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    I saw this episode today, and it wasn't that great either. But to be honest, I think they did way too many of these musical episodes in the later years to begin with. Aside from a handful episodes (i.e. Lucy and the Generation Gap, which is really only interesting because of the sets and because Lucie and Desi are in it too,) I tend to skip past them. With regard to the Eddie Albert episode: I know 1973 was a different time, but did anyone else think it was weird that Lucy just went up to Eddie Albert's front door to ask him to be in the show? I know Lucy interacting with celebrities had been a staple on Ball's shows since the I Love Lucy days - but at least back on I Love Lucy, Ricky was in show business, so it made sense that the Lucy character might have interactions with his co-workers. I couldn't imagine Lucy Ricardo ever walking up to a celebrity's front door to ask them for a favor, the way Lucy Carter does with Eddie Albert, unless she actually lived next door to them (i.e. Tallulah Bankhead in The Celebrity Next door.)** ** = And at that point, Lucy and Ricky lived in a relatively affluent suburb in Westport, and one might expect that a Broadway stage actress, such as Bankhead, might actually move in next door. And to Desi and the writers' credit, Lucy Ricardo invited Tallulah over for dinner, established a friendship, and *then* asked her to be in the PTA benefit. It didn't seem as illogical or out of the blue.
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