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    Seeing I Love Lucy in a theater was such a special experience. I didn't want it to end. Hopefully this is something they will do again in the future, especially for those who missed it.
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    Moviegoers showed their love for Lucille Ball in a big way on Tuesday. I Love Lucy: A Colorized Celebration grossed $777,645 from 660 theaters across the country, enough to beat out Aladdin and come in No. 6 at the domestic box office. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/box-office-i-love-lucy-tribute-screenings-score-huge-business-1230045
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    I didnt get to go - he theater near me in NYC had an 7 pm sold-out showing and i couldn't make the 10:30. Lets hope they will add another day in the future. I did spend Lucy's Birthday at The Cher Show on Broadway which includes Lucille Ball in the show.
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    I was quietly clapping for all the people I knew, that' hilarious about the house.
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    Who's Scott Mantz? My theater was a virtual sell out. No technical glitches. I ordered tickets some time ago and could only get the 2nd row so everyone was HUGE! As Ric Carl was talking about his house furnishings, I wanted to stand up and address those around me "I've actually BEEN to that house", but I was afraid some smart-ass would say "I can't wait to tell Lana at dinner tonight".
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    My reaction from last night was, wow! A sell out crowd at my theatre. The feature on the colorization was excellent. It answered every question I ever had and more. Loved seeing a bit of Rick’s apartment as I had only heard about it before. The technical aspects were really interesting, and I know many of us knew that at times colors were changed, but to see it visually talked about was great, especially the part where they ended up with 2 pink dresses and had to change Viv’s. I’m also happy they addressed the critics. I’m still a purist but I agree with everything that was said. Excellent work guys. Be proud. As for the shows themselves, just wonderful. We’ve said it before but in color you pick up all the small details. Even more so when it’s HUGE. A thread pull on Lucy's shirt at the Brown Derby, addresses written on the order cards for the salad dressing. What struck me was how much I laughed at others laughing. That’s when a shared experience really clicks. They just lost it during the Brown Derby. The crowd was a mix of older people and families with kids or teenagers at my theatre. I thought I was home free with open seats on either side of me but a woman and her kid came after the feature was over. And the kid must have had a bottomless bag of popcorn as she crunched away for 2 whole episodes. And I did have to tell the mother to put her phone away, as did the usher an hour later. Lady, just watch and enjoy the genius happening on the huge screen in front of you. The manager handed out the posters before the show and I snagged a few extras after. I also talked to him a bit after the show and said they did a great job showing the event (I’ve been to some badly done fathomevents). He was happy to hear that and surprised at the huge turn out. Totally beat out 5 people for the Met Opera screenings. A few people loved my red polkadot dress and wanted pictures. Ran into some people who had been to Jamestown over the years. Lots of people in Lucy t-shirts. A little girl next to me was getting the answers right in the pre-show trivia. Even found out that a local organization was giving away tickets via Facebook. Just a fun time!
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    Sold out crowd at our theater in Florida. Lots of Lucy T shirt wearers in the crowd and a few women dressed like Lucy! No technical difficulties and we got our poster. Loved the amazing details in the clothes. Lucy never looked lovelier (as Fred would say ....well... I can't argue with that......). I am glad they didn't tinker with the opening and closing music and of course loved hearing "I Love Lucy is a Desilu Production" blaring through the theater. I like the opening heart sequence someone did on Youtube better but other than that an A+. The mini documentary was excellent as well. Good to see Tom Watson. I remember when he started up the We Love Lucy fanclub back in the 1970s and still have all of the hand made magazines he made back then. They might be worth a fortune by now.
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    In an interview, Mary Jane also said she used "It's a moo-moo" whenever she found something strange I like the Martian routine too. And it's not that crazy when you remember the kerfuffle War of the Worlds caused.
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    From the “behind the scenes” look at the colorization process, it appears we will be getting The Freezer colorized soon.
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    I can NOT stand Broad City. I tried, gave it 3 episodes. It's just 2 girls doing gross out humor. Maybe that's what the kids are in to these days but when I watch something funny I want it to be generally funny, with jokes, not something I might snicker at. Amy Schumer went down hill fast when she went past shining a light on female hypocrisy, which i did find funny, to let's see if I can be as gross as the male comics. Who by the way, I don't like either. I skipped Amy at the festival last year because I really didn't need to pay $70 to hear about her vagina. From what I heard I didn't miss much.
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