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    "Nick At Nite doth love Lucy!" Tomorrow marks 25 years since the mammoth, week-long "Nick At Nite Loves Lucy" tribute commenced. (Monday, February 12 - Friday, February 16, 1996 from 8pm to Midnight each night). Promotional Poster: Commercial: How the hell has it been 25 years? This was actually the second marathon to employ this name, the first occurring two years earlier when I Love Lucy joined the network. While that 1994 event included exclusively I Love Lucy episodes, it's often confused in retrospectives with this 1996 extravaganza that broadened its scope to represent all five series from Lucille Ball's career, as well as two showings of Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie. Overall, 21 uncut episodes of I Love Lucy were shown (4 or 5 each night), and two Lucy-Desi Comedy Hours were also included: "Lucy Takes A Cruise To Havana" (February 13) and "Lucy Goes To Mexico" (February 16). Though it was still shown as part of the "regular" overnight schedule, I recall just one episode of soon-to-depart-Nick-At-Nite The Lucy Show during the actual marathon; "Lucy, The Good Skate" (February 13). A quarter of a century later, we're fortunate to have every one of these episodes on DVD but - at the time - the real draw was the seldom aired episodes from Lucy's later shows. Applying a little 'rithmetic, 25 years before Nick At Nite Loves Lucy, Here's Lucy was still on the air (!) nearing the conclusion of its third season that week with "Lucy Goes Hawaiian: Part 1" (February 15, 1971). While that classic didn't make the cut, Here's Lucy was represented by two episodes: "Lucy And Joan Rivers Do Jury Duty" (February 14) and "The Carters Meet Frankie Avalon" (February 16). Despite apparent efforts to add it to the TV Land roster later that year, these would end up being the only two episodes of Here's Lucy ever shown on Nick At Nite. Valentine's Day also featured what I believe is the lone Life With Lucy repeat in US broadcast history...the debut episode "One Good Grandparent Deserves Another". Though it felt like a lifetime since the initial airing, this 1996 rebroadcast actually occurred LESS than 10 years after it had first aired on the ABC network. If anyone has a complete list of "Lucy's Favorite" I Love Lucy episodes that aired during this week, I'd love to read it. (I had a lot of this taped but skipped some ILL episodes I already had.) Classic Nick At Nite title card for I Love Lucy episodes:
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    They couldn't show Harry getting a pick ax up his ass, its a family show.
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    You might right, I don't know. But I personally think why they chose to emphasis on I Love Lucy and not throw in more episodes of The Lucy Show in that particular marathon is because of their perception of the public's fondness and familiarity with ILL and feeling that having more I Love Lucy would draw in more viewers or sustain them unlike The Lucy Show. I could be wrong too. But I've noticed over the years since I became a fan of both shows is that many networks have had that same sentiment/line of thinking, unfortunately. If you noticed back when Nick-at-Nite first added I Love Lucy to their nightly schedule that was when they pushed The Lucy Show from its 11:30pm timeslot to later timeslots in overnight. Aside from weekends and special events here and there, from that point forward The Lucy Show never returned to prime-time or any timeslot earlier than 12:30am. I have always felt that the first three seasons of The Lucy Show had an I Love Lucy feel to them unlike the last two or three seasons of the show. That's not to say the other seasons weren't any good but they were just different as the show evolved. Different background music, different dynamic between the main characters, different writing, different settings and even Lucy's voice was different as it went from her almost "Lucy Ricardo voice" in the earlier seasons to a deeper, huskier one.
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    Re: Harrison's post "a sea of VCR Plus+ codes for people who wanted to program their VHS recorders." I did not know ANYBODY who used this to record shows but various TV listings dutifully included them. "The Lucy Show" has never gotten much respect. "Good Skate" is pretty good for a post Bob-Madelyn episode but I like mainly to marvel at Lucy's physical agility rather than the laughs, though there are some. I don't know who chose "Frankie Avalon" as 1/2 of the Here's Lucys they aired. I wonder, without the high profile glare of the attention of Lucy's big return to TV, if 10 years had been kind to "One Good Grandparent". As I'm sure you all know, a batch of Lucy Shows from previous seasons aired during the summer hiatus between TLS and HL. CBS repeated most of these each summer through 1971 instead of rerunning that season's HLs. The big mystery to me is why CBS didn't take the opportunity to run 2nd season episodes. These did not look dated and it would have been the first time they aired in prime time in color. Instead the chosen episodes were mostly guest star episodes from the Hollywood stretch. As I recall there was only one episode originally aired in b/w: 3rd season's "Mechanical Man". Not bad but most of the 2nd season's were much better.
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    Thank you for sharing this! I was curious what I Love Lucy episodes were included in this as well as the sole The Lucy Show one. Now I know! Unfortunately, I didn't see this marathon. Wish I did. I was a casual viewer of both Nick-at-Nite and Lucy at the time and really wasn't a Lucy fan until summer '97. Too bad they didn't have a similar Lucy marathon later on. Oh well, Nick-at-Nite did have other Lucy marathons (such as Lucy's Top 10, Lucy's Greatest Outfits, Whole Lotta Lucy, The I Love Lucy Marathon to the Millennium) but they weren't quite unique as this 1996 one. The Here's Lucy episode selections are so-so but I'm sure fans would have preferred an episode with her long-time sidekick, Vivian Vance, and the most famous one of all - "Lucy Meets the Burtons". And Nick-at-Nite could have shown another The Lucy Show episode in place of Feb. 14th 11:15pm showing of I Love Lucy. And speaking of which it's too bad that Nick-at-Nite didn't air more The Lucy Show episodes in this event as they still had the rights to the series at the time. And it's ironic that less than three months after this event, the show was dropped from their line-up.
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    I think The Time Element aired a few months later on Nick At Nite during their TV Land "preview" - that channel launched 25 years ago, too!
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    Thanks for sharing this memory. I'm sorry I missed that particular marathon. This was before I even knew she'd done other sitcoms!
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    I taped so much that week. First time ever seeing Life With Lucy. Didn’t they also show The Time Element?
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    After Nina’s Tony winning Broadway triumphs several years ago, I expected her to become the biggest thing in show business. For whatever reason, that didn’t happen. She does work constantly and seems to be the go-to for supporting roles in show business period films. She previously had standout roles in Florence Foster Jenkins and Stan & Ollie.
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    big event occurs that I think most people don't know about when they think about Lucille Ball." Is the Communist thing really that unknown? The number one thing that makes Nicole the right person for this part is she's a world-class actress," Well that's sort of a low bar. We just threw all the A list actresses in a hat and kept picking until one said yes and we thought could win us an Oscar.
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    Happily, it's coming out on DVD, too! (Sorry...still "old school" and while I stream more all the time, I still "prefer" DVDs for sitcoms and other media like this, so I'm looking forward to it!) https://www.amazon.com/Betty-Whites-Pet-Set-Complete/dp/B08NZ3L2GQ/ref=asc_df_B08NZ3L2GQ/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=475795185305&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=12736383003076474831&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9032253&hvtargid=pla-1145295359640&psc=1
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