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    Well, there are 10 available. I dare someone to buy all of them and then tell their significant other, ala Yours, Mine and Ours - "I have 10 Lucys. Speaking of 10 Lucys, that's what I have!"
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    As far as episode selections of Life with Lucy, I'd switch out "Sax Symbol" with "Love Among the Two by Fours". It had some touching moments, to me anyways. At least about one third of the series will have an official release. Who has the rights? CBS?
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    How interesting that out of all the shows, the most recent one has the poorest picture quality. The two brief LWL shots are still miles better than the bootlegs that make the show seem like it took place underwater. I probably won't be picking this up unless they make a deluxe edition that includes a "Best Of Sid Gould" bonus disc.
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    SPOILER ALERT: CHEAP CRACK Yes, A-G Jeff Sessions.
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    Love the "Lucy in London" pic. I love all pics from LIL. She seems so "vibrant". I had recently watched the fascinating "Making of LIL" documentary. Lucy had such incredible energy. It was a hard shoot and they had very little time. Apparently to shoot at Madame Tussaud's they had to wait until it closed and worked the entire night so they all (including Lucy, we assume) had a sleepless night. If Lucy was suffering from fatigue, it did not show on-screen. Too bad the 'punting on the Thames' scene didn't work out better. I've never heard an explanation of why it's so clumsily edited. (and why a shot of Lucy swimming in the Thames, which I saw as stills, wasn't included). I attended the premiere in LA with Steve Binder, but didn't know how to ask that question without it seeming insulting. You'd think that Lucy and CBS would have been happy with the high rating LIL got (#3 for the week? citation needed: Harry?) but the lukewarm critical response meant the end of the "Lucy In______" ideas. For her second special she was contracted for that season, she just reran "The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour" from 1964, rather than produce something new. Other than the Thames scene and perhaps an overlong (to me) Newley concert at the end, it's wonderful. And we all owe a HUGE thank you to Tom Watson and crew for not only giving us a long-awaited pristine copy of LIL, but going above and beyond with the "making of" documentary. When we got season 4 of The Lucy Show DVD release, I wasn't confident they would go ahead with Season 5, since practically all of those episodes were in public domain and the poor-quality 16mm prints were sold over the years, packaged in so many different (and usually deceptive) ways. Including "Lucy's LOST Episodes" with a pic of Lucy Ricardo as the cover art. (Now THAT'S shameless). The fact that Lucy trusted these LIL production people, not her usual Desilu crew, and went out on a limb is even more amazing when you consider how relatively safe and often mundane the episodes of "The Lucy Show" had become. (If she liked these writers so much, why didn't she hire them for TLS or HL?)
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    HAHAHA!! (Sandy Duncan)....If Barbara Pepper was around, I would suggest her as a Rosanne replacement. Or our own Jody Gilbert. I don't know current entertainers! The rest of the cast is so strong I think they might possibly be able to do it without Rosanne. Darlene could carry the sarcastic wisecrack load. There are so many ways they could get rid of Rosanne: "Rosanne overstays her time at a tanning salon right before a "Make America Great Again" rally, is mistaken for a "woman of color", gets roughed-up by Trump's fans and, along with a busload of "dreamers", is deported to Honduras"
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    The ski pole stabbing story is just crazy. I wish he would have been a permanent boyfriend. He was so sweet with her and they were super cute. You felt like those 2 characters could have been more than a flavor of the week.
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    As should be clear from the title, this is not "I Love Lucy Live On Stage". But it is a comedy. It's all the crazy, funny behind-the-scenes stories they never properly tell in the TV movies about how the show originated, how they got CBS to accept Desi, how Lucy and Desi ended up owning the show, how Viv and Bill were cast, how they got CBS to let them do the pregnancy episodes, where the theme song came from, how they invented the rerun, and much, much more! Starring Sarah Drew (Grey's Anatomy) and Oscar Nuñez (The Office). Lucie Arnaz was kind enough to act as my technical advisor on the script. There will be just five performances, and you can use the code COPA for $15 off on tickets at LATW.ORG What's not to like?
