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    April 1, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ELECTRONIC ARTS, IN ASSOCIATION WITH LIQUID ENTERTAINMENT AND CYAN WORLDS, ANNOUNCE “I LOVE TO BE LUCY” ON PS4, XBOX ONE, PC, LINUX AND MAC In cooperation with CBS Paramount and Desilu, too, comes the first officially licensed video game based on the beloved “I Love Lucy” property. I LOVE TO BE LUCY, the first video game based on the classic CBS series from the 1950s starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, will allow players to immerse themselves in this iconic sitcom world for the very first time on home platforms. “I am excited and proud that CBS has finally made a video game based on I LOVE LUCY,” says Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Ball and Arnaz. “It’s such a natural fit for the video game format, and I know fans will be as delighted by the results as I was.” Extensive, never before conducted research was undertaken to determine the most popular episodes, and all the classic Lucy bits everyone’s come to know and love will be incorporated into this exciting and action-packed title. Divided into more than 20 episodic levels, players will be able to relieve all their favorite moments, beginning with the lost pilot. Take control of Lucy and aim her cello bow to hit Ricky right on the butt – the better her aim, the more the audience laughs! And never forget that a man’s home is his castle, so players must help Lucy complete all the dustin’ and swippin’ before Ricky comes home from work – but don’t forget to defrost the roast beef for dinner or a spanking is likely in order. The fun continues with interactive versions of everyone’s favorite episodes. Switch over to first-person mode for “Lucy Does a TV Commercial,” where drunken Lucy must evade hordes of descending stage-hands by blasting Vitametavegamin at them. A similar approach is taken for “The Ballet” – squirt all the ballerinas with Lucy’s handy seltzer bottle, then head over to the pie table and let ‘er rip – but only after completing Madame LeMond’s grueling ballet lesson. Think you have what it takes to plie 500 times? Get those thumbs to work! Who could ever forget the fun Lucy and Ethel had in that chocolate factory – and now gamers can join them. Wrap chocolates as they move along the conveyor belt at ever increasing speeds, go nuts in the boxing department by pinching chocolates to see what kind they are, or cut loose in the dipping department and cause an all-out splatter war. But beware of the nasty forewoman, and evade her on multiple levels of moving conveyor belts if she catches Lucy and Ethel goofing off. Play solo as Lucy or join in as Ethel in two-player cooperative mode. “Lucy’s Italian Movie” brings elements of classic beat’em ups to I LOVE TO BE LUCY. Square off against menacing Teresa Tirelli in the grape vat by having Lucy perform an impressive series of jump-kicks and vicious uppercuts to squash the grape juice right out of her. As a bonus, once all levels are completed, players will unlock “Grapestomp Rematch Mode,” giving Lucy the chance to face off against every other character in the game. Tired of Marion Strong’s constant cackling? Make her lay an egg by burying her in grapes! Or else have Fred put on his Golden Gloves and grind Ricky to a Cuban pulp. Brothers Rand and Robyn Miller, creators of the world-famous MYST series, have also contributed their unique game-design sensibilities with a series of puzzle challenges that’ll have even the most ‘sperienced players scratching their heads. When Lucy gets locked in her steamer-trunk en route to Europe, it’ll take more than just an idea to help her out of it. Gamers can also help Ethel turn the Mertz apartment upside down searching for Fred’s secret rent-money stash – once found, treat Mrs. Mertz to a shopping spree and rid her of that tacky wardrobe once and for all. “Bongo Hero,” a fun-filled musical section, will allow players to conduct the Ricky Ricardo orchestra and play along to all of Desi Arnaz’s greatest hits. Keep the beat or else you’ll have some ‘splainin’ to do! A series of exciting mini-games are peppered throughout to boost your overall score, including “toss the biscuits” and “wallpaper the bedroom.” Not to mention the fun that opens up after you save up enough allowance to buy Lucy and Ricky a brand new Pontiac. Can you make a U-turn in the Holland Tunnel better than Lucy can? Presented in classic black and white to retain the feel of the original series, players will have the chance to find hidden henna rinse bottles in every level. Find them all to unlock “colorized for kids of all ages” mode. Other unlockable bonuses include Lucy’s complete wardrobe. She won’t be complaining about not having a thing to wear once players unlock every outfit she ever wore in the entire series. Replay any level with Lucy dressed in the costume of your choice. Players can also give Ricky, Fred, Ethel, Caroline Appleby, Mrs. McGillicuddy, and all other favorite characters their moments to shine by having them recreate Lucy’s most famous comedy bits. The voice talents of acclaimed impressionist Suzanne LaRusch as Lucy Ricardo, along with other famous I LOVE LUCY character impersonators, helps bring I LOVE TO BE LUCY to vibrant life. “We are beyond thrilled to give gamers a chance to be in the show after all these years,” says Electronic Arts chairman Larry Probst. “This release is the ultimate love letter to Lucy.” I LOVE TO BE LUCY is distributed by Electronic Arts, and is developed by Liquid Entertainment in association with Cyan Worlds. Street date: October 15, 2018.
