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    Maybe they could celebrate Florida's importance to the election next year with the "I Love Lucy: Florida Frenzy" special, featuring the Florida set episodes.
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    If you have amazon prime, a handful of early Carol Burnett shows are available for no extra fee including Lucy’s first appearance in 1967. The episode appears to be complete. The episode includes the “Argentine Cafe” and car rental sketches.
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    I want to add my great sorrow at Frank's passing; RIP, friend; remember, well, arrdubya asking me what I remembered most about my nearly 5-year, nearly full-time daily, volunteering for the Lucy-Desi Museum et al, and of course, it was: "Chauffeuring the chauffeur!!!!" (can't remember the year; but think 2004 or 2005; he came back once after that; thanked me again; he rode with me, the designated luggage person back to Buffalo Airport and their flight home. Luggage loaded; me at the wheel; knock on passenger door; it was Frank; 'can I ride with you?' He was particularly interested in the wild plants growing in the swamp along Jones/Gifford, Celoron; what we called the 'lower road;' on the way to the thruway; I had no idea; so researched and got the message to him in CA...... lovely man!
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    "Speaking of spitfire!" This weekend the "Lakewood Community Players" is staging Wildcat for a 2-night run! In Lake Oswego, a suburb of Portland. I'll be there. I doubt "Do you know a fella named Fred Mertz?" made it into the final script. 2 performances: hmmm....I don't have my hopes up for a full orchestra.
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    With my original discs still back in the states, and missing having every episode at my disposal, I got the Australian DVD boxset for Christmas. I thought you might want to see what it looks like. This particular release was issued by a company called Shock Entertainment back in 2016. http://www.shock.com.au/product-details/dvd/i-love-lucy-collection/1/4091 They're similar to the likes of Mill Creek and Echo Bridge in that they only release content licensed from other studios, oftentimes at very affordable prices. Note that I did not pay the SRP suggested on their website. It was on sale and a very good deal. You'll see that Shock chose to use the key art used for the original CBS releases. The cardboard slipcover is rather flimsy but it looks nice. The bonus disc containing the movie is included in the comedy hour case. The overall design is very uniform and clean. If I had to quibble about anything, it'd be that the photo montages on the back don't match up to each individual season. Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 5 all use the same photos from season 1, while season 4 uses stills from season 6. Season 6 and the hour-long set, meanwhile, use comedy hour photos. It's a little slapdash feeling but not a huge issue. Sorry if it isn't really clear in these photos; I'll try to upload better ones later on. Additionally, the cases are very cheap plastic, like the kind you'd find on public domain or dollar store DVDs in the states. One thing this set does have going for it is the color artwork printed on the discs, rather than the flat grey motif most American companies now use. The theme matches the cover art for each individual season. As for the discs themselves, they're identical to the American CBS pressings. Same menu art and all. This surprised me, for the CBS logo appears nowhere on the packaging but is prominently displayed on the menus. I was a tad disappointed at this, as I was looking forward to seeing a new menu design after all these years. Being identical to the American release means the discs are NTSC standard (Australia primarily uses the PAL standard). This is actually a good thing, as it means no PAL speedup (PAL runs at 25 FPS, so anything shot at 24 FPS plays back slightly too fast, which raises the audio pitch). The only difference I've noticed is that these discs are region 4 instead of region 1, so they won't play back on a North American DVD player. Region locking isn't an issue here, as pretty much all DVD players released in Australia are region free, but I'm guessing it was done due to Shock's licensing agreement. When I got the set home, I found that the season 6 case included two copies of Disc 2 by mistake, omitting Disc 3. I contacted Shock about this and they very kindly sent out a replacement disc at no charge, so I'm impressed with their customer service. Their materials might be on the cheap side, but I'd gladly buy any other shows they may license.
