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  1. Today, on his 97th birthday, Carl Reiner and the National Comedy Center announced a significant donation. If he is able to travel that far at his grand old age, it would be wonderful to see him properly feted in Jamestown. Jamestown, New York – March 20, 2019 – The National Comedy Center and legendary producer, director, and writer Carl Reiner announced today, on Carl Reiner’s 97th birthday, an initiative to digitally preserve Reiner’s extensive personal collection of production-used scripts from “The Dick Van Dyke Show” – one of the most iconic, innovative, and beloved comedy series in television history. The scripts, which are heavily annotated in Reiner’s own hand, have been stored away since the series wrapped production in 1966, and have never before been made available to a cultural institution for conservation or exhibition. Scripts for all 158 episodes, totaling more than 7,500 pages, feature detailed edits and additions made in real-time during the writing, read-throughs and rehearsals for each episode – providing extraordinary access into the script development and creative process for the 15-time Emmy-winning situation comedy. “There’s nothing more satisfying than having an idea and seeing it through to find out that, not only did you like it, but the audience and critics all seemed to agree.” said Carl Reiner. “When asked, ‘Of all the theatrical projects you’ve done in your life, what are you most proud of?’ I always say, hands down, it’s creating and producing ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show.’ It was a labor of love.” “I applaud The National Comedy Center for keeping the creative fires burning by singling out and preserving something most people feel deserves preservation,” added Reiner. “This is a treasure trove of original material, direct from the pen of one of comedy’s most important and resounding voices,” said Journey Gunderson, National Comedy Center Executive Director. “We are honored that Carl Reiner has placed his trust in us as we preserve this incredible body of work — which will enable future generations of comedy fans and scholars to understand the creative process behind one of the most influential TV series of all time.” MORE: https://comedycenter.org/dick-van-dyke-show-archives/?fbclid=IwAR2k1k1fwbkJY4LZIG3aZqUN4qBcjnnZ2vxWBJIFn8loUj9-BcmUIGWi0-Q
  2. The sad news, and loving tribute as shared by Lucie Arnaz. A sad day and yet a celebration for a long life well lived. Our dear,FRANK GOREY, passed today at the still sparkling age of 91. He had been recently moved to The Maclay Veteran's Home in Sylmar, CA. where he died peacefully after only a few minutes of respiratory discomfort and telling the nurse who tried to put him back into bed, "I am NOT going to sleep!!" Francis Andrew Gorey was loved by everyone who knew him. He came to work as a driver for my family when I was only about 7 years old and never left. He outlived them ALL! He practically raised my brother Desi and me...and then our kids. His concern, compassion, loyalty, and indefatigable sense of humor were much of the reason I am as sane as I am today. So glad I had a chance to tell him all of this just a few weeks ago. Now all that is needed is to wish him Bon Voyage. Say hi to the gang when ya get there, Frank. And rest easy, Buddy. Ya did good!
  3. Great news courtesy of Tom Watson! " Banish the tax-time blues this spring with a visit from Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel! Yes, CBS will broadcast an I LOVE LUCY ‘FUNNY MONEY’ SPECIAL, Friday, April 19, at 8PM (ET/PT), showcasing two newly colorized episodes of the classic series. Included will be “The Million Dollar Idea” – in which Lucy and Ethel try to market Lucy’s salad dressing – and “Bonus Bucks” – which finds the Ricardos and Mertzes hoping to win big in a newspaper Bonus Bucks contest. Classic fun for the whole family! My thanks once again to CBS for allowing me to participate in the preparation of these colorful specials. It's wonderful to see the Ricardos and the Mertzes back on network television entertaining millions!
  4. Upon watching Lucy & Eva Gabor (Season 1) on Tuesday night, something jumped out at me I had never noticed before and I wonder if it was a flub. When Lucy and the kids are setting up their intruder-deterrent system, the following exchange takes place: Craig: Or this one either! Lucy: And nobody's going to get through that door or they're really going to get it! Oh! You know something? (Pause) Nobody is going to interrupt you until you finish that script. It's that bolded part that jumped. They cut to that line, it adds nothing to what they've already discussed, certainly doesn't go with the flow, and Lucy pauses to think. Does anyone have the original script to compare it to? It sounds to me like it was either tacked on from a different take, or, perhaps LB forgot her line and adlibbed something to fill in the dead air. Thoughts?
  5. Me neither. If it is touring at all in southern Ontario, I'd be thrilled to make the trek...
  6. Especially when we really want her to spill all the Ann Sothern tea.... although our group might be in the minority on this.
  7. She was plugging the national tour of Love Letters with Hal Linden — and talked Lucy in the process.
  8. Lucy Fest 2019

    I can dig it.
  9. Miss Barbara Eden will be on Kelly & Ryan tomorrow morning, March 6. Check your local listings.

    Luke Perry has died, aged just 52, following a massive stroke.
  11. Google Doodle

    This is wonderful!
  12. Quite possibly the second most talented, and possibly most underrated, redhead in television history. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/katherine-helmond-dead-whos-the-boss-star-89-877766?fbclid=IwAR1h94XxujPxaaKWUmEb48cV8t1gkR8DycBg6tC8AtsgJofV4rFOCGjFjtc