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    I always wondered if little touches like that were Lucy's idea or one of the props people having a little fun.
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    I watched the four broken leg story arc episodes, which are all great episodes of the series. I never noticed before that in Harrison Carter, Male Nurse, on her dresser, Lucy has a framed picture of her and the kids dressed as “Ma Parker,” “Herman,” and “Mildred!”
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    You inspired me to watch "Eddie Albert" again. This was done after "Mame". Lucy looks SO GOOD, proving once again that the soft-focus shots (at least to that extreme) were not necessary for the movie. We rarely saw Lucy's still-shapely legs by this time. The choreography is very similar to the Dan Daily show. This one was the 7th episode of the season and the first good one--and the first written by Bob & Madelyn. Their little touches do make a difference: references to real-life. "Joyce Haber's column" and "I saw him in 'Music Man'", which he did do on-stage. Eddie does bellow his lines, which according to legend is what Lucy insisted upon, though she herself doesn't do it so much. The 6th season really pepped up for the remainder of the run. Since they had Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor in the last 2 seasons, I wonder if they thought of having the Carters visit "Hooterville" for a Green Acres plot. When the guest stars for the upcoming season was signed, Bob and Madelyn got their first pick. So it's surprising that Helen Hayes was written by Fox&Jacobs. Imagine if they had done a "Celebrity Next Door/Talullah" remake with Helen and Lucy upstaging each other in another Girl Friday Follies show! With the exception of, I suppose, Steve&Eydie, the roster of 6th season guest stars wasn't exactly from the "A" list: Ed McMahon, Eddie, Chuck Connors, that Bow Wow Boutique guy, Foster Brooks, Arte Johnson, Andy Griffith, Joan Rivers (before she was really hot), and return visits from Danny Thomas, Milton Berle, Phil Harris, Jackie Coogan of course Frankie Avalon! whose career had peaked 10 years earlier.
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    Fathom Events will be screening five colorized I Love Lucy episodes plus a featurette on the colorization process at movie theaters across the country August 6!
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    !!! Maybe he tried on Prohaska's gorilla suit and got trapped inside.
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    This edition is 1979. First published in 77, it seems.
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    Lucy Gives Eddie Albert the Old Song and Dance is a top ten favorite for me. You have great observations. There’s a little moment I love in the office with Lucy and Eddie where she affectionately touches his jacket as he’s talking to her. They worked so well together. I always wondered if Jerry Hausner’s “Jimmy” character was supposed to be Sid Gould as Sam and Sid was unavailable. (Doing what? I have no idea.) But I recently saw the original script to the episode and it was always Jimmy. And how I would have loved to have seen “Crime and Punishment!”
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    I found these on a newspaper archive site! Vivian was a completely stunning woman...
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    I think Easy to Wed did well at the box office too
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    One of the reviews I read for that special referred to it playing opposite "CBS juggernaut The Lucy Show." That's how I'll think of TLS from now on - the juggernaut.
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    And that's why I love her. Seriously, lady?
