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    A wonderfully in-depth obituary from Carol’s hometown paper with quotes from Lucie, Kaye Ballard, Lily Tomlin, Tommy Tune, and more. https://www.desertsun.com/story/life/entertainment/people/2019/01/15/broadway-icon-carol-channing-remembered-palm-springs-area-unsurpassable/2579332002/
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    The Ethel Mertz robe made an appearance on The Lucy Show before its Here's Lucy uses! From Lucy and Viv are Volunteer Firemen:
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    Happy Birthday to this dynamic, ageless goddess!
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    Dave Karger is charming. Mankiewicz is snarky and smarmy.
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    TCM's Noir Alley showing of Lured was preceded by a very in-depth and fact filled introduction by Eddie Mueller. Mueller ended his intro with "Who knew Lucille Ball and George Sanders could be so sexy together?" (Zsa Zsa knew.)
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    This one was definitely true. Sharon Thober, a Here's Lucy costume lady, wrote about the Joan Crawford episode in detail in her book My Lucy Years. Desi was asked in to 'schmooze' Joan over and convince her to do her best work. Apparently he did a good job with her but it came too late in the episode's rehearsals. Sharon describes a nice moment between Lucy and Desi that day. Apparently she walked out at the end of that day and saw Lucy and Desi walking alone down the set holding hands. She said that they were standing very close and talking quietly to each other while holding hands and that the whole moment looked very intimate. She said that she would have thought there were still married from that behavior. It's a good ebook read!
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    Here's a performance of the title song in black and white. This was done on a smaller stage than Broadway...in Washington DC. Someone has dubbed the OBC track into the video. As a child, "Hello Dolly" was the first Broadway cast album I ever bought: the mono version. Stereo was a dollar more! One of those wonderful "gatefold" albums. The backs of the mono and stereo were different. On the mono, there was a picture of David Burns (Vandergelder) with the caption ""Come and Be My Butterfly" has David Burns fighting his way through a web of wings". I don't know who was asleep at the RCA switch, but "Butterfly" was cut from the show and of course does not appear on the album. The song "Dolly" performed on stage has one split-second moment that never ever fails to inspire the audience to erupt in mid-song spontaneous applause. It happens here at 4:45 (but since this audio is the OBC audio we don't hear it here): one of the most thrilling moments in Broadway musical history. You can't blame movie execs for casting Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" but Carol should have done the "Dolly" movie. After having gotten a supporting Oscar nomination for "Thoroughly Modern Millie", she had a legitimate shot. I recognize Streisand's talent but have never been a huge fan. I always thought she got the role on the strength of her Oscar win and huge success of "Funny Girl', but I've learned recently that she was signed for Dolly before Funny Girl, her first film, was even released. Some say Carol was "too big" for the movies, but I think she would have fit in perfectly into the cartoonish (and I don't mean that in a bad way) quality of the material. An elephantine and over-blown production, the movie did well enough but not enough to cover the cost of the huge budget ($20million, I think...$137million in today's dollars). Casting 20-something year old Streisand as the widow Levi was just plain ridiculous, especially her singing the line "Look at the old girl now, fellas" in the hideous GOLD dress. Carol was crushed when she was passed over. Also seriously considered for the role: one Lucille Ball! In think 1969 Lucy would have done well in the movie but she wouldn't have been able to hold the last note of "Before the Parade Passes By" as long as Streisand! But there is only one name synonymous with "Hello Dolly" and that is the wonderful Carol Channing. I take that back. Another Carole (Cook) was a huge success in the TWO-YEAR-LONG Australian tour, commenced while Carol was still on Broadway. Unfortunately no footage I know of exists of Carole's production.
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    Carol Channing's name came up in conversation just YESTERDAY. I mentioned that of all the Broadway Dollys, she's the only one who still survives. I got to see her in Dolly twice (in her 90s tour). The show was in town for a week and I loved it so much the first time, I went back. In her 70s at the time, she had the audience in the palm of her hand. I once had breakfast with her! We were at the same LA hotel. At the restaurant, she invited me to join her and her husband. Even though she had fallen and blackened one eye, she insisted we take a picture together (I'll see if I can find it and post). At 7:30 in the morning, she looked better than I did! To look at her in her heyday, you wouldn't think she would be a star who would age well, but she did. I attended her 95th birthday in Palm Springs. A show was put on in her honor. Then she sat directly in front of me at Kaye Ballard's Farewell Show and Kaye called upon her to do her Cecilia Sisselman act, which she did, letter-perfect. Carol to Kaye: "Why didn't you tell me? I don't have my eyelashes on!" I took video:
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    I'm one of probably dozens of people who are proud to say "I'm good friends with Carole and (husband) Tom". She's still sharp as a tack and, other than some aches and pains, has not aged at all. She looks a full 30 years younger (and a good-looking 65 at that).
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    It's really nice to have some episodes of Life With Lucy on an official DVD. I wish they'd release the full series!
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    I have a feeling that it was due to them singing. If they disappeared for a while it may look odd and Lucy would be wondering where they went.
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    The "oops, there goes my doorbell" bit was brilliant. I just wish they hadn't used it for only this one episode. Had it recurred like in radio it would've been great. I have no doubt the writers were inspired by their own or others' experiences with party lines.
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    I've seen the photo but not the clipping. This is from a sketch for the Victor Borge Comedy Hour, that never got picked up. This airplane skit was redone on The Lucy Show when Lucy went to London.
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    Yesterday I saw a screening of Easy Living at Lincoln Center. Another big crowd. The picture would have been so much more interesting if they had kept Lucy in the Lizabeth Scott role as she was originally cast. Neither role is really the type of role she usually played, so it would have been much more fun if she had played the bad girl. The happy ending where Victor Mature slaps Lizabeth Scott received uproarious laughter from the audience that continued as they filed out of the theater.
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    Works for me! Any famous gal that promotes / shares fandom with "our" gal is a-okay by me!