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    Netflix will be showing a Laugh-In 50th anniversary special. https://deadline.com/2019/03/rowan-and-martins-laugh-in-still-laugh-in-the-stars-celebrate-netflix-lily-tomlin-1202568687/ I know a lot of cast members have passed away in recent years, but it would be nice if they could have gotten others in addition to Lily and Jo Anne. All the episodes of Laugh-In are currently available on Amazon Prime.
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    Well, there are 10 available. I dare someone to buy all of them and then tell their significant other, ala Yours, Mine and Ours - "I have 10 Lucys. Speaking of 10 Lucys, that's what I have!"
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    As far as episode selections of Life with Lucy, I'd switch out "Sax Symbol" with "Love Among the Two by Fours". It had some touching moments, to me anyways. At least about one third of the series will have an official release. Who has the rights? CBS?
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    How interesting that out of all the shows, the most recent one has the poorest picture quality. The two brief LWL shots are still miles better than the bootlegs that make the show seem like it took place underwater. I probably won't be picking this up unless they make a deluxe edition that includes a "Best Of Sid Gould" bonus disc.
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    SPOILER ALERT: CHEAP CRACK Yes, A-G Jeff Sessions.
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    I was watching Valley of the Dolls tonight (don’t ask) and was sure this Lucy sighting in Helen Lawson’s dressing room had been posted before — but, maybe it was on the old Lounge, so here it is again.
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    Maybe they could celebrate Florida's importance to the election next year with the "I Love Lucy: Florida Frenzy" special, featuring the Florida set episodes.
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    March 2's Google Doodle celebrates Desi on his 102nd birthday! https://www.google.com/doodles/desi-arnazs-102nd-birthday
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    When Here's Lucy ended in 1974, Broadcast Magazine reported about it saying that Lucy's show has "not kept up with the times, still relying on old-school slapstick while shows like All in the Family and Maude deal with relevant social issues". Were they suggesting Here's Lucy be more "relevant" in the way that Lear's shows were? So what if Norman Lear had taken over when Milt Josefsburg left in 1972, changing the title and titillating up the plots. (Desi Jr: "Where was he when we did the Ann-Margaret episode??") I'm sure MOT will chime in with possible racy "Lear's Lucy" episodes, but in the meantime here's my contribution: "No Nudes is Good Nudes" The marina raises her rent so Kim scans the classifieds for a 2nd job and answers an ad looking for "liberal-minded" models. Kim had recently watched a TV interview with her lookalike Lucille Ball, who advised aspiring actors to "take anything that comes along like I did. Don't turn anything down. " When the photographer turns out to be working for "Hustler", Kim heeds Lucille Ball's advice and does what she is told, assuming no one she knows will see "the spread". But Kim's aghast when the issue comes out and she finds she's on the cover, prominently displayed at every newsstand in Encino, prompting all her former one-episode suitors, except Wayne Newton and Jim Bailey, to seek to rekindle their romances with her. Kim confesses to Uncle Harry and they both panic when Harry realizes that he has had his Hustler subscription sent to the office (so he can write it off as business expense). The two try in vain to keep the magazine from Lucy who, when she takes one look, does her "spider". Steaming mad, Lucy Carter then sets out to punch special guest star Larry Flynt in the nose. (and also give "Miss Ball" a piece of her mind). The name Lucy Carter is well known in the celebrity world so Flynt has been expecting a visit. It seems Flynt has the negatives from an old nude photo shoot attributed to Lucille Ball, though the name on the negative sheet is that of "Lucy Hinkley". When Miss Ball got wind of it, she sued Flynt claiming "that's not me. It's the lookalike contest winner: 'that motor-mouthed, scatterbrained Carter woman'". Meanwhile Cynthia Duncan claimed the pics were of her. "Wanna see proof?", said Duncan when she showed up at the Hustler photography studio in a very revealing negligee ready to pose for a sequel spread. Just as Lucy Carter's winding up for a punch, Flynt confronts her with one of the more provocative stills from the old black-and-white shoot, and Lucy does her 2nd "spider" of the episode. Episode promo: "So who is the young nude model? Is it Lucy Carter, Lucille Ball or Cynthia Duncan? Tune in tonight on CBS for the premiere of "Lear's Lucy" and find out!" (followed by the season premiere of another show Lear has taken over, making its Monday night debut, now called "The Nude Dick Van Dyke Show" pronounced the same way as the series title from the previous season.)
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    And then a documentary film crew shows up and this becomes a better story than Grey Gardens. "They can get you for wearing red shoes on a Thursday...it's a mean, nasty Republican town."
