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    Lucy Carmichael and Lucy Carter only smoked if they were playing a character. Lucy smoked a cigar in Lucy and Ma Parker (posing as Ma Parker) and My Fair Buzzi (playing Dallas Noonan). Lucy smoked a cigarette on a long holder in Lucy, the Wealthy Widow like she did in Lucy Goes to Vegas.
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    Ooh, I'd forgotten about that Equal Rights scene. As for LWL, it's kind of hard not to imagine Lucy Barker smoking, what with that voice and all! On the subject of sponsors and cast commercials, was there a specific reason Lucille never did any commercials on "The Lucy Show"? Was she just too busy? Surely if she was okay pitching cigarettes and Lilt she wouldn't have had any objections to Jell-O Pudding, Dream Whip and Swan. Look at all the Jell-O commercials she did on the radio.
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    Watched the TLS Vegas episode the other night and Lucy does smoke in that one. Although I think it's more for the effect of the whole gown image as she is using a cigarette holder and is essentially playing a character in that getup.
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    What? This show was a TGIF Friday night must watch for me in the late 80s early 90s. I loved it. Now we do the dance of joy.