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    Wow! Do you have Gorboonas in your part of the world or something
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    I adore Frank Nelson in everything he's done. He's fine with his little scene in "Buys New Furniture" but I don't think his interpretation of Ralph Ramsey is good in the "Country Club" episode. He doesn't bring his usual zest to the character. He's merely serviceable but it really wasn't written to his talents. I don't know what actor would have been better, though. (probably a little too early for RG Brown). When reference books that listed cast members started being published, Frank and Mary Jane were listed as regulars in 1957. This was before we had ready access to episodes so I assumed he was in more than TWO, hardly what you'd call a "regular". ("Housewarming"---'Where's Ralph?" "Still away on a trip!". In other words: "we didn't want to pay Frank Nelson for a cameo!") Bobby the Bellboy appeared in more! Ditto Charles Lane in the Lucy Show. I was SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED to learn later that he only appeared in FOUR. Don Briggs and a host of others did more than that. Same with Dick Martin's paltry six episodes. I think the show lost a little something by getting rid of next-door put-upon neighbor and sometimes Lucy-date Harry Connors. "No More Double Dates" implies there was more going on between he and Lucy Carmichael than him being roped into helping the mechanically-challenged ladies with household projects. I've never seen the "Lucy and Viv Fight Over Harry" script. Has anyone else? Lucy Show first season cast of regulars and semi-regulars included Lucy, Viv, Harry, Barnsdahl, Jerry , Sherman, Chris, Thelma Green, Dorothy, Audrey Simmons, Viv's beau Eddie, Alan Harper (and more? I can't think of any right this very minute). The Lucy Show's 6th season premiere ("Meets the Berles") had 1/12th of those: only Lucy. Just LUCY. Never has a hit show gone through so many metamorphoses. "The Doris Day Show", you say? Yes, but that was never a bona fide HIT. And never the LOL sitcom the underrated, under-appreciated "Lucy Show" was. ILL purists disagree with me (but when I say they're wrong, THEY'RE WRONG!). You youngsters don't realize what comedic-tepid fare was being offered at the same time as TLS (and HL, for that matter). "The Lucy Show" even in its less than stellar offerings was usually good for a laugh and better than 80% of what else was on. At its best it was well-structured comedy. Maybe they weren't producing the classics ILL did (though I think they came close with many eps through the 5th season). I really don't appreciate the way TLS is given the also-ran treatment in discussions of Lucy's TV career. And I will defend "The Lucy Show" until my dying day. After that, it's up to one of you younger ones to carry the torch.
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    I know Lucille once said that whenever she caught I Love Lucy reruns, she couldn't take her eyes off Vivian. I find I'm doing that more and more as well. So many of the "little things" belonged to Vance. For some reason, I've had "Fred, for your information, May the third happens to be OUR wedding anniversary" running through my head and it always makes me chuckle.
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    Here's some really cool film footage, shot in New York in 1911. You get some good perspective of what the world looked like (or New York, at least) at the time Lucille Ball was born.
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    I don't know why but I got a hankering to watch "Baby Pictures", a stellar episode in every way. Nothing against Desi's musical segments, but this one at the end drags this episode down from the classic it is throughout the rest of the show. It's never mentioned in anyone's "top 10". It's one of Doris Singleton's greatest performances. Two instances in particular: 1) the way she pronounces "GLUTTON" in "I just hope that glutton of yours hasn't taught little Stevie any bad habits" and her expert body language when she delivers the line "He outgrew that, didn't he?". Has there ever been an episode where an occasional player has gotten that much solo screen time? Carolyn doing a mad dash cleaning up the apartment when Lucy's on her way up. Next to Mrs. McGillicuddy, Carolyn Appleby is the most valuable/underutilized supporting player of the series. (Counting "Japan", both Doris and Kathryn appeared in the same # of episodes: 10, so says imdb). The other episode on the disc "Lucy Tells the Truth" is also great. For the bridge club scene alone, it's one of my favorites. All four actresses at the top of their game and a script that gives them so much to work with. Shirley Mitchell made such an impression that it seems like her character appears in more than 3 eps. But isn't "It's a 3-ring circus" a lie? They all act like Lucy claiming she speaks Italian is the bet-winning lie. It's easy to see why I Love Lucy remained the #1 show on TV throughout its run.
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    This one genuinely breaks my heart. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwUx6lin7Rm/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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    It's a credit to Georgia that she was able to make what was essentially "a woman dumb enough to fall for Ted" into a believable fleshed-out character. I had no idea she was that young either. That would have made her in her mid-20s during the MTM run--26 years younger than her TV husband (sound familiar?). One of my favorite Georgette lines, complimenting Mary on her wine selection: "It's one of Ted's favorites.....white".
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    Lucy was in four episodes. The first three were released on the first box set of the “lost” episodes and the fourth was on the 50th anniversary collection set.
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    Wildcat was nominated for the Grammy for Best Musical Theatre album. How to Succeed in Business... won. Lucy won the Aegis Theatre Club Award. Don Tompkins won the Outer Critics’ Circle Award for Best Musical Performance.
