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    As a English-2nd-language guy once said to me "That's HIGHLY ARIOUS!" Other cute things he said: He forgot some detail on a project and said "Sorry. That fell through my crack." Meant to call someone a habitual liar but said "he's an obituary liar"; also said this guy was "BOlivious" when he meant oblivious. I've repeated bolivious so much that to this day I have to stop before I say oblivious to make sure I'm pronouncing it correctly.
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    I hope hostess pants are part of the line up. Gals need something to wear for all those smart dinner parties they throw!
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    "Lucy the Disc Jockey" is one of those that gives "The Lucy Show" a bad name. Though written by Garry Marshall and Jerry Belson (in their sleep?), the smoke coming out of the radio console is a definite pyromaniac-Milt touch. So much wrong with the episode that I'll only mention one: it's unlikely the radio people would put Lucy in charge and then just disappear. Well, maybe two: does DANFIELD have freeways? What is this? Bancroft?? Most of the gags make me do same. There are a couple of laughs but the last scene might have worked with Viv. Did she have to catch an earlier flight back to Connecticut? (John Dodds: "Why, Viv honey! So NICE to see you back early" as poolboy slips out back door). I always thought 'what a waste for the last Viv show', but then I learned it was pre-empted from its original airdate making the much better "Stockholder" the last Viv episode (last one aired, anyway). "Glynis", unspooling in The Lucy Show's time slot in the summer gave Viv some time to have her whirlwind romance with Vern Bunson, leaving poor Eddie to drown his sorrows at the Elm Tree Inn's bar listening to ROberta Sherwood's nightly 3-hour rendition of "Up a Lazy River" (RO ignores Eddie's requests: "Toot Toot Tootsie, Good-By" and "Viv Bagley, Won't You Please Come Home?"). Judging by the commercials, The Lucy Show's target audience is either overweight, wrinkled or has one foot in grave (don't be taken in by "John Hancock Funeral Insurance"'s claim that "your premiums will never go up and your coverage will never go down" because I read the fine print "benefits subject to John Hancock's ability to pay" WHAAAA????)
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    Eagle eyed observation! Ricky really was hobnobbing with the best of them. That screenshot's a bit eerie, almost like Lucy and Viv predicting their future. "Someday that woman will offer us lemonade."
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    What a life she has led! She made her film debut in 1935 - 84 years ago - in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her love interest in the film, Ross Alexander, died 82 years ago!
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    This is getting ridiculous. I bet most of the people who complained probably never even saw the movie.
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    The Warner Archive is releasing Danny Thomas' 1976 - 1977 sitcom THE PRACTICE on July 16, 2019. Lucy guest stars in the episode "The Dream" (10/13/76).
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    A new line of clothes “inspired” by I Love Lucy is in the works: https://www.licenseglobal.com/apparel-accessories/unique-vintage-partners-i-love-lucy-apparel There are some fantastic choices here! I can’t wait to see the finished product.
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    Heck, if they were available, I’d wear the damn Hostess Pants. Alternate Idea: Potato sack, Afro wig, and vampire dentures. Available at your nearest Phipp’s.
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    A Desi smoking jacket would be a nice addition. How nice to see some of the more fashionable costumes becoming actual outfits! I don't know the exact style or way to describe it, but Lucy wore a white dress with a floral design on the upper portion in many of the Hollywood episodes. That'd be beautiful.
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    I bet I look lousy in a dress- hopefully they put out a line of Fred Mertz trousers that I can wear all the way up to my chin- they’d go perfect with a Golden Gloves 1909 sweater
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    Lucie and Lucy wanted to do a line of I Love Lucy inspired clothes in the ‘80s, but couldn’t get any company interested. The companies wanted to do the costumes and not the regular Lucy Ricardo clothes. I’m glad their vision is finally happening.
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    Oh it's from Unique Vintage. Awesome!!! I have some stuff from them. They have really been getting into pop culture lines recently. They've done 2 Barbie lines. They also have some great social media presence and respected well in the vintage community. They are also size inclusive so us big girls will be able to buy this too.
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    I agree, it got really trashy for awhile and they recycled a headline and picture for one cover.
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    I hope this is a sign that Closer's quality is on an upswing again!
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    I can absolutely see Viv as Vera. She had that dry sassy wit.
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    According to a book about Auntie Mame, referring to the 1958 Roz Russell movie "Several actresses SCREEN-TESTED for the role of Vera including television's Vivian Vance." The book is interesting, covering the novel, Broadway play, movie of play, musical and of course the movie musical (and what might lie beyond: it was published in 1998). The author's treatment of Lucy's movie is relatively even-handed but only by comparison to those who seem to take venomous glee in ripping Lucy and the movie apart. At least he got her age right: during filming she was 61, not 63. But can't anyone write about Lucy in Mame without using the word "aging"? Author quotes the worst reviews, ignoring the many reviews that were "mixed" with reservations about the film but pro-Lucy. Milton Krim's Saturday Evening Post two-thumbs-enthusiastically-up review is never, ever quoted in any Mame writings. And if it is referenced, it's dismissed.
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    I'll be there. There was a period of time in the late 70s and early 80s when ILL was not being run on local television. An odd little theater The Bagdad Backstage ran a couple of 50s TV nights as their "midnight movie". Two of those featured ILL episodes: "Phipps" and "In Palm Springs". It was great to be present for the audience reaction. The Backstage was literally that. The Bagdad had at one time been a vaudeville house and there were still pulleys for scenery and a high ceiling. The chairs in the theater were couches and bean-bag chairs. The Bagdad is incidentally where Mame had a 4-month run in 1974 with a big mural of Lucy as Mame covering one side of the theater.
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    Spotted the Ricardos in the tasteful arthouse drama Pink Flamingos.
