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    Spell-check does NOT like the spelling of Ann's last name. It's always correcting my Sothern to Southern. Likewise, I'm always having to correct the alternatives it inserts to "Mame"---either "Name" or "Came", sometimes "tame". I've said this before by I spent a weekend following Ann around with a camera. I was hired to do a video about her visit to Portland on behalf of a charity. She had a 16mm reel of clips of her work, mostly her movie work that she showed several times at the various events the charity arranged. Strangely there were no clips from "Private Secretary" but her Susie MacNamara character was represented by the drunk jail cell scene from "Havana". This was immediately followed by showing most of the Ann Sothern Show episode with Lucy, where the two drugged each other: the first time I had ever seen it. (showing 2 drunk scenes with Lucy right in a row: not really a good idea). It was fun to watch both clips in a crowd. Lucy got the bulk of the laughs. Ann did not have Lucy's writers (though Schiller & Weiskopf did a few TASS's) or ILL's production values. It was not an LOL comedy and its popularity rested solely on the considerable charm of Miss S. Her fans would come up short if they tried to name their favorite episode of either series. Ann's shows had no Vitameta, Candy Factory or Grape Stomping stand-outs. A tribute to her skills that she was able to coast for 8 seasons on her personality alone---and garner 4 Emmy nominations. I suppose it's too much to hope for but someday I want to see all 13 episodes of "Glynis", the Desilu series cancelled mid-season by CBS in 1963, only to rise from the dead as TLS's summer replacement in 1965 (instead of the usual "Vacation Playhouse") and do better in the ratings than TLS did that season! "Glynis" was unique in that it was a mystery-comedy. Universally panned at the time by the critics and (obviously) the 1963 audience. RE: "If you don't like.... then don't read my posts. Get over it" Advice well taken!
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    I’m super excited at the moment. Just realized after the LWL release, I’ll have all episodes but 1 of the “Lucy” character on official dvd!! Now I’ll just need to hope and pray “Lucy’s” appearance on The Ann Southern Show makes it to some official release. Then I can start obsessing over getting The Golden Palace on dvd 😂😂
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    March 2's Google Doodle celebrates Desi on his 102nd birthday! https://www.google.com/doodles/desi-arnazs-102nd-birthday
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