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    Well, there are 10 available. I dare someone to buy all of them and then tell their significant other, ala Yours, Mine and Ours - "I have 10 Lucys. Speaking of 10 Lucys, that's what I have!"
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    I’m hoping they call Our Mildred Frances for the gig.
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    Don’t look at me; I just got here.
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    I can't say I'm a big fan of his either, but most of us have said immature things and made dumb jokes at some point or another. It sucks when you're a celebrity and there's documentation of most everything you ever say. He made those jokes a long time ago and he apparently already apologized for them. Some folks just like being offended, I guess. I say dial down the politics and make the Oscars fun again. Have Carol Burnett host in character as Nora Desmond.
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    If they decide to even have a host you know it's going to be anybody but a straight, white guy.
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    Kevin Hart has stepped down as host after failing to properly apologize for making homophobic jokes in the past. Now, I think Hart and his puerile ego are a poor fit for the show, but the fact that he was edged out over "offensive" material seems like an incredibly regressive move. Anyway, here's hoping they give Tiffany Haddish a call!
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    "PETER FARRELL, the Portland Oregonian's TV columnist from 1979 to 2004 has died at the age of 79." I only bring him up because I had a Life with Lucy battle with him in 1986. (Just to remind: this was BEFORE email, so it was through the regular mail). His review of the first "Life with Lucy" was no rave but he did point out 3 things she did well: pointing to the box with the casserole, dancing to Top Jimmy and tasting her own health drink concoction. His only real complaint was the it was all so "old hat" (yes I suppose, but wasn't that what people expected?) He prefaced this review by saying he's "never really been a Lucille Ball fan". (then I say "find another line of work"!!). It wasn't until after the national reviews came out, the ones that hated the show and Lucy herself so fiercely and cruelly, that Farrell started slamming the show in his column (apparently without viewing any more episodes). I wrote him a letter, chastising him for "changing his mind" about the show and not giving Lucy a chance by viewing additional episodes. I pointed out that his initial review wasn't all that bad. He wrote me back in a most unpleasant and curt tone. Can't remember what he said but something along the lines of "butt OUT. What the hell do YOU know?"!! This same thing happened with "Mame" reviews. I collected every local paper reviews I could find and most of them were fair-to-pretty good; in addition to Variety's qualified thumbs-up. It wasn't until the national magazines came out ("Time", in particular) that "Mame"-bashing became OK. This included our local movie reviewer, whose initial review was kind to the movie and Lucy. (This reviewer was much more into things like "The Exorcist" and later "Star Wars", so "Mame" was not his cup of tea to begin with.) And then at the end of the year, he named "Mame" as one of the 10 worst movies of 1974.
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    Recently attended a taping of "The Conners" and they clocked in at just a bit over three and a half hours. Fun episode, despite a couple of scenes being pre-taped. Highlight was the kitchen scene with the hilarious Laurie Metcalf involving a rock and a turnip! Great guest cast too, featuring Katey Segal, Matthew Broderick and Jay R. ("the Real O'Neals") Ferguson. Look forward to the broadcast!
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    IT'S TODAY! My Blu-Ray just arrived! The only extras are the trailer and the (this time correctly titled) "Lucy Mame" featurette. I took a brief look at the film itself and it looks great. I'm debating whether or not to watch the whole movie tonight. I usually watch Mame during Christmas week, but I might need a little Christmas now.
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    Well, Candy got her Emmy tape tonight. Wonderful episode.
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    And she needed some polka dots. No one really gets Lucy until you add the polka dots.
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    Puffy sleeves and a bongo drum would've made it more obvious.
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    Ethel's Home Town: My God, this one's full of beautiful little moments. The facial expressions of the other three when Ethel starts going off on her self-important monologues. And that disgusted cough Lucy makes afterwards never fails to make me laugh. And the "solo" recital is just chalk full of them. I especially love when Ethel wipes away that phony tear at the edge of her eye. "But enough with the sentiment, on with the show." The more I think about it, the more I realize that "somewhere along the line, Shrinking Violet got sanforized" has got to be my single, all-time favorite line from ANY episode. I didn't know what sanforized meant the first time I watched it (years ago), but now that I get the reference, I marvel at how unbelievably clever that piece of dialogue is. My appreciation of the writing grows every time I see any episode. You cannot underestimate their brilliance and what they gave that cast to work with.