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    And then a documentary film crew shows up and this becomes a better story than Grey Gardens. "They can get you for wearing red shoes on a Thursday...it's a mean, nasty Republican town."
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    I can’t believe SAG couldn’t squeeze Kaye into the In Memoriam! 😨😡 THIIIIIS IS THE THANKS SHE GETS!! And I think it’s rotten. ROTTEN!!!
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    Carol and Kaye in the same week: I can't take any more.... Kaye Ballard: typecast as the loud Italian: something she did very well and hilariously but she had an untapped dramatic range. I once saw a video (from I don't remember where but it was black and white from the 50s) in which she did very serious scene with someone and was amazingly effective. Desi did not augment the laugh track on Mothers In Law and it's KAYE that gets the most enthusiastic audience response. Here's my old tribute to Kaye on MIL. At the end Kaye sings. In the plot, the Hubbards and Buells invest in a rock band and this is Kaye's suggestion for a song to put in their act.......followed by the song written specifically for her act by Kander and Ebb, later incorporated into you-know-what and associated with you-know-who. Then her rendition of "My Man" from her hit album of Fannie Brice songs. It was her idea to turn this into a Broadway musical, done some 10 years later.
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    December 14th at 8pm on CBS we are getting Pioneer Women as the new colorized episode along with the traditional Christmas one. I haven't found a teaser color photo yet for this episode. I think this is a good choice. The period costumes will look nice colorized and there is that one classic scene of the bread. But I still hold out hope that we will get that Connecticut house in color some day.
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    Here's my colorized version of the Connecticut house.
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    I’m hoping they call Our Mildred Frances for the gig.
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    Don’t look at me; I just got here.
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    I was watching The Million Dollar Idea last night and never noticed before that the scene in the morning following Lucy eating all the pastries begins with Lucy holding her stomach and drinking a glass of water. 😃
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    "Lucy and the Safe Cracker" Decades is once again running 2 episodes of The Lucy Show right after 2 of I Love Lucy. The first season alternated the original stick-figure opening credits with the black and white kaleidoscope. One time, they ran the stick-figure video with the kaleidoscope audio, the first time I've seen that. They're now into the 2nd season. Even though, I've got those great prints on DVD, I still can't resist tuning it in. Today I watched "Lucy and the Safe Cracker" (Lucy Meets Mooney part 2). My favorite ILL changes from time to time as does my favorite TLS. For a time, "Safe Cracker" was my favorite. It's not one that makes anyone else's list for some reason. But I think it's JAM-PACKED full of great comedy. And great lines---one after another. Character-driven funnies, not Milt Josefsburg "gags" (which often make me do the same). A lot happens in this fast-paced episode. Plus Jay Novello puts in a stellar performance. Highlights: Lucy shoving gooey chocolates into Larry McAdoo's mouth so they can sing the jingle as promised. Lucy being dunked in chocolates: I don't know how they rigged that up so the chocolates stuck to her eye sockets. Could that have been an accident? After that, Lucy does this great "chicken" bit as she's trying to see what's going on. The audience is laughing so hard at Lucy that the others have trouble getting their lines out and heard. Amazing that this is only Gale's 2nd episode and he fits right in as if he's always been there.
