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    Practically every episode of "I Love Lucy" was filmed in less than an hour, including camera reloads and costume changes. The record was only 42 minutes! (The "no-retakes" rule helped.) When they filmed "The Freezer", they shot it from start to finish, only applying those "frozen Lucy" makeup effects that could be applied very quickly just before she was rescued from the freezer. When they reached the end of the final scene, they announced to the audience that they were going to apply more "frozen" makeup to Lucy and re-shoot the "Freezer rescue" scene, but it would take at least an hour to apply all of Lucy's makeup, so the audience was free to go. But if anyone wanted to wait around and watch the reshoot, they could. As it turned out, every single member of the audience sat and waited for over an hour to watch the re-shoot of that scene.
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    "Lucy Finally Cuts Guess Who's G-String." Lucy learns that Kim has been secretly working as an exotic dancer to offset her increased living expenses since moving into Uncle Herb's building. Planning to stop Kim, Lucy and Harry go undercover into the seedy club run by Dirty Jack. But upon seeing Harry, Dirty Jack instantly says "Hiya, Harry. You going to make it rain again tonight?"
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    Wth those settings, Viv must really be a sight from behind in her knit suit!
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    I swear I thought he died years ago. He was old in the 1980s on Our House.
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    Lucy Barker has made the cover of Billy Van Zandt's upcoming memoir: https://www.amazon.com/GET-CAR-JANE-Adventures-Wasteland-ebook/dp/B0855TWKKB/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Lucille+Ball&qid=1587682464&s=books&sr=1-2&swrs=14563003FA86252FE7DF3F10B1E91F5C
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    Nothing really wrong with the "Gertie" actress but it would have been nice to have somebody we recognize. The aforementioned Iris Adrian. Or Reta Show. I suppose this was too late for Barbara Pepper. And I'm always promoting MORE Jody Gilbert! Speaking of Ms. Pepper: did she ever make an appearance on The Lucy Show? Poor Barbara. She had such a promising start in the movies as a saucy ingenue, 4 years younger than Lucy but coming on the scene at the same time. But life doesn't always follow the path we think it's going to. The story goes that she never really recovered from a personal tragedy of the late 40s. Though she made many appearances in TV and high profile movies ("Music Man" "My Fair Lady"), she will be forever known as the mother of Arnold Ziffel on Green Acres. Later in the run, husband Fred would appear with some excuse for Doris not being there. Then a new Doris Ziffel showed up in the person of actress Fran Ryan. Barbara was still alive and got some bit parts post-Green Acres, but died at the early age of 54 in 1969. We took these great character actors for granted. In the pre-internet days (and pre-EVERYTHING), there was no way for us to let them know how much we enjoyed them. I hope the spirits of Barbara and the others are up there/out there knowing now how much we loved them...even 50+ years later. A "Green Acres" without Doris Ziffel could still be fun but it was similar to a "Bewitched" without Alice Pearce.
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    The past few night I’ve been enjoying the first season of The Lucy Show. Often, I go right to my favorite episodes of a season but I’m watching all the rest this go around. Lucy Drives A Dump Truck. For being named that, this action only happens in the last ¼ of the episode. The fire department meetings seem to take up the bulk of this episode. Lucy’s wig in this episode is really nice. Very full and lots of nice curls. Top notch job by Irma this week. Both when Lucy is nervous about giving her speech and about the court martial, her demeanor is very nice. She really makes you feel bad for her. In later Lucy Shows or Here’s Lucy she tended to over do this type of scene but here she is more understated. Even when she pleads to Thelma and Mary Jane. It’s not pushy, just sad. The phone call among the newspaper stacks is so well done. As the bad news keeps growing Lucy keeps hiding further down in the papers. Great blocking to have that section constructed to allow her to hide from the others yet still be seen by the cameras. And my favorite little part among the papers is when Thelma finally leaves and says goodbye, all you see is the door open and close and the others says goodbye back. It makes me giggle for some reason. Once they get to the dump truck scene, I’m annoyed at that cop. Geeze, maybe you might want to help these ladies instead of keep giving them tickets. The episode also ends so abruptly with the cop being buried by the papers. Did they get any more tickets? Did the cop finally take pity on them? How did they get all the papers cleaned up? So from the time they had all those newspapers stacked in the living room until Don Shapre (nice drop on Lucy’s agent’s name) lets Lucy know she can get rid of them, where do they go? The court martial meeting takes place in a newspaper free living room.
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    Did they just throw a bunch of A list redheads and Latin men in a hat and pick one? If so I would have preferred Bryce Dallas Howard. A few years back they said it was to be a one week plot. Its red scare all the way. Calling Judy Davis, we need you to do Hedda again.
