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    Season Three "Mini Marathon" Lucy Meets the Burtons Lucy the Skydiver ...Sammy Davis Jr. ...Drum Contest (Buddy Rich) ...the Crusader (a personal favorite as it never gets old! Charles Nelson Reilly's hilarious guest star warranted a repeat visit, wonder why it never happened??) ...the Coed ...the American Mother
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    I don't care what he thinks or anyone thinks in regards to Lucy's post-ILL sitcoms. They didn't stand the chance to begin with given they had a tough act to follow. Even Lucille Ball herself said that she couldn't top what she, Desi, Vivian, and Bill had done. But that didn't make her other sitcoms unwatchable or less valuable. People still continued to watch LUCY w/out the other three (or two in the TLS first three seasons). That says something right there. The love affair with Lucy didn't stop after I Love Lucy. It continued to flourish well into the 60s and 70s. I, for one, am glad that Lucy continued in series TV after I Love Lucy. Granted there are some instances where it could been handled much better but that doesn't take way from the enjoyment. Lucy was just as entertaining in her other TV sitcoms as she was in I Love Lucy. And yes, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy and Life with Lucy do have some duds here and there but so does I Love Lucy and other television shows in general. One can't just pin it soley on Lucy's post-ILL sitcoms. And let's be honest ... some of the episodic product Lucille Ball made after 1957 rivaled that of I Love Lucy such as getting stuck in the shower, installing a TV antenna, keeping an eye on Ricky while being disguised as a geisha girl and that Geisha Girl dance scene, conducting a symphony, masquerading as Danny Thomas's wife and the whole snowball fight scene and the courtroom scene that followed, getting drafted by a mere technicality and becoming a "marine", crashing an event with roller skates, getting the Burton's ring stuck on her finger, entering a Lucille Ball look-a-like contest, racing the Mertzes and Fred MacMurray in the middle of the desert to be the first to claim uranium, transforming herself into a "My Fair Lady" type persona, tearing up an entire wall just to "fix" a light switch, overhearing a "love scene" and jumping to the wrong conclusion, resorting to skydiving to prove that she is just as much of a daredevil, disguising herself as a patient in a wheelchair only to be followed around by a growing line of nurses throughout the hospital, abruptly becoming a nursemaid to her loved ones even to pregnant cat named Harry, snooping on Mr. Mooney and her substitute through various disguises, ect. So please don't let this guy tell you that the post-ILL sitcoms are trash. Because they aren't. There is PLENTY of gems to watch with memorable scenes. Great entertainment.
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    Kudos to you for your charitable work. I think you probably could have benefited from a work song to stay motivated and on schedule. "Gonna stuff a chicken.....
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    OMG these are hysterical. I especially love the disease really being Gobloots and Gary being stingy with the masks. And the "uh-oh" reaction to Trump, somebody should actually splice those in to his press conferences (Yoo-hoo, Neil!) YouTube sees explosion of drunken viral videos as "Vitametavegamin" revealed to prevent COVID-19 Vance delights as quarantine measures keep her away from Frawley, all scenes shot individually Little Ricky, Stevie Appleby diagnosed with coronavirus, mothers turn recovery into competition Owner of Unique Employment Agency self-isolates after displaying symptoms, turns out to just be Peeper-Poopers Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League stages televised charity concert for COVID-19 during lockdown, redhead slammed for choosing "Downtown" as solo "Here's Lucy" cast livestreams script reading, Morton decides to stick with format post-lockdown to cut costs
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    G. Morton under fire for supplying Desilu employees with masks only 3/4 of the standard size in order to save money Pistols 'n' Petticoats star to headline new Life Alert ad campaign: "Help, I've been pummeled by a redhead and I don't want to get up!" Fox News pundit suggests that COVID-19 outbreak may just be a misdiagnosis of Gobloots Los Angeles secretary who formerly claimed to have infected Patti Andrews with Coronavirus now contends that it was "just a bite from a tsetse fly" White House press conferences revealed to contain canned reactions from reporters when anal-retentive sitcom fan points out Dede Ball "Uh-Oh" spliced in after President's gaffe Cuban Pete and Sally Sweet to reunite online for a "Chick-Chicky-ZOOM" benefit
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    Well, I wasn't expecting this one: https://ew.com/tv/betty-white-lifetime-christmas-movie/?utm_content=link&utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_entertainmentweekly&utm_term=7265439E-908D-11EA-8069-7E133A982C1E&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&fbclid=IwAR3Jvs084mNoelUAbUzrUFPUuzZfJdCBFR6SSOgM0VbS1SpoplcIClgXKJo
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    It will be so disappointing not to see everyone this year, but the Saturday Zoom meetings are certainly helping to fill the void.