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    Who says the "Swedish" line? I wonder if that was in reference to "I Remember Mama" which was set in the early 1900s, I think. Is this just the 2nd year for Dick Van Dyke color episodes? If so, I don't agree with 3/4 of their choices so far. "Alan Brady is Bald" was a natural, considered to be one of the best. I prefer the episodes that involve more work than home.....and others that display Van Dyke's amazing physical dexterity. I don't know episode titles but there was one that had Rob hypnotized and went from sober to drunk at the sound of a bell; the flashback to his initial interview for the Alan Brady job..after he had not slept in several days doing a radio stunt...so many: my personal favorite is "You're No Henry Walden" from the 1st season, very well-written with a great spot by Doris Packer. I think "Never Bathe on Saturday (Sunday?)" probably had censor problems because of the imagined visual of Laura naked in the tub and maybe that's why they (Carl Reiner?) picked it. It's certainly good, but not their best. Amazing that Mary was only 24 when the show started. CBS must have given up on "Andy Griffith". Their Christmas episode, from that first uneven season (before the series really found itself), is not good and while "AG" fans say their favorite episode is The Pickle Story, it's not mine by a long shot. Nor am I in agreement with MTM fans who always cite "Chuckles Bites the Dust" as the very best. I don't even like it.
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    For the first half of the special (Christmas Episode) I left the TV on but wandered off and took a shower. I only see that episode once a year but I'm finding it a bit grating. IMO the colors seemed a bit "less" than the past couple of years. Give us the Connecticut House already! Being a first season episode, Pioneer Women has a different tone from the rest of the series, and its logical fallacies are hard to overlook, but the fact that it still makes me laugh out loud is certainly something. It's weird to think about how the gang had such trouble living as pioneers, when today we'd all have trouble living like it was 1952! I had a prior engagement and was only able to see the first half of the first DVD episode, but it was hilarious- certainly in part because I don't have it ingrained in my memory like a lot of ILL episodes. I also think that the Van Dyke episodes look much better in color than ILL. Perhaps it's because DVD didn't have a cinematographer who knew how to service black and white film like on ILL?
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    Lucy mention on season 2 Catskills episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisels. Resort employee wants to be the next Lucille Ball. Honey, hang around up there 2 more years and you might run in to her.
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    Interesting blurb from an Oct. 1967 TV Guide after the first fall ratings had come out. (CAPS are mine.) The Carol Burnett Show was among the new series that fall. After noting that FOUR theatrical movies shown by the networks placed #1, #2, #4 and #7, they listed the regular series that rounded out the top 10: Bonanza, Family Affair, Lucy, Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle and Bewitched . But here's the interesting observation: "Professionals were confounded by the quick success of the Carol Burnett variety hour. Carol made the top 20 DESPITE FORTY-ODD CBS outlets which considered her prospects SO POOR THEY DID NOT EVEN AIR THE SHOW." WHAT????!!!!! FORTY??? It had been 5 years since she appeared on Garry Moore's show but her intervening specials did well. AND her first appearance on "The Lucy Show" (the 5th season's "Roommate") was the #1 show of the week, which must have been due to the appeal of Carol. Variety shows had not yet hit the skids they did in the 70s. There were (by my count) TWELVE hour long variety shows on the network's schedule that fall (13 with the January 1968 addition of Laugh-In). Also mentioned: "Other new series high on the Nielsen list were THE MOTHERS IN LAW, The Jerry Lewis Show, Gentle Ben and Kraft Music Hall." MIL, Jerry Lewis and Gentle Ben each ran a mere 2 seasons each.
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    OdH wants to take this to RBG: https://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-olivia-de-havilland-interview-20181210-story.html
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    Carol is an excellent choice, although I concur that I would've had a different pick for the inaugural recipient. Ah well, there's always next year...
