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    Oh, I'll be ordering it as well, but I might check and see if the price comes down any further first. I'm glad Amazon is discounting the SRP already, because $50.00 is a bit steep for a not-exactly-beloved series. Then again, CBS likely isn't anticipating I Love Lucy level sales and want a safeguard to recoup their costs. (Either that or the Eydie Gormé estate has high licensing fees.)
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    In honor of the upcoming Life With Lucy release: One Bad Grandparent Deserves a Smother: Curtis and Lucy's resentment of one another is taken to a new level when a sleepwalking Lucy attempts to smother Curtis in his sleep. A series of bizarre "accidents" then unfold with near fatal consequences for Lucy, such as the vibrating chair run amok. This ends after a stern lecture from Ted and Margo, who tell their parents that they're "too old" to be getting up to the same kind of shenanigans they used to. Making Love Among the Two-by-Fours: Leonard and his new girlfriend (Mindy Cohn) start having numerous lunchtime trysts around the hardware store, unaware Curtis has installed new security cameras after the burglary. The family gets the shock of their life, and the kids a lesson on the birds and the bees, when Curtis and Lucy review the tapes on the living room VCR. Lucy Gets Her Pliers Lost: While rearranging the P's, Mrs. Barker somehow misplaces an entire box of pliers, and will have the cost taken out of her paycheck if they don't turn up. The shoe's on the other foot, however, when Lucy discovers the box in Curtis' car. Realizing he was setting her up in order to have an excuse to fire her, Lucy spikes his fried eggs with laxatives the day an important client pays a visit. Lucy is a Wax Symbol: Wanting to stay hip, Lucy goes to a salon to inquire about bikini waxes. A representative from a hair removal company overhears her, and offers her free treatments in exchange for publicizing the results, as they wants to start appealing to an older demographic. Unfortunately, nobody told Lucy how painful this would be, and the deal goes sour fast when her televised waxing gets the company shut down for elderly abuse. Lucy Makes Curtis Right the Bust: Curtis is enlisted by Lucy to help redesign her brassieres, as the girls don't sit as evenly as they used to. Mother of the Wide: Good ol' two-chair Flo's mother (Frances Bavier) stops by to teach Curtis a lesson about fat-shaming. Lucy & The Lard Caboose: Mrs. Barker's infatuation with health food comes to an abrupt end after the latest tonic she tries (something called Vitametavegamin) causes her to black out. A post-hangover pizza rekindles her love of junk food, and soon Lucy can give cousin Flo a run for her money. Lucy's Lean Bum: Part two of the above episode - Lucy's weight becomes such an issue that the family ships her off to a health spa. Lucy soon turns weight loss into a competition after the spa's permanent resident Ann Sothern cracks, "and they said I got big!" Cracking Up Is Easy to Do: Curtis finally snaps his twig after cousins Ted and Harry introduce him to their respective secretaries.
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    Lucy Carter Meets Lucy Carmichael In a spoof of "Wife Swap", the TV show "Secretary Swap" arrange for Lucy Carter and Lucy Carmichael to switch places. Will Lucy Carter handle the demands of Mr. Mooney? Or will Lucy Carmichael really show who is the boss at Harrison's Unique Employment Agency? Tune in!
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    I just found this great interview segment with Jenny Lewis: Who would be your perfect main stage Coachella hologram to perform alongside? Lucille Ball. She was my mentor. I was on a show with her called Life with Lucy when I was a little kid. She played my grandmother. She was very tough on me but taught me a lot of important things. She was stern and she wanted me to focus and she taught me a lot of great lessons that I still carry with me. Like what? “Learn your fucking lines, kid!” (laughs)
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    I don't think anybody's taking issue with your posts or saying you don't have a right to express your opinion. I completely agree that we're very lucky to get this release. I think we were merely expressing our belief that $50 was perhaps a bit high for only 13 episodes. Naturally, of course, that's only the "suggested" retail price, and most outlets will ignore that suggestion and sell it for far less. I also have no doubt it'll be discounted further after release. I certainly wasn't being a "whiner" - just stating my viewpoint. My concern was that the initial price point might turn off casual purchasers, like the Blu-Ray cost did. True, there aren't exactly additional season releases dependent on this unit's sales, but still...I hope future discounts will ensure everyone can get this.
