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    I was watching Valley of the Dolls tonight (don’t ask) and was sure this Lucy sighting in Helen Lawson’s dressing room had been posted before — but, maybe it was on the old Lounge, so here it is again.
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    I wonder what an episode of Here's Lucy would've been like if Bill Cosby, Jim Henson or Fred Rogers guest starred? Quick question, did Lucy ever consider having Mr. Rogers appear? He just was not a fan of that slapstick comedy where they threw pies at each other. On Life with Lucy, Lucy was seen exercising on her little exercise trampoline, and that's when Richard Simmons was everywhere so I wonder if he would've made an appearance? At least we got to see them interact on Body Language in 1984!!! I also wish we could've seen a HL with Betty White as a guest star but at least they got to play Password together!
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    Ethel was wearing the same outfit on the second day of Dickie Davis' show, or was that on purpose? I also noticed a few times that the inside of their mouths were still gray but that probably wasn't easy to colorize. Never knew Lucy's blue and red striped dress was actually seen in a color publicity photo! I thought they had to wear mostly gray and drab so it would show up better on film. Forgot that Ricky's pajamas were red checkered. Was Lucy's flowered (pink and gray) dress in Bonus Bucks really that color? I always thought it was red. The edits on this episode were seamless and nothing major seemed to be missing, only thing I noticed was a bit of Lucy counting the jars, and part of Ricky trying to hide the dollar and they just cut out when he pretended to come home. Also, was there more dialogue when he was trying to explain to the laundry foreman about their predicament? They could've just asked someone to get the blue bag for them but then we wouldn't have seen the end result!
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    The Million Dollar Idea seemed to be the least edited episode I can remember. I think they only cut Dickie Davis’ commercial, Lucy and Ethel talking about buying mink coats, and Lucy counting the jars in the living room.
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    Vulture has an article about other TV appearances made by the I Love Lucy cast. https://www.vulture.com/article/the-lost-adventures-of-the-i-love-lucy-cast.html
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    Lucy was in four episodes. The first three were released on the first box set of the “lost” episodes and the fourth was on the 50th anniversary collection set.
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    I got the Mame blu ray for my birthday and finally got around to watching it last night. It looks great. With the rest of the shots so crisp and clear, the soft focus closeups really stand out much more than they did on DVD. I wasn’t really looking for them but just analyzing the picture quality over all and I noticed right away in that first shot on the piano top. But the shots pulled back Lucy still looks fine so I really wish they just would have shot the thing less gauzy. I wonder if this was that noticeable in cinemas in the 70s.
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    Could this be Shirley Feeney's beloved Boo Boo Kitty in "Lucy, Part-Time Wife?"
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    In the 1950 Mickey Rooney film “He’s a Cockeyed Wonder,” Terry Moore and her date go to a drive-in movie to see The Fuller Brush Girl. Lucy and Eddie Albert’s names are prominently displayed on the marquee. I only watched this three minute scene and it was clear from that that the movie was unbearably terrible.