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    It was a toss up between Betty and Carol for me but they made a good decision on giving and naming this award. http://www.playbill.com/article/carol-burnett-to-receive-golden-globes-inaugural-tv-special-achievement-award
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    The ceremony needs Jane Fonda to do a 50th anniversary tribute to this Oscar presentation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLJ8RjvesnvDPXKGB3lFq3PXKHn-ZKitO5&v=jG96Q1CLv6E
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    I know, I'm glad that made it. Love it in color. All those bubbles.
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    First videos are up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raABIyi0xI0&fbclid=IwAR3CpKxoqF9y14oIU6OYUTOT9i8KSV_O3MFG-hO31KU6qfwf-0B8MOp6iLM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8z4A3KLBbo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEkIeRQ1RBg
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    With the deadline looming ever closer, apparently the Academy is looking at Kevin Hart to host this year's ceremony. I'd rather watch Bill Cosby emcee the show live from San Quentin.
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    Ken was part of the company. He was discovered in a Los Angeles musical, The Billy Barnes Revue (with Jackie Joseph). However, he left Desilu when The Billy Barnes Revue transferred to Broadway. This is why he isn't part of The Desilu Revue. After the show closed in New York, Ken returned to Desilu and was given a regular role on The Ann Sothern Show.
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    So...this person is saying that Barbara Bush was a character played by Doris Singleton?
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    Those times where you hit the web to learn more about the Bush family and stumble into a weird corner of the internet.
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    Glad to hear it looks so good! This is on my Christmas list -- along with a new Blu player to replace the one that died in the middle of ILL S2.
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    I fully agree. Not every successful property necessitates a musical adaptation. The fact that so many close after brief runs shows that there isn't the interest producers assume there is.
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    Well it wasn't on many people's radar as it did close. And yes, very commercial. Surprised it got so many tony nominations.
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    I was aware of that project, but I didn't really have an interest in it. The show is great on TV, but I suspect this adaptation falls more under the commercial sect rather than the creative. The couple of times I've been in New York since it opened, the production hasn't been on my radar of things to see. I've been to a few Broadway shows that have a kids/tourist-y audience and it's not a pleasant vibe (for me, at least).
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    I ended up watching the whole movie and it looks terrific!
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    There are some very funny 3rd season episodes, but the atmosphere definitely has a different feel to it. I think this was due in large part to the new writers ignoring much of the previously established continuity. All the recurring women from the first two seasons were dropped. No more Thelma, Audrey, Kathleen, Dorothy, etc. It no longer had that community feeling to it. Yes, we had new recurring characters such as Mrs. Valance, but they were never given the characterization or "friendliness" of the earlier characters. Had the new writers crafted some new Volunteer Firemen plots or something, it would've helped the series retain more of its old feeling.
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    Yes, I attended an MTM filming. The plot had something to do with Lou's old war injury and his sudden affection for Ted---until Ted threw out a big story at the end of the newscast to do a tribute to Lou. What should have been obvious to the home viewer turned in-studio audience member was that there was no underscoring or segue music, so ends of scenes seemed a little odd. We didn't know the scene was over until someone yelled "cut". "Murphy Brown"---I can't say that I was an avid viewer when it was first on. I wanted to like it more than I did. To me, the highlights were the weekly secretaries and any episode that featured Colleen Dewhurst as her mother. That said, I LOVE the reboot! From my memory, it's better than the original. If it runs as long as the original, Candace will be 82!
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    That's pretty amazing! She has exquisite taste.
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    I agree! This was definitely the best of the season (so far). It went from hilarious to heartbreaking, and pulled off both extremes with great panache.
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    I never knew that about MTM! (Did you attend a filming?) I was expecting a long night at Murphy Brown, but the actors were remarkably professional. Candice Bergen tripped over her opening dialogue a couple of times, but other than that, I don't think there was a single slip-up. What I really found interesting was how portions of scenes were re-shot with slightly different blocking due to the possibility of certain "bits" being cut for time. I still marvel at the thought of Lucy's shows wrapping in under an hour (according to folklore)- especially considering some of the elaborate visual chaos that had to be accomplished. Today it would be pre-taped with stunt doubles and CGI! Lol at Fran Drescher with laryngitis. I believe the Everybody Loves Raymond finale had to be postponed because Patricia Heaton got laryngitis.