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    "The Conners": well , they pulled it off. Like the original "Roseanne" AND the reboot, there's an honesty about the show that allows it to mix drama and comedy--a mix not found in virtually any other show (but granted I don't watch many of them). Usually if an actor left a sitcom (or died), they had their character do one of 2 things: they would be out of town taking care of sick relative (Joseph Kearns in "Dennis the Menace"; Alice Pearce in "Bewitched) or they would get abruptly transferred to PAKISTAN (Bob Cummings in "My Living Doll" Don Defore and Whitney Blake in "Hazel"--resigned and fired respectively). I don't remember: did they kill Valerie off immediately when "Valerie" became "Valerie's Family"? Again, I paid no attention to real-life Roseanne Barr's loud-mouth politics or her tweets (and I don't know why anyone was listening to her in the first place). I'm in the minority who enjoyed her in her own SHOW. The rest of the cast is so very strong, yes, but I wish they hadn't killed Roseanne Conner off. I was hoping Barr would eat enough crow that she could return to her own series. But this is a series that brought Dan back to life, had Becky and Becky2 in the same episode so maybe they could do it. Like one of those "Dallas" dreams. I'm amazed how good these reboots are: Conners, Will&Grace, Murphy Brown. (haven't seen others). I never would have predicted it. Will, Grace, Jack and Karen could be the PARENTS of the originals. It's been 20 years since the debut season.
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    Time/Life has done smaller releases that coincide with these "mega" sets that they put out; Laugh-In has been getting individual season sets since they put out the complete series, and I know they've done one or two single disc collections of their Red Skelton release, so... maybe LWL is closer than we think. Re: Joey When I think about it, even if all of ILL was colorized, I'm certain I'd still watch the show in "glorious black and white" (but still have the colorized episodes for the occasional novelty).
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    All the Deplorables will be burning their Incredible Mr. Limpet DVDs.
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    Should this be the new Lounge logo?
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    This was such a joy to listen to. She is, as always, a fantastic storyteller. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something different about Lucie lately. She's always been a wonderful, funny and extremely talented performer who has always been comfortable in what she does, but it seems like suddenly this comfort level has been taken to a whole new level. I wouldn't be so bold as to say that she is more comfortable in her own skin, because I don't know the woman, but there is a new level of.... ease? in everything she does now that is so enjoyable to take in. It was evident in this podcast, and it was evident in spades on stage in Jamestown this year. Anyway, I'm articulating this terribly, but it's very hard to describe. A performer totally at ease and relaxed with herself, her history, her talent, and perhaps her own unique, independent contributions and legacy in show business.
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    And, let's just all take a moment to appreciate the fact there is still someone contemporary and in-the-news for which we can still say, "She beat Jack Warner."
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    Besides the previously mentioned Dick, Liza, Carol, Carl, and Betty, I would also suggest Diahann Carroll, Bette Midler, Bernadette Peters, Burt Bacharach, and the too controversial Jane Fonda and Woody Allen.
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    Did you happen to see a woman there in dark glasses and black wig? If so, don't go anywhere near her purse. So happy to hear about those entrance applause.
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    Lucie voices Love, Lucy:
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    Carole joked that her mother was like Auntie Mame... but without the money or sophistication.
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    It would be a mistake to have Darlene be the main character. Frankly, I don't think Sara Gilbert could carry a show on her own. With heavyweights like John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf already on board, it needs to be a true ensemble comedy for it to make it past its first year. Also, I hope they don't kill off Roseanne Conner. That seems too easy. Plus, although the chances are slim, the door should be open a crack for at least a cameo somewhere down the road.
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    Agreed. And isn't that enough? Why must the insensitivity/meanness of real-life Rosanne Barr be more important than what the show portrayed? Other than the last 'winning the lottery' season, I was a regular watcher of the original "Roseanne". I had a vague knowledge of the behind the scenes turmoil: in-fighting, firings, ego-problems. But it never showed in the final product. "Roseanne" was TV's most accurate portrayal of lower middle class struggles. And it was consistently FUNNY. Thanks to, among other factors, Roseanne Conner's sledge-hammer wisecracks. I enjoyed the reboot so much I'm hoping ABC will reconsider the cancellation. As I stated, I haven't read her tweets but I've seen her Ambien-blamed apologies. Roseanne Barr may be racist but Roseanne Conner shows love to her mixed-race granddaughter, judging by the opening credits sequence. We haven't seen much of her in the show. Maybe ABC will consider continuing it with a 'mea culpa' episode in which Roseanne says something racist and it gets back to her son and granddaughter forcing Roseanne to confront her views head-on and see the error of her ways.