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    Why do you think she was over "studying" so often at Cynthia's?
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    I wrote this review for my Instagram. NEW BOOK REVIEW: Just released is Lucy Loved Me: A Memoir by Paula Stewart. Paula first met Lucy while playing her kid sister in Wildcat in 1960. The book covers 30 years of a very special friendship between these 2 ladies. The book begins in 1960 with some wonderful stories about the rehearsal and run of Wildcat, how Paula introduced Gary to Lucy and on to Paula serving as Maid of Honor at their wedding. The book then progresses through Paula talking about her life and career and throughout there are many stories of Lucy interjected. Some of the highlights include Paula decorating Lucy’s NYC apartment, Lucy’s disastrous Palm Springs house remodel, shopping with Lucy, vacationing in Snowmass Colorado, and Lucy’s thoughts about getting old. Given that Paula introduced Lucy and Gary I thought she would be a fan of him. She was not, so if you are not a Gary fan you are going to LOVE some of the stories about him. There is a great one where Paula confronts him in the late 80s that will shock you. There are also a few other Gary revelations both funny and shocking. If you’ve read Lee Tannen’s book I Loved Lucy this book is a good alternative to that as Paula was no fan of Lee and you get the other side of a few stories that were told in his book. I don’t want to spoil too much but I’ll be posting a passage or 2 that I liked. Lucy Loved Me can be found on Amazon both in hardcover and paperback. It’s a fun read that I zipped through in a week due to how great some of the stories were and wanting more.
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    This is hilarious and I so want to shoot bows at Ricky's butt and bury Marion in grapes.
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    Just saw this: a HOOT! In one episode, Eve could join Judy Holladay and Shelly Winters recreating The Andrews Sisters
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    Lucy Carmichael's reaction to "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" popped into my head recently. Her angry, disgusted murmur - "Where did you learn that? Is that what they teach you in school?" - cracks me up. I mean, of all the innocuous things to get offended at. I'd hate to think of her reaction to the 21st century. Imagine if she caught Chris singing "My Humps" or "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me" - she'd have a coronary!
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    How many songs can you think of where Lucy is specifically referenced? I have a few: First, she pops up in a couple of songs from musicals. In "Drop That Name" from Bells Are Ringing, her name is rhymed with Lauren Bacall's. In Little Shop of Horrors, Audrey's idea of perfect domesticity is to "snuggle watching Lucy on a big, enormous, twelve-inch screen." Lucy also appears in two obscure songs written by Stephen Sondheim. First, in a song he wrote for his friend's daughter's birthday called "A Star is Born" in 1954. It's very reminiscent of "Autograph Annie and Celebrity Lu", even sharing some of the celebrities listed off. Sondheim actually hates the song, which is a prolonged lineup of Hollywood elite donating extravagant and bizarre birthday presents to the young starlet "Kitty Lou". "Lucille Ball sent a calling card, and the gun used in Sunset Boulevard." The second time he used her in a song was for a 1959 TV special called The Fabulous Fifties, when he wrote a number featuring young children on a playground, all playing children's musical jumprope games while referencing cultural events of the decade. Lucy comes in to the tune of "Frére Jacques": "Suzy Parker, Suzy Parker, Desilu, Desilu, Hi-ya, Judge Medina. Gimme a subpoena! Rudolf Bing, Rudolf Bing..."
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    It's Carol Burnett appreciation night on Get TV Sunday night Apr. 23rd. She'll be on Van Dyke and Company, Jim Nabors Show, Merv Griffin, Sonny and Cher.
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    How wonderful! I'm so glad the Center is gaining so much traction and support.
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    I'd like to think that Mama Bush would have a sense of humor about this blunder, because it sounds like something straight out of WJM TV News. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/cbs-news-publishes-erroneous-barbara-bush-obituary-1102854 But I do send her and the whole fam prayers, good vibes, and condolences as they go through this sad time in their lives.
