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    I booked my first Air B&B for next month. It’s called The Quinn Inn. I hope Fryer Quinn runs his Inn better than Fred runs his apartment building. Sadly it’s not on the River Out, just a main street in an old town in PA.
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    There are so few opportunities in this world to be in the presence of true genius, but I certainly felt like I was at this very moment in August 2006. It's not something I ever took for granted; I wanted time to slow to a crawl so I could take in every word he said. After all, just about everything he committed to paper became an indelible part of so many of our lives – even if you don't realize it. Joining the merry band of three with his writing partner, the quintet somehow bottled magic, brought to life by an incomparably talented quartet, which continues to delight and transfix new generations over sixty years later. One by one, over the passage of time, this quintet dwindled away until he was the very last torchbearer of something we're not likely to ever see again. As he approached his century and experienced myriad health problems we all knew time was limited but even as that chapter closed today I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of loss; loss not for a life which was, to all accounts, exceedingly well lived, but for a time, a place, and an exceptional category of brilliance which just drifted into the ether. But, my god, what a legacy he and his colleagues have left behind. Rest in peace, Bob Schiller.
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    Heartbreaking. Utterly devastating. But what a legacy he and the others have. Now that they're all together again, I like to think they're brainstorming an I Love Lucy revival in the hereafter. Thanks for the laughter, Bob. You will be missed.
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    It would have been hilarious that after so much smack talk about her looks by Theodore – and even Lucy – Irma sashayed into the Boss of the Year banquet played by Joi Lansing or a similar type. A great finale gag.
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    Any high school that raised Madelyn Pugh Davis, Kurt Vonnegut, "Argyle Nelson" and Vivian "Trucky" Tuttle Bagley already had something going for it, but.. Shortridge High School has been named Indiana's most beautiful public high school by Architectural Digest. The monthly magazine chose the most interesting and attractive public high school buildings around the country, highlighting the best from each state. http://www.indystar.com/story/news/education/2017/09/18/shortridge-named-states-most-beautiful-public-high-school/678804001/ LET'S ALL DO THE SHORTRIDGE LOCOMOTIVE AND CHEER ON THOSE BLUE DEVILS!
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    It looks like Hazel's name is up there without any stars. I imagine she was a laugh riot.
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    Nice tribute to Bob over on Ken's blog. http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2017/10/rip-bob-schiller.html
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    Playboy came along a little too late for Lucy.
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    Sounds like someone made up a story around one of the last phone calls Lucy and Desi had when Desi was sick and lay dying, as it sounds exactly like the conversations Lucie overheard at the time. I smell BS.
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    Viv! Turn off the Keurig, we're leaking! I can't turn it off. This lever broke off when I turned it on! Are you sure you used the right pod? Pod? Yeah, those little round things with the coffee grounds in them. So THAT'S what they were!
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    I wasn't expecting to hear from Rose Marie in the midst of this scandal, but good for her! She says she was a victim herself, and that scenes she did for a movie back in the '50s were cut out because she wouldn't put out for one of the producers. So is that what it took to make it big in movies, and even now? Is that why Rose Marie was never a big movie musical star? And those women who were big movie musical stars, did they have to put out to get there? Marilyn Monroe's housekeeper reportedly said that Marilyn told her there is no difference between a movie star and a whore. It's obviously these powerful men (bullies) who put them in that position. It's so sad that all these generations of woman have been put in a position where their talent was not enough for them to get the recognition and success they deserved. I love Alfred Hitchcock films, but apparently he was not much better than Weinstein when it comes to this stuff. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/will-flood-weinstein-accusers-bring-sweeping-change-hollywood-n810701
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    Groovy! It is being released in New York at the beginning of next month and I'm very excited. I wonder if the Kaye Ballard documentary will discuss Kaye's experience with Top Banana.
