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    This is getting ridiculous. I bet most of the people who complained probably never even saw the movie.
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    The Warner Archive is releasing Danny Thomas' 1976 - 1977 sitcom THE PRACTICE on July 16, 2019. Lucy guest stars in the episode "The Dream" (10/13/76).
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    In the US of A, Here's Lucy is streaming on Hulu. I don't have every season on DVD, so that's where I go more often than not to see episodes- even the ones I already own. I know that streaming content varies from country to country, so if the show is available in your neck of the woods, I'd recommend doing what a lot of people do- piggybacking on someone else's subscription! If not, it's probably time to start your own LOA (Lotus Overseas Aid) and come to America (if you can stand it) and smuggle your DVDs back in a tuba.
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    I think I'd read about his plane crash a while back but forgotten. That's very tragic. At the risk of being in bad taste... Perhaps his passing in 1974 was what prompted Lucy to end the show. "Well, if our gorilla guy's gone, show's over. What are we going to do for plots without him!?"
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    When you apply today's standards to actions that occurred more than 100 years ago, very very few people could pass that test. Some of the extremists appear to want to erase history. We'll have our own "cultural revolution."
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    Ooo and they could do it with the Lucy In Connecticut opening and closing credits
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    I know both Lucy and Desi have said years later in interviews they could hear DeDe in the audience. But they never said anything about her being the uh-oh lady. So I'm not convinced either.
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    I was able to buy my ticket tonight via a direct buy from my favorite cinema with the recliner seats. First seat bought in the theatre. Smack in the center. Great way to get in the Lucy mood for Jamestown later in the week.
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    I usually skip the monologue but watched his this time. We laughed at the subway bit, having just ridden the subway the day earlier. Spot on. Bodega Bathroom was great.
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    https://deadline.com/2019/06/lillian-gish-birth-of-a-nation-bowling-green-state-university-name-removal-1202636690/ Here we go again. Bowling Green has taken the Gish Sisters' names off of a University theater due to Lilian's being a cast member in Birth of a Nation. This makes me especially sad because I've always had wonderful feelings about Lilian Gish. For someone who came to prominence as a Silent actress, nobody speaks more eloquently or with more passion about the movies than she does. Her AFI acceptance speech is a real treat. Birth of a Nation was a prominent element of Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman last year, and he received the Lilian and Dorothy Gish Prize in 2013. In his acceptance speech, especially thanked Lilian for being a part of two of the films that helped shape him the most during film school- Birth of a Nation and Night of The Hunter, so take that as you may. About fifty Hollywood figures including Helen Mirren, Martin Scorcese, James Earl Jones, and Malcolm McDowell signed a letter decrying the decision. BGSU responded by saying that they won't reverse their decision. However, they are retaining Lilian's honorary degree, the scholarship in her name, and all of the archival collections, papers, and money she donated to the school.