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    Remember Mae West's "Beulah, peel me a grape" line and given Hank's obsession with grapes, maybe that would have worked...... Carolyn used "peas" so it would fit in to her rhyme scheme. (along with "dimple-y knees" ???) Heaven knows what un-PC rhyme she would have come up with for "grapes" .......or "SHUCKING", for that matter. This Wildcat did the Lucy cry at the end of "You're a Liar" which got knowing laughter from the audience. Tony nominations: you're referring to the previous season. Lucy's competition was (winner) Elizabeth Seal in "Irma La Douse", Julie Andrews "Camelot", Nancy Walker "Do Re Mi" and Carol Channing in "Show Girl". I don't know when the Tony nominations were announced in 1961 but maybe the show had already closed (as had "Show Girl"). This was the year bona fide STARS of other musicals were put into the "featured" category simply because their names were not above the title. So yes, I think Lucy deserved one as did Don Tomkins. The score (and book) were rolled up into the Best Musical category, not an individual award. But Wildcat did get a Grammy nom for best Original Cast Album--which is impressive since there were a lot of them that year, and Wildcat made the top 5. OBC albums were still topping the album charts in 1961. Wildcat appeared on the charts through August. I'll have to go back to my research but I think Wildcat peaked at #12 and spent many weeks in the top 20 albums sold.
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    I got the Mame blu ray for my birthday and finally got around to watching it last night. It looks great. With the rest of the shots so crisp and clear, the soft focus closeups really stand out much more than they did on DVD. I wasn’t really looking for them but just analyzing the picture quality over all and I noticed right away in that first shot on the piano top. But the shots pulled back Lucy still looks fine so I really wish they just would have shot the thing less gauzy. I wonder if this was that noticeable in cinemas in the 70s.
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    When I saw a production in 2010, I was surprised at how dark the show was at times. Joe slapped Wildy and there were two moments where he grabbed ahold of her and she cried, “You’re hurting me!” I was also surprised at how much time it seemed like Wildy was off stage. It sounds like this production made some cuts for the better.
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    Neil what a fantastic review and analysis. I don’t listen to the cast album as much as I should. Did not know about the part where people get hit. I think those lyrics went past me. It’s not so much a forgotten show, I think than it is a show that just never gets done anymore. Kudos for that group for trying it and trying to make it work. As for Sutton, I can see her doing that part. About those peas. I don’t know how or why you would want to peel peas but hey, Lucy Ricardo peeled her lima beans. Maybe it’s referring to taking them out of the pods. But never heard it called peeling. Shucking I think is the term.
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    I've concluded from last night's "stage reading" of Wildcat that it IS a salvageable show! The director made some wise cuts: OUT were the dark moments (Joe actually HIT Wildcat at one point...and Hank too). In 1960, one reviewer who, like the bulk of them, loved Lucy but was mild about the show, called N. Richard Nash's book "an unsmiling libretto" a very apt description. What "N" didn't seem to understand was this was a musical COMEDY and you had the greatest comedienne of all time willing to risk it with your project. In Nash's book, there was not enough that was clever or witty about the lines or plot twists, such as they were. Which put a huge burden on the show's star, who out of necessity resorted to inserting crowd-pleasing Lucy-isms to win them over---much to N's chagrin and the audience's delight. It's a testament to Lucy's tremendous appeal and stage presence that she was able to turn this tepid material (book, not score) into an SRO hit. I was impressed with this production because the wise cuts moved the show along breezily. I noted a couple of lyric changes: in "You're a Liar" they changed "Giving you a BELT I wouldn't mind. If I knew that you would learn a lesson from the WELT, I wouldn't mind" to something else more in keeping with the PC times. In "El Sombrero" they changed "how in the world in a Mexican hat, can a MEXICAN stay that way" to "....can ANYONE stay that way..". Much like the word "Jew", the word "Mexican" has developed a negative connotation. I'm not sure why. I've seen one other production of Wildcat and concluded from that one that it really was the dull show the 1960 critics complained about. But last night's version: I've changed my mind. And say to Broadway (who have collectively ignored me to-date) "BRING BACK WILDCAT".. (If they can "Bring Back Birdie", why not?). The book needs another revision, but the bare bones for a satisfying evening of musical theater are there: mainly the wonderful Coleman-Leigh score. Including the melodious "Tall Hope". I have one minor bone to pick with Carolyn though: Does anyone PEEL PEAS?