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    After watching the WONDAFUL featurette on this set, I flipped on The Dancing Star while making dinner and, from the vantage point of the kitchen, my normal listening rhythm was interrupted by additional dialogue which put an immediate halt to dinner prep. LOL Seamless!
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    Saw this over on the Carole FB group. This is a bit short notice, but Carole will be performing in the 25th annual Help is on the Way event this Sunday at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco benefiting the Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation. She will be receiving their lifetime achievement award. If you're in the area, be sure to get your tickets!
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    I was not at John Mulaney but saw this on someone else's Facebook. John opened his show by saying, "Jamestown is like a model train set with an opioid problem." Charlie says this is the most accurate description he has ever heard of the town.
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    Home from Jamestown and watching something I recorded off TCM while away, the documentary Ava Gardner: The Gypsy of Hollywood, and Lucy and Gary just popped up in colour footage arriving at a Hollywood premiere. The doc tries to pass it off as the preme of There’s No Business like Showbusiness, but that’s obviously impossible.
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    Same here - I’m all about Amazon even though they should pay their share of taxes 😀
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    They'd probably pick Tango/Eggs. Yes, Lucy's reaction is hilarious but is the entire episode that good? And think about those poor techs in INDIA having to draw little lines around each of those 500 chicks! (technique and country where it's done depicted in "Redhead Tales"). I'd pick "Lucy Wants to Move" "Misses the Mertzes" "Chummy with Neighbors" "Barbecue" "Country Club Dance" or my favorite "Housewarming" (both Vivian and Lucy are STELLAR in this one, even more than usual). The Connecticut series is marred by a few duffers "Ragtime Band" "Dedicate a Statue" and "Night in Town" (people seem to like this last one more than I do). I watched "Chummy with Neighbors" (Betty Ramsey helps Lucy redecorate) and what I was struck with was how great a comedic actor Desi had become since the show began a mere 6 years previous. The Mertzes are missed but they're finally brought into the plot with that great phone call scene: Lucy's emergency plea to Ethel. Ethel to Fred "It's Lucy. She's in trouble". Fred: "Quick! Hang up the phone!" and then Fred going comatose at the thought of ANYONE spending $3,500 on furniture. (2019 equivalent: $32,000!). Very well written episode. Nice touch: Lucy (distracting Betty) trying keep a running tally of the money she's spending on furniture, then discovering she's mistaken the stock numbers for the prices.
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    It went earlier than that. N@N started in the 1985 with a block of classic TV shows and the rest of the time were filled up with older movies. But as time went on, more classic TV programs were added to line-up thus expanding the block to the entire night (8pm-6am). I didn't see much of the programs they had on from when N@N started to about 1994 but I do have vague memories of them (mostly black & white programming) like Mister Ed, Bewitched, The Patty Duke Show, The Donna Reed Show, Dennis the Menace, Flipper, Timmy & Lassie, etc. I was a child of the 80s and mostly interested in cartoons at that time. lol. And I did have a curfew as well. But if I was older in the 80s/early 90s, I definitely would have been tuned into Nick-at-Nite and TBS for that matter too. But yeah the Nick-at-Nite of the 80s and the 90s was THE PLACE TO BE for those who really enjoyed the Classic TV of the Golden Era of Television.
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    Moviegoers showed their love for Lucille Ball in a big way on Tuesday. I Love Lucy: A Colorized Celebration grossed $777,645 from 660 theaters across the country, enough to beat out Aladdin and come in No. 6 at the domestic box office. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/box-office-i-love-lucy-tribute-screenings-score-huge-business-1230045
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    I didnt get to go - he theater near me in NYC had an 7 pm sold-out showing and i couldn't make the 10:30. Lets hope they will add another day in the future. I did spend Lucy's Birthday at The Cher Show on Broadway which includes Lucille Ball in the show.
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    Who's Scott Mantz? My theater was a virtual sell out. No technical glitches. I ordered tickets some time ago and could only get the 2nd row so everyone was HUGE! As Ric Carl was talking about his house furnishings, I wanted to stand up and address those around me "I've actually BEEN to that house", but I was afraid some smart-ass would say "I can't wait to tell Lana at dinner tonight".
