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    I can't stand that strident bitch (Ingraham)
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    I feel like the LWL/Lucy bashing is so much worse because in hindsight we know how it affected Lucy and that it happened only a couple of years before her passing. Not that I'm defending any of those schmucks, but at the time they probably didn't think that it would end up being her last real project or that it would hurt her so deeply. It's hard to think of an analogous situation because Lucy's legacy was so enormous and LWL's reception was so absurd. Last season's Murphy Brown revival comes to mind; the network trying to ride a current trend by pumping a ton of money into a project that reunited a cast and show runner who were 70+, although by comparison, Murphy's ratings performance and even the reviews were a lot better than Lucy's. Even today, when it feels like everyone has lost all of their tact when it comes to spouting opinions and criticisms, LWL's reviews seem particularly nasty. The closest I've seen to anyone making comments that pig-headed is Laura Ingraham, who is really filling the void that Freida Claxton left.
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