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    Those films are looking a whole lot better right now.
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    I really need to see it a second time before I can fully articulate my thoughts. Suffice it to say I’ll likely be watching “Before the Laughter” and “Lucy” as palette cleansers afterwards.
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    Linda Lavin says she'll be playing Older Madelyn in scenes that lead to flashbacks. I wasn't expecting that.
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    Thumbs down! So many things to criticize. However, I'll confine myself to one gripe at this time: the way Bob Carroll, Jr. was portrayed as a no-talent riding on Madelyn's coattails. I suppose the mere fact Madelyn was a comedy writer in such a male-dominated field in the 1940s and 50s wasn't enough of a "statement" for Sorkin.
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    I searched but couldn't find "Facts of Life" movie as a topic. A friend gave me a huge Oscar book, containing all nominees. I didn't know Facts of Life got so many nominations. I don't remember Edith Head's designs being all that stunning but glad the movie won one. (many categories were still being divided between b/w and color nominations). Other nominations: screenplay, cinematography, set decoration and the title song, none of which I find Oscar-worthy. I find the title song a little annoying. Even the bouncy but frivolous "Yours Mine & Ours" is better. The Lucy movie songs that should have been nominated: the melodic "Forever, Darling" or Mame's "Loving You", which is better than the 5 nominees that year. I wasn't aware until recently that "Breezin' Along with the Breeze" was not written for "Long Trailer". For reasons that have never been more specific than "legal", "The Facts of Life" was shown on TV twice in the 64-65 season as part of ABC's Sunday Night movie: the debut and the rerun, then was not seen again for another THIRTY years and then, it was not on TV but the VHS release in about 1996. (As far as I know, it was never rereleased to theaters). Lucy and Bob would make reference to the movie but I don't think the general public was aware of it. I haven't seen BO figures but it's been written it did OK, but not a smash. Even in their "I Remember It Well" from Hope's 1987 show for troops "We used to sing....We used to dance....in "Facts of Life"...and "Fancy Pants". So after 30 years of anticipation, good to great reviews, awards and all, maybe I was expecting too much when I finally saw it. It's certainly good but the production values were strictly TV so I'm surprised at the nominations in the other categories. The screenplay is well-done but really.... doesn't rise above good+ TV sitcom fare IMO. I think the script to "Lucy Makes Room for Danny" is better. I don't know how they narrow the field down to 5 for Best Actress. I wonder how close Lucy came. I've seen "The Apartment", the best picture winner but don't remember much about it (again maybe expected too much from a Best Picture). Have not seen any of the other actress nominees in their 1960 movies. Probably the closest Lucy ever got to a Best Actress Oscar nomination. (Unless you could Nicole Kidman's nod playing her). If Doris Day could get one for "Pillow Talk", then why not Lucy? The nominated actresses that year were all noteworthy with Elizabeth Taylor winning for Butterfield 8. Haven't seen it but some say she got the nomination out of sympathy for some sort of life-threatening illness she recovered from. Lucy fell off the boat in "Facts of Life". Where's the sympathy vote for that!
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    I saw "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" (Lucy buys out Curtis's share of the store). Too bad it was unaired. On the Life with Lucy scale, it was great. There were some ABC people in the audience and Gary kept making cracks insinuating the failure of the series to get an audience was ABC's fault. Something about not promoting it enough. Which is absurd. Maybe it was because I was paying attention but I recall it getting a lot of pre-premiere publicity. I'll never forget the phone call I got from a friend when it was announced in May (I think). He read it in USA Today. I hadn't. "You'll never guess what's going to happen" and I didn't!
