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    As far as episode selections of Life with Lucy, I'd switch out "Sax Symbol" with "Love Among the Two by Fours". It had some touching moments, to me anyways. At least about one third of the series will have an official release. Who has the rights? CBS?
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    Time/Life has done smaller releases that coincide with these "mega" sets that they put out; Laugh-In has been getting individual season sets since they put out the complete series, and I know they've done one or two single disc collections of their Red Skelton release, so... maybe LWL is closer than we think. Re: Joey When I think about it, even if all of ILL was colorized, I'm certain I'd still watch the show in "glorious black and white" (but still have the colorized episodes for the occasional novelty).
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    How interesting that out of all the shows, the most recent one has the poorest picture quality. The two brief LWL shots are still miles better than the bootlegs that make the show seem like it took place underwater. I probably won't be picking this up unless they make a deluxe edition that includes a "Best Of Sid Gould" bonus disc.
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    Can I pick it up on the toaster I bought from Dolores Hope’s estate sale?
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    I found this poster at a flea market this afternoon — I had no idea Desilu had a Canadian sales arm. Now to find out where it is! The poster reveals nothing.
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    I was told this weekend that laundry would not be put away until there was no Mama's Family on in the bedroom. I guess Golden Girls is the limit for my husband and chores around my TV viewing.
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    Ken Levine discovers Thelma Harper: http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2018/10/keep-open-mind.html
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    Thanks for the recap. I'm laughing at the pizza, as when I worked on Drew Carey and we ordered pizza I knew it was going to be a long night and they had to keep the audience there. Seemed very much like a cast having fun to be back.
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    I just watched an episode where Steve learns Spanish. Bub jokes, "I'm commencing to feel like Desi Arnaz's houseboy!"
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    I schedule the paid programing for my station and have one Time Life a week. It would perk up my Thursday and this crappy task if I actually got to schedule that one.
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    Time Life is releasing a Lucy DVD collection featuring 76 episodes of Lucy's series including four episodes of Life with Lucy! https://timelife.com/products/lucy-the-ultimate-collection Except for the booklet included, it looks like the many extras are all things that were released on the previous DVD set. As always with these "Best Of" sets, there are many weird inclusions ("Lucy the Fight Manager??!!") and exclusions. Groovy commercial!
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    This reminds me of when I was little and would refuse to watch Gone With The Wind because it beat The Wizard of Oz for Best Picture
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    As someone else (Brian I think?) referenced in another post, while "nice" they have a disc just of the colorized episodes, it would have made more sense to me to leave out the B&W versions all so readily available not to mention previously released in various forms and release ALL the episodes colorized to date, including "Scotland" (despite it being my least favorite), if for no other reason but to have them all readily availalble on one disc. (Does anyone else think that ultimately, they'll ALL be colorized and released, yet again, on home video or streaming or some form?) But honestly, rather than the colorized eps included, I would MUCH rather have seen a full release (even though it would have taken 2 discs) of LWL, and not that I'm ungrateful that we're getting them, but it would have been nice, again, to have all of them readily available. Perhaps if this release is successful enough, they'll consider finally releasing the series in its entirety. I won't hold my breath but it sure would be nice!
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    Episode selecting: I don't know why they never ask US. Or more specifically: ME!! ---(I just picked one of us at random and it turned out to be me. I'm just as surprised as you are.) Harrison wrote----And while "Getting Bald" is a good selection I would have instead went with "Lucy's Schedule" since that was Gale Gordon's ---- I agree "Bald" is a good one and that "Schedule" is even better but of those last 1st season shows my absolute favorite is "Ricky's Raise". How can you beat Fred Mertz in drag making flirtatious faces? !! And that falsetto voice "Hazel! Look!" followed by his bump and grind exit. And then there's Lucy: a stellar episode for her. She inhabits each of the characters she's impersonating but my favorite is her "Miss McGillicuddy" : "Do I have a reservation??"--laughs--"only 17 people that's all.....McGillicuddy". In the "little things they do together" category, I love how they come up with the plan. They've made all the reservations, then Fred points out that this will only make Xavier look bad. "Oh yeah. they have to know it's because of Ricky"; "Well, I guess we could come in and leave a couple of times" "Oh, but they'd recognize us"....then the plot is hatched. You do have to feel sorry for poor Xavier Valdez--who probably gives up show business and goes back to cleaning canary cages.
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    The new logo, which I didn't have time to finish until this afternoon.
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    I’m going to buy it in hopes that it leads to a legit Life With Lucy dvd release! ❤️
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    Tom Watson notes this edition will include the "COMPLETE" (emphasis his) Celebrity Next Door.
