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    The legendary Stan Lee has died at 95.
  2. Burns & Allen not only borrowed Ross Elliott, but also their wall-hangings:
  3. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    So glad the tradition endures!
  4. My favourite with-no-context punchline so far: “Beige!” I had to stop the treadmill for my laughter.
  5. Our Mildred Frances is the star of the latest instalment of the Behind the Curtain podcast and is, of course, hilarious.
  6. Regal Mentions

    Princess Margaret was mentioned in Harpo Marx. Lucy's Roxbury visitor, The King of Thailand, was also mentioned in Jack Benny's Account.
  7. I was wondering this morning if we had a comprehensive list of the number of times The Queen and/or Prince Philip were mentioned on the various Lucy series and vehicles. Off the top of my hand I can think of: My Favourite Husband -- a mention of "Princess Elizabeth and her new baby" in the Baby Booties Episode I Love Lucy -- The Queen seen on the TV Guide in Ricky & Fred are TV Fans; the Queen and Coronation referenced in Ricky Needs an Agent; both, of course, mentioned in Lucy Meets the Queen The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour -- Both mentioned in Lucy Wants a Career The Lucy Show -- The Queen mentioned in Lucy & Pat Collins and Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Account Lucy in London -- Portrayed on screen by Lucy, mentioned in the title song ... any more?
  8. Morbid curiosity -- and the added attraction of the nonagenarian gas pumper being in attendance.
  9. I can't wait to see this in all its glory -- and for the Kaye Renaissance to begin.
  10. Not necessarily a Little things they DO, but... I was introducing a friend to I Love Lucy on Friday night (he had only seen The Big Three episodes), and when we happened upon Don Juan & The Starlets on his Very-Big Screen TV, I never noticed in the final scene, when Lucy crosses over behind the couch, she passes the lamp on our left side of the couch and it beautifully illuminates her face in a way I have never before noticed on the show. The light hits it just right.
  11. Gag Headlines

  12. Has anyone tracked this down? It would be great to see some screen caps.
  13. Working with Lucy

    Vanda Barra has also spoken of being on set, on Joan detail. I hope to write about this soon from a series of interviews I did with her in the two years before her death.