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    My reaction from last night was, wow! A sell out crowd at my theatre. The feature on the colorization was excellent. It answered every question I ever had and more. Loved seeing a bit of Rick’s apartment as I had only heard about it before. The technical aspects were really interesting, and I know many of us knew that at times colors were changed, but to see it visually talked about was great, especially the part where they ended up with 2 pink dresses and had to change Viv’s. I’m also happy they addressed the critics. I’m still a purist but I agree with everything that was said. Excellent work guys. Be proud. As for the shows themselves, just wonderful. We’ve said it before but in color you pick up all the small details. Even more so when it’s HUGE. A thread pull on Lucy's shirt at the Brown Derby, addresses written on the order cards for the salad dressing. What struck me was how much I laughed at others laughing. That’s when a shared experience really clicks. They just lost it during the Brown Derby. The crowd was a mix of older people and families with kids or teenagers at my theatre. I thought I was home free with open seats on either side of me but a woman and her kid came after the feature was over. And the kid must have had a bottomless bag of popcorn as she crunched away for 2 whole episodes. And I did have to tell the mother to put her phone away, as did the usher an hour later. Lady, just watch and enjoy the genius happening on the huge screen in front of you. The manager handed out the posters before the show and I snagged a few extras after. I also talked to him a bit after the show and said they did a great job showing the event (I’ve been to some badly done fathomevents). He was happy to hear that and surprised at the huge turn out. Totally beat out 5 people for the Met Opera screenings. A few people loved my red polkadot dress and wanted pictures. Ran into some people who had been to Jamestown over the years. Lots of people in Lucy t-shirts. A little girl next to me was getting the answers right in the pre-show trivia. Even found out that a local organization was giving away tickets via Facebook. Just a fun time!
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    Sold out crowd at our theater in Florida. Lots of Lucy T shirt wearers in the crowd and a few women dressed like Lucy! No technical difficulties and we got our poster. Loved the amazing details in the clothes. Lucy never looked lovelier (as Fred would say ....well... I can't argue with that......). I am glad they didn't tinker with the opening and closing music and of course loved hearing "I Love Lucy is a Desilu Production" blaring through the theater. I like the opening heart sequence someone did on Youtube better but other than that an A+. The mini documentary was excellent as well. Good to see Tom Watson. I remember when he started up the We Love Lucy fanclub back in the 1970s and still have all of the hand made magazines he made back then. They might be worth a fortune by now.
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    In an interview, Mary Jane also said she used "It's a moo-moo" whenever she found something strange I like the Martian routine too. And it's not that crazy when you remember the kerfuffle War of the Worlds caused.
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    I can NOT stand Broad City. I tried, gave it 3 episodes. It's just 2 girls doing gross out humor. Maybe that's what the kids are in to these days but when I watch something funny I want it to be generally funny, with jokes, not something I might snicker at. Amy Schumer went down hill fast when she went past shining a light on female hypocrisy, which i did find funny, to let's see if I can be as gross as the male comics. Who by the way, I don't like either. I skipped Amy at the festival last year because I really didn't need to pay $70 to hear about her vagina. From what I heard I didn't miss much.
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    "World's Greatest Godmother" With increasing competition from big-box, national chains, Lucy gets gangster to protect M & B Hardware. Things heat up when Curtis sees that Lucy used the computer to "modem in" an order for several suspicious items.