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    Great news courtesy of Tom Watson! " Banish the tax-time blues this spring with a visit from Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel! Yes, CBS will broadcast an I LOVE LUCY ‘FUNNY MONEY’ SPECIAL, Friday, April 19, at 8PM (ET/PT), showcasing two newly colorized episodes of the classic series. Included will be “The Million Dollar Idea” – in which Lucy and Ethel try to market Lucy’s salad dressing – and “Bonus Bucks” – which finds the Ricardos and Mertzes hoping to win big in a newspaper Bonus Bucks contest. Classic fun for the whole family! My thanks once again to CBS for allowing me to participate in the preparation of these colorful specials. It's wonderful to see the Ricardos and the Mertzes back on network television entertaining millions!
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    ...I was sort of kidding with the Florida thing, you know? Not that it's a bad idea, per se, but I'd like to see some Connecticut episodes as well.
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    They run 51 minutes so allow for commercials and we're pretty close. The 2 with Lucy I watched had musical numbers in, including the ones Lucy was in. Boys In The Backroom is there. And I've now got Lucy kissing, and kissing and kissing Lyle Wagner on repeat.
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    The sad news, and loving tribute as shared by Lucie Arnaz. A sad day and yet a celebration for a long life well lived. Our dear,FRANK GOREY, passed today at the still sparkling age of 91. He had been recently moved to The Maclay Veteran's Home in Sylmar, CA. where he died peacefully after only a few minutes of respiratory discomfort and telling the nurse who tried to put him back into bed, "I am NOT going to sleep!!" Francis Andrew Gorey was loved by everyone who knew him. He came to work as a driver for my family when I was only about 7 years old and never left. He outlived them ALL! He practically raised my brother Desi and me...and then our kids. His concern, compassion, loyalty, and indefatigable sense of humor were much of the reason I am as sane as I am today. So glad I had a chance to tell him all of this just a few weeks ago. Now all that is needed is to wish him Bon Voyage. Say hi to the gang when ya get there, Frank. And rest easy, Buddy. Ya did good!
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    Oh head on over to the CBS I Love Lucy page on Facebook. Clips and photos are up.
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    "Side-KICKED". Hmmmmm....... This sounds like more Lucy-bashing to me. Vivian as Ethel Mertz and Vivian Bagley can NOT be topped. But would she have ever been a top-banana on her own?---if that is indeed the premise of this piece. It's hard to tell with "Guestward Ho" because the script is so poor (Schiller and Weiskopf, I think!) and the single-camera laugh-track-when there's nothing-funny doesn't help. Stars like Lucy could elevate so-so material like this. I've seen very little of Viv's other solo work. Was there ever a second banana who shined as brightly as Vivian Vance? Rhoda, I suppose. Some may say Art Carney. Yes, but he was very one-note (though a very GOOD note if that's your cup of tea).
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    Premiering at the Cape May Playhouse (New Jersey) in August. By Kim Powers Directed by Roy Steinberg August 7th-September 20th Tuesday-Sunday at 8:00PM It's the last night of filming "I Love Lucy" and America's favorite sidekick - Ethel Mertz, played by Vivian Vance - has a lot to get off her chest. This new play gives a glimpse into the behind the scense drama of "I Love Lucy" as well as incredible unheard stories from Vivian Vance's extraordinary career. https://capemaystage.showare.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=4
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    I recently had someone send me a bunch of tabloid mags from before and after Lucy died. Being that they were tabloid mags I have trouble wanting to believe anything in them. But in reality they really are not all that scummy and the stuff makes logical sense. Especially when I compare to that Autopsy show. There's a lot of timeline stuff in them. In that batch was also some clippings from the LA Times and legit news sources. The LA Times one really broke down medically what happened to put Lucy in the hospital and then what happened on April 26th. It had a little diagram of the heart and quotes from the hospital staff. They apparently had a press conference after she died and went through exactly what happened.
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    Could this be Shirley Feeney's beloved Boo Boo Kitty in "Lucy, Part-Time Wife?"
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    No, unfortunately, these will be half hour versions of the one hour show. I guess it might be too expensive to show the complete Carol Burnett Shows as they did have a lot of musical numbers included. It would be nice to see these broadcast. I have at least 3 DVD sets of the first few season of Burnett Shows with about 25-30 shows on the discs. They are fun to watch and i also believe they are available for streaming or downloading but not sure if all seasons are available.
