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    I swear I thought he died years ago. He was old in the 1980s on Our House.
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    You’re not alone. Years ago, Lily Tomlin told a story on a late night show about how she’d publicly referred to “the late Wilford Brimley” and later had to apologise, in writing, to Brimley’s camp, who were deeply offended. She read the letter out loud and it was hysterical.
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    The Denver Pyle syndrome.....he was 2 years older than "daughter" Doris Day
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    Wilford Brimley has died at 85; yes, only 85. It seems like he’s been an old geezer with di-a-beetus forever.
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    I wish The Lucy Show would get the Blu-ray treatment someday.
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    Cut scene from "Lucy Meets Danny Kaye."
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    The "We Love Lucy" episode of Will & Grace received three Emmy nominations today: Outstanding Directing for James Burrows, Outstanding Editing, and Outstanding Production Design.
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    Good God, I am genuinely stunned. What a sad, sad day. 104 though. What an incredible life and legacy.
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    I understand, I’m particular about those things as well. It drives me nuts how many people out there don’t set their televisions to the right aspect ratio, and are happy to watch pictures that are completely distorted.
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    The only one of Valerie's series I had never seen before was her 1995 sitcom The Office. Two episodes were just uploaded to YouTube. I thought they were very funny, especially the pilot. Only six episodes were produced and only five of those aired. It was given the unenviable time slot of Saturday night at 9:00. I wish CBS gave it more of a chance because I think this show showed a tremendous amount of promise. Pilot: Episode #3:
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    Add my tith to the list of those that RR puts on etch. People keep sending them to me figuring they're right up my alley. I actually think his lyrics can be clever but there's such a thing as being TOO cute.
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    Have to concur about the tith on edge. I couldn’t believe it when I found out Rainbow was his actual surname. A gay man named Rainbow born in Queens...it’s so on the nose it’s not even funny.
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    Sorry to say I'm not an Rainbow fan. His personality "sets the tith on edge"; I had to mute the TV when he showed up for Sondheim's 90th birthday Zoom concert. While I can appreciate the effort that goes into his videos, I don't find his lyrics anywhere near the "clever" ballpark, more in the "cringey" outfield. Joe Keenan wrote a revue called Everybody Rise that was playing at Birdland before NYC shut down. It's the same schtick as RR, but with a variety of Broadway actors performing the parodies, which are so brilliant they make RR's material look as weak as... well, my little entry up above. I'd recommend seeking out any clips that might be online.
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    Auntie Mame was on TCM tonight and I'd only seen bits and pieces of it before (A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob was on earlier and it was my first time for that one as well!). I gotta say, I was pretty underwhelmed. There's so much hype around this movie, not just in comparison to 1974's production. AM undoubtably has much funnier one-liners and little bits of business, but I think Mame '74 (whether it was the choice of the stage musical or the movie) did some very wise streamlining to the story. IMO Gooch is much better as one character. When Gooch realizes that she's actually married, Patrick joyfully kisses her but it made me try and remember whether or not the two had even shared a scene together previously. AM also occasionally had clunky motivation. For example, when Roz Russell is being pounced on by her co-author, she has a very funny line about Gooch and her Dr. Pepper. Later on, the "Will it mix with Dr. Pepper?" exchange is just between Agnes and Mame, not including Vera like the musical had done. "He'll love it!" is hilarious coming from Bea Arthur, who is soused and probably doesn't know what Dr. Pepper is (I doubt Vera used mixers). It's not nearly as funny when Roz says it, because her Mame was already aware of Gooch's carbonated habits. I hope that doesn't sound too nitpicky, but it's one of the moments that threw me off. I found Russell to be just about the only cast member I preferred seeing over the '74 version. If they'd included all of those great zingers for Lucy, I have no doubt she would have done her own excellent spin on them rather than being in a constant haute movie star bent. Russell's Mame comes off as less assured than Lucy's, and even a little phony at times. Peggy Cass made me laugh sometimes and cringe others. Save for my chronically skipping over "What Do I Do Now?", I really like Jane Connell's performance. Almost everyone else in AM have already left my head. '74 certainly stacked the deck with wonderful character actors. Joyce Van Patten's Sally Cato is even more awesome now that I've seen her predecessor. Joanna Barnes did an okay job of playing Gloria Upson, but Doria Cook-Nelson (married to Craig T.!) was Gloria Upson. I've been in the country club pool with multiple Gloria Upsons, and Cook-Nelson hits the nail on the head. Although today, instead of "Scrumptious", they all say "Oh My GOOoooOOd!" and "Saaaame!", and the Bryn-Mawr affect is more Valley Girl upspeak. Morton DaCosta's staging is understandably, well, stagey. It was probably the best choice. It made me feel like '74 was much more cinematic than I'd thought it to be. Gene Saks' work wasn't ideal, but his version does have some terrific moments that you could only get in a movie. Maybe because Lucy's Mame was a musical, the heightened emotions make me buy into these characters more. I don't know. I thought 74's production design was better, as well. For all of my griping, I'd still call Auntie Mame a better movie than Mame, but not at all by the wide margin it's considered to be.