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    I have a lot of problems with season 3, which I've (no doubt) already aired ad naseum. In general, people don't like season 2 as much as I do. IMO, season 2 is much more solid than season 1, many weak episodes towards the end of the season. Because of the lack of Desi's input? Maybe. As far as I can figure, his work ended with "Install a Shower". (I could be wrong). My rankings of favorite Lucy Show seasons are as follows: 2,1,4,5,3,6. Season 4: True, TLS went sort of wild ("Wingding", Ironman Carmichael) and had a lot of duffers ("Rain Goddess" being one of many). But overall, I like it better than season 3. I might go with season 5 and season 3 as a tie for 2nd to last place. I'm not much interested in season 5 after "Substitute Secretary" (Margo the Decorator was sheer genius. Had we ever seen this characterization before? Not that I know of). Season 3: I love Arthur Godfrey (and I usually dislike shows-within-show), "Becomes a Father", "Good Skate"--and more for marveling at Lucy's agility than the comedy written on the page--and the Countess episodes. Other than that: MEH! I never watch season 6 and cannot think of a stellar episode. People like 'Meets the Berles" and so I do I, to a certain extent, but not as much as others do.
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    As you noted, shows today often have multiple executive producers - particularly since the stars often take "vanity" executive producer credits. (My understanding is that at the recent Friends reunion, for example, all 6 stars received EP credits as a courtesy, even though they weren't all involved on the creative side of things.) There is still usually once "main" executive producer, though, and that person is the showrunner. The showrunner selects the writing staff, reads over each script to make sure it comes from one "voice," and is in charge of planning that season's story arcs. The showrunner often has creative approval over the final cut of each episode before it is delivered to the network. Since, according to the Desilu book, Jess did all of the things a showrunner today typically does, he likely deserved executive producer credit. I'm not clear on why he and Desi *both* couldn't get EP credit, but I guess that wasn't done in the '50s. (As an aside, if the show were produced today, I have no doubt that Lucy would have gotten a producer credit as well. While Lucy wasn't as involved on the creative side as she would be in later years, Jess and Desi often deferred to Lucy when they had creative disagreements, and Lucy certainly wasn't shy about sharing her thoughts re: the scripts or how each scene should be played.)
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    Very astute observations. Tape-Film...oh....Potato-Potahto. 'Desi was much younger than Lucy"--well 5 1/2 years isn't all THAT much younger. When they got married, Señor Golddapper was still in high school! (assuming he went). Pardon me if someone has already mentioned this but Madelyn delivering a fattening-up breakfast to Vivian?? SHEESH! Were they still using the "20 pounds overweight" gag contract as a basis for this scene? Unless Madelyn had this hidden snarky streak in real life, she would never have made a crack about the RKO writing of Lucy's films. In his book, Jess didn't like Desi being named Executive Producer. I'm not sure what an executive producer does. There seems to be a dozen of them tied to every project from sitcoms to...this one (including Lucie and Desi Jr. credited with EP). I don't know why Jess objected because as president of Desilu, wasn't Desi the de facto Exec Producer?
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    Although I think is very necessary for I Love Lucy to be on a major streaming service with every episode included to get new, young people engaged, I don’t think Lucy is in danger of being forgotten. Lucy is a huge part of the culture right now. She’s being celebrated everywhere. In the past few months, we’ve had the SiriusXM pop up channel, TCM’s podcast and Star of the Month salute to Lucy, plus onscreen depictions in Being the Ricardos and Licorice Pizza. Soon we will have Amy Poehler’s Lucy and Desi documentary too. All of these projects are garnering major attention. I think Lucy’s in good shape right now.
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    Overall it was pretty boring. I was very anticipatory eager but it was a let down. In fact our internet went out during the last 20 minutes and my first thoughts were “good, I can go to bed and watch the rest tomorrow!” Early in the movie they lost their credibility when the crew was getting ready to TAPE an episode. TAPE? There wasn’t any tape in 1953........Come on. Nobody caught that? Other funny things I noticed....like when they re-created Lucy’s radio show the original script said it was the “gay new family series starring Lucille Ball with Richard Denning.” Of course they left the word GAY out! Too funny. The whole thing was very contrived. Lucy calling a “secret” meeting alone with Viv and Bill to go over a scene in the middle of the night at the studio. The chemistry between Lucy and Desi was amazing in real life. Here Lucy was a driven bitch. Way too much bickering between the writers and the stars and between the stars themselves. I don’t think it would happen that way or they wouldn’t get anything done. They obviously put together various events into one week that happened various years. Even the show they were shooting when Lucy was exposed as a Communist wasn’t the show they were actually doing that week. Westinghouse was their sponsor in the hour long shows. They made it sound like Westinghouse was a sponsor of the 1/2 hour series which wasn’t true. The actor who played Desi was waaay too old. And too tall...Desi was much younger than Lucy and this guy looked like an older man. Desi had to wear elevator shoes in real life on the show. William Frawley was portrayed as Lucy’s chum and even took her to the bar...just the two of them. No way..... That’s my take on it...They sure gave it a lot of publicity so it will probably win a lot of awards but as my wife said “Lucy would turn over in her grave if she saw this.” I agree. The truth is that most younger people don’t even know who Lucy is so to them this will be the new truth which is sad. I recommend Lucie Arnaz’s Home Movies documentary. Much more interesting and not a bunch of hype.