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    Vanda can't understand why husband Sid is not more excited being cast as Sam Barker. Sid "I happen to know that Sam DIES before the pilot even starts". You're right that Geoffrey "GodBlessIm4WritingItAnyway" Fidelman does seem obsessed with the bags under Lucy's eyes---also her WEIGHT, two things I had never noticed and don't care about. I too am dying to hear the Lucie Arnaz theme (written with Cy Coleman?). There's nothing particularly wrong with "Every Day....". But there's nothing right about it either. It has virtually nothing to do with the series. I wonder if Lucie's was more Lucy-centric as it should have been. I thought the first Ellen Burstyn Show was good. The pilot was shot on film. Then when the series was picked up the subsequent episodes were shot on videotape which gave it an artificial feel. I'd almost forgotten that Elaine Stritch was Ellen's mother. What a great addition Elaine would have made to Life with Lucy. When something fails, everyone is there with "I told you so"'s. I wish LWL's premise had centered on Lucy and a group of her contemporaries (Elaine as one of them) , rather than the home life with Ted, Margo and the kids. Think of all the still-capable 1986 actresses that could have played Lucy's friends! Poor Larry and Ann: stuck with the Mo-In-Law Susie/Jerry roles. No discernible characters as written. Most of the then-current young actors didn't have the comedic background to insert characterization and laughs where none existed on the page. People like Verna Felton, Elvia Allman, Doris PackerJay Novello were just inherently FUNNY (...I can't think of any actors Ted/Margo/Susie/Jerry's ages that were this skilled, but there must have been SOME). These pros could make straight lines or exposition lines seem funny. (Good example: veteran Ruth Kobart in the hardware store scene) In the premiere ep, it looks like Larry is TRYING but his character gets blander in subsequent episodes. I watched the first episode again recently and it was much better than I remember. Some pretty good lines. The ending with the suds almost worked and might have succeeded--without that one shot that shows the suds coming from an additional source, spoiling the bit by reminding us "oh, this is all fake". LWL presented such Catch-22s. People expected Lucy-type of comedy from a Lucy project but then were critical when that's what it was. One more thing: Lucy's dancing to "Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs" (was this a REAL group?): her movements are so fluid and limber unlike any 75 year old I've ever known. Older people on TV were (and are) rarely treated as anything other than the butt of old people jokes. For those of us who lived through it, Life with Lucy was a remarkable experience. Hopeful with anticipation but ultimately bittersweet for sure. I'll never forget the day a friend called me in May of 1986 and said "You'll NEVER guess what I just read in USA Today"...He made me try. I didn't guess.
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    Great topic. When Nick at Night was showing ILL and later LDCH I taped them all. Those VHS tapes are what I pulled out when I needed a Lucy fix. In the late 90s TVLand started airing ILL. We didn’t get that channel on our cable so a friend of my mom’s taped them for me as TV Land was showing them uncut for the initial run. Also they had mini interviews with people like Barbara Eden, Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White, so I wanted those too. I didn’t get TCM and AMC didn’t show too many Lucy movies, so I stalked Suncoast Video at the mall for Lucy movies. That’s where I picked up all those Goodtimes public domain tapes. I watched them a lot. The other way I got Lucy stuff was by VHS tape trading. Many of the people I traded with were on the old Lucy mailing list that started around 1996. People would post what they had and what they wanted. Most worked that each person would run off an equal tape quantity worth of stuff and then you would mail each other the tapes. So it was a fun way to build a collection and you were only spending on tape cost and postage since we didn’t charge to do them, just trade. My biggest trade was 10 tapes as I needed TLS, no one was showing it by the late 90s and I was stupid for not keeping copies when I had the chance years earlier. At one time I think I had about 80 VHS tapes of Lucy stuff. When I went off to college, those tapes came with me. I could fit 50 in one of those tall VHS tower organizers. I dragged the tower and VHS tapes back and forth for 4 years. By the mid 2000s and with so much coming to DVD I was able to trash a lot of my tapes. What I did want to keep was rare stuff from tape trading and anything I recorded off TV in the 90s and 2000s. Those were lots of retrospectives on the show, interviews, and special things like the 50th Anniversary show, the Lucy Movie in 2003, etc.. I borrowed my parents VHS to DVD converter and copied over as much as I could. Some tapes gave me issues. But now I have 80 tapes worth and much more in far less space then it took 20 years ago. Currently I sometimes make DVDs from things I record off TV but mainly I’m saving things from Youtube and burning those to DVD.
