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  1. Note Bill is once again in the leader board.
  2. Lucie weighs in on Palm Springs politics... ... That door at the end doesn't sound locked, or even fully closed.
  3. Bob Schiller has died at 98

    There are so few opportunities in this world to be in the presence of true genius, but I certainly felt like I was at this very moment in August 2006. It's not something I ever took for granted; I wanted time to slow to a crawl so I could take in every word he said. After all, just about everything he committed to paper became an indelible part of so many of our lives – even if you don't realize it. Joining the merry band of three with his writing partner, the quintet somehow bottled magic, brought to life by an incomparably talented quartet, which continues to delight and transfix new generations over sixty years later. One by one, over the passage of time, this quintet dwindled away until he was the very last torchbearer of something we're not likely to ever see again. As he approached his century and experienced myriad health problems we all knew time was limited but even as that chapter closed today I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of loss; loss not for a life which was, to all accounts, exceedingly well lived, but for a time, a place, and an exceptional category of brilliance which just drifted into the ether. But, my god, what a legacy he and his colleagues have left behind. Rest in peace, Bob Schiller.
  4. Bob Schiller has died at 98

    Impressive yes, but still sad. Literally the last of a very unique group of people who have had such an indelible impact on our lives.
  5. We've lost our last ILL writer. :'( http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/bob-schiller-dead-i-love-lucy-writer-was-98-1047459 NOOOO!!!!
  6. Lucy as Hepburn

    I've been trying to find the Kate Hepburn quote on Lucy, but I can't remember what book it was in. The gist of it was post Stage Door and post Without Love, when Lucy was firmly established as a superstar, Hepburn said, and I'm paraphrasing, "If I knew she was so talented I would have paid more attention to her." Anyone have the exact quote?
  7. Lucy letters, telegrams, etc...

    Are there any more details about this particular incident? And I agree -- a reply would be quite interesting.

    I'm not sure. The cover wasn't on eBay.
  9. Mrs Irma Mooney

    It would have been hilarious that after so much smack talk about her looks by Theodore – and even Lucy – Irma sashayed into the Boss of the Year banquet played by Joi Lansing or a similar type. A great finale gag.

    Well, now the LAPD is walking back their death confirmation: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/lapd-clarifies-cannot-confirm-tom-petty-death/

    How heartbreaking for Tom Petty pull a Farrah Fawcett and drop dead on the one day he's guaranteed not to make the following morning's front page.
  12. Stuff Lucy Ate.

    At last! Something appetizing! I wonder if this evolved into chinkee goodee.