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    And now "Keith" joins Tracy and Mr. Kincaid in the Great Hereafter. Another piece of my childhood is gone. Friday nights when I was a kid meant The Brady Bunch at 8:00, followed by The Partridge Family at 8:30, and later in the evening The Odd Couple and Love, American Style. But The Partridge Family was my favorite show, especially during the year when was in third grade. I used to call the local radio station on their request line and ask them to "play anything by the Partridge Family." And they would. (It was a small town.) The next year for Christmas, "Santa" gave me a Brady Bunch album ("Meet the Brady Bunch"), and my sister got a Partridge Family album ("The Partridge Family -- at Home with their Greatest Hits"). I was so envious. I was the one who was the big Partridge Family fan, not her. So why was I stuck with this Brady Bunch album? And why did she get the Partridge Family album, which she wasn't even playing? And she was actually partial to The Brady Bunch anyway. This was so backwards. How could my parents -- er, Santa -- get it so wrong? Fortunately, my sister agreed to trade albums with me. I then proceeded to wear that "Partridge Family" album out. As an adult, I can no longer bear to sit through a single episode of The Partridge Family. But that doesn't diminish what the show meant to me as an eight and nine year old. And poor David. While it seems that his fans mostly did move on from that show, they never allowed him to do the same. Add to that the fact that as a young man he dreamed of becoming a rock star, not a bubblegum pop singer. I think that was a big part of some of the struggles he's had in recent years, and which I don't doubt contributed to his decline and death. I hope he at least realized the happiness he brought to a lot of youngsters way back when, and the memories we have carried forward. One thing for me that has not changed since I was a kid is my favorite song from that old album remains my favorite Partridge Family song still: "It's One of Those Nights." Not that I spend much time listening to Partridge Family music, but hey, it has its place! Their music may seem very corny to younger generations (as it did even in its day), but it evokes happy childhood memories for some of us older folks. By the way, the guy sitting in the audience in this video is Bruce Kimmel, who went on to have (and still has) a very successful career as music producer, theater director and author. He has a blog where he has posted a nice tribute of his recollections of David Cassidy. http://www.haineshisway.com/2017/11/david-cassidy/
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    I see lots of fans of "The Fashion Show" here, but I think that episode is just so-so. Out of the Hollywood episodes, I would have much preferred "The Tour" or "The Star Upstairs." But that's okay, "The Fashion Show" is still a decent episode and has its moments. The one disappointment is that CBS continues to run that dreadful Christmas episode. There is nothing "classic" about it.
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    What Here's Lucys and I Love Lucys has Max seen? I've mentioned this before but when the DVD release of the 24 best Here's Lucy was announced, they didn't say what episodes. I had trouble coming up with 24 that I considered worthy of any 'best' disc. Whereas I Love Lucy's 180 episodes can be divided into thirds: 1/3 true classics we never get tired of, 1/3 that are still pretty good but shop short of classic status and 1/3 that are so-so. Other than the episodes mentioned on this board, there aren't many episodes that are truly BAD, just disappointing when compared with the rest of the series. Max is not the first person I've heard this from but this opinion is certainly in the minority.
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    So I got to thinking about this the other day. With a focus on the interworkings of a week in the life of I Love Lucy as the new focus it changes how we are thinking of Cate. Many of us have said that she is a good dramatic actress and will be able to capture Lucille. More criticism has been about her playing Lucy Ricardo, and many come back with she’s playing “Lucille”. Well now that we have a stronger focus on the show itself, there has to be times where they will be showing her play “Lucy”, so the question is, can she play “Lucy’? Something that we keep dismissing when casting choices are talked about.
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    I read it in the store as I didn't think it would have any new info in. If you've read what Betty said about Lucy in a few of her books you pretty much had the article. I think they go back to the 70s. You know the story about Lucy sending Tess flowers? That was in the article so therefore that shows a friendship in the 70s. And Allen and Betty were at a party at Roxbury circa mid 70s from photos I've seen.
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    The editing was phenomonal! If you didn't know Spacey was originally in it, you'd never know it by watching it!
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    Outlived Mary Tyler Moore, which is pretty miraculous given her original few months to live diagnosis.
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    I saw a preview of the new Bob Hope American Masters documentary that is airing in the few weeks. To illustrate how Bob was not keeping up with the changing times they showed an outtake from a 1971 Bob Hope special monologue. The punchline of the joke was "Mamie Van Doren," which was greeted with complete silence from the audience. Shocked, Bob says, "Nobody here knows who Mamie Van Doren is?! Nobody?" Still complete silence from the audience. I think it speaks more about Mamie's star power in 1971 if Bob Hope's older audience was clueless about her.
