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    David Winters. Choreographer on Lucy In London passed away today
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  4. I've often wondered about Denning's never appearing on one of Lucy's TV shows. He could've made a good love interest for Lucy Carmichael. Did he ever discuss his time working with Lucy in later years? Was he bitter about her not wanting him to reprise his role on the TV series?
  5. Hasn’t it been said that William Holden was slated to appear on Here’s Lucy? My memory is saying that it was “Bird-Sitter” from the final season, so I guess he would have had the Arte Johnson role? Anyway, he’s a favorite of mine and I would have liked to see Lucy reunite with him again. And speaking of reuniting with old co-stars, it’s too bad Richard Denning never appeared on a Lucy show.
  6. I would have loved to see Sinatra guest star on any of Lucy's series. I would have taken a legit cameo, not that Guys and Dolls pop in on I Love Lucy.
  7. Lucy Sightings!

    Great catch, and Valley Of The Dolls is an acceptable guilty pleasure.
  8. Frank Nelson's last "Lucy" appearance was in "Lucy Visits the White House"
  9. After many appearances on "My Favorite Husband" and "I Love Lucy," I wonder why Frank Nelson never appeared on "The Lucy Show" or "Here's Lucy." Was he considered too similar to Gale Gordon? I love "The Celebrity Next Door" with Miss Bankhead, but too bad Bette Davis never made it on a "Lucy" show.
  10. Lucy Sightings!

    I was watching Valley of the Dolls tonight (don’t ask) and was sure this Lucy sighting in Helen Lawson’s dressing room had been posted before — but, maybe it was on the old Lounge, so here it is again.
  11. Last week
  12. I was so bummed not to be able to see this live due to Easter travels, but having got home last night at 2 am I devoured it immediately. Stunning work that just gets better every time. And I too was struck by the contrast with the colour television and b/w picture. 😍
  13. Georgia Engel has passed away

    TV Land Easter Sunday at 5pm EST is running a best of Georgia on Everybody Loves Raymond marathon.
  14. Yes that was the actual color.
  15. Ethel was wearing the same outfit on the second day of Dickie Davis' show, or was that on purpose? I also noticed a few times that the inside of their mouths were still gray but that probably wasn't easy to colorize. Never knew Lucy's blue and red striped dress was actually seen in a color publicity photo! I thought they had to wear mostly gray and drab so it would show up better on film. Forgot that Ricky's pajamas were red checkered. Was Lucy's flowered (pink and gray) dress in Bonus Bucks really that color? I always thought it was red. The edits on this episode were seamless and nothing major seemed to be missing, only thing I noticed was a bit of Lucy counting the jars, and part of Ricky trying to hide the dollar and they just cut out when he pretended to come home. Also, was there more dialogue when he was trying to explain to the laundry foreman about their predicament? They could've just asked someone to get the blue bag for them but then we wouldn't have seen the end result!
  16. I wonder what an episode of Here's Lucy would've been like if Bill Cosby, Jim Henson or Fred Rogers guest starred? Quick question, did Lucy ever consider having Mr. Rogers appear? He just was not a fan of that slapstick comedy where they threw pies at each other. On Life with Lucy, Lucy was seen exercising on her little exercise trampoline, and that's when Richard Simmons was everywhere so I wonder if he would've made an appearance? At least we got to see them interact on Body Language in 1984!!! I also wish we could've seen a HL with Betty White as a guest star but at least they got to play Password together!
  17. Another Wondaful special. Love the colors and I agree this is the best colorization yet. Wish CBS would put this on every week...or maybe a limited series like "Lucy In Connecticut." My only beef, I don't like that announcing at the beginning..........but IF you insist on an announcer where is "also seen tonight Frank Nelson....etc etc. etc. and of course "I Love Lucy is a Desilu Production"?
  18. They also ended some scenes a few second early, including Lucy saying, “This is your old chum, Lucy” to Carolyn on the telephone. The edits on this episode were pretty seamless.
  19. Yes I noticed that too. Edits were very minimal. They edited out Lucy devouring the mini cakes by a few bites.
  20. Another great color special. Nice clear color. My thanks to the I Love Lucy color crew. Another color job well done. And great news that we will get more color shows on dvd this fall!!
  21. Oh hell I got tornado coverage and no show.
  22. The Million Dollar Idea seemed to be the least edited episode I can remember. I think they only cut Dickie Davis’ commercial, Lucy and Ethel talking about buying mink coats, and Lucy counting the jars in the living room.
  23. The shots of the TV set were in the original. I think the black and white picture made them stand out more here.
  24. Ok, color TV, BW picture. Is this new? Dont they look off to the side? We're there cuts and they covered. Oh yeah, DVD release!!!!!!!! Great promo.
  25. Interesting article on the colorization process. https://www.tvinsider.com/765643/i-love-lucy-funny-money-special-cbs-colorized/?fbclid=IwAR0yD9HDnYE9QMjoNU0Wrx9NZBngmy-8HXiwjITzCF52lByDRhZOJpslc3E I think Lucy’s colorization looks the most natural in this special so far.
  26. Mysteries at the Museum

    They showed a string of pearls worn by Lucille Ball at the Hollywood Museum in L.A. And yes, I saw that episode of Mythbusters! They debunked Miss Ball's story. She did have a tendency to make things up.
  27. Mysteries at the Museum

    Thanks for the heads up. Will tivo it. Mythbusters did this in their first season and concluded that it could not happen. What museum did they use to talk about it?
  28. Mysteries at the Museum

    Lucille Ball was the focus of one segment of Travel Channel's 'Mysteries at the Museum.' It was a recounting of Miss Ball's claim that one of her tooth fillings was picking up Japanese Morse code in 1942. An actress played Lucille Ball and there were some still photos of her. Here are the upcoming airdates. https://www.travelchannel.com/shows/mysteries-at-the-museum/episodes/the-witch-is-back-edisons-little-monsters-and-i-love-toothy
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