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    Mame is on TCM right now and my cable summary of the movie is โ€œWoman (Lucille Ball) wiped out in โ€˜29 weds millionaire (Robert Preston), lives fully.โ€ This adaptation of the Mame Dennis story does seem to emphasize the romance more than other versions, but it seems odd not to mention the main aunt/son relationship in the description.
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    Hey, Freddie! The pilot was shot at Warner Bros. Wednesday, March 11, 2020, right before everything really got "clamped down" or cancelled altogether; however, that same day, chatting with the audience "wrangler" folk (a couple of whom I knew from having gone to so many tapings over the years I've lived here) they weren't sure what was going to happen but that as of that date, more and more productions were cancelling either having audiences or shows or both. It was kinda "eerie" to check their website (tvtickets.com) to see what was a day or two before, shows going as usual (Dr. Phil; Raven's Home etc.) and half a dozen pilots (it's pilot season here in LA), including the one I attended. Checked the site again just a couple days later and status of EVERYTHING is "Cancelled" (http://www.audiencesunlimited.com/changes.htm). And so it goes (or actually, doesn't) ...... "Silicon Valley" star Thomas Middleditch stars as the lead in "B Positive", a CBS multi-camera comedy pilot from the "Mom" team of Marco Pennette, Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros TV. Written by Pennette, B Positive centers on Drew (Middleditch), a newly divorced dad faced with finding a kidney donor and who is at the end of his rope when he runs into Gina (Annaleigh Ashford), a rough-around-the edges woman from his high school past who volunteers her own. Together they form an unlikely bond and begin a journey that will change both of their lives. In addition to Ashford, Middleditch joins previously cast Kether Donohue and Sara Rue in what is shaping up as one of the strongest comedy pilot ensembles assembled this season. Pennette and Lorre executive produce. There's a "Lucy" connection of sorts: Recently appearing in a small role in Lorre's "Mom", actor/artist/Carole Cook & Tom Troupe documentarian (https://www.facebook.com/CaroleandTom/) Mason McCulley has essentially a cameo role in a pre-taped montage in the pilot, yet he did appear in person show night and was included in the cast bows at the end of the taping. It was nice to see him in his element and I sincerely hope that should the pilot sell and go to series (which it should, what with a wonderful cast in Middleditch, Sara Rue and someone I'd never heard of before but she "was" the show, the hilarious Annaleigh Ashford), that Mason becomes recurring as he is very funny and talented and it would nice to see him in a regular "gig". ๐Ÿ˜Ž Also, "Love Boat", "Bewitched" vet Bernie Koppell also appears in a cameo role as one of the old folks being driven to hospital treatments by senior citizen's van driver Gina (Ashford).
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    I love how that summary could be an in-universe newspaper headline for an article about Mame Dennis.
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    Well at least it acknowledged that she "Lived!"
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