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    Mmm ... Lucy walking down the stairs. I agree with you that it would have been filmed that same evening. But I have to admit, I can't remember the specifics. It was likely just a precursor to her meeting with the Peter Graves character for their date. What I DO remember is that 1 of the 3 cameras ran out of film in the middle of the scene where Lucy is admiring herself in the mirror, saying: "Yeah, I've still got it!" Either the DOP or the Director had to inform Lucy that she had to do the scene again. She asked: How could 1 camera run out of film, but NOT the other 2? I couldn't hear the response, but I thought it was a very good question. Her main concern was the audience. I recall her saying: "Their response is not going to be as good the 2nd time through." In any case, they backed up and took another run at the scene and she altered her delivery just a little to try to breathe new life into the line. As I recall, the audience cooperated by generating a laugh almost as big as the first time through. As for Gary's warm-up, I had the feeling that he had used the material many times before because some of the jokes seemed quite dated. But more than that, I was surprised by the adult content of the material. I know that Lucy always prided herself on her tv shows being something that the whole family could watch. So that's why Gary's warm-up was so jarring to me. Had we been in a night club setting, I wouldn't have thought anything of the adult jokes. But IMHO they were inappropriate for the studio audience that was there that evening. Of course, others may have liked Gary's jokes. We all have different tastes.
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    As memory serves, the season 6 DVD production notes mentioned it. It was hoped, I believe, that Henry Fonda would be the guest star, I think as a photographer who wants Lucy to pose for a calendar shoot. Something like that. Sorry, too tired to dig out my discs and check just now. But Lucy vetoed the show by writing a big “NO!!!” on the cover.
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    Lucy's work ethic during this period must have been incredible. She was running a studio, starring in a hit TV show, doing specials and guest appearances, writing an autobiography, doing a radio show, *and* raising two teenagers at the same time. Looking forward to listening to these episodes! I've heard clips from some of Lucy's interviews with Mary Tyler Moore and Doris Day on YouTube, and they were great. At this point in her life/career, Lucy's voice hadn't turned to bass yet, so her voice is very pleasant to listen to.
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    I found this very interesting Youtube video showing Desi's Palm Springs home and then a visit to the motel he started. Wow, what a great place for a Lucy fan or Lucy convention. I was amazed at the beautiful wondaful pictures of our famous duo.
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    I certainly found it more enjoyable.
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    Stop saying madam you've got the wrong number.
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    Right, which led to questioning of his motives.
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    I just finished this. It was perfect. Between Lucy and Desi A Home Movie, Lucy and Desi documentary and the countless books, the podcast still manages to get into the nooks and crannies of this story we know backwards and forwards. Engaging, hard to peel away just a joy (and heartbreaking) to listen to.
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    I’m watching Gilmore Girls and there’s a small wealth of Lucy references sprinkled throughout the series. Tonight’s is especially fun and obscure, I wonder how many people have heard this and thought “what?” Lorelai is using small trees to hide a boat in her garage, she and Sookie are joking about sneaking more trees and Lorelai says “Great! Then I’ll hop a fence and get Richard Widmark to sign my grapefruit.” You can find this in season 5, episode 10, the scene begins around 26:50 and lasts maybe 30 seconds.
