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    I can't remember if other homages have done it consistently, but I really like that the apartment has the light shining through the windows on the back walls. It's a little touch like that that tells you this is coming from genuine fans.
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    Whip up some Jell-O Pudding & Pie Filling and get pourin'!
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    The reason I know you're all right about the harshness of the latter-day Ricardos is that several years ago a friend of mine was trying to keep his dying mother entertained so I put together a "best of" DVD of episodes in random order and she pointed out how different Ricky was in, say 1952 to the way Ricky was in "Danny", particularly his yelling "LUCY!!" when she walked across the room after exiting Danny's bedroom. "He's "different", she said. I hadn't thought about it before. I notice it more in Ricky than in Lucy. This is not a tone 1952 Ricky would have ever used. It's hard to separate the Ricardos from the Arnazes. The change happened in such a very brief period of time. However, it does not diminish my love for "Lucy Makes Room".
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    I agree Miss Grant Takes Richmond should be your next choice. That's hilarious. She is not in all of Easy to Wed but their are hilarious scenes. Of what I've seen Room Service is the worst movie she's wasted and it's not that funny. I also don't like Bob Hope
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    Miss Grant Takes Richmond gets my vote. It’s kind of like seeing the Lucy character before she met Ricky.
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    The Irving jokes actually started back on The Lucy Show. One of Lucy's roommate applicants was Irving, as was one of the co-owners of Mary Jane's mink stole, and Jack Benny's gorilla was played by an Irving. I'd forgotten the pattern continued onto Here's Lucy. I suppose if Milt had been involved in Life With Lucy, Gale Gordon would've been playing Irving McGibbon!
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    Ah. I suppose they had their reasons for waiting until the end to do it. A lot of Lucy parodies have a tendency to do that, I've noticed. Very interesting. Nice to see the recreations are in B&W, I'll admit. Lucie looks delightful!
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    Shock, the Australian company that released I Love Lucy here back in 2016, has clearly expanded their licensing deal with CBS. On April 1st, they issued The Lucy Show, Life With Lucy and the colourised I Love Lucy set for the first time down under. Exciting news for all Australian Lucy fans who need an isolation diversion! (I must admit, the substantially larger package for The Lucy Show, though not as shelf-friendly as its U.S. counterpart, has me intrigued.) http://www.shock.com.au/index.php?file=c-products&type=cat&cnm=lucy&cid=169
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    These are hilarious and a project we should all embark on. Lucy is horney for astronauts is a very good assessment. I will say I am spending far less bathroom time now that the only people who see me are those at the grocery store.
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    After an evening of (marginally) hard work and a LOT of beer, I decided to put on "Lucy and The Astronauts", because of the obvious quarantine/isolation themes. I also decided (as I occasionally do) to write down my thoughts on a notepad as I watch the episode. Normally, I'd compile these into a barely cohesive mini-essay and share it on here, but tonight I figure I'll just give highlights from the various bullet points I scribbled down. It feels like a concise way of discussing an episode. NOTE: This is an episode I think I've only seen once; when I bought the fourth season DVD at Jamestown in ~2012. All bullet points are in chronological order and are phrased as closely as I can interpret them from my drunken handwriting. Where was the stock footage from? TIRED opening- scared Lucy Poor Harry is so lonely he has to stop at Lucy's to show off his uniform Narration/framing device feels like a Paul Henning show Is that Doctor the Doctor (Harry's Doctor?) Lucy is horny for astronauts WHY establishing shot of ship when they walked into a trailer Why DO women spend so much time in the bathroom The doctor is definitely the psychiatrist- Ray Rodgers? Roy Roberts? WILLIE THE GRABBER President is never named- syndication worry? Nobody has ever been so excited about Nixon BOAT OR TRAILER? I have slept in places like this Lucy causing drama- IRVING- who the fuck is Irving? Wood paneling WHO is this for? Now I know why I haven't seen this show in 7 years Only explanation for laughter- asbestos in studio audience I would fire these writers At least they get the World Series in quarantine Why is Harry in orange? Still more watchable than Big Bang Theory, I guess Hopefully I'm not too inebriated and my little observations are interesting/funny to somePlease stay safe during this bonkers situation, folks.
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    It's pretty obvious whenever Lucy's dubbed. I never thought anyone who sang for Lucy sounded remotely like her.
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    3/29/20 (early morning): Episode 1: Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana
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    I was wondering that too. Hopefully it was Dance, Girl, Dance.
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    Tiffany Haddish is on a Bill Frawley binge.
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    It looks like a new book was just published called, "The Forgotten Desi and Lucy TV Projects: The Desilu Series and Specials That Might Have Been". https://www.amazon.com/Forgotten-Desi-Lucy-TV-Projects/dp/1629335452/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=the+forgotten+desi+and+Lucy+tv+projects&qid=1585409857&sr=8-2
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    Some gay sparkling jello might work better. Form it to the bell in the fridge for 3 hours.
