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    Rue, who plays Middleditch's ex-wife in this, co-starred with Reba and Lily Tomlin in the underrated "Malibu Country", which I (coincidentally) I also went to the pilot taping of that as well (gawd that was a looooooooong one!). Show was good, should have had as long a run as her predecessor IMHO but for some reason it just didn't "fly" ... and I wasn't in LA at the time but I heard about the Burnett pilot (produced by Amy Poehler) and told my "Gab guys" (Here's Lucy DVD producers) friends about it and they went and said it was good and were surprised when it didn't sell.....(although rumor hath it that what actually went down was that Carol decided at this point in her life -- she is over 80! -- she didn't want to do a weekly series...who knows?) I wholeheartedly agree about the airing of unsold pilots thing, you'd think they would want to recoup some of their $$$, especially when there's such a need of product now with all the streaming services, and cable channels... I kinda get the Chuck Lorre comment (given Two & A Half Men, etc.), yet the now-long running "Mom", which I enjoy, both Lorre and creator/writer Marco Pennette are involved did this and the script is good and the pilot was directed by sitcom vet/legend Jimmy Burrows (Cheers, Frasier, every single episode of Will & Grace -- both iterations, and many other "classics"), so with that said and an excellent cast, it has a great "pedigree" and hopefully a very good chance at going to series. I certainly hope so!
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    Got a Lucy dvd combo pack today. Has Miss Grant Takes Richmond. Watching it now and enjoying it! Thanks for the recommendation
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    Sarah Rue I believe was on a WB show called Popular back around 2000. Annaleigh Ashford is a Broadway girl. Biggest role she's probably known for is in Kinky Boots but was also in the Sunday In The Park revival. On TV she was in Masters and Johnsson and The Assignation of Giani Versche.
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    Very cool- especially Bernie Kopell and the Carole/Tom connection. I enjoy Middleditch but have only ever seen Sara Rue on the one season comeback show that Reba did with Lily Tomlin a few years back. I’m generally wary of Chuck Lorre shows but if it makes it to air I’ll give it a watch. It’s too bad they don’t air or stream unsold pilots like they used to. I’d love to see Carol Burnett’s show from a year or two ago.
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    Tony Award-winning playwright Terrence McNally has died at 84 of coronavirus related complications. There was an excellent American Masters documentary about him a few months ago.
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