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    ME-TV is going to be showing some of early season Carol Burnett Show episodes. So there is hope that we can see Lucy. Very happy about this as I have not gotten the DVDs with these episodes yet. Crossing my fingers my NBC affiliate that carries ME-TV doesn't stick local programming in this time slot. UPDATE: April 15th 11pm is a Lucy guest episode. https://metv.com/stories/metv-presents-early-episodes-of-the-carol-burnett-show-not-seen-in-tv-in-41-years?fbclid=IwAR0MwZkQBnD0qnjQeiRR1OkxM1lukfHPMdljXW3_5SY4tyovyRhwiwSjCxY
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    Happy birthday, Doris! I love the attention she is getting.
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    Tommy Thompson is a name I seem to see pop up all the time, and I frequently have to double check that he is in fact the Tommy Thompson, which he usually is. What a diverse career he had! Getting his start producing Lucy's shows, then most of Robert Altman's movies, then back on television with the Bloodworth-Thomasons is quite an interesting path. I wonder if he had anything to do with Desi Jr.'s casting in A Wedding. Do we know how he ended up with Desilu? I'd be very interested to know more about him.
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    I thought I saw a wombat crawling through the woods the other night, but I suppose it could've been...something else
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    It's true, other countries tend to be far more strict about advertising ratings. The Australian ones didn't used to be as intrusive, but then the government cracked down and implemented the color-coded scheme you see today. It is incredibly excessive and I think most people find it ridiculous. I know the American ratings system is subject to mockery for double standards and being too harsh at times, but it tends to be worse overseas. You can read more about Australian classifications here: http://www.classification.gov.au/Guidelines/Pages/Guidelines.aspx Yes, the American re-releases all have the grey labels. I, too, much prefer the color artwork and wish The Lucy Show could've gotten that treatment for its first releases. No, I Love Lucy does not have the same impact or legacy here that it did in the states. Television wasn't officially launched in Australia until 1956, so Oz didn't get to see I Love Lucy in its original run. Furthermore, colour television wasn't introduced until 1975. Here's Lucy is more popular in Australia than I Love Lucy, as it would've been their introduction to her. Here's Lucy has also been released on DVD here, licensed by MPI to a company called Madman. The Lucy Show, meanwhile, has never been released here and never seems to be acknowledged. Max greatly prefers Here's Lucy. He finds the characters more "realistic" and the stories less outlandish . No, I'm not kidding. Different hemisphere, different sensibilities, I guess.
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    Thanks for sharing- I find this very interesting! Why is it that non-American DVDs always seem to have a big honking rating in the corner? That green "G" looks to be on the slipcover, the front, back, and side of each individual case, and on each individual disc! I agree that the light gray discs are a bit annoying. The CBS sets that I've purchased within the last few years- Laverne & Shirley, Andy Griffith, and Evening Shade, all are the exact same color with the "translucent" wording. I guess this saves time and money on designing and printing specialty labels for discs, but when they all look like that it can be difficult to discern between them (Jeez! The hardship of it all!). My I Love Lucy DVDs are old enough that they're the color coordinated ones with individual pictures on each disc- not to mention each disc has its own case, but I suspect that all of the releases since then have had the similar homogenous look to them. This makes me wonder- how popular is I Love Lucy, or Lucy Herself for that matter, in Australia? I remember an interview was shared here awhile back with a popular actor from South Asia (or Franistan or something) who cited Here's Lucy as the end-all be-all in classic TV comedy. Does ILL hold a legendary status like it does in the states? And is Lucy such a familiar face around your part of the world?
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    Carol and Tina Fey are producing a movie based on Carol and her late daughter Carrie! https://variety.com/2019/film/news/carol-burnett-movie-carrie-and-me-1203173222/
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    I think Dick Martin appeared in 10 episodes. I agree that writing him out wasn't necessarily the best move. I liked what he brought to the show, and "No More Double Dates" was a welcome change of pace. I wish more episodes had been like that. I'm not usually a fan of "dating" episodes, but they always worked well on Lucille Ball programs. I'd also be very interested in seeing the "Fight Over Harry" script. It's a shame logistics prevented it from being produced. I think "The Lucy Show" only pales in comparison to "I Love Lucy," but you're right that it's far more enjoyable than much of what was produced back then. I'm not exactly clamoring to revisit many shows from that era, but even Lucy's less-than-stellar episodes hold up well against a lot of her competition. I think we can all agree that the show could've handled certain things better (I so wish our alternate season 4 with Viv's wedding had been a reality), and some more story arcs would've been welcome, but all in all the show produced a lot of fun, memorable episodes.
