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    I didn't know teddies were musical. I wonder what kind of sexy tune one would play.
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    The Zsa Zsa Gabor Show was a talk show pilot taped in February 1969. Lucy, Adam West (or as Zsa Zsa calls him "Adam Vest ze Batman"), and Marty Allen were the guests. It's everything you would hope and expect from a Zsa Zsa talk show. Zsa Zsa has a handsome male sidekick who's job seems to be just to keep Zsa Zsa on track. Zsa Zsa asks Lucy who were some of the most fascinating men she ever met. Lucy mentions FDR and Zsa Zsa exclaims, "I dated him!" She then is surprised to learn that FDR isn't John F. Kennedy. Zsa Zsa asks Lucy about her trip to Monaco and Princess Grace, but then immediately changes the topic to how a duke wants to marry her. Zsa Zsa's cohost announces that Zsa Zsa has a special phone call and when she picks up the phone, it's nothing but a loud dial tone. She eventually gets to speak to the caller: her daughter Francesca. One segment is a takeoff on The Dating Game trying to find Zsa Zsa a new husband. Another has them trying funny hats on Marty Allen. Before one commercial break, all of the stars do some groovy dancing. Lucy looks absolutely terrific on the show.
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    Willviv options Desilu's failed Maggie Brown pilot and recasts with Merman understudy Vivan Vance Willviv's variety show pilot "Bill Frawley Sings the Old Ones" sits on the shelf next to "Maggie Brown" Under Frawley's helm, Willviv submits their sitcom pilot script "The Betty Grable Show" to Betty in which she falls "legs over heels" for a slightly-older diary-writing ex-vaudevillian. Grable's agent: "Nertz!!"
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    OMG, I thought the same thing when I first read this.
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    Dig this gal in Liz Taylor and Warren Beatty’s The Only Game in Town. That Nevada sun sure makes your skin soft.
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    Late Night Music-Heavy Marathon: Lucy and The Andrews Sisters Patty Andrews seemed to have a really good sense of humor and you get the feeling that she’s enjoying herself. Apparently the studio audience reaction to this episode was so big that it had to be edited down. “Elroy Sherwood” is hilarious! I wish they’d used him again. For all the songs included in the medley, I could have named like five more that would have fit in. The Andrews Sisters had A LOT of hits. Won’t You Calm Down, Dan Dailey? Talk about sexual harrasment! Harry and Dan Dailey make a good team. Gale in drag feels like it came from the writers sitting around saying “What haven’t we done to him yet?”. The little musical interludes are cute and I wish there’d been more. Characters breaking into fully-orchestrated, choreographed song and dance numbers on a multi-camera sitcom is something that you could never get away with today. Lucy and Phil Harris Strike Up The Band Going right from season four to this, one of the final entries of the series, I was kind of surprised by how much Gale had aged. I always assumed he was in pretty good shape for most of his life, but at least between ‘72 and ‘74, he certainly let himself go gray and put on a couple pounds. I really love Phil Harris. Next to Jack, he’s probably my favorite of Jack Benny’s stable of performers. I think he threw in some ad-libs. During the performance, his mouth is clearly not saying what the ADR is saying. Quote from my dad about that performance: “They just made up for twenty years of having no minority characters with that one song!”. Art getting criticized for not being all-inclusive is an annoyance we still have today, but this feels very out of touch. I love it. Lucy Gives Eddie Albert The Old Song and Dance I believe this is the first episode of Here’s Lucy I saw. You can only imagine how seven-year-old-me flipped my lid when I unexpectedly saw MJC, Jerry Hausner and Doris Singleton in living, garish 70s color! I find it very hard to believe that there’s another tall, kooky redhead running around Hollywood after celebrities. Speaking of running, Doris’s Dingaling Dash has to be in my top ten moments from the entire series. It’s just so perfect.
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    "Evie, with a musical teddy on, I hardly think anyone'll be looking at your blue pants!"
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    They look awesome. I you found a Mame poster on a 2nd hand site recently a d a cheap copy of Madelyns book so snapped both of those up. My first lucy items in years
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    I found these beauties at a Toronto movie poster store today — and the entire shop was 30% off!
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    Today at a used bookstore I found a copy of Ilka Chase's book "Past Imperfect" from Keenan Wynn's library. (It has his bookplate inside the front cover) I didn't realize until I got home that inside, used as bookmarks, were two of Evie's receipts from Saks Fifth Avenue. One one, it looks like she bought a "musical toy teddy" and the other a pair of blue pants.
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    Betty, Carol Channing, and The Love Boat Mermaids perform Bosom Buddies.
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    I know, it's great. This one was very well done, too. After watching a number of episodes, he finally says something like, "It's a great show, but there's no way someone would ever do these types of things in real life." Cut to Brian scaling the trellis to the hotel balcony. The opening scene was a hoot. "I just found this wonderful old show about this couple, Fred and Ethel." "Oh, you mean I Love Lucy." "Who? Oh, right, the neighbor." As an aside, Kirstie Alley makes a cameo as Rebecca from Cheers in this episode.
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    I never knew that was a thing! Isn't it interesting how at least three different shows (Golden Girls, Designing Women, Wings) devoted entire plot lines to characters watching I Love Lucy? Talk about cultural impact! It really is just the absolute best there ever was or ever will be.