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    Bob's rep was known about for years. I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing some old Milton stories come out too. I've been watching the new Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs Maisel set in 1958 and cracked up when her manager was getting thrown out of the Friers Club. "Why don't you get Milton Berle to swing his dick and knock me out in the street." That's a guy I never found funny and yet one not only did Lucy like she dated in her starlet days. I wonder though if Bob did cross a line with Lucy but one she didn't seem to care about.
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    Dodo’s annual Christmas Message has been posted: https://m.dorisdayanimalfoundation.org/news/founders-corner
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    Outside of Diane and Suzanne, we all know no one can "play" Lucy, but since Cate pulled off playing Bob Dylan, I'm sure she'll be able to come close.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I read his blog but haven't listened to a podcast yet.
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    A week or so ago, I watched TV Antenna again. It might be my all-time favorite from TLS. The big physical comedy scene on the roof is BRILLIANT (not only the way it’s written, but the way it’s staged, filmed, and performed- perfection), but this episode has some hilarious dialogue. Lucy in particular seems to be on a roll- not that she isn’t always great (duh) but there’s a spark in her that you don’t often see. Recently, I was at a beloved secondhand bookstore in the city that also sells DVDs and vinyl and stuff like that. Out of curiosity, I picked out a couple of Sing Along with Mitch albums that were in excellent condition. The music is perfectly fine, but it’s no Papa Oo-Mow-Mow. Heck, it’s not even a Long, Long Trail!
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    ...and kind of ironic she outlived Mary -- and Betty White, for that matter -- considering her initially grim diagnosis. Saw her live at the most recent Hollywood Autograph show and while she curiously was not wearing much -- if any -- makeup to greet the public (and sported a baseball cap rather than having a nice 'do), considering her age and recent health battle, looked sounded and acted amazingly well. One of the nicest celebs I've ever been privileged to meet...and hope I get to do so again.
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    Yes, and I determined it was a set, not actually shot in Desi's office.
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    And there goes another big chunk of my childhood. I probably saw every episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. multiple times when I was a kid. And it was a delight to me every time he appeared on The Andy Griffith Show. He seemed like such a kind man. He had a long life, but I wish he could have stuck around longer. I think he was close to Carol Burnett. You all probably know that he was her special guest star every year for the season premiere of The Carol Burnett Show. She called him her good luck charm.
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    I suppose it all hinges on what week they choose. If they choose the week of the "Red Scare" incident, that'd give them something meatier, I suppose. Or else the very first week. I'll give them this much - this approach seems much smarter than simply trying to cram 20 or so years into two hours. In that instance, it'd simply cover most of the same, familiar ground the two TV movies did.
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    Lemme tell ya, when I saw that Angie Lans was trending on Twitter, I was just relieved to see that she wasn’t dead. I’ve read her full comments from the interview and (as usual) the big picture is a lot less damning. In this day and age, we’ve got much bigger fish to fry than a 92 year-old superstar and her questionable social commentary. If Angela Lansbury wants to stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, I won’t enjoy her body of work any less.
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    Second time This Is Us referenced Lucy. Listing old sitcoms to binge on Kate's boyfriend mentions I Love Lucy.
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    Valerie says she's doing well after some issues earlier this year. http://people.com/tv/valerie-harper-on-surviving-fatal-cancer-diagnosis/
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    Lucy Comes to Nashville performer Mel Tillis has died at 85. Lucy was his guest when he guest hosted The Merv Griffin Show. Lucy clearly liked him. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2017/11/19/country-music-legend-mel-tillis-has-died-85/878704001/
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    While on the seven hour drive home from our football team’s semifinal game in the Upper Peninsula, I happened to notice a Snapchat Filter for the town we were in: Bagley, Michigan!!!
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    Vicki is shooting a comedy pilot for FOX next month: http://deadline.com/2017/11/cool-kids-vicki-lawrence-david-alan-grier-leslie-jordan-martin-mull-cast-fox-retirement-home-comedy-pilot-1202210106/
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    A poll of HL viewers several years ago (to commemorate the first Here's Lucy 24 episode "best of" DVD release ) "NG as RN" was voted the best episode of the series and I agree. It shouldn't have been--in that there should have been many more episodes like this charming and funny half-hour. "Did anyone else have the beef hash?" has to be the funniest line ever uttered in all 144 episodes! BTW, FEW of the top 24 episodes as voted for in the poll made it the "best of" DVD set. Whoever picked these episodes was using a different yardstick than quality.