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    Geez Louise. She had a perfectly good thing going and she has to ruin it for everyone because she can't keep her foot out of her mouth. Dear celebrities: it is possible to have an unexpressed thought or opinion. Not everything that crosses through your minds has to end up on Twitter. Better to sleep on it than say or do something permanently stupid. I liked the show. Thought it was a nice change of pace from other contemporary fare. Now she's put the rest of her cast and crew out of work. Nice one, Rosie.
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    April 1, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ELECTRONIC ARTS, IN ASSOCIATION WITH LIQUID ENTERTAINMENT AND CYAN WORLDS, ANNOUNCE “I LOVE TO BE LUCY” ON PS4, XBOX ONE, PC, LINUX AND MAC In cooperation with CBS Paramount and Desilu, too, comes the first officially licensed video game based on the beloved “I Love Lucy” property. I LOVE TO BE LUCY, the first video game based on the classic CBS series from the 1950s starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, will allow players to immerse themselves in this iconic sitcom world for the very first time on home platforms. “I am excited and proud that CBS has finally made a video game based on I LOVE LUCY,” says Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Ball and Arnaz. “It’s such a natural fit for the video game format, and I know fans will be as delighted by the results as I was.” Extensive, never before conducted research was undertaken to determine the most popular episodes, and all the classic Lucy bits everyone’s come to know and love will be incorporated into this exciting and action-packed title. Divided into more than 20 episodic levels, players will be able to relieve all their favorite moments, beginning with the lost pilot. Take control of Lucy and aim her cello bow to hit Ricky right on the butt – the better her aim, the more the audience laughs! And never forget that a man’s home is his castle, so players must help Lucy complete all the dustin’ and swippin’ before Ricky comes home from work – but don’t forget to defrost the roast beef for dinner or a spanking is likely in order. The fun continues with interactive versions of everyone’s favorite episodes. Switch over to first-person mode for “Lucy Does a TV Commercial,” where drunken Lucy must evade hordes of descending stage-hands by blasting Vitametavegamin at them. A similar approach is taken for “The Ballet” – squirt all the ballerinas with Lucy’s handy seltzer bottle, then head over to the pie table and let ‘er rip – but only after completing Madame LeMond’s grueling ballet lesson. Think you have what it takes to plie 500 times? Get those thumbs to work! Who could ever forget the fun Lucy and Ethel had in that chocolate factory – and now gamers can join them. Wrap chocolates as they move along the conveyor belt at ever increasing speeds, go nuts in the boxing department by pinching chocolates to see what kind they are, or cut loose in the dipping department and cause an all-out splatter war. But beware of the nasty forewoman, and evade her on multiple levels of moving conveyor belts if she catches Lucy and Ethel goofing off. Play solo as Lucy or join in as Ethel in two-player cooperative mode. “Lucy’s Italian Movie” brings elements of classic beat’em ups to I LOVE TO BE LUCY. Square off against menacing Teresa Tirelli in the grape vat by having Lucy perform an impressive series of jump-kicks and vicious uppercuts to squash the grape juice right out of her. As a bonus, once all levels are completed, players will unlock “Grapestomp Rematch Mode,” giving Lucy the chance to face off against every other character in the game. Tired of Marion Strong’s constant cackling? Make her lay an egg by burying her in grapes! Or else have Fred put on his Golden Gloves and grind Ricky to a Cuban pulp. Brothers Rand and Robyn Miller, creators of the world-famous MYST series, have also contributed their unique game-design sensibilities with a series of puzzle challenges that’ll have even the most ‘sperienced players scratching their heads. When Lucy gets locked in her steamer-trunk en route to Europe, it’ll take more than just an idea to help her out of it. Gamers can also help Ethel turn the Mertz apartment upside down searching for Fred’s secret rent-money stash – once found, treat Mrs. Mertz to a shopping spree and rid her of that tacky wardrobe once and