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    A very sweet little story recounted by an alumnus of Lucy's high school who was able to interview her at the Forever, Darling premiere: https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/lifestyle/2020/05/24/d-c-reader-once-interviewed-lucille-ball-jamestown-ny/5226837002/
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    I wonder if this is intentional. It's a plot point that Judy (Maureen O'Hara) has blue eyes and Bubbles doesn't.
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    Bill Frawley's funeral.
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    Interesting idea; if I had to choose out of this list (based on my DVD collection), it'd be "Safari", because you can't beat a good Gorboona, "Italian Bombshell", because I miss Kaye Ballard, and "Eddie Albert", because it's an episode I never get tired of.
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    A few: One of the Paley Events (forget which one/year); the TVLand Awards Show; a book signing at Barnes & Noble, and the coolest as far as the event itself, a recreation for charity of a "Golden Girls" script on the soundstage where they (then) were shooting Betty's "Hot in Cleveland", which featured that show's cast for an hilarious table read. For the same show/charity, there were also appearances by "Hot's" producer/"Will & Grace"'s Sean Hayes, the Supremes' Mary Wilson, and many others I can't recall now. It was an amazing evening capped by an informal party down on the stage afterward where most everyone danced, gabbed and enjoyed a catered buffet. (Betty, presumably due to her advanced age, beat a hasty retreat).
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    Had a lovely lunch the other day watching this panel. Rue had a great memory for the episodes. Loved the interplay between Betty and Rue and good audience questions.
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    Fabray intends to use new Desilu vehicle to write off her cosmetic surgeries as a business expense: No Nose Nanette will premiere this fall Just thought of that one last night after watching an interview with Ms. Fabray.
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    These are TOOOO hilarious. Hard to pick favorite, but Gary's 3/4 size masks made me do a Mrs. McGillicuddy laugh. I'd forgotten about the whole Patty Andrews tsetse fly story. Pretty wacko even by Here's Lucy standards.
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    To test our "Lucy" memories, let's try to pick a random quote from each season of any Lucy series, or from her films and specials. No context is needed and it can be any line from any character. I Love Lucy Season 1: "Now there's a monumental conclusion!" Season 2: "It isn't every day that Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mertz celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary." Season 3: "I'm Ernest Ford from Bent Fork, Tennessee." Season 4: "There's a sign on the door but I can't see it from here." Season 5: "Make up your mind, I can't do both." Season 6: "Now Ethel, don't get panicky!" LDCH: "Look! Ethel is even trying to leave Fred behind!" The Lucy Show Season 1: "She's before my time, too." Season 2: "How much are we going to lose?" Season 3: "He bought this for his wife?" Season 4: "Oh, I mustn't forget to send this postcard to Aunt Viv and her new husband." Season 5: "I am Margo from Margo's Mad, Mad Mod Interiors." Season 6: "Oh, it's Ruta Lee, the big movie star!" Here's Lucy Season 1: "And no matter how much it hurts us, we're gonna enjoy ourselves!" Season 2: "Mr. Welk, I think it's just wunnerful how you say wunnerful." Season 3: "I'm profoundly moved. It almost makes up for not winning the Oscar." Season 4: "They're burnin' Atlanta! They wouldn't dare!" Season 5: "Boy, what a time to run outta gas!" Season 6: "I knew it would end this way." Life With Lucy Season 1: "You know, being despised takes a lot out of you."
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    Lucie shared it on her Instagram last week. It reminds me of that viral video from a few years ago that paired a ton of old movie musical clips with Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk". I really, really hope that the success of a clip like that (albeit a small success in internet numbers) led a few people to learn more about Lucy's post-ILL career, as well as possibly introduce them to Ginger and Lucie.
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    Yes. Well that makes a bit more sense with the title then. Or, Let's Just Annoy the American Mother. Lucy and chimps though, always adorable.
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    There is a clip of Ann’s opening number from a bootleg on YouTube. It’s poor quality with audio dropouts, but it gives you a taste of Ann in the show.
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    Very well put and you are so right. Were it not for this episode I don't know if I would know what a Cobb salad is. If I ever see "Veal Cutlet Marco Polo" on any menu, I will order it. Isn't that what Fred ordered? Lucy had the spaghetti of course. I don't remember what Ethel ordered.
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    Carol Channing and Robert Morse did the first national tour after Ann and Mickey opened on Broadway. It didn’t last long. The second tour starred Ann and Mickey and did big business. I don’t think there was ever a period where Ann and Mickey both left the show. One would take a break (like when Ann went to do her Love Boat episodes) and the other would carry on with a temporary replacement. Fill-ins for Ann included Helen Gallagher and Carol Lawrence. Rip Taylor and Joey Bishop were among Mickey’s replacements. There was a reading a few years ago for a possible Broadway revival starring Tony winners Beth Level and Michael McGrath. Two talented individuals, but not big names. It never went any farther than a reading. I could see Martin Short doing well in this. The Lincoln Center Library did record the show with Ann and Mickey and it’s in their archives. I watched it there and it was great fun!