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    I believe I can now say "I've seen everythin', brudder!" I wonder if the audience knew they were listening to the golden vocals of one Lucille Ball.
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    Thanks for this. Your last paragraph sounds completely on the nose. Why not come up with your own characters instead of twisting and distorting the lives of real people to fit a fictional narrative? I think I’ll give this one a pass...or else wait for Lindsay Lohan to do the Lifetime Original Movie version.
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    Wilford Brimley has died at 85; yes, only 85. It seems like he’s been an old geezer with di-a-beetus forever.
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    The "We Love Lucy" episode of Will & Grace received three Emmy nominations today: Outstanding Directing for James Burrows, Outstanding Editing, and Outstanding Production Design.
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    Have to concur about the tith on edge. I couldn’t believe it when I found out Rainbow was his actual surname. A gay man named Rainbow born in Queens...it’s so on the nose it’s not even funny.
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    I was rereading these brilliant season 4 plot lines. We're a clever bunch! Here's a little different what-if take on season 4 Hedda Hopper's column Feb. 5, 1965: "It's official. Vivian Vance has turned in her resignation and will not be a regular when "The Lucy Show" begins its 4th season next fall. However, in a happy turn of events "Vivian Bagley" will be back for a limited run. Desilu has offered Vance a very lucrative deal to return for the first 13 episodes of the new season which will be a story arc chronicling her meeting and marrying new character "Vern Bunson" with the promise that many episode will center more on the lovey-dovey couple with little involvement from Lucy Carmichael. Doubling the enticement, if the couple clicks, is the possibility of her own "Viv & Vern" spinoff, which Vance would produce in partnership with Desilu. Story outlines for the 13 episodes have been completed which will include the courtship, wedding and the tearful parting of Lucy and Viv, sure to be a ratings winner for CBS (last episode in the arc "Viv Is Enciente"). Vance signed her contract, which puts her new salary on par with the series star and studio head Lucille Ball with the proviso that she waive casting approval. Desilu wanted her new co-star to be a surprise but Vance picked up little pieces of information from the gossip-mill. She heard the name "Fred" and the fact that the actor just completed 5 seasons of a hit sitcom on ABC. Naturally she thinks it will be tall, dashing and age-appropriate Fred MacMurray who recently quit "My Three Sons". *. When the cast sits down for the first table read of "Viv Meets Vern Bunson", she blows a gasket when the actor hired to play Vern walks in, a completely different My Three Sons "Fred" than she was expecting. Vance's contract is iron-clad so she'll make the best of it but has nixed the idea of a V&V spinoff unless her real-life husband, New York based bon vivant John Dodds can replace Frawley as Vern. Vance's weekly 3000 mile commute has afforded the couple little time together. Vance adds: "You can't have children long distance". Dodds: "U-u-u-u-u (spider voice)" *This part is based on fact. MacMurray's My Three Sons ABC contract WAS for 5 years (1960-65) and he wanted to walk but was talked into returning by CBS who offered him a sweetheart deal: all of his scenes for the entire season would be filmed in 3 months. Then the cast would do their scenes after MacMurray's departure which accounts for the show's clunky feel, post 1965.
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    Poor Carl didn't get to outlast the administration he so artfully and frequently tweeted about. The pictures of Carl and Mel hanging out on Saturday are extra heartwarming knowing that it would be their last time together. It's almost unbelievable, considering how active and present he'd been right up until the end.
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    I found this on line today, Lucy cosmetics! When I say the name Lucille Ball, a very specific image probably enters your mind: ginger ringlets, pale complexion, big lashes, and bright red lips. This month, the iconic actress's signature look will be translated to a retro makeup collection by — you guessed it — Besamé Cosmetics. On June 25, you can snag up to seven products the brand says are exact matches to the makeup Ball wore back in her day. Similar to the lipsticks, Lucy's Face Powder Compact is encased in gold with an etching of Ball. Inside you'll find a mattifying pressed powder you can use to set your makeup and blot oil throughout the day or night. Lastly, Lucy's Pencil Set contains two eyeliner pencils (a brown for the lash line and a white for the waterline) and a bright red lip pencil to match Love That Redhead. Those who purchase the collection as a bundle (which costs $150) will be gifted two additional and exclusive products: an I Love Lucy tote bag and a set of false lashes the brand says "are based on the exact size, shape, and color that Lucille Ball wore." The Besamé Cosmetics Lucille Ball Collection is available on June 25 from besamecosmetics.com. https://www.allure.com/story/besame-cosmetics-lucille-ball-collection
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    An podcast with Lucie and Kate about the collection! https://besamecosmetics.podbean.com/e/lucy-legacy-special-with-lucie-arnaz-and-kate-luckinbill-connor/
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    Bill Frawley's funeral.