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    I can’t believe SAG couldn’t squeeze Kaye into the In Memoriam! 😨😡 THIIIIIS IS THE THANKS SHE GETS!! And I think it’s rotten. ROTTEN!!!
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    Carol and Kaye in the same week: I can't take any more.... Kaye Ballard: typecast as the loud Italian: something she did very well and hilariously but she had an untapped dramatic range. I once saw a video (from I don't remember where but it was black and white from the 50s) in which she did very serious scene with someone and was amazingly effective. Desi did not augment the laugh track on Mothers In Law and it's KAYE that gets the most enthusiastic audience response. Here's my old tribute to Kaye on MIL. At the end Kaye sings. In the plot, the Hubbards and Buells invest in a rock band and this is Kaye's suggestion for a song to put in their act.......followed by the song written specifically for her act by Kander and Ebb, later incorporated into you-know-what and associated with you-know-who. Then her rendition of "My Man" from her hit album of Fannie Brice songs. It was her idea to turn this into a Broadway musical, done some 10 years later.
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    December 14th at 8pm on CBS we are getting Pioneer Women as the new colorized episode along with the traditional Christmas one. I haven't found a teaser color photo yet for this episode. I think this is a good choice. The period costumes will look nice colorized and there is that one classic scene of the bread. But I still hold out hope that we will get that Connecticut house in color some day.
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    Here's my colorized version of the Connecticut house.
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    I’m hoping they call Our Mildred Frances for the gig.
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    Don’t look at me; I just got here.
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    I was watching The Million Dollar Idea last night and never noticed before that the scene in the morning following Lucy eating all the pastries begins with Lucy holding her stomach and drinking a glass of water. 😃
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    "Lucy and the Safe Cracker" Decades is once again running 2 episodes of The Lucy Show right after 2 of I Love Lucy. The first season alternated the original stick-figure opening credits with the black and white kaleidoscope. One time, they ran the stick-figure video with the kaleidoscope audio, the first time I've seen that. They're now into the 2nd season. Even though, I've got those great prints on DVD, I still can't resist tuning it in. Today I watched "Lucy and the Safe Cracker" (Lucy Meets Mooney part 2). My favorite ILL changes from time to time as does my favorite TLS. For a time, "Safe Cracker" was my favorite. It's not one that makes anyone else's list for some reason. But I think it's JAM-PACKED full of great comedy. And great lines---one after another. Character-driven funnies, not Milt Josefsburg "gags" (which often make me do the same). A lot happens in this fast-paced episode. Plus Jay Novello puts in a stellar performance. Highlights: Lucy shoving gooey chocolates into Larry McAdoo's mouth so they can sing the jingle as promised. Lucy being dunked in chocolates: I don't know how they rigged that up so the chocolates stuck to her eye sockets. Could that have been an accident? After that, Lucy does this great "chicken" bit as she's trying to see what's going on. The audience is laughing so hard at Lucy that the others have trouble getting their lines out and heard. Amazing that this is only Gale's 2nd episode and he fits right in as if he's always been there.
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    "The Conners": well , they pulled it off. Like the original "Roseanne" AND the reboot, there's an honesty about the show that allows it to mix drama and comedy--a mix not found in virtually any other show (but granted I don't watch many of them). Usually if an actor left a sitcom (or died), they had their character do one of 2 things: they would be out of town taking care of sick relative (Joseph Kearns in "Dennis the Menace"; Alice Pearce in "Bewitched) or they would get abruptly transferred to PAKISTAN (Bob Cummings in "My Living Doll" Don Defore and Whitney Blake in "Hazel"--resigned and fired respectively). I don't remember: did they kill Valerie off immediately when "Valerie" became "Valerie's Family"? Again, I paid no attention to real-life Roseanne Barr's loud-mouth politics or her tweets (and I don't know why anyone was listening to her in the first place). I'm in the minority who enjoyed her in her own SHOW. The rest of the cast is so very strong, yes, but I wish they hadn't killed Roseanne Conner off. I was hoping Barr would eat enough crow that she could return to her own series. But this is a series that brought Dan back to life, had Becky and Becky2 in the same episode so maybe they could do it. Like one of those "Dallas" dreams. I'm amazed how good these reboots are: Conners, Will&Grace, Murphy Brown. (haven't seen others). I never would have predicted it. Will, Grace, Jack and Karen could be the PARENTS of the originals. It's been 20 years since the debut season.
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    Time/Life has done smaller releases that coincide with these "mega" sets that they put out; Laugh-In has been getting individual season sets since they put out the complete series, and I know they've done one or two single disc collections of their Red Skelton release, so... maybe LWL is closer than we think. Re: Joey When I think about it, even if all of ILL was colorized, I'm certain I'd still watch the show in "glorious black and white" (but still have the colorized episodes for the occasional novelty).
