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    Fun interview with Julie Halston and Jim Caruso. Lucie says that filming on the Being the Ricardos movie started today.
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    Since Joey mentioned Tubi...We have that in Australia, but the catalogue doesn’t seem as extensive. I logged on using a VPN and was surprised at how much more “Lucy” content there was. The Australian version only has the two-part “Funny World of Lucy” documentary. Must be a distribution rights issue. But I’m surprised they haven’t secured “Here’s Lucy” given its popularity in this country.
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    You're probably right. Fewer shows were shot/aired in color in 65-66 than I realized. I always assumed, without any proof, that Dick Van Dyke went into the season knowing it was their last so continued in b/w because of that. I'd forgotten that Jeannie debuted that year and was initially in b/w (on color-pioneering NBC!) --with a different theme song. Me or Antenna is running the mostly-forgotten sitcom "Joey Bishop" which has the unique distinction of going from b/w in its first season to color for seasons 2 & 3, then back to b/w for its 4th and final. Filmed at Desilu, there are a lot of familiar names in the credits including Milt Josefsburg. Nothing is horrible about "Joey B..", but there's no draw either.
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    The final episode "Lucy Fights the System", a great showcase for Lucie/Kim. And peppered with such great supporting players: Mary Treen, of course, Barbara Morrision, pie throwing Harry Holcome, John "Red" Fox (Danfield's Officer Wilcox), Eddie Quillen, Sid&Vanda and others I recognize but don't know names. Usually crowd scenes on HL feature people that can't even act as in "Milton Berle/Life of Party". To spare expenses, I figure. Maybe by 1974, LBP had made up the lost revenue going over budget on the "Burtons" show. A convenient excuse for Gary to pinch pennies, something I seriously doubt. Kudos to Jack Donahue for the deft pie throwing direction and choreography. Usually shots are framed lazily and give away what's going to happen. Example: Before Lucy throws Eva Gabor's necklace out the hospital window, director cuts to an awkward looking wide shot which telegraphs the bit in advance. But here Donahue does a quick pan from 2-shot of Harry Holcome and Jack Collins (with Gale out of the shot) and follows the pie to Gale's face. It's the perfect ending to the series. Gale's extended reaction is priceless. They must have planned this as the finale though I read somewhere that it wasn't the last one filmed. A couple of things: if Jack Collins has "just turned 40", so have I! I like that they use actual restaurant terms like "the deuce table" to indicate a 2-seater. You wouldn't have heard any acknowledgment of how old Lucy & Harry have become even 2 seasons previous ("There are people who won't do business with us because of OUR AGE"). And no one told writer Bob O'Brien that "the kids" don't wear jeans, faded or otherwise, when they go surfing!
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