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    Had a lovely lunch the other day watching this panel. Rue had a great memory for the episodes. Loved the interplay between Betty and Rue and good audience questions.
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    I downloaded this when you first posted. I love the second interview. That guy was drifting into sensitive territory and made for a fascinating listen.
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    There is a clip of Ann’s opening number from a bootleg on YouTube. It’s poor quality with audio dropouts, but it gives you a taste of Ann in the show.
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    Very well put and you are so right. Were it not for this episode I don't know if I would know what a Cobb salad is. If I ever see "Veal Cutlet Marco Polo" on any menu, I will order it. Isn't that what Fred ordered? Lucy had the spaghetti of course. I don't remember what Ethel ordered.
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    Today I ended up going down a rabbit hole reading about Sugar Babies. I knew of the show, but didn't know the show until this morning. The YouTube clip of Ann and Mickey at the Tonys is nothing short of incredible. Folks love to throw around the phrase "you couldn't do that today" about everything from Blazing Saddles to The Office, but you really couldn't do Sugar Babies today, simply because we don't have talent that sells itself like that. Heck, even in 1979, you'd be hard-pressed to find two leads that fit the bill as well as Miller and Rooney. Red Skelton (a former burlesque performer), would've been perfect in the male lead, but who could top Johnnie Lucille's extreme individuality? They revived the show in London a decade later and performed at the Royal Variety, but it's clearly a British audience and British production values. There's nowhere near the pizazz (the mystique!) or the wild love from the audience that comes on Broadway. Any available clips are worth checking out. Side Note: This is allegedly the show where Ann, tired of burning a hole in the ozone layer with hairspray, commissioned two wigs made of wire that she would wear every night. Later on, while doing summer stock, a beam fell and hit her on the head; it would've killed her if she weren't wearing such course ha'r. Irma eat your heart out!
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    Thanks for this. I didn't realize that Lucie Arnaz only appeared in HALF of the 6th season episodes. I appreciate these are listed in the order of filming (which I assume they are) and not in the order they aired. Some interesting, if puzzling scheduling choices.
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    "Lucy and John Wayne"- The cable channel INSP aired this last night as part of their month long tribute to John Wayne. Appropriately enough, it was on after "The War Wagon". They used the newest remastered print with the "jack in the box" opening and it looked great. However, it was timesped to the point of distraction.
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    Here’s Lucy is a viral sensation! More than a million people have watched this video!
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    I watched Lucy Meets Orson Welles last night and it never occurred to me that, with the deletion of the scene with the Mertzes’ attempting Shakespeare, Fred only has a single line in the episode.
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    It's pretty obvious whenever Lucy's dubbed. I never thought anyone who sang for Lucy sounded remotely like her.
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    I live in New York City and have been stuck in quarantine due to the Coronavirus, so being able to stream this show for free on Tubi has been a Godsend. I just finished "With Viv As A Friend, Who Needs An Enemy." I like this episode because of Vivian Vance, even though I don't think it's one of Bob and Madelyn's better efforts. As with "Lucy Goes On Her Last Blind Date," the final scene - where Lucy pretends to have gotten old overnight - isn't very well motivated, and it doesn't play as well as it should. Nonetheless, it's still head and shoulders above the episodes that Milt Josefsberg and crew were writing at that time.
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    Sarah Rue I believe was on a WB show called Popular back around 2000. Annaleigh Ashford is a Broadway girl. Biggest role she's probably known for is in Kinky Boots but was also in the Sunday In The Park revival. On TV she was in Masters and Johnsson and The Assignation of Giani Versche.
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    When the beginning of this season started with, we're all having babies, I yelled a big "why?" At the screen. Really not liking the plots this season. First season of the reboot wasn't bad. This, I'm just hanging in for something to watch.
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    Miss Grant Takes Richmond has elements. Yours, Mine and Ours as well. Forever Darling was done in the 50s with Desi but it really isn't until the end camping you see TV Lucy.
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    Rumormongering from the New York Daily News TV column December 1954:
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    These photos from Lucy's first wedding to Phil turned up on Ebay. The wedding was in the backyard at Roxbury. The woman with Lucy/Lucie is identified as Mamma Hall. Any idea on who that is?