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    Nope, and I doubt it's accuracy. Lucy would already have been deep into evolving "The Lucy Show" into "Here's Lucy" at the time, and given her penchant for being the prime focus of all of her shows (and rightly so, of course), I can't fathom her entertaining for a moment her giving up the spotlight and sharing it with six rugrats, a gay husband, a wisecracking lesbian housekeeper and a shaggy dog! Never would have happened, even if it was 'under consideration"!
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    Cheaper, I think. I don't think the decision makers would've been thinking about HD possibilities or anything like that. I'm sure it was about what was most economical at the time. A lot of 90s sitcoms used tape masters, which later were utilised for DVD releases. It wasn't that obvious on SDTVs but it's very obvious on today's screens. Some of the more popular ones (Seinfeld, Friends) have gone back to the film negatives for new prints, but I doubt that'd be cost effective for less remembered shows.
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    That's because her previous shows were mastered on film, whereas "Life" was transferred to tape and then edited, as was the standard at the time. So it won't look as good as the others, but like you said, will still be miles above the taped copies that have circulated for years.
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    "The Conners": well , they pulled it off. Like the original "Roseanne" AND the reboot, there's an honesty about the show that allows it to mix drama and comedy--a mix not found in virtually any other show (but granted I don't watch many of them). Usually if an actor left a sitcom (or died), they had their character do one of 2 things: they would be out of town taking care of sick relative (Joseph Kearns in "Dennis the Menace"; Alice Pearce in "Bewitched) or they would get abruptly transferred to PAKISTAN (Bob Cummings in "My Living Doll" Don Defore and Whitney Blake in "Hazel"--resigned and fired respectively). I don't remember: did they kill Valerie off immediately when "Valerie" became "Valerie's Family"? Again, I paid no attention to real-life Roseanne Barr's loud-mouth politics or her tweets (and I don't know why anyone was listening to her in the first place). I'm in the minority who enjoyed her in her own SHOW. The rest of the cast is so very strong, yes, but I wish they hadn't killed Roseanne Conner off. I was hoping Barr would eat enough crow that she could return to her own series. But this is a series that brought Dan back to life, had Becky and Becky2 in the same episode so maybe they could do it. Like one of those "Dallas" dreams. I'm amazed how good these reboots are: Conners, Will&Grace, Murphy Brown. (haven't seen others). I never would have predicted it. Will, Grace, Jack and Karen could be the PARENTS of the originals. It's been 20 years since the debut season.
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    Reunion, the kids didn't go. They were away for a few weeks on the tour. Both kids are in the photos of Lucy and Desi leaving but only Jr. is in the return home photos. My hunch was Lucie was in school.
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    New radio interview with Paula
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    With streaming numbers out, the premiere has an extra 3.6 million viewers to its name, giving the "mediocre" debut a higher rating than Will & Grace's last year!
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    They were all very on top of things. I think it was about three hours total, but I'm not totally sure. All phones had to be powered off and put in individual, un-openable cloth baggie things. In between scenes, the DJ played Motown music and the warmup guy (comedian Joey Kola) kept the energy high. He would ask the audience trivia questions for a chance to win prizes. I got one right (Who was Murphy's last secretary on the original series?) and he tried to give me a $10 Starbucks gift card. I insisted on getting a "Make America Murphy Again Hat". Not to be difficult, but if I'm walking away with a prize, I certainly want it to be special Joe Regalbuto and his wife were celebrating their recent wedding anniversary, and they danced to their wedding song and Joe recited a sonnet for the audience that he'd recited at his wedding. Faith Ford was also able to get her husband dancing to their wedding song with a little coercion. Diane English interacted with the audience a bit, and they also introduced us to legendary costume designer Patricia Field, who gave a speech about how she loves the multi-camera sitcom format. Director Pam Fryman was celebrating her birthday, so the taping concluded with a little celebration for her. Candice Bergen didn't interact with the audience at all, she seemed more focused on the show itself. And yes, we did get served pizza. There was never a dull moment, not that I would have complained if there was.
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    Watched the premiere of season 2 (or 10) tonight. I'm pleased to see they've dialed the political references right down, but I can't say I was wowed by this episode. I liked David Schwimmer and think he has potential to be a great guest star, but overall it didn't feel like a premiere-quality episode, more like filler you bury somewhere in the middle. I appreciate their efforts to bring more physical comedy to the proceedings, but Sean Hayes seemed to be trying waaay too hard to be funny during his shtick.