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    A "Miss" No More: Congratulations to the legendary Olivia de Havilland who today, just a couple of weeks shy of 101, has been finally named a Dame by the Queen! She is the oldest woman to ever be named a Dame and, in my opinion, one of the most overdue. "Dame Olivia de Havilland" has a nice ring to it. Even dead, Joan will have to console herself with a single, solitary Oscar.
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    She might be, but she would NEVER admit it, Possum.
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    I watched Ricky Needs an Agent, my vote for funniest I Love Lucy episode, and wondered why a picture of Joan Crawford and Harry Morgan in Torch Song is in Ricky's scrapbook.
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    Godspeed, Arte, on your larger-than-wee walk.
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    OH....damn. Another one whose work I idolized that I never got a chance to tell. (I just recently "appropriated" his work for the theme to "Those Hudson Girls"). Musical aficionados don't always share my enthusiasm for "Wildcat" but everyone (who knows ANYTHING) admires those great orchestrations. The Wildcat album was one of the first released in high-fidelity stereo....and they haven't improve on that technology in the almost 60 years since (in fact IMO the technology has DEvolved. Recording on separate tracks and mixing to perfection saps the spontaneity out of what is supposed to be a replication of a theater experience. Unlike the old days when musicians, singers and chorus all gathered in one room at Webster Hall to record the entire album in one Sunday with little time for retakes---hence leaving in Lucy's cough during "Tippy Tippy Toes". I love it. ). The process of orchestrating songs in those days fascinates me. Sometimes they had to do it very quickly---say, if a new song was composed and put in out of town. Orchestrators had to hear all the instruments in their head and, I assume, write it down by hand. There were actually very few Broadway orchestrators so they were in great demand. Truly the unsung heroes of musicals. A good orchestration could make or break the initial appeal of a song. Sid was one of the greatest. Also responsible for what is considered the greatest overture of all time "Gypsy". But he will be forever remembered for what some say in the best TV theme song (among those with lyrics): "The Patty Duke Show". Immediately catchy and captures the tone of the show perfectly. I loved your work Sid!! I only wish I'd made the effort to somehow let you know. Re: Harry's April 15th post. Considering how many Broadway Cast albums were released in 1961, the fact that Wildcat made the Grammy top 5 is very impressive. Besides the winner "How to Succeed", the other nominees were Carnival, Do Re Mi and Milk & Honey.
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    I thought Dame Edna was the oldest.
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    Happy 103rd Birthday, Dame O!
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    In the US of A, Here's Lucy is streaming on Hulu. I don't have every season on DVD, so that's where I go more often than not to see episodes- even the ones I already own. I know that streaming content varies from country to country, so if the show is available in your neck of the woods, I'd recommend doing what a lot of people do- piggybacking on someone else's subscription! If not, it's probably time to start your own LOA (Lotus Overseas Aid) and come to America (if you can stand it) and smuggle your DVDs back in a tuba.
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    I think I'd read about his plane crash a while back but forgotten. That's very tragic. At the risk of being in bad taste... Perhaps his passing in 1974 was what prompted Lucy to end the show. "Well, if our gorilla guy's gone, show's over. What are we going to do for plots without him!?"
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    When you apply today's standards to actions that occurred more than 100 years ago, very very few people could pass that test. Some of the extremists appear to want to erase history. We'll have our own "cultural revolution."
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    Ooo and they could do it with the Lucy In Connecticut opening and closing credits
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    I know both Lucy and Desi have said years later in interviews they could hear DeDe in the audience. But they never said anything about her being the uh-oh lady. So I'm not convinced either.
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    Yes, and it's so stupid. I had to email them about it. Look where it has the date in green in the center of the page. Then look to the right and you'll see "next day". Click that. It will take you to a new screen. Then you're good to order.
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    I think we're overdue for some colorized Connecticut-based episodes!
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    I was able to buy my ticket tonight via a direct buy from my favorite cinema with the recliner seats. First seat bought in the theatre. Smack in the center. Great way to get in the Lucy mood for Jamestown later in the week.
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    I usually skip the monologue but watched his this time. We laughed at the subway bit, having just ridden the subway the day earlier. Spot on. Bodega Bathroom was great.
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    So sad. He was an okay petunia.
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    Oh how tragic! What a horrible turn of events.
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    Human remains found are thought to be actor Charles Levin. He played the cop in Lucy and the Guard Goose and Coco the houseboy in the pilot of The Golden Girls. https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2019/07/remains-found-in-josephine-county-thought-to-be-those-of-missing-hollywood-actor.html
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    I loved him on "The Larry Sanders Show." https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/10/entertainment/rip-torn-dead/index.html
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    https://deadline.com/2019/06/lillian-gish-birth-of-a-nation-bowling-green-state-university-name-removal-1202636690/ Here we go again. Bowling Green has taken the Gish Sisters' names off of a University theater due to Lilian's being a cast member in Birth of a Nation. This makes me especially sad because I've always had wonderful feelings about Lilian Gish. For someone who came to prominence as a Silent actress, nobody speaks more eloquently or with more passion about the movies than she does. Her AFI acceptance speech is a real treat. Birth of a Nation was a prominent element of Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman last year, and he received the Lilian and Dorothy Gish Prize in 2013. In his acceptance speech, especially thanked Lilian for being a part of two of the films that helped shape him the most during film school- Birth of a Nation and Night of The Hunter, so take that as you may. About fifty Hollywood figures including Helen Mirren, Martin Scorcese, James Earl Jones, and Malcolm McDowell signed a letter decrying the decision. BGSU responded by saying that they won't reverse their decision. However, they are retaining Lilian's honorary degree, the scholarship in her name, and all of the archival collections, papers, and money she donated to the school.