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    I was telling Charlie this was a show for bored housewives but after a few episodes I changed that to bored grandparents.
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    Anyone know why there is no scheduled Lucy Colorized Christmas special this year? Seems like it was always highly rated and anticipated. Especially this year with all of the drama surrounding 2020, it would have been a breath of colorized fresh air.
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    The Twitter isn't. My Instagram Lucy page is @luvsbway.
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    Oh nice. I found all those and the titling is mine. Not the first time they reposted from my page without a thank you.
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    Like most of Amazon’s films, this would likely get a theatrical release and qualify for Oscars.
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    Let's do a post 1960s film. Francis Fisher for 60/70s Lucy and Carole for 80s Lucy.
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    I would love to see Carole Cook play Lucy in a film chronicling her later years, on the proviso she recreate the “Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs” dance.
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    I know they were polarizing upon release but - of the many home video iterations for 'I Love Lucy' over the past 30+ years - the 2012 repackaging is my absolute favorite. However, I don't believe the artist or team behind these Roy Lichtenstein inspired "comic" graphics has ever been credited. There's nothing to be found on the DVD artwork or any of the merchandise that utilizes the same graphics. Anyone ever sleuth this one out? Have I missed an obvious credit somewhere?
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    I don't think I've ever seen a credit on the DVDs, or on any of the merchandize that subsequently featured these designs, including mugs and t-shirts. A shame, as they are my favourites as well.
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    Happy birthday to the amazing Carole!
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    Those are not bad casting choices. I do wonder about Sorkin being attached, as I'm not usually a fan of his writing. This makes me wonder who on earth will be cast in other roles. I really have no clue. Whenever this project comes to fruition, I AM anticipating the Lounge nitpicking it to death as only diehard fans could.
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    Did they just throw a bunch of A list redheads and Latin men in a hat and pick one? If so I would have preferred Bryce Dallas Howard. A few years back they said it was to be a one week plot. Its red scare all the way. Calling Judy Davis, we need you to do Hedda again.
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    Thank you so much for your trip down memory lane. And thank you for recapping those 2 unseen ones as I knew very little about them, especially how the Vivian on Douglas unfolded. Someday I really hope we'll see Metv, Mike and Dinah show up on streaming. DVD seems too hopeful.
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    Quick clip of a Nick At Night Lucy promo on CBS Sunday morning in a piece on Summner Redstone.
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    Effective Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 CoziTV will be replacing Here's Lucy (Lucille Ball’s fourth Lucy TV Series) with more Frasier in the 4am hour. Unfortunately, the love for Lucy obviously is not there for the start of the new year (after having a horrible one - go figure!). MeTV, The Hallmark Channel, CBS (for specifically the Christmas special) and now CoziTV have all decided to not air our favorite redhead, Lucille Ball. Not one, not just two, not even three BUT four --- all at once --- not airing our beloved Lucy. This obviously is a major punch in the gut to us Lucy fans. The new year is already starting off with a horrible start.
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    I wasn’t expecting this Reelz follow up documentary: Lucille Ball: Life, Death & Money Premieres Monday, January 25 at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT. Legendary star Lucille Ball is known as one of the greatest comedians of all time. On the air for six seasons she cemented her iconic status in I Love Lucy where she and first husband Desi Arnaz pulled in astronomical ratings. It's also here that Ball forged her way to becoming a leading lady off screen as executive producer later launching mega movie and TV franchises including Star Trek and Mission Impossible. When she passes away in 1989 her sizable estate of $40 million is split among her two children and second husband Gary Morton. Unlike many celebrities Ball left behind a will and testament but even with one so clearly written her estate becomes entangled and bitter. After her death Morton remarries pro golfer Susie McAllister. He then suddenly passes away leaving behind a number of Ball's highly personal and sentimental items to Susie. Knowing their value Susie decides to put these items up for auction looking to fetch hefty amounts. This is when a full out estate war erupts between her and Ball's children. Together the Arnaz siblings fight to get back the precious items including jewelry, lifetime achievement awards and love letters. But would mismanagement see these priceless items be lost forever? Lucille Ball: Life, Death & Money is produced by Buck Productions.
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