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    I recall that Desi had wanted to transition to hour shows for some time before it ultimately happened. I read somewhere that his schedule as Desilu president basically precluded him playing Ricky full-time anymore, hence the guest-star driven focus of the comedy hours.
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    Country Club Dance - What I like about this episode is the three couple dynamic: The Ramseys play and equal role to the Mertzes as the Ricardo's friends. Had the show continued, I would've liked to have seen more of this. The scene of the three women at the breakfast table is particularly well done. Mary Jane Croft fit in so well with Lucy and Vivian that it felt like she'd always been there. It's unfortunate the show ended before Betty got a chance to join in more of Lucy and Ethel's schemes. I wish the hour-longs had incorporated more established characters from the original series, but I guess there "just wasn't room for all of you" alongside the guest-stars.
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    In the 1950 Mickey Rooney film “He’s a Cockeyed Wonder,” Terry Moore and her date go to a drive-in movie to see The Fuller Brush Girl. Lucy and Eddie Albert’s names are prominently displayed on the marquee. I only watched this three minute scene and it was clear from that that the movie was unbearably terrible.
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    Today I had a random hankering to watch "Lucy and The Lost Star", specifically the non-musical sequences. I have no idea why, but I was particularly in the mood for that opening scene at the Crawford estate, which I find hilarious on many levels. This is the last time we ever see Vivian Bagley-Bunson! "Reminisce" would have made for a much better swan song to her character, but I don't think there was too much concern in that department. It's unique that the show had a proper series finale as it is. TLS Viv is, particularly by this point, very dry and sarcastic- even pessimistic. IMO when Vivian Jones shows up just a year later, she's a very different character- much sweeter. Also, today happens to be Joan Crawford's birthday I guess I'll continue to celebrate by sitting on a stool drinking lemonade while constantly telling my agent that "I don't want to work!"
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    Today, on his 97th birthday, Carl Reiner and the National Comedy Center announced a significant donation. If he is able to travel that far at his grand old age, it would be wonderful to see him properly feted in Jamestown. Jamestown, New York – March 20, 2019 – The National Comedy Center and legendary producer, director, and writer Carl Reiner announced today, on Carl Reiner’s 97th birthday, an initiative to digitally preserve Reiner’s extensive personal collection of production-used scripts from “The Dick Van Dyke Show” – one of the most iconic, innovative, and beloved comedy series in television history. The scripts, which are heavily annotated in Reiner’s own hand, have been stored away since the series wrapped production in 1966, and have never before been made available to a cultural institution for conservation or exhibition. Scripts for all 158 episodes, totaling more than 7,500 pages, feature detailed edits and additions made in real-time during the writing, read-throughs and rehearsals for each episode – providing extraordinary access into the script development and creative process for the 15-time Emmy-winning situation comedy. “There’s nothing more satisfying than having an idea and seeing it through to find out that, not only did you like it, but the audience and critics all seemed to agree.” said Carl Reiner. “When asked, ‘Of all the theatrical projects you’ve done in your life, what are you most proud of?’ I always say, hands down, it’s creating and producing ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show.’ It was a labor of love.” “I applaud The National Comedy Center for keeping the creative fires burning by singling out and preserving something most people feel deserves preservation,” added Reiner. “This is a treasure trove of original material, direct from the pen of one of comedy’s most important and resounding voices,” said Journey Gunderson, National Comedy Center Executive Director. “We are honored that Carl Reiner has placed his trust in us as we preserve this incredible body of work — which will enable future generations of comedy fans and scholars to understand the creative process behind one of the most influential TV series of all time.” MORE: https://comedycenter.org/dick-van-dyke-show-archives/?fbclid=IwAR2k1k1fwbkJY4LZIG3aZqUN4qBcjnnZ2vxWBJIFn8loUj9-BcmUIGWi0-Q
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    This sounds like something very fun to sit a poor over.
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    A few people who saw Lucy in Wildcat reflect in this thread. https://www.talkinbroadway.com/allthatchat_new/d.php?id=2450062
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    Oh, please god no! By the time they got to the end to get all 180 out, the "themes" got to be pretty ridiculous!
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    Don't worry, by the time they all get colorized we'll be dead as a door nail.
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    Well one of the other tabloids is out now with Lucy and VIv's "secret friendship". So throw that one in too.