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    All the Deplorables will be burning their Incredible Mr. Limpet DVDs.
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    Should this be the new Lounge logo?
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    This was such a joy to listen to. She is, as always, a fantastic storyteller. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something different about Lucie lately. She's always been a wonderful, funny and extremely talented performer who has always been comfortable in what she does, but it seems like suddenly this comfort level has been taken to a whole new level. I wouldn't be so bold as to say that she is more comfortable in her own skin, because I don't know the woman, but there is a new level of.... ease? in everything she does now that is so enjoyable to take in. It was evident in this podcast, and it was evident in spades on stage in Jamestown this year. Anyway, I'm articulating this terribly, but it's very hard to describe. A performer totally at ease and relaxed with herself, her history, her talent, and perhaps her own unique, independent contributions and legacy in show business.
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    And, let's just all take a moment to appreciate the fact there is still someone contemporary and in-the-news for which we can still say, "She beat Jack Warner."
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    Besides the previously mentioned Dick, Liza, Carol, Carl, and Betty, I would also suggest Diahann Carroll, Bette Midler, Bernadette Peters, Burt Bacharach, and the too controversial Jane Fonda and Woody Allen.
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    As a English-2nd-language guy once said to me "That's HIGHLY ARIOUS!" Other cute things he said: He forgot some detail on a project and said "Sorry. That fell through my crack." Meant to call someone a habitual liar but said "he's an obituary liar"; also said this guy was "BOlivious" when he meant oblivious. I've repeated bolivious so much that to this day I have to stop before I say oblivious to make sure I'm pronouncing it correctly.
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    What a life she has led! She made her film debut in 1935 - 84 years ago - in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her love interest in the film, Ross Alexander, died 82 years ago!
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    Great news courtesy of Tom Watson! " Banish the tax-time blues this spring with a visit from Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel! Yes, CBS will broadcast an I LOVE LUCY ‘FUNNY MONEY’ SPECIAL, Friday, April 19, at 8PM (ET/PT), showcasing two newly colorized episodes of the classic series. Included will be “The Million Dollar Idea” – in which Lucy and Ethel try to market Lucy’s salad dressing – and “Bonus Bucks” – which finds the Ricardos and Mertzes hoping to win big in a newspaper Bonus Bucks contest. Classic fun for the whole family! My thanks once again to CBS for allowing me to participate in the preparation of these colorful specials. It's wonderful to see the Ricardos and the Mertzes back on network television entertaining millions!
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    Could this be Shirley Feeney's beloved Boo Boo Kitty in "Lucy, Part-Time Wife?"
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    It seems like in the past year this magazine went from some nice articles to just a tabloid about older/dead celebrities.
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    Stanley Donen’s speech is the ultimate example of why the lifetime achievement awards should be part of the main Oscar ceremony! It never occurred to me how young Stanley Donen was when he began directing these classic musicals. Prior to that, he was a cadet in Best Foot Forward. I thought he and Elaine May seemed like a fun couple.
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    Last night was truly a magical evening! Lucie was absolutely incredible. It was like time stood still in 1979. She looked and sounded just as she did 40 years ago. Actually, she was even better! She stopped the show with “I Still Believe in Love.” Robert Klein really impressed me. He sounded great. Lots of Lucy/Lucie fans were present, along with Tommy Tune, Tony Danza, Elaine Joyce, Anita Gillette, and much of the Luckinbill family. The audience was clearly having the best time!
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    Dave Karger is charming. Mankiewicz is snarky and smarmy.
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    This one was definitely true. Sharon Thober, a Here's Lucy costume lady, wrote about the Joan Crawford episode in detail in her book My Lucy Years. Desi was asked in to 'schmooze' Joan over and convince her to do her best work. Apparently he did a good job with her but it came too late in the episode's rehearsals. Sharon describes a nice moment between Lucy and Desi that day. Apparently she walked out at the end of that day and saw Lucy and Desi walking alone down the set holding hands. She said that they were standing very close and talking quietly to each other while holding hands and that the whole moment looked very intimate. She said that she would have thought there were still married from that behavior. It's a good ebook read!