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    This isn't new and not a Lucy book......but at least it's a BOOK. 1977's paperback "Reel Facts: the Movie Book of Records" It has some interesting categories besides the usual: Critic's lists of "best of the year", an annual list of the top grossing movies, an extensive list (200!) top grossing movies. Not adjusted for inflation so the list is top-heavy with more recent movies. The author points out the problem with top grossing movies of a calendar year. A movie could be released in October and make money into the next year, so even if the total take was substantial only the proceeds from the calendar year total puts it on the list. And the box office returns are not specified (profits? gross receipts?, etc.). Several Lucy references: "The Facts of Life" made the "10 best movies of the year" on both Time Magazine and New York Times's picks lists. The ONLY comedy on either list unless you count Time's inclusion of 101 Dalmatians. I've never heard how "Facts" did at the BO. The #20 movie of 1961 made $3M, so it was less than that. It was pretty cheaply made (black-and-white, rear screen, it had a real "TV" look to it) so it must have made SOME money. Facts was out of the public eye for 30 years, not shown on TV after its "Sunday Night Movie" showing until its VHS release in 1996 (or 97). The reason has never been clear to me: some sort of legal rights wrangling. "Yours Mine and Ours" box office came in at #9 in 1968 with $11M. The only other comedy in the top 20 was "Odd Couple" (unless you count "Jungle Book"). YMO came in at #150 in the top 200 money-makers of all time, with BO receipts listed here as $11.7M. "Jaws" was #1 so "Star Wars" obviously hadn't come out yet. In 1950 "Fancy Pants" ranked the 20th grossing movie of the year at $2.6M---only $300,000 short of that year's Best Picture winner "All About Eve" WHICH by the way made the #11 slot---tied with, of all things, "FRANCIS, THE TALKING MULE"!! Nowhere on the 1950 of 1951 list is "Sunset Blvd." "Long Long Trailer" was #17 with $4M. 1954's #9 through #17 were all within a range of $4M to $4.7M. A few surprises in their list of the 50 top-rated theatrical movies shown on network television: Besides the obvious ones: Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Oz (8 times!), Sound of Music. The big shock was #30, Doris Day's "The Ballad of Josie"---one of her last (if not THE last) movies, made in 1968. Not considered stellar Day. Shown on 9/16/69 (Tuesday) it had a 56% share of the audience. "TDDS" had just moved from Tuesday to Monday for its 2nd season. This may have been the season premiere of "NBC's Tuesday Movie". Another odd one: 1966's airing of "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" was #42. I love these types of books but they always leave me wanting more. With the internet, books like this aren't published anymore.
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    Betty, Carol Reiner, Carol Burnett and Mel Brooks will have voice cameos in the upcoming Toy Story 4 https://comicbook.com/movies/2019/06/03/toy-story-4-betty-white-mel-brooks-carl-reiner-carol-burnett-cameos/
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    From Ken Levine's column today: When Rhea Perlman was interviewed by Andy Cohen a listener asked about a rumor that Lucille Ball was in the running to play Diane Chambers’ mother. Rhea didn’t know anything about it. I was there. I do. And the story is sort of true. This was towards the end of season one. We had heard from someone that Lucy was a fan of the show. We were preparing an episode featuring Diane’s mom. David Angell wrote the script. So some calls were made and the Charles Brothers and Jim Burrows were invited to lunch at Lucy’s house in Beverly Hills. Once they arrived they learned that Lucy had only “heard” it was a good show. She had never actually seen it. Nor did she have any interest in guesting on a (then low rated) sitcom. So they had an awkward lunch and that was that. Glynis Johns (who God bless her is 95) got the part and was wonderful. And now you know the rest of the story.
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    I've noticed Ken's answers can vary somewhat depending on what mood he's in. Sometimes in recounting the same event, he changes small details. I was pleasantly surprised when he answered one of my Friday Questions a few weeks ago, about whether or not Crystal Bernard actually played the cello on "Wings." I used the name Marcus as I seldom submit questions under my own name.
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    In the book on the Golden Girls a few years back it talks about her turning down the role of Rose’s blind sister. The reason stated in the book was essentially the same as she stated in this oral history. This came after Stone Pillow and she felt that her fans wanted her back as funny Lucy and that too much of a departure from that was a bit much after she just gave them a dramatic character. Another reason given was scheduling conflicts due to dental work.
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    From GQ’s oral history of Cheers a few years ago: Here is the complete oral history:My link
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    Anyone need an Opey Award for their mantle? I'm curious how many of these were made. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F293104450778
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    “Lucy and Paul Winchell” on “Get It Infomercial” channel 263 on DirecTV with the original jack-in-the-box opening. Usually, when these channels pay public domain episodes, it’s from horrible old prints. I guess this channel ripped it from a consumer dvd.
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    in the tour of "Kiss the Boys Goodbye"
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    Joey, in a nutshell, Ann was very rude to Barbara when the latter made a guest appearance on Private Secretary. Forced her hair and makeup to be made less flattering and was overall cold and dismissive. Barbara was shaken by the incident and was initially terrified to do Lucy's show because of it. Of course, Miss Ball's behaviour was the complete opposite. Eden talks about the Sothern incident a lot but usually does not refer to her by name. Her book is the only place she's included more detail on the subject.
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    Lucy favourite Steve Lawrence has announced his battle with Alzheimer's. Poor guy. https://ew.com/music/2019/06/11/steve-lawrence-alzheimers-diagnosis/