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    OMG these are hysterical. I especially love the disease really being Gobloots and Gary being stingy with the masks. And the "uh-oh" reaction to Trump, somebody should actually splice those in to his press conferences (Yoo-hoo, Neil!) YouTube sees explosion of drunken viral videos as "Vitametavegamin" revealed to prevent COVID-19 Vance delights as quarantine measures keep her away from Frawley, all scenes shot individually Little Ricky, Stevie Appleby diagnosed with coronavirus, mothers turn recovery into competition Owner of Unique Employment Agency self-isolates after displaying symptoms, turns out to just be Peeper-Poopers Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League stages televised charity concert for COVID-19 during lockdown, redhead slammed for choosing "Downtown" as solo "Here's Lucy" cast livestreams script reading, Morton decides to stick with format post-lockdown to cut costs
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    G. Morton under fire for supplying Desilu employees with masks only 3/4 of the standard size in order to save money Pistols 'n' Petticoats star to headline new Life Alert ad campaign: "Help, I've been pummeled by a redhead and I don't want to get up!" Fox News pundit suggests that COVID-19 outbreak may just be a misdiagnosis of Gobloots Los Angeles secretary who formerly claimed to have infected Patti Andrews with Coronavirus now contends that it was "just a bite from a tsetse fly" White House press conferences revealed to contain canned reactions from reporters when anal-retentive sitcom fan points out Dede Ball "Uh-Oh" spliced in after President's gaffe Cuban Pete and Sally Sweet to reunite online for a "Chick-Chicky-ZOOM" benefit
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    Fabray intends to use new Desilu vehicle to write off her cosmetic surgeries as a business expense: No Nose Nanette will premiere this fall Just thought of that one last night after watching an interview with Ms. Fabray.
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    These are TOOOO hilarious. Hard to pick favorite, but Gary's 3/4 size masks made me do a Mrs. McGillicuddy laugh. I'd forgotten about the whole Patty Andrews tsetse fly story. Pretty wacko even by Here's Lucy standards.
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