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    I'm sure that Carol had two things going for her that led to her being included before Lucy: (1) she is still alive and could attend the ceremony and (2) she was actually raised in California.
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    Here's the link to Ken Levine's post that Freddie referred to: http://kenlevine.blogspot.com.au/2017/11/clip-shows.html
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    Very pleasing news to hear! I'm in agreement about this being an overdue honor. Carol was inducted in 2009? No offense to Carol, but shouldn't the teacher go before the pupil?
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    Well those were some great stories. Fun review. Ha, the 2 guys were dating each other.
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    The January 1st 1968 "Lucy Show" clip show with Lucy and Viv holds a special place for me. Although I had seen these original episodes, I was too young to really remember them (and this was before the bulk of them had ever been rerun) It reminded me why I fell in love with Lucy and Lucy Carmichael, sticking by her side through "Mooney the Monkey" and most of the 6th season, none of which I'm wild about. I had hoped that that "idea gal" Hilda would have pillow-talked Milt into hiring writers who could write like THAT. I'm assuming there was some remuneration for the "based on an idea by" credit. Although I'm grateful for Hilda'a prodding, it's not much of an "idea".
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    Ken Levine recently talked about clip shows on his blog. The Office did one at one point, and I remember the wraparounds being funny. When I was little I had a hard time distinguishing The Golden Girls clip shows from their frequent “vignette” episodes- I’d wonder why I never saw the full Valentine’s Nudist Camp episode. And on a side note, I’ve only ever heard Don Loper speak in The Fashion Show, but I’d 100% be able to pick his voice out of a lineup.
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    This 1940 Lucille Ball film airs on TCM on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at: 12:00 noon EST 11:00 AM CST 10:00 AM CST 9:00 AM PST You Can't Fool Your Wife ( 1940) A neglected housewife turns herself into a glamour girl to win her husband back. Dir: Ray McCarey Cast: Lucille Ball , James Ellison , Robert Coote . BW- 68 mins, CC,
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    This doesn't sound "bizarre" at all... https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/11/14/lucille-ball-three-fox-vineyards-lucy-stomp-grapes-barefoot/
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    I actully have this one and the Lucy Ricky one too. The little top heart broke on one of them.
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    I'll bet Viv wouldn't have been heartbroken if Lucy had accidentally stepped on this ornament.
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    "But yes I adore it" The star upstairs I mean. And yes the Xmas show is so "blasé"
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    That photo was from Lucie's wedding and I think it was the bridal shower. Everyone was at that. Another place they all got together was Lucie's opening night in LA of Seesaw. Her parents threw her an opening night party and Bob Osborne was also there. He said Lucy and Desi were very close that night, and Desi would frequently call Lucy "mama" even after the divorce. Bit of trivia. He calls Lucy this a few times in ILL. So this affectionate behavior seemed to go on when the other spouces were around.
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    It's not really fair to compare because the total number of households with TVs increased so much from the I Love Lucy years through Here's Lucy. Even between 1962 and 1974, homes with TVs increased 32% (if my math is correct). I left out ILL season 1. It would have come in last because TV ownership was so low, but most of those were tuned to I Love Lucy. Here are the rankings in order # of households who were Lucy viewers as a season average.: 1. ILL 6th season 2. ILL 5th season 3. HL 3rd season 4. TLS 6th season 5. ILL 3rd season 6. ILL 4th season--note that there were more TV households in 54-55 but I Love Lucy's number of households went DOWN for what was arguably the best year of the series. I guess some people preferred "Medic", enough for it to last another season opposite Lucy before getting the ax. 7. TLS 1st season 8. TLS 4th season 9. HL 4th season 10. TLS 2nd season 11. TLS 5th season 12. HL 5th season 13. TLS 3rd season--evidently we wanted our "Lucy Show" at 8:30 and not 9. 14. HL 2nd season 15. HL 1st seaston 16. ILL 2nd season (but it scored almost 70% of the 1952-53 viewers) 17. and as always bringing up the rear: HL 6th season. However because of a slight increase in TVs, the 6th season was down only 5 % from its first season! and 12% from the first season of The Lucy Show, the year it got its highest rating (not ranking)
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    She ain’t half bad in the suit, either!
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    Playboy came along a little too late for Lucy.
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    Something I hope they recreate for the show: As she tumbles onto the tarmac, we quickly realize that more than Joan's ankles are smashed. She attempts to kidnap a child. A reporter struggles to get one good line out of her. "I'm a strooong dame."