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    From the stories I've heard, 3 hours seems to be short for a "filmed in front of live audience" show these days. BUT STILL that's a ratio of 9 to 1! A Fran Dresher fan, friend of mine, attended a filming of her "Happily Divorced" series (or whatever it was called). It went on a LONG time and mid-show after keeping the audience waiting, the MC came out and said they couldn't continue because Fran developed laryngitis (how can you TELL?). Did anyone ever see a "Seinfeld"? With all its quick scenes and jumping back and forth, I don't know how they did it in front of an audience in sequence. In the OLD days, a filmed sitcom was done in 90 minutes; a videotaped show was done in one hour (and done twice in the same evening: 5:30 and 7:30). They only stopped if someone muffed a line or for a new set-up including when things went wrong. The only long delay I remember from Here's Lucy was "Franchise Fiasco" with technicians frantically trying to get the yogurt dispenser to work, actually malfunction. They never did succeed. If you watch the episode, the inserts do not match the wide shot. Mary Tyler Moore filming paused whenever Mary entered Lou's office. The wall between his office and the newsroom was on a hinge and they had to adjust it out for Lou's interior, including moving the newsroom file cabinet. Note that on the show, the wall is angled in (in the direction of Lou's office) when they're in the newsroom and out when they're in his office. But they accomplished the switch quickly. And one more remarkable Here's Lucy tidbit (for those who haven't read it the other dozen times I've posted): in "Blind Date/Don Knotts", Lucy being made up like wolfman was done in real time, with Lucy saying her lines off-camera as she was being worked on, while Don read his Ben/Fred bit off cue cards.
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    That was totally my thought process. Dude, its 80s Lucy.
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    Interesting post and outfit to pick, but I think I might need a life size Lucy cardboard cutout. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163386560443
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    Cicely Tyson's great honorary Oscar acceptance speech:
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    Over the weekend I found this alternate shot from Joan Blondell’s Party.
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    Oh I better see half naked Ricky in color.
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    Not necessarily a Little things they DO, but... I was introducing a friend to I Love Lucy on Friday night (he had only seen The Big Three episodes), and when we happened upon Don Juan & The Starlets on his Very-Big Screen TV, I never noticed in the final scene, when Lucy crosses over behind the couch, she passes the lamp on our left side of the couch and it beautifully illuminates her face in a way I have never before noticed on the show. The light hits it just right.
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    I had a bad cold over the weekend and decided to have a "Lucy" binge that included episodes from the first 3 seasons of HL. One thing I noticed is that all but 2 or 3 episodes I watched (and are some of my favorites) did not feature any guest stars. HL had it's share of good guest stars, musical numbers, etc... However I think it shines the most when it functions as a domestic situation comedy.
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    An unfortunate EVERYBODY product. I love Ingrid Bergman's inscription: https://www.dukes-auctions.com/auctions/80/lot/255/A+COLLECTION+OF+INK+PORTRAITS+OF+FAMOUS+MAINLY+AMERICAN+ACTRESSES%3B+Sophia+Loren+(2)%2C+Doris+Day%2C+Bette+Davis%2C+Ingrid+Bergman%2C+Vivien+Leigh%2C+Jayne+Mansfield+and+Lucille+Ball+(8)+Note%3B+some+have+been+covered+in+clear+sticky-back+plastic
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    Did you happen to see a woman there in dark glasses and black wig? If so, don't go anywhere near her purse. So happy to hear about those entrance applause.
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    Holiday in Havana leading lady Mary Hatcher has died at 88. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/mary-hatcher-dead-mickey-rooneys-star-big-wheel-was-88-1100941
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    I'd kill to see Without Love. I really need to get my hands on the Kate Hepburn box set it's available in. I watched Stage Door this morning. Lucy seems very at ease and natural, sort of makes me wonder how much of the character is really just her. I wish this movie were more well known, its dialogue is fabulous.