love Lucy is now as old as Bill Frawley was when the episode first aired.


The Battle of Argonne during WWI mentioned in "Quiz Show" would now be 1982.


Fred's sweatshirt would now read "Golden Gloves 1971"


The "Pioneer Women" bet would now preclude using anything invented after 1964.


"Passports" Lucy Ricardo would now be born in the year 1981 (making her 5 when a little thing called "Life with Lucy" debuted)

Helen Kaiser, if she is to be believed, was born in 1986 (so how does Helen remember "LWL"???)


"Chris's New Years Eve Party" is now longer ago than the very first Chaplin short was when the episode aired.


Man landing on the moon for the first time is now longer ago than Lindburgh's flight across the Atlantic was when the Eagle landed.


The year depicted in the flashback scene in "Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana" would now be 1998.


The year the story of Wildcat unfolded would now be 1967.


"The Good Years" (1900 to 1914) would now be 1953 to 1967.


"Mame" is now as old as "King Kong" was when "Mame" premiered.


In relation to how old "Yours Mine and Ours" is now, a movie that old when YMO actually came out might have been attended by 9-year-old Lucille Ball.


.....and the world keeps a-goin' round!!

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#96095 Amy Arnaz 1951 - 2015

Posted by rickee on 24 January 2015 - 12:19 AM


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#84532 The Official LUCY ON BLU-RAY Thread!

Posted by tjw on 24 April 2014 - 04:35 PM

Not just the opening... all of the original broadcast elements...


Maybe a person "cannot go home again," but Jonathan and I wanted to present these shows exactly the way the world first experienced them back in the 1950s.  And for the most part, we have been fairly successful.  On the other hand, many people have told us, "I grew up watching these shows with the heart-on-satin openings and closings, and those make the show special for me."  So for those people, THAT format is available also... 


Sorry about the price tag. But I can attest to the fact that we/CBS spent a lot of money producing this set... I hope that everyone that does buy the set enjoys it!



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#114114 Failed Pilots from LBP

Posted by Freddie2 on 27 July 2016 - 06:01 AM


A series that focuses on our nation's first female president, Lucy Carson who, although well intentioned, is often stymied by the over the top complications that arise when you're in office. Vice Presidential duties are handed over to her lifelong best friend Vivian Comstock. Because Ms. Carson is a widow, the role of First Spouse is left null, with a steady rotation of First Boyfriends taking its place. The thorns in President Lucy's side are the blustery and conservative Speaker of The House, Walter Chapman (Gale Gordon), who has a low tolerance level for wacky shenanigans, and his icy, social ladder-climbing wife Marion (Mary Jane Croft). Lucy's ever-helpful and matronly assistant is Edith Crabtree (Mary Wickes), who is always at Madame President's side with a word of advice and a sarcastic remark anytime Lucy finds herself in a pickle. The man-hungry Secretary of State is Lilith Andersen (Doris Singleton), who is always talking to the president on matters of her affairs, both of foreign policy and homewrecking natures. Lucy is protected by her two bodyguards, Loretta and Barb (Iris Adrian and Jody Gilbert) who constantly argue with each other.
Being the leader of the free world could really get to a person, especially if that person encounters mishaps and mayhem at every turn, but we all know that President Lucy can muddle through with her trademark humor, heart, and henna!

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#111083 Lucy Goes to London

Posted by Luvsbway on 18 January 2016 - 11:59 PM

Thought you might like this side by side comparison to the Victor Borge show.















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#103592 The I Love Lucy Superstar Special -- Sunday, May 17 on CBS!

Posted by LittleRickyII on 25 April 2015 - 06:40 AM

No, I'm not kidding, and yes, I do indeed remember intricate details of something I saw once, 20 and/or more years ago, so, "Oy!" yourself!  


And you're not Marilu Henner?

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