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    I was amazed at the numbers of younger (and even older) people commenting on Amazon's Ricardoes movie who said they had never seen I Love Lucy or didn't know who Lucy and Desi were. I guess the constant reruns of my youth aren't around anymore...and CBS isn't even doing the colorized Christmas anymore. This forum doesn't seem to be as active. Yes there are some projects out there but sad to say Lucy and Desi seem to be passing into the past history..... Any thoughts? I hate to see that the Amazon movie will be all people know about my favorite couple...
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    Yep, you had me going for a minute. And thanks for the hysterical visual! Now to go bleach my brain…
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    This is cool yet kinda creepy, too! Poor Nicole! Her "real" (reel??) face hasn't moved that much in years!
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    This was wonderful to read. Thank you, Joey! Happy New Year!
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    Just got done reading that. Absolutely brilliant and absolutely spot on.
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    There are no words. No words. Except we will always love and appreciate you. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/dec/31/golden-girls-star-betty-white-dies-aged-99
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    I had been waiting on Ken's review. He talks about how poorly sitcom writing is portrayed in the film . http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2021/12/being-ricardos-my-review.html
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    Building a Bar-B-Q I like this one, but find it a bit stressful. Also, I’m noticing more and more how beautiful season six looks. I don’t know if it was brighter lighting, different filmstock, or a combination of both, but the image is almost platinum-like in appearance, compared to the greyer look of some earlier seasons. Unfortunately, this look didn’t carry over to the hour shows. Visitor from Italy I don’t rewatch this one that much, but it’s quite charming. Jay Novello was always an excellent guest. I keep forgetting how good Lucy’s pizza routine is. Changing the Boys Wardrobe One of the more loyal “My Favorite Husband” adaptations. For that reason, I can’t help but feel this episode might’ve been better located in the first season. Putting it in the same year as “Men Are Messy” would’ve made more sense, as come season three it’s very out of character to have Ricky be so sloppy. Mertz and Kurtz Another one I tend not to view too often. I’m not wild about the musical act, but the events leading up to it are okay. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but I enjoy seeing Bill Frawley getting to trot out some of the old standards. My favourite moment is everyone deciding to do the show, and Lucy’s positively gleeful response when she’s allowed to join in. It’s great seeing all of them join forces together. I just wish the show in question had been a bit funnier.
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    Yep. It seems like she's had a big chip on her shoulders for years, if not decades, regarding her mother. That's just my opinion though based on some interviews I've seen.
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    On ebay there is a script for an episode called "Lucy Goes Commercial," which from the date of the script was intended for the early part of season three. From the page you can view, the scene with Lucy and Chris appears much like the "Here's Lucy" scene in which Lucy teaches Kim to grocery shop in "Lucy's Working Daughter." THE LUCY SHOW script Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance “Lucy Goes Commercial” | eBay
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    For reasons still unknown to me, the original 4 wrote a bunch but not all of season 2. Bob & Madelyn were on board for all 28 and even got sole writing credit on a few. Fred Fox & Iz Elinson were the co-writers on a number of episodes. In addition there were a few other writers. I cannot tell the difference in the quality of shows with different writers, so I say Bob & Madelyn were the driving force. It's unclear to me what the process was, as in, did the other writers do a first draft and then Bob & Madelyn did a polish? Desi and Bob&Madelyn had such a mutual admiration society, I can't see Desi knocking one of their scripts, so I'll bet the first draft of "Flies a Helicopter" was submitted by one of the outside writers. However, I think "Lucy Flies a Helicopter" sounds pretty funny! I did not know of Red Skelton's Guzzler's Gin sketch and how it might be the inspiration for Vitameta. I've since seen it. Red's style is totally different of course but the word he uses over and over again is "SMOOTH". If "Lucy Goes Commercial" is the same script I saw, the writers have Lucy saying the same thing: smooth. This episode was written for the 3rd season, not the 2nd. I've never heard of "Lucy is a Calendar Girl". PLEASE don't tell me the special guest star was Hugh Hefner.
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    The trailer shows Lucy sitting outside an office with RKO movie posters on the wall. I assume that’s the scene and it’s still in.