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    I noticed that they're playing some of the more well known episodes too. Good idea especially since this could be some people's first exposure to TLS. Yesterday they played "Lucy Gets a Roommate", the 1st California era episode they've shown. Back to season one next week with "Vivian Sues Lucy". Despite having the series uncut on dvd, it's still nice to watch it on broadcast tv.
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    And like Sammy Davis, Jr. who had a short-lived mid-season entry variety show in 1965 or 66. Due to some contractual conflict, he was absent as host from his own show for several weeks!
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    Note the error in this obit: If only it were true! "the duo developed The Lucy Show and had a hand in every one of that comedy's 156 episodes from 1962-68." I'm so glad Desi talked the writers into returning to Lucy. Had "The Lucy Show" not started out with such strong writing, I wonder if it would have been as big a hit as it was. The subsequent writers were never able to capture the Lucy character and make her a real person. (I'll give an exception to Bob O'Brien who wrote a handful of good ones)
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    I love how we keep finding visual proof of why they abandoned this.
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    Although he lived a very long life, this makes me very sad. Thank you, Neil, for making it possible for me to spend an afternoon with this wonderful, kind gentleman. That's a day I will never forget. I had a note or two from him afterwards. He was most gracious. The word genius is way overused, but I think he earned it.
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    I was just thinking about Bob recently. How incredibly lucky to get to meet him, Brock. Mot’s comment about a “Spiritual Revival” made me smile. From Lucy’s tango to Edith Bunker’s dead lesbian cousin, Bob sure gave us a lot of laughs.
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    98 is pretty damn impressive. And what am amazing career.
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    I like Lucy as Tallulah Bankhead, but I LOVE her as Katharine Hepburn. I wonder why an imitation of Hepburn was never worked into a script?
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    I think they kind of had to do a political episode, seeing as how it was the election sketch that led to the series being revived in the first place. I'm glad they decided to knock it out in one go rather than prolonging it too much, though. Now they seem to be back on track with being funny first and foremost. If you enjoyed the first one, you'll love the second. Grace and Karen were truly 21st century Lucy and Viv in this outing.
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    That was so unexpected and so cool!! Love shit like that!!
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    An a sort-of-off-topic about Mame. The cut number "That's How Young I Feel": I've only seen Rudy Vallee on his 2 Lucy appearances, but..... Did Rudy Vallee ever squeal? And if so, was "a Rudy Vallee squeal" a "thing"? It's hard to imagine working a squeal into "The Whippenpoof Song" where he, as Ricky put it, "cantando BAH BAH BAH" And in response to "Mot", yes the flamers do have it in for Lucy in Mame, with a vitriol never, to my knowledge, aimed at any other star. They take the most umbrage with her singing (though I think she'll sound better in my "NEW MAME", the Gitterman Version) and the soft-focus shots, which I've also cleaned up. If people didn't know her actual age (noted in different sources as 61 to 64. She was actually 61 at the time of filming), it wouldn't have been a big deal. She looked great and moved like a woman 20 years younger, so she was not "too old" for the part. Going through Mame for my edit, what I'm noticing most is the lack of musical underscoring on scenes that without it, have a tendency to fall flat. Personally, if I had one casting difference to make in any Broadway-to-Hollywood musical, it would be Ethel Merman instead of Roz Russell in "Gypsy". And I do like Roz...and the dubbing was expertly done, but it's the one Merman Broadway role that really needed to be captured on film. While not in the annals of "classic musicals", "Gypsy" is better received than "Mame".
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    Luvs: you surely 'find' the best stuff; thanks for sharing.
