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    In 1967, anyone over 30 (and even younger) would be very familiar with Jack Benny from radio. There's also a reference to a bear (?) named Carmichael. I've never understood the popularity of this episode. I scoured newspaper archives and the TV columnist mentioned "Lucy has had some pretty good shows this season. Her best was with Jack Benny. Her worst was with Dennis Day." I don't agree with either. The Emmy board nominated this script, the only TLS to ever be so honored. The 6th season is the only one of TLS I never watch. There's not one episode I enjoy thoroughly. Milt gave plenty of work to his old Jack Benny cronies that year. Besides Benny and Day, there was the Phil Harris episode. The bank vault tour might have been exciting if you were in the studio audience. I can take a bit of surreal (although prefer none) but this one is just not funny. Everything is thrown in: including a gorilla and the tribe of indians! This is nothing but a Jack Benny Show sketch, already done in various ways on his radio and TV programs many times before. Much more suited to his show. Years ago I was watching it with a friend. When Jack and Lucy are sinking in the quicksand at the end, she said "I don't get it. DO THEY DIE?"
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