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    I live in New York City and have been stuck in quarantine due to the Coronavirus, so being able to stream this show for free on Tubi has been a Godsend. I just finished "With Viv As A Friend, Who Needs An Enemy." I like this episode because of Vivian Vance, even though I don't think it's one of Bob and Madelyn's better efforts. As with "Lucy Goes On Her Last Blind Date," the final scene - where Lucy pretends to have gotten old overnight - isn't very well motivated, and it doesn't play as well as it should. Nonetheless, it's still head and shoulders above the episodes that Milt Josefsberg and crew were writing at that time.
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    All the "official" sources claim it was simply the show coming to its natural end, although that sounds very PR to me. The low ratings and possible disharmony must've played some role in the decision.
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    Sarah Rue I believe was on a WB show called Popular back around 2000. Annaleigh Ashford is a Broadway girl. Biggest role she's probably known for is in Kinky Boots but was also in the Sunday In The Park revival. On TV she was in Masters and Johnsson and The Assignation of Giani Versche.
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    I love how that summary could be an in-universe newspaper headline for an article about Mame Dennis.
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    When the beginning of this season started with, we're all having babies, I yelled a big "why?" At the screen. Really not liking the plots this season. First season of the reboot wasn't bad. This, I'm just hanging in for something to watch.
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    Though the creative team insists the show is coming to its natural end, rumours of a feud between Debra Messing and Megan Mullally seem to have some truth in them. Mullally did an interview a few months back where she spoke of an unnamed "bully" at work who had turned others against her. Take this with a grain of salt, obviously, but one tabloid suggested Megan regretted bringing the show back. I haven't watched any of this season, but it's widely reported Mullally has been largely isolated from the rest of the cast onscreen and even skipped two episodes - have either of those aired yet? I lost interest in the show middle of last season and haven't tuned back in since. With a few exceptions, I was finding the episodes more painful than funny. A rewatch of the original 8 seasons didn't help - I enjoyed them more when I was younger than I do now.
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    Even though they're both also ending this year, I'd recommend Schitt's Creek and The Good Place to anyone. As for Will & Grace ending, apparently there's been drama between its two leading ladies and the ratings for the past two years have been absolutely crummy. If I recall correctly, NBC renewed the show for an additional two seasons before its first revival season had even premiered. Last year there were episodes of Murphy Brown that had double the viewership of Will & Grace so yes, I'm still salty about it getting the axe. It sounds like Les Moonves was the biggest factor in bringing the show back, so had he not been (rightfully) ousted, I'd wager that we'd be seeing season twelve of Murphy this year. It's weird that someone so associated with misogyny and alpha male crime shows that dissect hookers every week would be a big fan of such a feminist show. And on Lucy and communism; I always assumed that the "grandpa made me do it" story was true. Did she actually align with the Communist party at some point in her life?
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    This doesn't show up on my March 26th Guide. No W&G scheduled for that night. "Superstore" instead. I flipped ahead a week. W&G scheduled for 9 but no plot description on the guide. With the departure of W&G and Modern Family and this being the last season of "Better Call Saul", I'm going to have to find some new friends. There are shows I catch a glimpse of that look good like "Goldbergs" "The Middle", etc. From the outside, they have a certain sameness about them. Any recommendations? It's 1998 all over again!! When in one short period I lost "Seinfeld" "The Larry Sanders Show" "Ellen" and "Roseanne". I was able to make new friends then and I'm sure I can do it again. Have to admit I didn't watch Roseanne during that last Dan-less lottery-winning season, and though I loved "Ellen"'s coming-out episodes (the main one, to her parents and to her boss), I found the subsequent "out" season a little dull. My memory anyway. W&G: you left me once. But against my better judgement, I let you back in and now you're doing it to me AGAIN!! Does anyone know why it's going off? It seems they're on a story line roll that they can't possibly wrap up in the few remaining episodes. I'm amazed that the years between the W&Gs didn't change anything. Especially how the cast looks. Are the ratings bad? I don't know how they can possibly tabulate ratings these days--what with DVR, streaming, etc. Someone (Bob Hope, I think) once joked that Lucy reruns were everywhere to such an extent that he got them on his toaster. Today that's really not far off, is it? I liked the new Murphy Brown better than the original and was sorry to see it go. "The Conners" carries on quite nicely without Rosanne. "Roseanne" without Rosanne is the strangest thing since "Valerie" without Harper. I knew nothing of the real Roseanne's personal politics so I could separate the two. I wish they hadn't killed her off. You'd think Roseanne would have some ownership in "The Conners". Amazing the number of celebs booted out of show business in the last few years. In 1953, had Lucy not been the huge star that she was, the whole Communistic thing would have killed the show. People were blacklisted for a lot less, their careers ruined. So ingrained was Lucy Ricardo in the public's eyes, she was able to hide behind that and the whole "grandpa forced us" story. As one right-wing columnist put it: "This Ball woman knew what she was doing. In 1936 at age 24, she was hardly a "kid"." The power-that-be sure cast a wide net with their inclusion of liberal minded causes being labeled subversive and "un-American", when the blacklisters themselves were the ones who were being un-American. History tends to repeat itself.....There I go again: veering off topic. Sorry!