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    My audio sources: 1. the original movie track transposed up a tone with a little reverb added (and for the "Fellas, watch out" segment, it's up 2 tones) 2. The OBC version with as much of Angela's vocals as was possible to remove, which I had to take down 4 keys. 3. The "It's Today" portion of the finale on the OBC. 4. A karaoke version (instrumental) version I found, which is most of the background instrumentals. 5. The opening background instruments are from the closing credits of the movie (that augment the "Light....The....Can...") Combining 1 or 2 or 3 of the above in any given segment. Did anyone notice that Lucy looks a little more in-focus? What was sad, in the end, is their overly soft-focusing Lucy backfired horribly. To this day, there is not a piece written about the movie that doesn't mention it. They certainly didn't invent soft-focus for Lucy's Mame, but there are several shots that are just so jarring. And they didn't need to be. If Criterion is willing, I'm available. And a couple of "Mame" 'bloopers' I'm noticing for the first time. A minor one: when she's rolling the wheel of the skate while looking lustily at Robert Preston, when they cut to another angle, she's wheeling it in the opposite direction. If Patrick came on December 1st (instead of Mame's November 31st), are we to assume that she had Patrick for nearly a full year before Babcock took him away? Because if it all happened in that brief window, 1) the infamous stock crashed happened on Oct. 29th 1929, a month before Patrick arrived and 2) in "We Need a Little Christmas", Patrick's solo line is "But Auntie Mame, it's one week TILL Thansgivings Day now", which would have been at least 2 weeks before he arrived (and BTW in the OBC, the lyric is "one week PAST T'giving Day...")
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    Incredible! The Criterion Collection needs to release special Neil-ified versions of movies!
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    I only have 2 things left on my bucket list: Play with a baby elephant and Make "Mame" into a respected movie musical. Here's my attempt to liven up the leaden "It's Today". You may notice that Lucy's face looks a little sharper than the original.
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    At last! Something appetizing! I wonder if this evolved into chinkee goodee.
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    I wanted something fluffy to watch this morning, so I while flipping through Amazon Prime, I picked a random first season episode of The Doris Day Show. Based on the description provided, I figured it would be guest star-driven and hopefully feature a funny character actress. I was right! Mary played Denver Pyle's ex-WWII marine girlfriend who infiltrates the ranch. I gotta say, for a show that tries its hardest to be laid back and unoffensive as possible, Mary just shines through and gives an incredibly funny, human performance. She was so good in such a mediocre role, it kind of took me aback. For those interested, it's season one episode seventeen, "The Buddy". To drag this out even further, I'd like to give a shoutout to Amazon Prime for their pretty excellent classic TV selection. Not only do they have episodes of ILL, TLS, and HL, but they carry quite a few of her specials that MPI has released, and those old Goodtimes "Lost" compilations (you know what I'm referring to- I've still got my VHS tapes)- and that Lucy-Desi-Berle special that didn't get released until very recently.
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    Monty Hall has died at age 96. As many here know I'm a huge fan of his daughter Joanna Gleason. In my research of Joanna I learned how closeknit the Hall family was. Earlier this year Monty lost his wife Marilyn, who was married to him for over 60 years. A Hollywood marriage that lasted. RIP to one of the greats.
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    When I woke up this morning, it took a while before I remembered watching it. Then I was like, "Oh yeah, W&G premiered. Meh, hope it's better next week."
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    "Des made the most of his ...shortcomings, Hef, you'll do just fine! Whatcha up to ..ahem.. this afternoon, stud??"
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    The over-saturation of reboots can only mean that an era of fresh ideas is just around the corner! I might watch the premiere, but I'm not particularly familiar with W & G- I think I sampled some season two episodes awhile back. I'll probably watch the new Roseanne, but I can't imagine that being anything extraordinary. All the shows I'd like to see come back for a reunion series or special have way too many dead cast members! Even something as recent as Everybody Loves Raymond would very sadly be out of the running. This starting and stopping is what British comedies actually do very well. The Vicar of Dibley aired five seasons for almos fifteen years, and Absolutely Fabulous spanned two decades!
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    Lucille Ball at the Playboy Mansion in 1976, talking to Hugh Hefner and playing backgammon -- what else? -- with Berry Gordy.
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    Sounds like a straight line for a Fred zinger.