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    Shelly, that's (one of) the reason(s) I thought she put that spin on it, her name is gonna be on it (not to mention more than likely a nice chunk of $$$), what else can she say?? Also like mindedly (is that a word??), if Desi comes off better than her mom I'm sure that factors in her favoring it... oh my oh my oh my.... kinda wish the teaser hadn't been released yet, at least so far from the premiere (wonder if they'll "leak" more clips??), if for no other reason that my previously kinda-open-mind about this (sorta) is narrowing as I thought the narration of it by Kidman, the writing/what was espoused that is, is just downright OBNOXIOUS! 😮 The Lady would NEVER have gone on that way about herself, no matter how much she may have thought it of/to herself! Such a turnoff! If this is the overlying "tone" of the whole film, I think we're in for a world of hurt!
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    A great story from Stu's Show last night celebrating the 70th Anniversary of I Love Lucy. Stu in the 80s gave Lucy a copy of The Ann Sothern Show from 1959. She invited him to stay and watch it with him. Right before the sleeping pill scene Lucy asked him to pause the tape and told him this story. Apparently Ann and her daughter Tisha did not get along. Ann found out that her limo driver was having sex with her daughter. I believe Tisha was around 16 at this time. Ann and Tisha had a huge fight in Ann's dressing room that was right next to Lucy's. There was lots of yelling and things being broken.
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    I re-watched "Lucy, the Shopping Expert" this afternoon. I know other people, i.e. Geoffrey Mark Fidelman, really like this one, but I'm not a huge fan. Milt Josefsberg tended to write the Lucy character as being dumb and tacky (as opposed to sly, manipulative, and cunning,) and this episode is no exception. The scenes with Lucy messing up the melon display, eating vegetables without paying for them, and dropping things on the ground are annoying, rather than amusing. Like many of the first season episodes, this show feels more like a collection of scenes - as opposed to one unified episode. Individual parts of the episode (i.e. Gale Gordon's "birds and the bees" bit) are funny, but they didn't seem to come together as a whole for me.
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    I'd never listen to anything else. Since the radio shows started the only music I have listened to was Saturday night at the roller rink. If I got audio on, it's Lucy. I know Desi did 10 tapes of audio about his book and it did sell at an auction but I'm assuming this is what Lucie is talkin about. I don't care if it sounds bad, I want to hear it.
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    This is an on going list of episodes I heard and how many parts there were. Hope it's a good checklist. There are ones out there I know I haven't heard yet. Mary Tyler Moore is one. Let’s Talk To Lucy Guests 1. Gertrude Berg- x2 2. Eva Marie Saint- x6 3. Dinah Shore – x3 4. Hy Gardner- Syndicated Columnist- x3 5. Robert Stack- x3 6. Mitzi Gaynor and husband Jack- x2 7. Lucy Day At The World’s Fair- x2 8. George Smith talking about high school dropouts- x2 9. Sheila McCrea- x2 10. Steve Allen -x5 11. Barnaby Conrad- in San Fran- x3 12. Loren Green- x4 13. Donald O’Connor- x4 14. Carol Burnett 15. Ray Walston- x2 16. Bea Benaderet- x2 17. Evelyn Keyes, married to Artie Shaw 18. Mike Frankovitch and Binnie Barnes- x4 19. Hal King- x6 20. Mel Torme- x4 21. Bill Bixby- x3 22. Lucy Talks About Working With Animals- x2 23. Tammy Grimes- x2 24. Candy Moore 25. Hilly Rose KCBS in San Fran- x2 26. Carolyn Jones from Adams Family- x2 27. Gypsy Rose Lee-x3 28. Vivian Vance on the Great Race- x3 29. Helen Girly Brown- x3 30. Lucy Stays At Home 31. Georgia Skelton 32. Dr Harold Glick talks about acne- x2 33. Hedda Hopper- x3 34. Richard Crenna- x3 35. Leonard Slater- x2 36. Fredrick Lowe 37. Nancy Sinatra and Tommy Sands- x3 38. Jane Powell- x3 39. Mary Costa- x5 40. Bing Crosby- x2 41. Cynthia Lowery- AP Columnist- 42. Clint Walker- x3 43. Desi Jr’s New Dog 44. Julie Andrews- x2 45. Doris Day 46. Jeanne Martin- x2 47. Dean Martin -x2 48. Lucy Talks About Teenagers 49. Lucy Talks to Voice of America 50. Bea