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    Carole's birthday is a week from Tuesday (Jan. 14th). If people would like to send me birthday greetings to pass on to her, I'm compile them and make sure she gets them. You can either messenger me or email: nlwlbrn@gmail.com. I would want to send by Friday the 10th to make sure she gets them. I'm working on a Carole video that's just about done. Will post when I finish. The premise: "Since Mrs. Lucy Carter got the award and Kim got the car, Miss Ball feels a little sorry for Cynthia Duncan and arranges for her to be her stand-in for her new musical film.....something she soon regrets as never-shy-Duncan starts taking over." It will be about 9 minutes long. I'm so glad Carole is still in the limelight and STILL PERFORMING.
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    I caught that. Years ago I was at the fair and oved the table scapes. They also had Christmas tree decorating and someone did an I Love Lucy tree.
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    In Stu Shostak's show recent look back on LWL, Tom said that the night John's episode aired Lucy invited him to the house to watch. Everyone said how nice a guy John was not only in the show but on set all week.
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    Some audio of Lucie in Mack and Mabel. I want to hear more!
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