for all. “Bongo Hero,” a fun-filled musical section, will allow players to conduct the Ricky Ricardo orchestra and play along to all of Desi Arnaz’s greatest hits. Keep the beat or else you’ll have some ‘splainin’ to do! A series of exciting mini-games are peppered throughout to boost your overall score, including “toss the biscuits” and “wallpaper the bedroom.” Not to mention the fun that opens up after you save up enough allowance to buy Lucy and Ricky a brand new Pontiac. Can you make a U-turn in the Holland Tunnel better than Lucy can? Presented in classic black and white to retain the feel of the original series, players will have the chance to find hidden henna rinse bottles in every level. Find them all to unlock “colorized for kids of all ages” mode. Other unlockable bonuses include Lucy’s complete wardrobe. She won’t be complaining about not having a thing to wear once players unlock every outfit she ever wore in the entire series. Replay any level with Lucy dressed in the costume of your choice. Players can also give Ricky, Fred, Ethel, Caroline Appleby, Mrs. McGillicuddy, and all other favorite characters their moments to shine by having them recreate Lucy’s most famous comedy bits. The voice talents of acclaimed impressionist Suzanne LaRusch as Lucy Ricardo, along with other famous I LOVE LUCY character impersonators, helps bring I LOVE TO BE LUCY to vibrant life. “We are beyond thrilled to give gamers a chance to be in the show after all these years,” says Electronic Arts chairman Larry Probst. “This release is the ultimate love letter to Lucy.” I LOVE TO BE LUCY is distributed by Electronic Arts, and is developed by Liquid Entertainment in association with Cyan Worlds. Street date: October 15, 2018.
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    Why do you think she was over "studying" so often at Cynthia's?
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    I wrote this review for my Instagram. NEW BOOK REVIEW: Just released is Lucy Loved Me: A Memoir by Paula Stewart. Paula first met Lucy while playing her kid sister in Wildcat in 1960. The book covers 30 years of a very special friendship between these 2 ladies. The book begins in 1960 with some wonderful stories about the rehearsal and run of Wildcat, how Paula introduced Gary to Lucy and on to Paula serving as Maid of Honor at their wedding. The book then progresses through Paula talking about her life and career and throughout there are many stories of Lucy interjected. Some of the highlights include Paula decorating Lucy’s NYC apartment, Lucy’s disastrous Palm Springs house remodel, shopping with Lucy, vacationing in Snowmass Colorado, and Lucy’s thoughts about getting old. Given that Paula introduced Lucy and Gary I thought she would be a fan of him. She was not, so if you are not a Gary fan you are going to LOVE some of the stories about him. There is a great one where Paula confronts him in the late 80s that will shock you. There are also a few other Gary revelations both funny and shocking. If you’ve read Lee Tannen’s book I Loved Lucy this book is a good alternative to that as Paula was no fan of Lee and you get the other side of a few stories that were told in his book. I don’t want to spoil too much but I’ll be posting a passage or 2 that I liked. Lucy Loved Me can be found on Amazon both in hardcover and paperback. It’s a fun read that I zipped through in a week due to how great some of the stories were and wanting more.
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    This is hilarious and I so want to shoot bows at Ricky's butt and bury Marion in grapes.
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    Each year, Toronto's Princess Margaret Hospital runs a lottery featuring a million-dollar show home as the grand prize. This year's house has a Lucy-themed wine room! For more on the home and the Cancer Centre lottery: https://princessmargaretlotto.com/grand-prize-king-city-gallery
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    The only thing better would be a 15 (or 17?) year old Morton Goldapper standing below the marquee of "Next Time I Marry" smugly pointing at himself with one hand and the marquee with the other. (The Golddappers were understandably concerned about their young son's sanity, having just returned from a vacation to Hollywood where on a studio tour of RKO, young Morty interrupted the guide, blurting out: "Someday (through community property ) I'll own all this.")
