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    Recently attended a taping of "The Conners" and they clocked in at just a bit over three and a half hours. Fun episode, despite a couple of scenes being pre-taped. Highlight was the kitchen scene with the hilarious Laurie Metcalf involving a rock and a turnip! Great guest cast too, featuring Katey Segal, Matthew Broderick and Jay R. ("the Real O'Neals") Ferguson. Look forward to the broadcast!
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    Glad to hear it looks so good! This is on my Christmas list -- along with a new Blu player to replace the one that died in the middle of ILL S2.
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    IT'S TODAY! My Blu-Ray just arrived! The only extras are the trailer and the (this time correctly titled) "Lucy Mame" featurette. I took a brief look at the film itself and it looks great. I'm debating whether or not to watch the whole movie tonight. I usually watch Mame during Christmas week, but I might need a little Christmas now.
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    There are some very funny 3rd season episodes, but the atmosphere definitely has a different feel to it. I think this was due in large part to the new writers ignoring much of the previously established continuity. All the recurring women from the first two seasons were dropped. No more Thelma, Audrey, Kathleen, Dorothy, etc. It no longer had that community feeling to it. Yes, we had new recurring characters such as Mrs. Valance, but they were never given the characterization or "friendliness" of the earlier characters. Had the new writers crafted some new Volunteer Firemen plots or something, it would've helped the series retain more of its old feeling.
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    That's pretty amazing! She has exquisite taste.
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    I agree! This was definitely the best of the season (so far). It went from hilarious to heartbreaking, and pulled off both extremes with great panache.
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    I never knew that about MTM! (Did you attend a filming?) I was expecting a long night at Murphy Brown, but the actors were remarkably professional. Candice Bergen tripped over her opening dialogue a couple of times, but other than that, I don't think there was a single slip-up. What I really found interesting was how portions of scenes were re-shot with slightly different blocking due to the possibility of certain "bits" being cut for time. I still marvel at the thought of Lucy's shows wrapping in under an hour (according to folklore)- especially considering some of the elaborate visual chaos that had to be accomplished. Today it would be pre-taped with stunt doubles and CGI! Lol at Fran Drescher with laryngitis. I believe the Everybody Loves Raymond finale had to be postponed because Patricia Heaton got laryngitis.
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    Well, Candy got her Emmy tape tonight. Wonderful episode.
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    Don’t look at me; I just got here.
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    Well, there are 10 available. I dare someone to buy all of them and then tell their significant other, ala Yours, Mine and Ours - "I have 10 Lucys. Speaking of 10 Lucys, that's what I have!"
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    That was totally my thought process. Dude, its 80s Lucy.
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    My first thought was "What the hell?", my second thought was "I kind of need this."