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    Wow, what a neat experience! So happy you got to attend. I'm curious, how long did the taping take? Were you there for hours and hours, the way Friends audience members seemed to be, or was it more succinct than that? I hope you didn't bump into a pie carrying waiter within range of Ms. Bergen
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    I read the Jimmy and Henry duel bio this year and I'm trying to recall when the Stewarts moved in. Lucy doesn't get mentioned too much. The story about all the mice running over to Lucy's is in there, but nothing at all on YMO and just the brief double date story. Found an article saying 1949.
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    Came across this excerpt from the book, "Jimmy Stewart: The Truth Behind the Legend" by Michael Munn: "Jim had a more enjoyable and less intense affair with Ginger Rogers. The union, according to Joshua Logan, was instigated by Ginger’s mother, Lela. Said Logan: ‘Lela Rogers worked in the RKO publicity office, and RKO was where Ginger was making all those fabulous musicals with Fred Astaire. RKO had a new starlet, Lucille Ball, and Lela was working hard to raise her profile. At the same time, Ginger had separated from her husband, Lew Ayres, and Lela wanted something–or someone–to take Ginger’s mind off her problems. So Lela hit on the idea of having Fonda and Stewart accompany Ginger and Lucille about town, which would certainly get some space in the papers for Lucille. Jim liked to dance, so he became the obvious choice of companion for Ginger, so Hank was stuck with Lucille. ‘It all went well for all for a while. They went dancing at the Trocadero and the Cocoanut Grove, and Ginger thought Jim was a great dancer–which he was. He could move that long, lanky body really well. Hank just didn’t have the same sense of rhythm. ‘One night they had dinner out, and then the boys took the girls back to their place. Ginger told me she and Lucille thought they were in for a night of exuberant love-making when the boys turned the lights down low. Suddenly, the boys hustled the girls into the kitchen to wash up a week’s worth of dirty dishes.’ Fonda had a different version of that event: ‘After dinner at a place called Barney’s Beanery, which was on Santa Monica Boulevard, we took the girls back to our apartment, and Jim and I were all set for a good time, but Jim and Ginger decided to dance in and out of every room. Before I could say, “Jim, for God’s sake, don’t take her into the kitchen . . they were in the kitchen. And we had piles of plates we hadn’t washed up for a week. That was too much for Ginger. She started washing up, and Lucille joined her. And we were very grateful. When they’d finished, we showed them how grateful we were.’ The pairing of Fonda and Ball was not to last. ‘Lucille always put on too much make-up,’ he said. ‘One night she came out of the bathroom after spending God knows how long in there putting on her paint, and when she came out, I couldn’t help but go, “Yuk! Oh Christ!” And Lucille walked out, and that was that. But Jim and Ginger–they had a good thing going.’
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    Looks like it. Gotta drink the family rum.
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    I've noticed that, too. Most multicams today have put the old "...is recorded before a live audience" disclaimer back into action, which was largely phased out after the 80s. It's strange seeing shows like Will & Grace with that announcement, given it was never used during the original run.
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    Shooting without an audience does make me question if it's changing to single cam. I feel like the shows now that shoot with one like to make that fact known.
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    Both Schedule and Raise would've been great inclusions. Two stellar season one episodes and a great two-parter.
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    After the first 10 minutes if exposition, I thought this reboot was fantastic! So nice to have Murphy Brown back on TV.
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    Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Carter family being introduced to America!
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    I agree, I'm partial to the family-only episodes as well. Those work better than most of the guest-star bonanzas, in my opinion.
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    Boy, am I out of the loop. I only just learned about Carole's headline grabbing comment. Are mass Lucy DVD burnings being organised or something?
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    Another observation on the beach pic. Lucy often seemed to push her bangs back while sunning herself or hanging out by the water. I wonder if she didn't like the bangs getting sweaty or if she was preventing a tan line.
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    CBS has all the Spelling shows, so they should have the rights to Life with Lucy. Lucy is a Sax Symbol is my least favorite episode of the run!
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    Busty Ingels was offered the part too somewhere in there, not sure if it was pre or post being offered to Bulifant whom would have made it an entirely different show...and not necessarily better either (Joyce's charms have always escaped me, and I don't personally find anything particularly funny about her!). Me thinks the way things worked out, with real-life good friends Florence and Shirley ending up as two of our most Fave TV Moms ever on two of the most successful, still running in reruns and popular "family" sitcoms ever aired, were meant to be. Works for me!