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    "The Lucy Show, Ball was the scatter-brained-but-lovable banking secretary-widow Lucy Carmichael to the cantankerous, penny-pinching Theodore Mooney For some reason, this is the Lucy Show format most people remember. This article does single out the first season as almost being a continuation of I Love Lucy, (I disagree) and ignores season 2 and 3 and the first 7 episodes of season 4, whereupon Lucy starts working PART-TIME for Mooney. There were many many 4th season episodes, post-hiring, where the bank was not the springboard for the plot ("Dean Martin", "Hollywood Premiere" "Bags a Bargain", to name just a few). Even counting every episode from "Danny Thomas" on (in which she's first hired), Westland Bank secretary Lucy constituted less than 40% of the show's 156 episodes. Many more episodes were non bank-secretary-Lucy related than were. Even after she was hired full time ("Carol as Roommate" "Lucy and Carol in Palm Springs" "Meets the Law" "Meets the Berles" "Stewardess 2-parter" "Lost Star Joan Crawford" just to pick some at random). When Gale Gordon died, NickAtNite picked TLS's "Danny Thomas" to run as a tribute, probably having read the synopsis that stated that Lucy was hired as his secretary--but not knowing in the CBSmorning edited version, Gale/Mooney's opening scene is cut from the episode and he doesn't even appear! Side note on Gale: though loved, he is probably UNDER-rated because unlike Barndahl, he had to work overtime to make skimpy scripts come alive. TLS 2nd season Mr. Mooney is the closest we got to the character created for him. He was parsimonious as a banker would be, but would later be subjected to Milt's truckload of Jack Benny miser jokes. He blustered and yelled when the script called for it, but that wasn't when his character was allowed to shine. What is YOUR nominee for the best Gale episode of each season? I'll have to think about mine. "In HL, Ball portrayed the also-widowed and slightly-ditzy secretary Lucy Carter" SLIGHTLY??
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    And to think that merely 20 years ago three of them (TLS, HL, & LWL) were rare or "hard to find" among Lucy collectors.
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    It says the artwork “has not been finalized and is subject to change.” Start a campaign like for The Lucy Show season two.
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    I am beyond excited!! Never thought we’d get this on dvd!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
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    Last week a branch of my family had a party at my aunt and uncle's new lake house. I rode back with my grandparents because (1) I was not in any condition to drive, and (2) everyone gets super anxious when two 85-year olds take off for three hours in a minivan. Anyway, they were parked way up in the yard and had to go down a hill and onto the driveway. As soon as my Grandpa starts backing out, my Bousha starts yelling that he's not being careful enough. Next thing you know, everyone is gathered around the van shouting directions and making things even more complicated. In the middle of all the hubbub, my Bousha turns to me and says "It's just like The Long Long Trailer!", and I absolutely started cackling.
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    Yes I also have the Million Dollar Idea Ball glitch. I found my copy at a local Barnes and Noble store. They only had one copy in stock. And I noticed that no black and white show option is on the discs. But I understand that they where probably not included because of dvd storage limits. But no big deal since this is a color show dvd. Overall a really nice dvd set. I really like the extras. Redhead Tales, color Jingle Bells and color Phillip Morris spot. Just great extras. The best color dvd release so far. Thanks to all involved with the set. GREAT WORK THANK YOU.
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    It looks like that the Hallmark Channel has once again removed I Love Lucy from its schedule. Only this time in favor of The Middle! It started this past Monday (August 3rd). And right before Lucy's birthday? What is up with that? This reminds me of the time when Nick-at-Nite removed I Love Lucy from their block party summer line-up back in 2001 right before or on her birthday. The show they put in Lucy's place was Gilligan's Island! I wouldn't be too surprised if this is just apart of the phasing out process. I have noticed with each passing year that they have either reduced Lucy or removed her entirely for a couple of months at a time (mostly due to their stupid sappy Christmas movies). The one show that hasn't been effected with this new schedule is The Golden Girls and that show has been on Hallmark Channel more or less the same number of years as I Love Lucy. And they now playing TGG SIX HOURS A DAY (8-11AM, 11-2AM)!!!
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    I decided to skip ordering online and go the brick and mortar route. No luck at Walmart, Target, or FYE. My little scavenger hunt ended at Barnes and Noble where they had one copy marked at 40% off. Funny how a few years ago I wouldn't have given anything colorized the time of day. Looking forward to watching Redhead Tales since I couldn't make it to a theater last week.
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    Surprisingly high SRP for such a short series. I'm sure it'll be discounted soon.
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    Cool! I'll wait till it shows up on Amazon. If you take the UPC code from the Best Buy listing (032429328076) and google it, you see several other places on line where it is also listed for pre-order -- at varying prices -- despite a release date of October, including DeepDiscount.com and ShopTCM.com among a few others.
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    I was quietly clapping for all the people I knew, that' hilarious about the house.
