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    Here's a You Tube playlist of Arte as Wolfgang at his best -- and occasionally lusting after Lucy and wishing only the worst for Gary if he gets in the way:
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    My heart is breaking, but I hope that the incredible Valerie has a wonderful birthday and knows how many millions of fans wish her the very best- not just today, but always.
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    I take this as a good sign. Amazon is showing "Temporarily Out Of Stock" for the DVD.
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    A review. https://www.broadwayworld.com/new-jersey/article/BWW-Review-SIDEKICKED-at-Cape-May-Stage-20190814?fbclid=IwAR1NZNThHe9IviKdvlm51vdpYVRTPQ7A2glgqrBOC4rjbxu3yPRX8gA174k I have to disagree with one point not even haven seen this. I think VIv seemed to have a sparkling personality. She seemed like a sassy broad that would be fun to hang with.
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    I can absolutely see Viv as Vera. She had that dry sassy wit.
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    I always wondered if little touches like that were Lucy's idea or one of the props people having a little fun.
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