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    An interview to promote Lucy Moves to NBC I had never read before:
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    "Lucy is Her Own Aunt" When Phil Stanley moves out to marry "BB", Lucy insists on singing at the wedding. Her "I Love You Truly" vocals send groom Phil on another bender. Back at home, Lucy's Glenhall apartment seems so empty. So she signs up with the "Big Sister" organization, a group that takes in wayward teenager girls abandoned by their families.....and ends up with her own daughter Chris, whom she doesn't recognize "You remind me of someone I used to know" Lucy must hide "Candy" (as she calls her) from downstairs crank Mrs. Golddapper because children are a violation of her lease and Candy is 'spectin' with the child of another Danfield-to-LA transplanted youth gone bad. All of this related in a postcard to her son Jimmy which is returned "not known in this platoon"....with postage due. Guest stars: Candy Moore, Phil Harris, Kasey Rogers. "Itchy" Mooney: Michael J. Pollard. Big Sister supervisor: Elvia Allman. Mrs. Golddapper: Bella Bruck.
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    Well it looks like some people I know are at least interested. I'm hoping that 2 accounts I follow on IG who said they are going either post videos or go live for some of this.
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    Yeah, it is interesting how exceptionally well Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. did especially compared to the other rural sitcoms of the day. One would think that Green Acres would have ruled the roost especially coming on right after the No. 1 show in America (previous seasons earlier) on Wednesdays. And also being different from the other rural comedies by being surrealistic and breaking the fourth wall. Yeah, Gale Gordon lost to Werner Klemperer one year and Don Knotts (from The Andy Griffith Show) another. What really bothers me though is that Don (great actor and one of the greatest second bananas I might add) just made a couple of appearances of Griffith and still managed to win the emmy meanwhile Gale practically appeared in every Lucy episode that season and didn't win. How is that possible? When it comes to Hogan's Heroes, I never understood the appeal of it. But to each his own. I know I have a friend who just loves that show but really isn't into Lucy whatsoever. And it just baffles me why MeTV is still airing it 10 at night for years on end. Really? How many times do viewers need to see every episode of that show? And even Andy Griffith or MASH? Not once has MeTV aired any Lucy show in prime-time. End of rant. Sorry.
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    I don't know about that. Green Acres, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Get Smart and Gilligan's Island were all fresh sitcoms (and obviously in the their prime) during the 1965-1968 seasons. But The Lucy Show had the advantage because of its beloved star and being apart of CBS' Monday night power block since its inception. The others (with the exception of Bewitched and Green Acres) switched to different days during those 1965-1968 seasons. Thus making it harder for them to retain or even grow their audience. Although with Gilligan's Island, it is surprising that it didn't do better in its third and final season given that it was added to CBS's Monday night power block. One sitcom that, I can think of, that did better or did the same as The Lucy Show performance wise during those three seasons was Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. And that one also switched days (during its third season) and reverted back to its former timeslot/day the next season. The show's third season ratings weren't near as high as the previous two and once it changed back to its former timeslot the ratings went up. One conclusion that I can think of as to why Gomer performed better than the others and was on par with The Lucy Show is because of its star (Jim Nabors and the popularity of his Gomer character) and its association with the already popular The Andy Griffith Show.
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    It took me a minute before my brain registered Fred & Ethel Fight, and I thought you were describing your actual current circumstances! Clever idea! If I had to pick and choose, I guess I'd toss the few Lucy dolls I collected out onto the awning, along with the original I Love Lucy DVDs with the full-color artwork. Given the bushfire threat we've been under, we still have emergency suitcases with valuables packed and ready. Maybe I'll learn from that and just pack up all my precious Lucy items into a padded suitcase to have waiting by the window at all times.
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    Oh my! Where's Dave Woodman or Henry Lamar when you need him!!
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    Thread on All That Chat about Catherine https://www.talkinbroadway.com/allthatchat_new/d.php?id=2478616
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    And he was just a kid when he brought Lucy over to NBC.
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    Oh, is that why the likes of Suzanne LaRusch and Diane Vincent tend to do Lucy-esque material rather than actual bits? I remember when Suzanne was on "The Next Best Thing" it was Fresher Farm's Fermented Fennel instead of Vitametavegamin.
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    I'd imagine most of those were parodies. Have any shows ever recreated scenes line for line, though?
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    I just watched an episode where Steve learns Spanish. Bub jokes, "I'm commencing to feel like Desi Arnaz's houseboy!"
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    Mart Crowley, Boys in the Band playwright and Larry Luckinbill’s friend since college, has died at 84. https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Playwright-Mart-Crowley-Best-Known-For-THE-BOYS-IN-THE-BAND-Has-Died-at-84-20200308
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