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    Definitely check it out. It's basically the male-version of Laverne & Shirley and of the early years of The Lucy Show. It is also was one earliest flagship shows of TGIF. Not to mention if it weren't for this show, there would be no Family Matters thus no Urkel.
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    These are great! I especially love Gary's warm-up act and CrummyVision! Candy Moore and Lucie Arnaz screentests for Margo Phil Vandervoort's Unauthorized Audience Home Movies ("Get outta here, you're divorced!") Omitted Sid Gould as "Sam Barker" cameo
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    I began recording ILL eps after I had purchased my first VHS recorder in 1985. Channel 33 here in Miami back in the 80's used to show ILL eps practically unedited so I recorded those from them until Columbia House began selling them. Then it was 5 years of torture and $$$ waiting to get them all. This might be off topic but in the early 90's, I remember that there were a small handful of ILL eps that were restored and re-edited. Almost Bluray quality. They were broadcast along with the other scratchy eps. I recorded some of them but never saw those on tv ever again. Bewitched got the same treatment and they started airing them with the first season theme song. What ever happened to those ILL eps if anyone remembers?
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    That'd make a great legitimate supplement.
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    Okay, this is gonna be long. My first I Love Lucy videotape was one my mother recorded off TV. She taped a marathon of the Hollywood episodes that TNT broadcast either in the late '80s or early '90s. The Hollywood arc has always been her favorite, so naturally she wanted to capture it. They just popped in the tape and let it run, so all the commercials were included (there's one Clorox Bleach jingle in there I'll never forget). It started at Lucy Learns to Drive and ended with Ricky Needs an Agent, with the only one missing in between being Don Juan is Shelved (apart from a few seconds; she must've accidentally stopped it). Years later, when I got the DVD sets, I marvelled at how severely edited the episodes were, but that tape got a lot of use because it was my only source of on-demand episodes for years. Eventually, I started seeing the official tapes pop up at Wal-Mart. The first one I bought was from the six volume "Classics" line. It was Volume 3, which contained Lucy Does a TV Commercial and Lucy & The Loving Cup. I eventually got all six of those, and later moved on to the larger I Love Lucy Collection label from CBS/FOX. I never had all of them but I did snag a lot. I sold most of them at a garage sale after I got the DVDs, but I did keep a few. Looking back, I kind of wish I hadn't, as there was a lot of sentiment attached to those tapes (I'm kind of a hoarder). The only Comedy Hour I ever owned on VHS was The Ricardos Go to Japan. Later on, I also got the "Best Of" sets Freddie mentioned as gifts. I didn't care that they had repeats, because there were a few on there I was missing. I still own those. My first exposure to The Lucy Show came about by accident, through one of the Goodtimes boxsets. It had their usual public domain fare, including Lucy's Barbershop Quartet and Lucy & Viv Put in a Shower. The cover for that tape had a picture of Lucy and Desi on it, so I naturally assumed (as I'm sure Goodtimes were hoping) that it contained two episodes of I Love Lucy. At the time, I was too young to know anything about the public domain or anything like that. You can imagine my shock after popping in the tape to see little cartoon Lucy and Viv running around with those letters. I remember thinking, "WTF is this!?" - although probably not in those words, as I was only ten or so. However, I was most delighted by what I saw, as now I got to see Lucy and "Ethel" without Ricky and Fred getting in the way of the fun! The quartet episode was great, but man did I love the shower one. It became then, and remains, my personal favorite of the whole bunch. After my initial confusion, I watched another tape in the set, their Funny World of Lucy documentary. That was actually my first exposure to the life of Lucille Ball, as prior to that I'd only known her from the show and nothing about her personal life. Anyway, the second part explained about her later TV career, something I'd been unaware of prior to that moment. I couldn't believe she'd done other sitcoms! Eventually, I did see other Goodtimes boxsets in Wal-Mart containing just episodes from The Lucy Show, but I refused to get them because they only contained Hollywood offerings, and I wasn't interested in the non-Viv episodes back then (when I learned from the documentary that she'd left the show, I was crushed). It wasn't until I was in Texas while my grandmother was receiving cancer treatment that I stumbled on some of the Laserlight DVDs with those PD episodes. That rekindled my interest in the show, and prompted me to track down the Columbia House tapes so I could see more of Viv. It was also while in Texas that those individual I Love Lucy Season One volumes started being released, so I got the first four of those as well. Funnily enough, I actually saw episodes of Life With Lucy before seeing Here's Lucy. My dad found a tape on eBay containing four of the unaired episodes, the only missing one being World's Greatest Grandma. Therefore, Lucy & The Guard Goose became the first LWL show I ever saw - not exactly a stellar introduction to an uneven series! Nevertheless, it was exciting knowing that I was watching something with Lucy that not many others would've seen at the time. Not much to say about Here's Lucy except I had a bitch of a time finding that original Shout! Factory boxset. Practically no store in Bangor bothered to stock it, and it wasn't until I went to Borders (last on the list) that I struck it lucky. That's probably my all-time favorite Lucy package - not for the episodes, per se, but simply for the treasure trove of bonus features that were included. It really was a commendable effort.