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    More fun with numbers! I clicked on the Lucille Ball link and came up with 2 Top 10s I left out movies that weren't really hers: Ziegfeld, Thousands Cheer, Guide for Married Man, etc. Even in her top 10 list, there are 2 where her role is subordinate (4 if you count Sorrowful and Fancy Pants). Coming in last on the full list is "Miss Grant Takes Richmond" with a meager $20M (2018) gross. Lucy's $85,000 pay was a 2018 $900,000. As long as "Miss Grant"'s original budget was under $2million, it made money. Not on this list: "Fuller Brush Girl"! I don't know where they cut it off. Not surprisingly, YMO held her highest ranking. I'm surprised "Long Long Trailer" was not higher on the 1954 list. It was after all "MGM's HIGHEST GROSSING COMEDY up to that time" (NOT adjusted for inflation). The consistently maligned "Forever Darling" managed to be #33 and gross a 2018 $121M (a bit more than HALF "Trailer") To put "Mame"'s gross in perspective, it is topped by "Her Husband's Affairs" and "Seven Days Leave"!! Top Ten by order of standing of Box Office performances of all movies in a given year (followed by their 'adjusted for inflation' gross) #10 for 1968: Yours Mine and Ours (inflation adjusted gross) $227M 11 Sorrowful Jones $197 14 Easy to Wed $279 19 Fancy Pants $139 22 Long Long Trailer $223 22 Stage Door $173 23 Dubarry $220 35 Without Love $198 27 Facts of Life $119 #30 Mame $87 TOP 10 ranked by inflation adjusted gross . Note in her #1 movie, she's THIRD billed. $279,000,000 Easy to Wed $227 Yours Mine and Ours $223 Long Trailer $220 Dubarry $198 Without Love $197 Sorrowful Jones $173 Stage Door (yes, she's not the star but contributes a lot to the appeal of the movie) $139 Fancy Pants $121 Forever Darling
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    That cut I actually yelled at the TV.
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    I can't say I'm a big fan of his either, but most of us have said immature things and made dumb jokes at some point or another. It sucks when you're a celebrity and there's documentation of most everything you ever say. He made those jokes a long time ago and he apparently already apologized for them. Some folks just like being offended, I guess. I say dial down the politics and make the Oscars fun again. Have Carol Burnett host in character as Nora Desmond.
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    Every year we have at least one celebrity as Lucy. I think I might do a roundup of all the past Lucy and Ricky's for my IG on Wed.
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    I was told this weekend that laundry would not be put away until there was no Mama's Family on in the bedroom. I guess Golden Girls is the limit for my husband and chores around my TV viewing.
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    Episode selecting: I don't know why they never ask US. Or more specifically: ME!! ---(I just picked one of us at random and it turned out to be me. I'm just as surprised as you are.) Harrison wrote----And while "Getting Bald" is a good selection I would have instead went with "Lucy's Schedule" since that was Gale Gordon's ---- I agree "Bald" is a good one and that "Schedule" is even better but of those last 1st season shows my absolute favorite is "Ricky's Raise". How can you beat Fred Mertz in drag making flirtatious faces? !! And that falsetto voice "Hazel! Look!" followed by his bump and grind exit. And then there's Lucy: a stellar episode for her. She inhabits each of the characters she's impersonating but my favorite is her "Miss McGillicuddy" : "Do I have a reservation??"--laughs--"only 17 people that's all.....McGillicuddy". In the "little things they do together" category, I love how they come up with the plan. They've made all the reservations, then Fred points out that this will only make Xavier look bad. "Oh yeah. they have to know it's because of Ricky"; "Well, I guess we could come in and leave a couple of times" "Oh, but they'd recognize us"....then the plot is hatched. You do have to feel sorry for poor Xavier Valdez--who probably gives up show business and goes back to cleaning canary cages.
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    Tom Watson notes this edition will include the "COMPLETE" (emphasis his) Celebrity Next Door.
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    That's because her previous shows were mastered on film, whereas "Life" was transferred to tape and then edited, as was the standard at the time. So it won't look as good as the others, but like you said, will still be miles above the taped copies that have circulated for years.
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    If I may share my two cents on this as well, I'd say you can't go wrong with any episode from the first two seasons. Most feel that was when the show was at its strongest. But each season offers something worthwhile. The later, color seasons feature more of Elizabeth's dual role of Serena, which is always fun, plus it's enjoyable watching the Dick Sargent episodes just to see the difference. A number of final season episodes were remakes of first season scripts, so it'd run out of steam by then. But you can put on any episode from any era and enjoy it for what it is.
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    Maybe Erin Murphy will be drafted in to play Durwood 4.0's mother.
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    I still don't agree with Dame O on principle, but I'm rooting for her to stick it to Mr. Murphy. She beat Jack Warner, she can beat that twerp.
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    This is an interesting article from The Buffalo News about making the Comedy Center a tourist destination. The Comedy Center is truly amazing. It's incredibly high tech, classy, and fun. https://buffalonews.com/2018/08/06/the-stars-have-left-jamestown-so-whats-next-for-the-national-comedy-center/