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    Hey! Aren't we going to get a May 2018 2-episode colorized treat? If they haven't decided yet, I vote for "Operetta" and "Million Dollar Idea". I'm thinking of episodes that would appeal to "the masses", rather than my favorites. I don't know why CBS wouldn't continue doing them. The cost is all in the colorization since CBS owns the series outright. An "I Love Lucy" special doesn't have to get great ratings to turn a profit for CBS. They should consider doing one of the two stellar hour shows "Celebrity Next Door" or "Makes Room for Danny". I prefer "Danny" but maybe Talullah would play better to 2018 audiences. Danny has probably fallen out of the public consciousness but has Talullah? She's probably better known for this episode than anything else she did. Danny was once a TV powerhouse, stopping his own show in 1964 (when it was still a ratings winner) and had ownership in "Andy Griffith" "Gomer Pyle" and "I Spy". Between 1964 and 1967 he did specials for NBC and had his own anthology series in 67-68 scheduled opposite (and losing to) his own "Andy Griffith Show". "The Danny Thomas Hour" was not renewed. Present day Danny fans shouldn't feel too bad since he's in good company. I overheard a 30-ish flight attendant at the Bob Hope/Burbank Airport say "So who IS Bob Hope?"
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    Lucie has mentioned she is going to write her memoirs. Don't know where she is with that. For what she might write about check out her 3 hour interview on her life and career on The TV Academy's website.
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    That was Sheila McRae. The Paula story was in NYC during Wildcat.
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    There is one Desi interaction Paula had with Desi that didn't go well. But given that her overall tone on him was positive, she knew Lucy still loved him. Paula talks about being obsessed with a man and discussing this with Lucy, and Lucy knew what that was like because she says she was obsessed with Desi. Nothing on any Gary Desi interactions.
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    Carol will receive the first Peabody Career Achievement Award! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/carol-burnett-receive-inaugural-career-achievement-honor-at-peabody-awards-1102103
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    Excited about seeing Lily. That looks funny. I'm not into hearing Amy talk about her vagina. Hope the SNL members share a bit about when Desi hosted.
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    Well good. Figured this would happen.
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    OMG... I briefly looked this over and BELIEVED it was true at first... I now know it is a gag... YOU got me Brian
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    Brings new meaning to the term ‘hot mic’!
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    I have a clipping about the bottom photo screen test. It says that they were both talking off in a corner so someone swung the boom mic over them and apparently the conversation was pretty steamy.
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    Or if Chris sang Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl (and I Liked It)"
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    There's a new book out about Lucy and Desi's trip to Jamestown for the premiere of Forever Darling. Looking forward to the pictures! Right now, Amazon has it for $32.75, down from the retail price of $50. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0998747467/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1521067672&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=lucy+comes+home
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    The Paley Center in NY and LA is screening The Zsa Zsa Gabor Show pilot every Sunday in April. https://www.paleycenter.org/weekend-screenings?1
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    The Goldwyn Girls - Four former showbiz gals (Barbara Pepper, Ann Sothern, Paulette Goddard and Betty Grable) share a Malibu beach house while trying to rekindle their burned out careers. Featuring special appearances by Lucille Ball as their agent, Esmeralda Morton. Baer Breasts - A comedic yet sympathetic look at the life of a man (Parley Baer) struggling with gynecomastia. Witch Hazel - Hazel Pierce brings the popular Looney Tunes character to life in this blatant Bewitched knockoff. Manny Petty - William Lanteau stars as Manny Petty, who runs a salon in West Hollywood. Co-starring Paul Lynde as his “assistant” Chuck. With Ruta Lee and Joi Lansing as Sable and Sasha, the shampoo girls. Hold the Mayo - Virginia Mayo plays a waitress at a greasy spoon in Queens, where she shares laughter, tears and leftovers with her co-workers – Margaret Hamilton, Iris Adrian, Kathleen Freeman and Rhea Perlman. Small Screen Queens - Bette Davis and Tallulah Bankhead play longtime showbiz enemies Cora Devine and Scarlett Sanders, who grudgingly agree to work together after signing onto the same series. Disaster ensues week after week, with a revolving door of directors (Lou Krugman, Herbert Rudley, Gale Gordon, etc.) having nervous breakdowns. Eventually discovered that no scripts were required, so retooled into world’s first reality show. The Mary Jane Croft Show - A sitcom about triplets – haughty, sophisticated Harriet; mild-mannered homemaker June; and kooky, easily excitable Marge. Their personalities as different as their voices, the three must learn to get along after June and Marge get divorced, forcing them to move into Harriet’s penthouse, turning her high-society world on its head. As the neutral sister, June must act as peacemaker. Fortunately, Marge can always be distracted with chocolate chip cookies and Lawrence Welk reruns, but even a staff of 10 would struggle to keep Harriet happy. If anyone can handle them, June can.
