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    Maybe they could celebrate Florida's importance to the election next year with the "I Love Lucy: Florida Frenzy" special, featuring the Florida set episodes.
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    If you have amazon prime, a handful of early Carol Burnett shows are available for no extra fee including Lucy’s first appearance in 1967. The episode appears to be complete. The episode includes the “Argentine Cafe” and car rental sketches.
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    ...I was sort of kidding with the Florida thing, you know? Not that it's a bad idea, per se, but I'd like to see some Connecticut episodes as well.
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    They run 51 minutes so allow for commercials and we're pretty close. The 2 with Lucy I watched had musical numbers in, including the ones Lucy was in. Boys In The Backroom is there. And I've now got Lucy kissing, and kissing and kissing Lyle Wagner on repeat.
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    Don't worry, by the time they all get colorized we'll be dead as a door nail.