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    Florence Henderson was a massive talent and deserves the street cred she got for playing Mrs. Brady, but I think that character would've been way beneath Lucy. It's been a long, long time since I've actually watched and episode of TBB, but for the life of me I can't remember a single time Carol Brady was given the opportunity to clown around. Granted, if Lucy had (somehow) ended up in the role, it probably would've been changed to suit her. In every iteration of "Lucy", the main character's name contains the letters "ar", (in reference to "Arnaz") so would that make it... The Bardy Bunch? I would totally watch an LBP version of the show if it had the characters "Gale The Maid" and his girlfriend "Vanda The Butcher".
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    There aren't really any episodes selected that I'd consider criminal, but the lack of some are disappointing. Most saddening for me is the lack of third season ILL episodes. Though they aren't as "flashy" as most of the best-remembered entries, I think the quality is almost as great as the fourth season (which is very favorably represented). If I remember correctly, "Life Story" was held over from season two, so there's really only ONE third season episode included ("Tells The Truth"), which is a great one, but I think it gets a boost because of the iconic shot of Lucy and the balloons. Every season (and episode) of the show has its own unique representation of the series, and I think the third season stands out as especially ahead of its time. A lot of the episodes are "smaller" than we usually see, so they prominently feature the dynamics between the cast and the show's "Men vs Women" theme. I especially like "Tells The Truth" because it explores a specific facet of the Lucy character: her pathological duplicity. Even The Jack Benny Program, which is praised for pioneering "character-driven comedy", hardly ever explored what made its characters tick.
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    That summary right there could apply to a show very different from how The Brady Bunch turned out, and this one I'd definitely be interested in!
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    I thought the selection of Here's Lucy episodes was odd too. None of the gems from season six, no episodes with Vivian, etc... That being said, I like the idea of these volumes and will probably end up double or with some episodes triple dipping!
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    Yes, why is "Lucy and Danny Thomas" the only episode from the brilliant sixth season of Here's Lucy? Why are there seven fifth season Lucy Show episodes? There is an offer on the Time Life site that combines this Lucy release with Carll Burnett DVDs so that explains why so many of Carol Burnett's appearances made this collection.
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    After learning here of this somewhat surprising release, especially given the refreshing, different way they've decided to arrange the episodes, including even LWL (which I'm tickled about, honestly -- wish they'd managed to include the ENTIRE series but oh well, maybe that'll happen down the road), I was a little surprised to see that they're including the bonus features from the "Here's Lucy" DVDs, so I spoke to one of the producers and while he'd heard that TimeLife was doing this, he was unaware they were "appropriating" (ahem) their work from those prior releases; a little surprising (there's that word again) given it doesn't look like they're literally taking say, a HL Season Six Disc #1 and slapping a Time Life label on it, given the episodes chosen and order listed. Speaking of Season Six, that is perhaps my biggest disappointment about this release, and that is the dearth of S6 episodes, which are sadly lacking on this release and should have comprised at least a single disc of 7 or 8 episodes itself as they were some of the best of the six season run!! (Lucy and Danny Thomas??!! Really!!?? Uh..I don't think so!) Ive said it many times in many different posts and this release makes me say it again, I'll never understand but would LOVE to know who all sits in a room and gets to decide, argue over, etc. out of a list of what, over 300+ classic Lucy TV episodes which ones get to "appear" on releases like this!! And I sure wish I could be one of those people, I'd certainly have plenty to say!!!
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    Found a discrepancy in commonly accepted I LOVE LUCY airdate information and wanted to see if anyone here could shed some light on the matter. Older episode guides -- like Bart Andrews' and Geoffrey Mark Fidelman's -- list the second season episodes "Redecorating" and "Ricky Loses His Voice" as having been originally broadcast on November 17th and November 24th, 1952, respectively. Presumably the rebroadcast of "The Fur Coat" then aired on December 1st. According to the DVDs, the Blu-rays, and now, most internet sources, "The Fur Coat" was rebroadcast on November 17th and the new episodes then followed on November 24th and December 1st. Newspaper listings favor the older guides' information. As we know, those publications aren't always accurate, but three weeks in a row of incorrect printed episode loglines seems hard to buy. What's the real story here -- why did our understanding of when these episodes were first broadcast change? (Does this having something to do with discrepancies in local markets?) And, ultimately, which airdate information is most correct?
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    Great question and astute observation. Maybe Tom Watson and Gregg Oppenheimer would know the answer to this, given their involvement with the home media releases.
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    I find Swing Out, Sweet Land to be so fascinating. It rallies back and forth from kitsch to schlock to genuine inspiration. It's probably a good representation of the values of a certain side of Vietnam-Era America; Archie Bunker sang the praises of the special on an episode of All in The Family. I want to know how this behemoth was produced, how much money was pumped into it, and what kind of ratings it got.