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    The Westinghouse special was a sales presentation. They all use their real names but basically play their I Love Lucy characters. (I mean, would Viv and Bill really be going to lunch together?) Desi has forbidden Lucy from buying their sponsor's products but she goes behind his back anyway. At the end, he finds all her purchases stashed in her dressing room, and she's hiding in the dryer because there's no room for her to stand. It's on the official Comedy Hour DVD set, plus Legend Films colorized it for their "Lucy's Really Lost Moments" DVD. Jimmy and Timmy Hudson rubbed off on you at a young age!
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    It's the pre-festival Lucy party. I saw some people were going. I have 2 locations showing it in my area. I opted for the theater with the reclining seats. Right now 1/3 of the theater is sold. I got the first ticket and so far I have no one sitting in front or next to me. I think what will be most interesting is to see what Lucy fans exist in my area, as I know NONE.
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    I'm just thrilled, tickled and yet even a bit surprised (happily) that this title is even being released. If it's put out by the "professionals" at CBS' home video division -- and I'm assuming Tom Watson & company -- even if only on a consultant basis -- is involved, that the end result will most likely be the best possible quality release they can put out... and let's face it, this release is "gravy", we're fortunate it's even seeing the light of day and after 30 years (!), ANYTHING will be better than the blurry, grainy bootlegs I hear (ahem) have been floating around out there all these years so overall I just say....AMEN and bring 'em on! I was hoping that the handful of LWL's that were put on Time/Life's big "Lucy" collection was a "test case" not to mention good sign that perhaps this would ultimately happen. Glad I never quite gave up hope.
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    Oh boy, I can see TV stations now skipping or banning those particular Lucy Show episodes because it would be deemed "too offensive" to be shown on TV in the same way of those Speedy Gonzales cartoons that never see the light of the day anymore.
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    After many mergers and buy outs, the Aaron Spelling library is owned by CBS.
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    Now is NO time to get shy about your stellar work....If I buy them and your art work is NOT the cover, I'm going to screen-grab yours and replace it. I could not find a place to pre-order. Will someone let us know when you can?
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    At long last! Will be so much nicer than those old taped copies floating around. Should I submit my coverart concept to them? LOL
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    I always knew this would get a release. I seen four episodes on Time/Life's Lucy the Ultimate Collection. I must say that what I saw is better than 75% of the crap sitcoms of today, i.e. The Conners, Superstore, Man with A Plan and Single Parents just to name a few. I hope CBS adds some of Lucy's other work like: her guest starring role in The Greatest Show on Earth, The Good Years that aired in 1962 and co-starred Henry Fonda, an episode from the Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse "K.O. Kitty" that aired in 1958 and some great bloopers and interviews.
  48. 1 point
    The absolute funniest part of Rodeo is when Lucy sings Home On the Range (yodel yodel yodel!) in that very nasal voice. Yes I am not a fan of Ragtime Band either. Nursery School is kind of neutral for me.
  49. 1 point
    I don't think Cheddar meant to say that he considered these episodes to be of "lesser" quality, but rather that they're among "lesser" mentioned episodes. They're not talked about as much on here or elsewhere as others.
  50. 1 point
    All good choices, in my opinion. I do know "Ricky Needs an Agent" has had some discussion in the past, as I believe it's Brock's favorite episode. "Lucy's Club Dance" is a personal favorite of mine. I don't know why I don't discuss it more often, actually. An absolute blast from start to finish.