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    Oh no! Ken Levine's praises of her on a recent podcast episode prompted me to look into the life of Anne. She seemed every bit as talented and elegant as he said. My grandma is a big Topper fan.
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    I've seen this story pop up on Tumbler from time to time. Never has a source with it. Also why would some random friend answer the phone at her house? Lucy had help, so it was very rare that the house was completely empty. I think as much as we would like it to be true there are too many questions surrounding it.
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    Just scored my for Lucy item since forever ago. I recently got a modern high that played 78s as well as standard records. I got it fixed up but didn't have 78s. On searching around I found the Desi Lucy single 'Carnival In Rio' going cheap on ioffer. It arrived today and is AWESOME (I had heard the song before on CD) I'm so psyched right now
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    The scene would end with the Keurig going haywire and spraying right in the face of Mr. Mooney as he walks through the door.
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    There is a new RetroTV broadcast station debuting on Monday, September 25, 2017 and it will air The Lucy Show on Mondays at 5:30pm. There may be more added but currently there is not much listed on their schedule. It looks like its mostly a lot of public domain shows. Here is a link for RetroTV web site: http://www.myretrotv.com/ and for the schedule: http://www.myretrotv.com/uploads/2/6/7/5/2675315/retro2017q4.pdf
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    Another Decades Lucy Show marathon this weekend. They started with season 2 "Cleopatra" and will make it all the way through to "Boss of the Year". It looks like a few are missing. No "Mainstreet", which is fine with me. These are fun to watch. Season 2 is one winner after another. Even the duds are only duds compared to the rest of the season. Currently they're in the middle of season 4, one that forum people are divided on. I'm PRO season 4. I think she looks the best she ever did in the 60s during this season. Yes, some episodes are pretty far-fetched and a few REAL duds ("Mickey Rooney", "Rain Goddess", "Superwoman" "Robot"). I just watched "Danny Thomas". I don't find Lucy conspicuously older-looking than the other chorus girls. And oh those gams! Lucy's ruining take after take is done with such ease, disguising just how hard it is to make this type of comedy work. I also like Mickey Manners as the actor Lucy confuses, a stand-out performance. And that part of the script is cleverly written. As is the whole show, really. The dialogue is funny without being "joke-y". The scene where Mooney hires Lucy as his secretary is cut. Wags have accused this episode as being a direct steal from ILL's "Gets in Pictures". But really it's only 1 minute at the end. And the only things she does that are the same are: 1) dropping to the floor after the prop man lets go of the Empire State Building; 2) Tilting trying to hold the prop up and 3) falling backwards as she tries to get up the stairs. Considering how often other stars repeat the same schtick, I give Lucy this one. She does the bit just as well here compared with "Gets in Pictures". "Script Consultant" Milt Josefsburg has (as of the middle of season 4) yet to get a 'written by' credit but I think this could be our first "showers of sparks and colored smoke", something pyro-Milt would use often.
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    Brilliant as always, Brian! Love so much but maybe especially "Brice also portrays all of the pupils"!
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    Regardless of their history, they're beautiful works and should be on public display! Just ... beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
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    The Hollywood Reporter says "Household Name" is still alive and being "reworked": http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/natasha-lyonne-star-netflix-comedy-amy-poehler-leslye-headland-1041520
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    I've been watching My Three Sons on MeTV for the past month. They are at the beginning of the fifth season so there are only a few more episodes with Bill left. I'm really enjoying the series. I think this might be it's peak. By the time they get to the Beverly Garland years, yes, the show is bland. There are genuine laughs and a nice sweetness in these black and white episodes. Bill is terrific as Bub. On camera he does not seem to be in especially bad health. I'm going to miss him when Uncle Charley comes along. The show had a great eye for talent too. One recent episode featured Beau Bridges and the following show had Martin Sheen.
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    Though hard to narrow it down to one choice, this is probably my favorite season 2 episode, for all the reasons you described.