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    Last weekend at a bonfire we utilized my friends' new outdoor projector, and one of the selections was "Job Switching". I was the only person who'd seen it before, but there were laughs all around (no shocker there). The candy wrapping scene was, of course, immediately recognizable to all because of the countless homages. It really might be the perfect I Love Lucy episode. It doesn't feature some of the more iconic themes of the series, like Lucy's desire to get into show business or the struggles of parenthood, but it's a great showcase for every member of the fab foursome, and its commentary on the gender roles of the 50s is almost too perfect. I've definitely mentioned it before, but my mother always shows this episode to her US history class during their coverage of the decade. Everyone present had seen ILL before (you can't be friends with me and not have seen the show), but to be around when people are experiencing a classic episode for the first time is always a real treat.
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    I convinced a friend who lives in TN to take a little road trip and check out the opening. I'll report back with what I learn.
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