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    As a English-2nd-language guy once said to me "That's HIGHLY ARIOUS!" Other cute things he said: He forgot some detail on a project and said "Sorry. That fell through my crack." Meant to call someone a habitual liar but said "he's an obituary liar"; also said this guy was "BOlivious" when he meant oblivious. I've repeated bolivious so much that to this day I have to stop before I say oblivious to make sure I'm pronouncing it correctly.
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    A new line of clothes “inspired” by I Love Lucy is in the works: https://www.licenseglobal.com/apparel-accessories/unique-vintage-partners-i-love-lucy-apparel There are some fantastic choices here! I can’t wait to see the finished product.
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    Heck, if they were available, I’d wear the damn Hostess Pants. Alternate Idea: Potato sack, Afro wig, and vampire dentures. Available at your nearest Phipp’s.
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    I hope hostess pants are part of the line up. Gals need something to wear for all those smart dinner parties they throw!
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    A Desi smoking jacket would be a nice addition. How nice to see some of the more fashionable costumes becoming actual outfits! I don't know the exact style or way to describe it, but Lucy wore a white dress with a floral design on the upper portion in many of the Hollywood episodes. That'd be beautiful.
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    I bet I look lousy in a dress- hopefully they put out a line of Fred Mertz trousers that I can wear all the way up to my chin- they’d go perfect with a Golden Gloves 1909 sweater
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    Lucie and Lucy wanted to do a line of I Love Lucy inspired clothes in the ‘80s, but couldn’t get any company interested. The companies wanted to do the costumes and not the regular Lucy Ricardo clothes. I’m glad their vision is finally happening.
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    Oh it's from Unique Vintage. Awesome!!! I have some stuff from them. They have really been getting into pop culture lines recently. They've done 2 Barbie lines. They also have some great social media presence and respected well in the vintage community. They are also size inclusive so us big girls will be able to buy this too.
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    I agree, it got really trashy for awhile and they recycled a headline and picture for one cover.
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    I hope this is a sign that Closer's quality is on an upswing again!
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    I can absolutely see Viv as Vera. She had that dry sassy wit.
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    According to a book about Auntie Mame, referring to the 1958 Roz Russell movie "Several actresses SCREEN-TESTED for the role of Vera including television's Vivian Vance." The book is interesting, covering the novel, Broadway play, movie of play, musical and of course the movie musical (and what might lie beyond: it was published in 1998). The author's treatment of Lucy's movie is relatively even-handed but only by comparison to those who seem to take venomous glee in ripping Lucy and the movie apart. At least he got her age right: during filming she was 61, not 63. But can't anyone write about Lucy in Mame without using the word "aging"? Author quotes the worst reviews, ignoring the many reviews that were "mixed" with reservations about the film but pro-Lucy. Milton Krim's Saturday Evening Post two-thumbs-enthusiastically-up review is never, ever quoted in any Mame writings. And if it is referenced, it's dismissed.
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    I'll be there. There was a period of time in the late 70s and early 80s when ILL was not being run on local television. An odd little theater The Bagdad Backstage ran a couple of 50s TV nights as their "midnight movie". Two of those featured ILL episodes: "Phipps" and "In Palm Springs". It was great to be present for the audience reaction. The Backstage was literally that. The Bagdad had at one time been a vaudeville house and there were still pulleys for scenery and a high ceiling. The chairs in the theater were couches and bean-bag chairs. The Bagdad is incidentally where Mame had a 4-month run in 1974 with a big mural of Lucy as Mame covering one side of the theater.
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    So sad. He was an okay petunia.
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    Oh how tragic! What a horrible turn of events.
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    Human remains found are thought to be actor Charles Levin. He played the cop in Lucy and the Guard Goose and Coco the houseboy in the pilot of The Golden Girls. https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2019/07/remains-found-in-josephine-county-thought-to-be-those-of-missing-hollywood-actor.html
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    I loved him on "The Larry Sanders Show." https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/10/entertainment/rip-torn-dead/index.html