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    Have to concur about the tith on edge. I couldn’t believe it when I found out Rainbow was his actual surname. A gay man named Rainbow born in Queens...it’s so on the nose it’s not even funny.
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    Sorry to say I'm not an Rainbow fan. His personality "sets the tith on edge"; I had to mute the TV when he showed up for Sondheim's 90th birthday Zoom concert. While I can appreciate the effort that goes into his videos, I don't find his lyrics anywhere near the "clever" ballpark, more in the "cringey" outfield. Joe Keenan wrote a revue called Everybody Rise that was playing at Birdland before NYC shut down. It's the same schtick as RR, but with a variety of Broadway actors performing the parodies, which are so brilliant they make RR's material look as weak as... well, my little entry up above. I'd recommend seeking out any clips that might be online.
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