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    One I did see a year or so back was Shirley teaching Laverne to drive with canned goods. That one I loved. "Shouldn't we use the beans for gas?"
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    More fun with numbers! I clicked on the Lucille Ball link and came up with 2 Top 10s I left out movies that weren't really hers: Ziegfeld, Thousands Cheer, Guide for Married Man, etc. Even in her top 10 list, there are 2 where her role is subordinate (4 if you count Sorrowful and Fancy Pants). Coming in last on the full list is "Miss Grant Takes Richmond" with a meager $20M (2018) gross. Lucy's $85,000 pay was a 2018 $900,000. As long as "Miss Grant"'s original budget was under $2million, it made money. Not on this list: "Fuller Brush Girl"! I don't know where they cut it off. Not surprisingly, YMO held her highest ranking. I'm surprised "Long Long Trailer" was not higher on the 1954 list. It was after all "MGM's HIGHEST GROSSING COMEDY up to that time" (NOT adjusted for inflation). The consistently maligned "Forever Darling" managed to be #33 and gross a 2018 $121M (a bit more than HALF "Trailer") To put "Mame"'s gross in perspective, it is topped by "Her Husband's Affairs" and "Seven Days Leave"!! Top Ten by order of standing of Box Office performances of all movies in a given year (followed by their 'adjusted for inflation' gross) #10 for 1968: Yours Mine and Ours (inflation adjusted gross) $227M 11 Sorrowful Jones $197 14 Easy to Wed $279 19 Fancy Pants $139 22 Long Long Trailer $223 22 Stage Door $173 23 Dubarry $220 35 Without Love $198 27 Facts of Life $119 #30 Mame $87 TOP 10 ranked by inflation adjusted gross . Note in her #1 movie, she's THIRD billed. $279,000,000 Easy to Wed $227 Yours Mine and Ours $223 Long Trailer $220 Dubarry $198 Without Love $197 Sorrowful Jones $173 Stage Door (yes, she's not the star but contributes a lot to the appeal of the movie) $139 Fancy Pants $121 Forever Darling
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    Last night I saw The Cher Show on Broadway and yes, Lucy is in the show. The scene is set in the 70’s when Cher asked Lucy for advice when she was going through her divorce with Sonny. Since Lucy had experience on the break up of a very famous married couple, she was the perfect person to ask. In the show Cher and Lucy sing one of Cher’s songs “Heart of Stone” for the musical. This of course, never happened in real life but the conversation about Sonny definitely did. Cher and Lucy had worked together on a TV special in 1979 but they had both known each other for a while as Cher’s Mom had worked on episodes of I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show. It was a nice to treat to see Lucy in this how even if it was only for about 5 minutes. I believe Emily Skinner played Lucy, although in the Playbill this no confirmation on who played Lucille Ball.
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    The “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” Instagram account posted a cute video of the trio doing a parody skit of ILL:
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    Every year we have at least one celebrity as Lucy. I think I might do a roundup of all the past Lucy and Ricky's for my IG on Wed.
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    After learning here of this somewhat surprising release, especially given the refreshing, different way they've decided to arrange the episodes, including even LWL (which I'm tickled about, honestly -- wish they'd managed to include the ENTIRE series but oh well, maybe that'll happen down the road), I was a little surprised to see that they're including the bonus features from the "Here's Lucy" DVDs, so I spoke to one of the producers and while he'd heard that TimeLife was doing this, he was unaware they were "appropriating" (ahem) their work from those prior releases; a little surprising (there's that word again) given it doesn't look like they're literally taking say, a HL Season Six Disc #1 and slapping a Time Life label on it, given the episodes chosen and order listed. Speaking of Season Six, that is perhaps my biggest disappointment about this release, and that is the dearth of S6 episodes, which are sadly lacking on this release and should have comprised at least a single disc of 7 or 8 episodes itself as they were some of the best of the six season run!! (Lucy and Danny Thomas??!! Really!!?? Uh..I don't think so!) Ive said it many times in many different posts and this release makes me say it again, I'll never understand but would LOVE to know who all sits in a room and gets to decide, argue over, etc. out of a list of what, over 300+ classic Lucy TV episodes which ones get to "appear" on releases like this!! And I sure wish I could be one of those people, I'd certainly have plenty to say!!!