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    This one wouldn't need a title change, but certainly a new jingle would help. Thankfully, I was present at Medium Raya's most recent seance, where Ed Begley sent this: Goya's Beans! Goya's Beans! Get those plugs from Donald's fiends On the Resolute, disrepute are good old Goya's Beans! Virus spread, to your head? Don't start to deplore Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up WOAH! Buy Goya's Beans!
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    "Lucy and Fred are having trouble finding their birth certificates, needed for their passports." This was actually the description given for "Passports" on a recent Me-TV airing. Fred: "I didn't even know there WAS a West Steubenville!"
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    This thread makes me realize that it was a shame that "Here's Lucy" did not have staff writers. For example, the character of "Craig" disappeared with even less explanatory dialogue than "Viv's" absence on "The Lucy Show." "Craig's" departure could have been an interesting story arc. Also the cheapness bothers me. "The Brady Bunch," which was far less popular than "Here's Lucy" during their network runs, could afford to shoot in Hawaii. But "Here's Lucy" went cheap and cancelled its plans to have part three of "Lucy Goes Hawaiian" shot on location even though CBS has production facilities for "Hawaii Five-0."
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    A 16mm network print of The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour has popped up on eBay. This includes the "lost" Pepsodent advertising Lucy did. This could not be found when the special was released on The Lucy Show second season DVD set. I hope whoever purchases this can make this available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/16mm-Film-LUCILLE-BALL-COMEDY-HOUR-Mr-Mrs-1964-BOB-HOPE-Network-Print/333625840464?hash=item4dada65350:g:dtAAAOSwggJe5qfn
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    I downloaded this when you first posted. I love the second interview. That guy was drifting into sensitive territory and made for a fascinating listen.
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    Lucy Barker has made the cover of Billy Van Zandt's upcoming memoir: https://www.amazon.com/GET-CAR-JANE-Adventures-Wasteland-ebook/dp/B0855TWKKB/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Lucille+Ball&qid=1587682464&s=books&sr=1-2&swrs=14563003FA86252FE7DF3F10B1E91F5C
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    Shock, the Australian company that released I Love Lucy here back in 2016, has clearly expanded their licensing deal with CBS. On April 1st, they issued The Lucy Show, Life With Lucy and the colourised I Love Lucy set for the first time down under. Exciting news for all Australian Lucy fans who need an isolation diversion! (I must admit, the substantially larger package for The Lucy Show, though not as shelf-friendly as its U.S. counterpart, has me intrigued.) http://www.shock.com.au/index.php?file=c-products&type=cat&cnm=lucy&cid=169
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    It looks like a new book was just published called, "The Forgotten Desi and Lucy TV Projects: The Desilu Series and Specials That Might Have Been". https://www.amazon.com/Forgotten-Desi-Lucy-TV-Projects/dp/1629335452/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=the+forgotten+desi+and+Lucy+tv+projects&qid=1585409857&sr=8-2
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    I just watched an episode where Steve learns Spanish. Bub jokes, "I'm commencing to feel like Desi Arnaz's houseboy!"
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