Lillie 51. Dick Van Dyke- x2 52. Betty Hutton- x5 53. Ernest Gold- composer- x3 54. Andy Williams- x3 55. Mary Kay Dodson- from Bergdorf Goodman 56. Joshua Logan 57. Robert Culp-x3 58. Gene Kelly- x4 59. Carol Channing 60. Gale Gordon 61. Ann Sothern-x2 62. Aldo Ray-x3 63. Betty Furness x5 64. Shirley Booth x3 65. Barbara Streisand – x3 66. Robert Sunval - Australian Actor -x2 67. John Mc Giver- x3 68. Frankie Lane- x3 69. Eve Arden -x5 70.Debbie Reynolds- x3 71. Arlene Dahl- x5 72. John McGiver -x3 73. George Cukor- x3 74. Julie Newmar- x2 75. Bob Hope 76. Lucy Talks Christmas- x2 77. Jack Warner- x3 78. Edith Head- x4 79. Frank Sinatra- x2 80. E.E. Wall- President of Standard Oil and Jr. Achievement Program- x2 81. Arthur Godfrey- x2 82. Ruth Berle- x2 83. Joy Hodges- x2 84. Sergio Fantoni 85. Lucy Talks About Life Podcast 1 1. Danny Kaye 2. Copa Girls 3. Peter Lind Hayes 4. Carol Channing Podcast 2 1. Jeanne Martin 2. Dean Martin
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    One little moment that says a lot was during an interview with Robert Stack when they were talking about The Untouchables and he thanks her for supporting it and she said something like "Well the credit goes to Mr. Arnaz." That's class.
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    I knew you would love that one!
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    I'll have to check this out. I've been working my way through Depalma films and most recently watched Vanities.
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    https://theplotthickens.tcm.com/season-three/ Lucy’s season now has a page! I’m very curious who the 50 people interviewed are not to mention any “surprising revelations.” As a side note, I’ve been wishing old Hollywood podcast “You Must Remember This” would cover Lucy is some form. The host, Karina Longworth, goes above and beyond in their research, engaging narration, music, etc. Highly recommend everyone check out that podcast as well.
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    You can listen to the first season and the just premiered second season on the TCM website, YouTube, or whenever podcasts are available. https://theplotthickens.tcm.com/ The first season on Peter Bogdanovich was terrific. The current second season - about the making of the film Bonfire of the Vanities is very engrossing. I don’t know of anything that has presented the making of a movie with such an unfiltered access. The podcast going to do an outstanding job with Lucy.
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    I believe I can now say "I've seen everythin', brudder!" I wonder if the audience knew they were listening to the golden vocals of one Lucille Ball.
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    Thanks for this. Your last paragraph sounds completely on the nose. Why not come up with your own characters instead of twisting and distorting the lives of real people to fit a fictional narrative? I think I’ll give this one a pass...or else wait for Lindsay Lohan to do the Lifetime Original Movie version.
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    Lucy & The Loving Cup, Little Ricky's Dog and Lucy & Superman (#164-#166, all on tape) (preceded by Three Stooges (also on tape - same tape)): Gents Without Cents, If a Body Meets a Body, Wham-Bam-Slam!)
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    I had no idea about the friendship between Lucy and Patti LuPone's mother.
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    The Amateur Hour- Haven't watched this one in awhile. Working with kids every day, I find Lucy's line delivery of "All right, sit down!" totally relatable! Ricky Loses His Voice- The musical performances in this one are among my favorite of the series.
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    Overall, I find myself watching and enjoying Here's Lucy more, but I have more of a sentimental attachment to The Lucy Show.
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    Jimmy Garrett, our beloved Jerry Carmichael, has unexpectedly passed away at the age of 66. He brought so much to The Lucy Show. Jimmy is survived by his two beloved children, Amelie (age 13) and Spencer (10). Sending so much love to his family. Rest In Peace, Jimmy. Thank you.
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