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    Desi II, Ebba Sedgwick, Desi III, Lolita, Cleo, and DeDe in back
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    When I was a teenager I worked at a summer stock theatre and got to spotlight Sugar Babies for 4 weeks. That was a fast paced show. Most musicals you just do the spot for a song. Not this one. My light was hardly ever off. Best cue was picking up a head shot on a guy jumping in from the wings in total darkness. We had the privilege of having Rudy Tronto star in and direct our production. He sketch directed and understudied Mickey in the original Broadway production. I dont know why but I should have asked if he had any good Ann stories. This was back in 1997 and we got lots of bus groups of older people in during the summer. A show perfect for them.
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    Today I ended up going down a rabbit hole reading about Sugar Babies. I knew of the show, but didn't know the show until this morning. The YouTube clip of Ann and Mickey at the Tonys is nothing short of incredible. Folks love to throw around the phrase "you couldn't do that today" about everything from Blazing Saddles to The Office, but you really couldn't do Sugar Babies today, simply because we don't have talent that sells itself like that. Heck, even in 1979, you'd be hard-pressed to find two leads that fit the bill as well as Miller and Rooney. Red Skelton (a former burlesque performer), would've been perfect in the male lead, but who could top Johnnie Lucille's extreme individuality? They revived the show in London a decade later and performed at the Royal Variety, but it's clearly a British audience and British production values. There's nowhere near the pizazz (the mystique!) or the wild love from the audience that comes on Broadway. Any available clips are worth checking out. Side Note: This is allegedly the show where Ann, tired of burning a hole in the ozone layer with hairspray, commissioned two wigs made of wire that she would wear every night. Later on, while doing summer stock, a beam fell and hit her on the head; it would've killed her if she weren't wearing such course ha'r. Irma eat your heart out!
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    This season four talk has me hankering to re-watch, but (in an act of uncharacteristically good will), I lent all of my fourth season DVDs to some friends to enjoy during this lockdown. All of I Love Lucy's seasons are pretty much perfect, but has there been a more perfect TV season than what they did in 1954-55? Some shows are hilarious, but few are as re-watchable and memorable. My father always orders a Cobb Salad based solely on the fact that William Holden ordered one in "LA"; how's that for iconic?
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    To keep the housebound Troupes entertained, I've been putting together Carole Cook videos and posting them to her Facebook fan page. That first season of The Lucy Show was at its absolute best when the Danfield volunteers would get together. There was no other show on the air doing this type of comedy. I was thinking: was there any other series like this period of The Lucy Show? Where the focus was on the antics of women in their 40s? (Yes, I know Lucy and Viv were both in their 50s but the characters were 40-ish.) And without their age being the focus of the comedy. I'm not counting Golden Girls because they're a generation older. Nor do I count Laverne in Shirley who were portrayed as in their 30s, I think. Am I forgetting one? (No doubt with the way shows come and go these days, SOMEBODY has tried the concept in recent years.)
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    I didn't even know that until a few months ago. According to someone else from Australia who posted here a while back, all 13 were aired around 1988 or so, but only once. I believe there were other international markets where all 13 were shown, but I don't know exactly where. Max definitely recalled seeing it when I showed him a few clips. As per my original post accompanying the photos:
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    It was from a 1984 Cosmopolitan issue with the headline "The Celebrity Who Turns Me On." They meant talent-wise. Lucy answered Carol Burnett.
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    Thanks for posting these... I love comparing all of the little differences in the design layout, and it's nice to see Life With Lucy getting releases all over the world. I didn't think we'd ever see the day!
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    We actually did a "Lucy Teaches Patti LuPone to Sing" episode outline on another thread, I think the "2015 Here's Lucy" one. The thought of them doing the Dr. Gitterman exercise is too good to ignore. "I'd tell you to chew your tongue and hum, but it sounds like you do that already!"
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    I watched Lucy Meets Orson Welles last night and it never occurred to me that, with the deletion of the scene with the Mertzes’ attempting Shakespeare, Fred only has a single line in the episode.
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    Lucy and Edie at Roxbury with grandson Simon. I think this may be the same time that the famous video with Lucy and Desi in the pool with Simon was made. Simon's size I think is the key comparison for that. Thanks to @ilovelucy_scenes on Instagram for the photos.
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    The ridiculously funny Jerry Stiller has gone to join Anne Meara, per their son Ben☹️
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