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    I posted this to Facebook, but for those who didn't see it:
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    I'm sure ageism was a big part of it. To be fair, Lucille Ball was also phoning it in quite a bit by the time Here's Lucy came around - obviously looking at cue cards, hamming it up for the audience, doing broad takes, etc. There wasn't the same level of nuance and subtlety that she had during I Love Lucy or the first few seasons of The Lucy Show. To be honest, if it were up to me, I probably wouldn't have given Lucille Ball the Outstanding Continuing Performance Emmy in 1968, either - I think it should have gone to Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched, which was still in its prime (creatively) at that point. But I'm sure others will disagree. All that being said, I definitely think Lucille Ball deserved an award for What Now, Catherine Curtis? I think she was great in that.
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    I couldn't help being drawn in to this. Oh seeing those promos bring back memories. I don't remember that Lucy promo.
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    The third season of TCM’s podcast, The Plot Thickens, will be all about Lucy!
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    What makes that particular Bewitched episode even more unique is that it is the only one in the entire series to feature BOTH cousin Serena and Uncle Arthur together.
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    My favorite call back to Men Are Messy is The Simpsons. Homer..."I'm gonna divide this house a la I Love Lucy."
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    Always nice to meet a fellow Bewitched fan! Since the pandemic, I've been watching a lot of episodes at home. The first few seasons were so good, particularly when Dick York was on the show. William Asher (who also worked on I Love Lucy,) produced Bewitched, and there were a couple of episodes that "borrowed" from I Love Lucy. There was one episode where Samantha's cousin Serena and her Uncle Arthur lost their powers and ended up making banana splits at the local ice cream parlor. The whole scene was a homage to the candy factory episode from ILL, and it was hilarious! In real life, Agnes Moorehead (who played Endora) and Lucille Ball were friends, dating back to when they did The Big Street together in 1942, and Agnes invited Lucy to the lavish Christmas parties she threw at her house every year. The entire Bewitched cast would attend those as well. Kasey Rogers, who played Louise Tate on Bewitched, said she first met Lucy at one of Agnes' Christmas parties. Later on, Kasey ended up guest starring in an episode of The Lucy Show, where she played Phil Harris' love interest. In the interview I read, Kasey had nothing but the nicest things to say about working with Lucy.
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    No, they’re bare bones. Just the episodes. Apparently they weren’t sold into later syndication packages due to music licensing. The Volume 2 DVD mentions that some music has been changed, so the edit must’ve occurred on that non-syndicated episode.
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    I wouldn't be too surprised if a good portion of those who made that list were under the age of 40. It's quite evident. I think it would be better to have each generation (Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z, etc.) compile their own list of the 100 greatest sitcoms and then go from there in making the "100 Greatest Sitcoms" list. That way each generation gets equal input on the list.
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    LOL, as always. I thought there should be a Chris "Home Alone' episode where she returns from a sleepover at Cynthia's and the house is vacant. Lucy: "You know how it is when you're planning a big trip. Some little detail is liable to slip your mind." The move to California, and the great episodes that could have happened, will forever fester in my craw. They dispense with the absurdity that Mooney and Lucy would both move without the other one knowing pretty quickly. but STILL...
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    Never caught the show but that sounds like a fun episode. And applause for those pj's.
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    Contains the most bizarre segment of any Lucy movie. Colorful and dazzling to watch and somehow she shines. She doesn't embarrass herself which is saying a lot considering what she's given to do. Let's see Mary Tyler Moore, Irene Ryan, Inger Stevens, Shirley Booth or Patty Duke (63-64 Emmy Best Actress in a Comedy nominees bypassing Miss Ball) pull this off! This movie sat on the shelf for a couple of years for some reason. By the time of its release MGM had pretty much given up on Lucy, despite appearing in two semi-hits "Dubarry" and "Best Foot Forward" and as movie-stealing support in "Without Love" and "Easy to Wed", all except "Love" in glorious technicolor.
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    Love this anonymous comment "Unimportant side-note (but I think noteworthy, at any rate): when I was a kid, my family went on one of those invasive Tour of the Star's Homes. You know, rubes in the big city, what can I say? Apologies to anyone who actually lives there and has to sit behind a big old bus on one of your narrow streets. Anyway, a lot of those tours are bullshit. They have no idea where anybody lives. But this was the 80s and, sure enough, we stopped outside Mlle. Ball's mansion and there she was in her front yard. That kind of thing is a terrible invasion of privacy and wouldn't happen nowadays, wouldn't be received well at all but she came to her gate, waved, posed for pictures, talked with us. And she had clearly not gotten ready for her day, was in her robe - just an amazing lady."
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    Wow! Now there's a promo you'd think you'd remember!! From the title alone I can't believe they ever agreed to this!! Would love to know all the backstory on this one, too!
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    All is well. Thank you for checking in. I'm just not always logged into my account. Be sure to also follow The Lucy Lounge on Instagram and Facebook @thelucylounge!
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    The only thing I liked about Crusader was CNR.
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    I was fortunate enough to receive both volumes for Christmas. I've only previewed the first episode but it looks terrific, pretty much on par with I Love Lucy...which is fitting, considering who produced the show. Funnily enough, the first episode appears to be based on the first or second radio episode I ever heard, "Arguments." I really hope future seasons see releases as well, but 38 episodes is certainly enough to get me started.
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