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    A devastating loss. And who among today’s crop could ever be considered a worthy successor to the likes of him? The giants of yesteryear are irreplaceable.
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    Last weekend at a bonfire we utilized my friends' new outdoor projector, and one of the selections was "Job Switching". I was the only person who'd seen it before, but there were laughs all around (no shocker there). The candy wrapping scene was, of course, immediately recognizable to all because of the countless homages. It really might be the perfect I Love Lucy episode. It doesn't feature some of the more iconic themes of the series, like Lucy's desire to get into show business or the struggles of parenthood, but it's a great showcase for every member of the fab foursome, and its commentary on the gender roles of the 50s is almost too perfect. I've definitely mentioned it before, but my mother always shows this episode to her US history class during their coverage of the decade. Everyone present had seen ILL before (you can't be friends with me and not have seen the show), but to be around when people are experiencing a classic episode for the first time is always a real treat.
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    I was rereading these brilliant season 4 plot lines. We're a clever bunch! Here's a little different what-if take on season 4 Hedda Hopper's column Feb. 5, 1965: "It's official. Vivian Vance has turned in her resignation and will not be a regular when "The Lucy Show" begins its 4th season next fall. However, in a happy turn of events "Vivian Bagley" will be back for a limited run. Desilu has offered Vance a very lucrative deal to return for the first 13 episodes of the new season which will be a story arc chronicling her meeting and marrying new character "Vern Bunson" with the promise that many episode will center more on the lovey-dovey couple with little involvement from Lucy Carmichael. Doubling the enticement, if the couple clicks, is the possibility of her own "Viv & Vern" spinoff, which Vance would produce in partnership with Desilu. Story outlines for the 13 episodes have been completed which will include the courtship, wedding and the tearful parting of Lucy and Viv, sure to be a ratings winner for CBS (last episode in the arc "Viv Is Enciente"). Vance signed her contract, which puts her new salary on par with the series star and studio head Lucille Ball with the proviso that she waive casting approval. Desilu wanted her new co-star to be a surprise but Vance picked up little pieces of information from the gossip-mill. She heard the name "Fred" and the fact that the actor just completed 5 seasons of a hit sitcom on ABC. Naturally she thinks it will be tall, dashing and age-appropriate Fred MacMurray who recently quit "My Three Sons". *. When the cast sits down for the first table read of "Viv Meets Vern Bunson", she blows a gasket when the actor hired to play Vern walks in, a completely different My Three Sons "Fred" than she was expecting. Vance's contract is iron-clad so she'll make the best of it but has nixed the idea of a V&V spinoff unless her real-life husband, New York based bon vivant John Dodds can replace Frawley as Vern. Vance's weekly 3000 mile commute has afforded the couple little time together. Vance adds: "You can't have children long distance". Dodds: "U-u-u-u-u (spider voice)" *This part is based on fact. MacMurray's My Three Sons ABC contract WAS for 5 years (1960-65) and he wanted to walk but was talked into returning by CBS who offered him a sweetheart deal: all of his scenes for the entire season would be filmed in 3 months. Then the cast would do their scenes after MacMurray's departure which accounts for the show's clunky feel, post 1965.
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    I found this on line today, Lucy cosmetics! When I say the name Lucille Ball, a very specific image probably enters your mind: ginger ringlets, pale complexion, big lashes, and bright red lips. This month, the iconic actress's signature look will be translated to a retro makeup collection by — you guessed it — Besamé Cosmetics. On June 25, you can snag up to seven products the brand says are exact matches to the makeup Ball wore back in her day. Similar to the lipsticks, Lucy's Face Powder Compact is encased in gold with an etching of Ball. Inside you'll find a mattifying pressed powder you can use to set your makeup and blot oil throughout the day or night. Lastly, Lucy's Pencil Set contains two eyeliner pencils (a brown for the lash line and a white for the waterline) and a bright red lip pencil to match Love That Redhead. Those who purchase the collection as a bundle (which costs $150) will be gifted two additional and exclusive products: an I Love Lucy tote bag and a set of false lashes the brand says "are based on the exact size, shape, and color that Lucille Ball wore." The Besamé Cosmetics Lucille Ball Collection is available on June 25 from besamecosmetics.com. https://www.allure.com/story/besame-cosmetics-lucille-ball-collection
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    An podcast with Lucie and Kate about the collection! https://besamecosmetics.podbean.com/e/lucy-legacy-special-with-lucie-arnaz-and-kate-luckinbill-connor/
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    I'm locked and loaded with my credit card waiting to buy this today. I'm splurging on the whole collection. I wish the image was more Lucy looking. They had so many Lucy artists to pick from. I don't know why they couldn't have found one to get a better likeness of Lucy. It's not like there aren't 1000s of photos of 1940s Lucy.
