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    Even though they're both also ending this year, I'd recommend Schitt's Creek and The Good Place to anyone. As for Will & Grace ending, apparently there's been drama between its two leading ladies and the ratings for the past two years have been absolutely crummy. If I recall correctly, NBC renewed the show for an additional two seasons before its first revival season had even premiered. Last year there were episodes of Murphy Brown that had double the viewership of Will & Grace so yes, I'm still salty about it getting the axe. It sounds like Les Moonves was the biggest factor in bringing the show back, so had he not been (rightfully) ousted, I'd wager that we'd be seeing season twelve of Murphy this year. It's weird that someone so associated with misogyny and alpha male crime shows that dissect hookers every week would be a big fan of such a feminist show. And on Lucy and communism; I always assumed that the "grandpa made me do it" story was true. Did she actually align with the Communist party at some point in her life?
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    This doesn't show up on my March 26th Guide. No W&G scheduled for that night. "Superstore" instead. I flipped ahead a week. W&G scheduled for 9 but no plot description on the guide. With the departure of W&G and Modern Family and this being the last season of "Better Call Saul", I'm going to have to find some new friends. There are shows I catch a glimpse of that look good like "Goldbergs" "The Middle", etc. From the outside, they have a certain sameness about them. Any recommendations? It's 1998 all over again!! When in one short period I lost "Seinfeld" "The Larry Sanders Show" "Ellen" and "Roseanne". I was able to make new friends then and I'm sure I can do it again. Have to admit I didn't watch Roseanne during that last Dan-less lottery-winning season, and though I loved "Ellen"'s coming-out episodes (the main one, to her parents and to her boss), I found the subsequent "out" season a little dull. My memory anyway. W&G: you left me once. But against my better judgement, I let you back in and now you're doing it to me AGAIN!! Does anyone know why it's going off? It seems they're on a story line roll that they can't possibly wrap up in the few remaining episodes. I'm amazed that the years between the W&Gs didn't change anything. Especially how the cast looks. Are the ratings bad? I don't know how they can possibly tabulate ratings these days--what with DVR, streaming, etc. Someone (Bob Hope, I think) once joked that Lucy reruns were everywhere to such an extent that he got them on his toaster. Today that's really not far off, is it? I liked the new Murphy Brown better than the original and was sorry to see it go. "The Conners" carries on quite nicely without Rosanne. "Roseanne" without Rosanne is the strangest thing since "Valerie" without Harper. I knew nothing of the real Roseanne's personal politics so I could separate the two. I wish they hadn't killed her off. You'd think Roseanne would have some ownership in "The Conners". Amazing the number of celebs booted out of show business in the last few years. In 1953, had Lucy not been the huge star that she was, the whole Communistic thing would have killed the show. People were blacklisted for a lot less, their careers ruined. So ingrained was Lucy Ricardo in the public's eyes, she was able to hide behind that and the whole "grandpa forced us" story. As one right-wing columnist put it: "This Ball woman knew what she was doing. In 1936 at age 24, she was hardly a "kid"." The power-that-be sure cast a wide net with their inclusion of liberal minded causes being labeled subversive and "un-American", when the blacklisters themselves were the ones who were being un-American. History tends to repeat itself.....There I go again: veering off topic. Sorry!
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    They should be here Saturday. By this weekend I'll be in the mood to actually put some makeup on and do my hair again. All the comfort of working at home is nice but I feel so unglamorous.
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    Shelly we'll look forward to you "modeling" your new outfits for us once they've arrived! 😇
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    I agree Miss Grant Takes Richmond should be your next choice. That's hilarious. She is not in all of Easy to Wed but their are hilarious scenes. Of what I've seen Room Service is the worst movie she's wasted and it's not that funny. I also don't like Bob Hope
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