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    Frawley, Vance to launch "Williviv Productions" after I Love Lucy wraps "Adventures of a Second Banana" pilot fails to sell - Would've starred Joanne Dru as Vance, Charles Lane as Frawley Ann Sothern to audition for new Vance, Frawley property starring Barbara Eden Sothern storms off "Williviv" lot after Frawley makes "bustle" joke Vance bemoans producing new Streisand special - "She's still a real little sh*t!" "You do that every night!?" - Ball incredulous at Bill's business management skills "Williviv" issues memo to reject any Cara Williams, Joan Davis pilot proposals "Here's Timmy" - Production on new, unscripted Tim Conway vehicle begins Vicki Lawrence declines "Timmy" co-star role -"That little a**hole ain't through yet!"" Frawley buys out Vance - reworks company into Yankees souvenir supplier
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    Anything with the image of Lucy and Desi on is controlled by Desilu Too, which is pretty much the merchandise. I think it works that if it's images from I Love Lucy then CBS deals with that.
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    The Mortons enjoy Nathan's hot dogs.
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    Warner Archive Collection is releasing A GIRL, A GUY AND A GOB (1941) on February 20. It's not on WAC's website yet, but Amazon has it up for pre-order.
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    Lucie's newest CD "Lucie, Live!" has been released! This was recorded at Feinstein's at the Nikko in San Francisco. This is a great, intimate collection of love songs. I'm glad Lucie's brilliant and hilarious patter in between songs has been captured too. There are lots of highlights here including her Charo/Dolly Parton mashup "To All the Boys," "Namely You," "Until Now," and "That's All." It looks like the CD is currently only for sale online at CDBaby.com so far. Hopefully it will have a wider release soon. https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/luciearnaz
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    Now there's a Hollywood sandwich!
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    Can this be Ryan Murphy's next American Crime Story?
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    Years ago, I posted 4 minutes of "Celebrity Next Door" (Talu) on youtube and today I was notified that this was posted in the comments section. He took the words right out of my mouth!! なんとなくしか英語わからないのにめっちゃ面白い! please この番組について教えてください! グーグルで調べても出てこないのどうしてさ!
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    Wow. Of all the possible TV revivals, this is not one I was expecting. Given that the show hasn't been that popular in syndication, and only the first season ever got a DVD release, there aren't many avenues for newer generations to discover it (unless it's on a streaming service. Is it?). But given its topicality and political influence back in the day, it could very well have new relevance in the current climate.
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    That's been Warner's standard motif for repackaged classics for a few years - tinted photograph on a white background. They're clearly going for understated but I see what you mean.
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    The TCM Greatest Classic Legends box set is getting a re-brand as "Silver Screen Icons", featuring the same four pictures that were on it before: https://www.amazon.com/TCM-Greatest-Classic-Films-Legends/dp/B078967GXK/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1516049839&sr=1-1&keywords=TCM+Lucille+Ball Although why they want to design it like a public domain release is beyond me.
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    Wow. So they've been talking about the death of sitcoms ever since the start of sitcoms. Yet they always keep coming back. Now, if only the new stuff could match the classics in terms of quality, but that's another matter...
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    My God, the nose! I think those 4 Columbia films are the only ones Mill Creek has the rights to, what with their Sony distribution deal. Obviously the 10 episodes will be public domain Lucy Shows. Nonetheless, this sounds like a great Lucy starter set for more casual or budget conscious fans. I'll definitley pick it up out of curiosity.
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    ONG! I forgot an episode on my list that has off and on been my #1 favorite episode "The Dancing Star"!! There are so many Hollywood episodes that are great but I didn't want to be too Hollywood heavy. It is definitely the longest stretch of great ILL episodes in its history. IMO, The only "fair" Hollywood episodes (and even these are good) are three in New York: "Movie Offer" "Ricky's Contract" and "Screen Test" (the director was bad casting) but once we get to Hollywood, only one that falls short of excellent: "Don Juan Gets Shelved" . I might add "Lucy and the Dummy" even though her "I Get Ideas" routine is brilliant. I don't know what prompted them to return to New York because Hollywood had not run out of steam. They didn't spend much time back there before going off to Europe (only 3 episodes that had nothing to do with Hollywood or Europe). I don't know why they didn't just settle the Ricardos and Mertzes in LA. Could have moved them out to Chatsworth for the "country" episodes. (I think the San Fernando Valley was still pretty countrified in 1955). Ricky could have gotten a regular gig at Ciro's and Fred could have bought an LA apartment complex. There are a two episode of ILL that I did not see until many many years later. "Dummy" is one and "The Ricardos Visit Cuba" is the other, the latter was not shown by CBS during the daytime stripping after Castro took over. (though they showed "Havana" as part of LDCH--maybe because it was depicting 1940 Cuba). I don't know if I just missed "Dummy" when it was run or it was pulled for some reason. I also don't remember "Night In Town" where they see "Most Happy Fella". An of course, the mysterious Christmas episode. When Bart Andrews (GodBlessHIm) wrote that first book, he had nothing to go on for that episode. No plot synopsis and nobody he interviewed remembered it. He wrote something like "apparently is wasn't any good". He wrote the book before VCRs, VHS tape releases and cable, so unless your local station still ran it, you didn't get to see it. While it's great to have them all at my fingertips, there's that thrill of anticipation gone forever: tuning in and not knowing what episode it might be; or even recognizing the particular episode for quite some time into the show. Until Bart's book came out, there wasn't an entire episode guide available anywhere. Since most of TV had gone color-only, only the larger markets with more independent stations were running it at that time. We in Portland were I Love Lucy-less from about 1970 to 1977 (certainly my formative years), when a station brought it back with some fanfare for the coveted 7pm weeknight time slot.
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    At the age of 77, John Mahoney has gone to that big ugly easy chair in the sky
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    The remarkable character actress Connie Sawyer has been cut down in the prime of life at 105, according to fellow actress Jackie Joseph.