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    A 16mm network print of The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour has popped up on eBay. This includes the "lost" Pepsodent advertising Lucy did. This could not be found when the special was released on The Lucy Show second season DVD set. I hope whoever purchases this can make this available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/16mm-Film-LUCILLE-BALL-COMEDY-HOUR-Mr-Mrs-1964-BOB-HOPE-Network-Print/333625840464?hash=item4dada65350:g:dtAAAOSwggJe5qfn
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    PBS's American Master ran a 90 minute biography of Mae West that was quite good. And everything considered they were pretty kind to Mae's 1978 vehicle "Sextette". Look up "Mae West Sextette Wardrobe Tests" on youtube. The slate is dated 8/26/76. The footage is silent but Mae seems to have it much more together than she did in the movie. My theory is that Mae had a slight stroke (or something else) between the wardrobe footage and the filming of the movie. Wardrobe test: look at the way she rises from the chair with ease. In the movie, she shuffles stiffly. In the tests, she looks GREAT, the hairdo is much more becoming than the wig she wore in the movie. I don't know if the casting was Mae's idea but she didn't do herself any favors by hiring 30-ish Timothy Dalton as her new husband....and all those ex's with Mae being a full 30 years older than the oldest of them. She probably should have stuck with George Raft and Caesar Romero. I suppose the budget was too small to commission its own score but their choice of songs shoe-horned willy-nilly into the plot are curious to say the least, with the oddest being "Happy Birthday, 21". (Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen) Songs not helped by those rinky-dink orchestrations. By every account I've read, Mae was game, a good sport and pulled no diva crap. I don't know what Mae thought of the finished product, but I hope they were able to keep those reviews away from her.
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    Carol answers the Vanity Fair Proust Questionnaire! https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/06/carol-burnett-proust-questionnaire
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    It looks like there was some dubbing involved for Kirby Furlong's singing. Up for sale is a contract for a David Joyce to dub Kirby's singing. I see there is a David Joyce still in the business who has had a long career doing background vocals. I assume it's the same one. https://www.historyforsale.com/mame-movie-cast-one-day-movie-contract-signed/dc187059
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    I convinced a friend who lives in TN to take a little road trip and check out the opening. I'll report back with what I learn.
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    Yes bottom 10. For reasons I stated above. My other contenders in the bottom 10 would be: "Lucy, the Starmaker", (Season 6), "Lucy and Carol Burnett, Part II" (Season 6), "Lucy and Phil Harris" (Season 6), "Lucy in the Music World" (Season 4), "Lucy Saves Milton Berle" (Season 4), "Lucy and Ken Berry" (Season 6), & "Lucy and the Soap Opera", (Season 4). If you have noticed, most of these are musical/star-oriented. It's ironic how Lucille Ball made one of the worst episodes of The Lucy Show and then two years later made of the greatest - which BOTH featured Milton Berle as the guest star.
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    Boo Boo sure gets around.
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    The anniversary of Lucy's passing made me think of Bart Andrews. You youngsters probably don't understand. In the pre-internet, pre-EVERYTHING days, "Tweet" was something "Rockin' Robin"'s did; "DVD" was short for Dick Van Dyke; "Instagram" was an expedited service Western Union offered; "hashtag" was something special your pot dealer was offering (I can only assume); "VCR" probably stood for "Viet Cong Resistance". We all thought we were all alone in our Lucy "obsession". We had no way of getting in touch with each other. Then there was the late great Bart Andrews who wrote a book about the series: "Lucy and Ricky and Fred and Ethel", the first time we had an episode list in order of presentation. Probably the first time a book had been written about a TV series. Bart was as thorough as he could be at the time. Strangely, NOBODY he interviewed remembered the Christmas show, so all Bart could write was "apparently it wasn't very good". Thanks to him, for the first time, we knew we were not alone. Later he suffered health problems and died way too young. We all owe him a deep debt of gratitude. I know I do.
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    Whenever the subject was brought up, Lucy admitted that she didn't like being the studio head. She was lucky to have honest people to guide her. So many (Debbie Reynolds, Judy Garland, Doris Day) were ripped off. It was incredibly easy to do and get away with. But in the 5 years she ran Desilu, it's doubtful that she devoted much time to it, what with doing her own show and all the other performing she did from 62 to 67. When she sold the studio in 1967, Star Trek had just LIMPED through its first season. Opposite still-top-10 Bewitched, it didn't have much of chance, but through letters from devoted fans it made it to 3 seasons (not sure the last was a full season of episodes). WHO could have predicted that the series itself, and I'm not counting the movie versions and TV sequels, would have such a lasting appeal? (not me..was never a big fan). I don't understand the TV business today. There's such a glut of product that I wonder if spending more per episode than the network pays in the hopes of recouping later is still a valid business model. But in 1969, when Star Trek when off the air, there wasn't much for local stations to pick from, especially in color. There was a time when a one or two season show could get a syndication sell. Desi's Mothers In Law with its 56 episodes was still being run in LA 5 times a week in the early 70s. (which means the entire series would repeat after 2 1/2 months). "Guestward Ho", "Desilu Playhouse" and "Greatest Show on Earth" were on the market well into the 60s. (Forward thinking Desilu shot "Show" in color). But local stations wanted half-hour shows. Few hour-long shows did well in syndication. So Desilu initially lost money on Star Trek as a network series? Did the amount the network pay a studio for a series hinge on its ratings? After two season of having no shows on the air except "The Lucy Show", Desilu hit the jackpot in 66 and 67---with Star Trek, Mission Impossible and Untouchables franchises churning out product well into the future. As much as she griped about the responsibility, it must have been a heady experience to own all those studios she once toiled at as a rather under-appreciate stock player. Lucy single-handedly turning Desilu around makes for good copy, but she was the first to admit that wasn't the case. Lucy being responsible for Star Trek makes for GREAT copy and there's a little truth to that. I wish Lucy Carmichael had done cross-overs to all the Desilu shows in 66-67. Imagine her on Star Trek doing her "it's a moo-moo" alien!
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    A genius has left us. 😢 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/30/arts/television/carl-reiner-dead.html I'm absolutely in shock. He was tweeting up a storm yesterday (and it was definitely always him sending out those tweets!) and did an interview in the last week. He was the greatest!
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    Dame Vera Lynn has passed away at 103. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-53091856 We need her songs and her message more than ever now
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