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    If I may share my two cents on this as well, I'd say you can't go wrong with any episode from the first two seasons. Most feel that was when the show was at its strongest. But each season offers something worthwhile. The later, color seasons feature more of Elizabeth's dual role of Serena, which is always fun, plus it's enjoyable watching the Dick Sargent episodes just to see the difference. A number of final season episodes were remakes of first season scripts, so it'd run out of steam by then. But you can put on any episode from any era and enjoy it for what it is.
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    “ROSEANNE”’ 2018-19 season premiere!---PART ONE Pre-production notes: ROSEANNE REALIZES THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY TO GET BACK IN THE PUBLIC’S GOOD GRACES AND REACHES OUT TO VALERIE JARRETT PLEADING WITH HER TO GUEST-STAR ON HER SEASON PREMIERE (“Name your own price!!”) AND SENDS HER THE FOLLOWING SCRIPT TREATMENT. GOOD-SPORT VALERIE AGREES (with certain conditions). The top-secret guest star show is tentatively entitled “Roseanne is Ambi-text-erous”. Another title under consideration: “Roseanne’s Mea-GULP-a” Here’s the plot: Roseanne takes too much Ambien and falls asleep watching an old Charlton Heston movie, while fumbling with the keyboard of her cell phone. When Jackie wakes her up and pries Roseanne’s cell phone out of her hand, she is aghast at what Roseanne, in her drug-induced delirium has tweeted. Roseanne: “Oh fer Christs sake, Jackie, calm down. No one will pay any attention.” Knowing better, Jackie panics and goes into damage control, contacting some of her old friends from the Obama campaign. “Kick Valerie’s phone out of her hand!!!”. Too late, because VJ is on her way to Lanford with a head full of steam, out to confront Roseanne herself. Roseanne tries to escape upstairs on her electric stair-chair, but Jackie pulls the plug leaving Roseanne a sitting duck. When the doorbell rings, Roseanne quickly summons her granddaughter (DJ's daughter) to sit on her lap; and awaits her comeuppance. FIRST COMMERCIAL BREAK.
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    I hope somebody preserves this somehow before it gets cut. Sounds...intriguing. The scene description sounds like it could've been the plot for a lost Here's Lucy episode.
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    Oh, Roseanne, why couldn't you keep your big tweeting bazoo SHUT?!! I have not read her tweets, nor do I care to, but cancelling her show? Her NUMBER ONE show?? This is unprecedented in the history of television! But just about everything that has happened in the last two years has been unprecedented. It's ironic that people suffer the backlash of their tweets and rants except one: the president of the US. Not excusing them, just pointing out the garlic-sandwichy subtle irony. For a performer/producer so racist and bigoted, the Roseanne Show has been pretty even-handed dealing with politics. You've got Jackie promoting the "other side". Roseanne's pro-right cracks make her character look ridiculous and I thought that was the point: that she was satirizing herself. What about the episode where Rosanne is spying on her Muslim neighbors? That vignette ended with both parties admitting they were just scared of each other or did I miss some underlying anti-Muslim message? If tweeting had been popular in the 50s: can you imagine the bigoted profanity-laden blasts that would have come from our own Bill Frawley? I for one, can ignore the real-life Rosanne with her Grand-Canyon mouth and enjoy the show. I fear the backlash from the bullying right who claim to be the actual persecuted ones, will use this as proof.
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    You know who was probably causing all the trouble, Phillip.