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    I remember those. That's a great idea. You're gonna love the aftermath story of the limo fight.
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    Apparently Hallmark Channel recently aired Lucy and John Wayne. Wayne's official Twitter account had this cute little gag to make:
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    I found this weird plastic promotional beerstein in a flea market this afternoon. I had no idea such a thing even existed and I wonder how they were distributed — did they come in boxes of Budweiser? Was it a promotional studio item? Hmm.
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    People has released Doris’ 96th birthday photo! http://people.com/movies/doris-day-celebrates-96th-birthday-see-exclusive-portrait/
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    With all due respect to Dame O, I think the right decision was made here. Dramatic license is an intrinsic part of any biographical material, and has been utilised to depict other people in a far more negative light than she was here. But it's not necessarily always used in a negative way, and her winning would've had severely damaging and limiting consequences. I agree that her writing a book or consenting to an interview to share her side would be a fair option. Everyone should have the right to tell their story.
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    I got this for my birthday and I'm one chapter in. Wow, lots of great stuff in this. And lots where I laughed my ass off. I was deciding between sleep or chapter 2 last night. Sleep won out but I'll get started reading earlier tonight.
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    I hope she's composing a strongly worded email.
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    Just received from Amazon, Christopher T. Olsen, Lucy Comes Home, A Photographic Journey; it's lovely. Rumor has it, the Restaurant he and his former classmate have not progressed in the repair of the burned-out famous eating place, Bemus Point (on the other side of the Lake); [questionable assumption if they are still buying it] can't remember who told me; but, if I hear anything further, will pass the word along. Just as a reminder, Chris is son to the Forever Darling Prremiere Queen, Janice Swanson (at the time) during Arnazes visit here in '56.
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    I see that Love, Lucy and A Book are both getting audiobook releases on May 1. There is no information who is voicing either one. I'm very curious. https://www.brillianceaudio.com/product?i=37009 https://www.brillianceaudio.com/product?i=37010
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    I just switched some DVRs around. If my record goes ok on the new one and I can pull and edit it on my computer I can upload. This will be a good test, otherwise I'll need to hook up the old SD TiVo.
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    They're obviously having a blast doing it all again if they've agreed to run until at least 2020. I'm pleased these episodes are more reminiscent of the early years. The only guest star to play herself so far has been Jennifer Lopez, and that was basically a cameo. I'm also enjoying all the recurring characters from the original run popping up here and there.
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    Last week's episode with Grace's cake smash was classic Lucy. I watched most of this series in rerun, and liked the first few seasons better then the guest star heavy later seasons. I've really been enjoying this run too. It's crazy how everything just seems like they never went off the air. Everyone has their timing down.
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    This is interesting - not only has the revival's second season been expanded from 13 to 18 episodes, NBC has ordered an 18 episode third season. The numbers may have dropped since the premiere, but it's clearly doing well enough in today's market to continue. Regardless of individual opinions of the show, I'm glad faith in the multi-camera format still exists. http://deadline.com/2018/03/will-grace-revival-renewed-season-3-nbc-season-2-expanded-18-episodes-1202339735/ Though I feel a few episodes early in the season were weak, I've really enjoyed every episode aired this year. They seem to have found a good rhythm and a lot of the old magic is well and truly back. And after that shower episode, I'd love a few more Lucy shout-outs. Maybe "Grace Does a TV Commercial" or "Mr. & Mr. TV Show"
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    The book is absolutely amazing and one of my, if not THE, favorite ever done. If any fan has been to Jamestown it certainly makes an extra special connection. I highly recommend everyone get a copy, you won't regret it!
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    One color photo in the back of the book, but it's a stunner. I saw those at the Fenton when I was first there in 1996 and died. She seemed so much more real in color.
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    I got a dvd today of the Bob Hope 100th anniversary: Bob Hope on tv. It had a huge publicity shot from critics choice in the front and back. The surprise was Lucy wasn't on the dvd at all
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    Remember when they would have different Lucy authors at the lucy-desi days? They would serve breakfast and then have a Q &A? I would love them to have Paula Stewart and Lee Tannen talking their books and arguing over who loved Lucy more.