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    They should be here Saturday. By this weekend I'll be in the mood to actually put some makeup on and do my hair again. All the comfort of working at home is nice but I feel so unglamorous.
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    Shelly we'll look forward to you "modeling" your new outfits for us once they've arrived! 😇
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    Her parts are only bit but "Stage Door" and "Having a Wonderful Time"! She's wasted in the Marx Brothers "Room Service".
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    Miss Grant Takes Richmond has elements. Yours, Mine and Ours as well. Forever Darling was done in the 50s with Desi but it really isn't until the end camping you see TV Lucy.
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    I always wondered why they were spelled that. I was only ever in one briefly. Drew Carey needed something faxed so I went to his trailer to get it.
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    Lyle Waggoner, former Carol Burnett "sidekick" and founder of Star Waggons, a company that leases customized location trailers for use by the entertainment industry, has passed at age 84. Kind of ironic as I thought of him the other night when attending a pilot taping at Warner Bros...I counted (lost count, actually) over 30 of these "Waggons", used for cast and crew trailers on lots all over LA, and thought, "Good for you, Lyle! KaCHING!!!:
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    That's a fantastic memory. I love the visual of little you bemoaning a rerun. This stirred a minor memory for me. I was watching some channel that was obviously airing a fisherman-themed marathon that day, and was most delighted when "Deep Sea Fishing" came on. This was before I had many videos, so still relied on broadcasts to watch most of them.
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    Rumormongering from the New York Daily News TV column December 1954:
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    These photos from Lucy's first wedding to Phil turned up on Ebay. The wedding was in the backyard at Roxbury. The woman with Lucy/Lucie is identified as Mamma Hall. Any idea on who that is?
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    Lucy gives James Garner a giant chocolate chip cookie on Dinah!
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    World's Greatest Grandma: A one-woman revival of Fiddler on the Roof fails to win any major awards. Lucy is Enciente: A knocked up city woman musters up the courage to confront her baby daddy. Lucy & the Loving Cup: A Manhattan trophy wife insults women in blue jeans and the Brooklyn police force. The Fashion Show: An NYC man contemplates raising oranges and tomatoes in Pomona. Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her: A paranoid housewife fears she's losing her closeted husband to a man named Theodore. Lucy Buys a Boat: A cowardly captain refuses to go down with the ship. Chris's New Year's Eve Party: Weird teenagers insist on adults chaperoning what could've been a fun night of boozy experimentation. Lucy & The Countess: Two broads get tanked at a wine tasting. Lucy at Marineland: A woman escapes her boring children and grumpy New York roommate by joining a porpoise act on the west coast.
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    An interview to promote Lucy Moves to NBC I had never read before:
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    Fathom Events will be screening three Carol Burnett Show episodes on April 22! I hope these are the full shows. It’s not clear.
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    The Amateur Hour- Haven't watched this one in awhile. Working with kids every day, I find Lucy's line delivery of "All right, sit down!" totally relatable! Ricky Loses His Voice- The musical performances in this one are among my favorite of the series.
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    Along with, "oh I'm going to need more than 15 minutes for that."
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    I would have to agree. Also, that ending was not believable. Anyone in their right mind could tell it was actually Lucy in a werewolf costume not an actual werewolf. Maybe Ben had too much to drink on their date or just isn't right in the head.
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    That's correct. CBS has been clamping down harder in the last 10 years or so -- which baffles me because one would think they would endorse all efforts to keep one of their most reliable cash cows relevant and engaging with audiences.
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    Oh, is that why the likes of Suzanne LaRusch and Diane Vincent tend to do Lucy-esque material rather than actual bits? I remember when Suzanne was on "The Next Best Thing" it was Fresher Farm's Fermented Fennel instead of Vitametavegamin.
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    I'd imagine most of those were parodies. Have any shows ever recreated scenes line for line, though?
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    Per Lucie's Instagram they are shooting today. This is BIG news. All the cast members are posting it to their Instagrams. I think this is going to be one of the most watched ones of the season if not the entire reboot.
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    Singer-songwriter John Prine has died from COVID-19 complications. I knew I was going to lose a few people to the virus, but this is the first one that really, really hurts.
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    Tony Award-winning playwright Terrence McNally has died at 84 of coronavirus related complications. There was an excellent American Masters documentary about him a few months ago.
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    Lyle Waggoner has passed away at 84.😪
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    Max von Sydow has lost the chess game at the age of 90.
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    Mart Crowley, Boys in the Band playwright and Larry Luckinbill’s friend since college, has died at 84. https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Playwright-Mart-Crowley-Best-Known-For-THE-BOYS-IN-THE-BAND-Has-Died-at-84-20200308
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