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  1. Patricia Morison Dies at 103

    An amazing life! A sad loss of a living link to history.
  2. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    This looks so exciting!
  3. Ann Miller

    This has made my day, Mr. Tiny. Or is it Mr. Tim?
  4. No I Love Lucy Superstar Special for 2018?

    A Bon Voyage-Lucy Meets the Queen combo would be good to coincide with royal wedding month.
  5. So, I was at a work function last night and one of the people I was talking with mentioned my love of Lucy to another person there. This kicked off a detailed conversation, which culminated with, "And did you know that Lucy's daughter, Lucie, is an award-winning country star with several hit songs?" After my brain finally computed what he said, I just smiled and nodded because I couldn't figure out just who the hell this guy was mistaking Lucie for. Any ideas?
  6. Robert Osborne has died

    Ah, fantastic! I recorded it partway through -- although I had seen it before -- and wasn't quite sure who Diane's sidekick was. Love the visual of Robert stumbling down into Diane's kitchen in his pyjamas to do his work. I guess that's really why he kept that second office apartment.
  7. This Concludes Zsa Zsa Watch

    This interview is everything, from not getting any sex from Prince Fred, to her disdain for Jay Leno, to her keeping a make-up free Francesca from coming out on camera:
  8. Lucy and Desi made the cover once again on this week's Closer.
  9. Rose Marie has died

    Still hope this hits Canada sometime. I’ve asked our year round documentary festival to get on it but no response so far. Hmph.
  10. LucyFest 2018

    This motion is seconded. All in favour?
  11. LucyFest 2018

    So looking forward to seeing Lucie again, but this seems like such an odd venue for a show like hers. It's a very intimate venue with a strange configuration. I can't help but feel this would be better suited to the Lucille Ball Little Theatre if Lily Tomlin is taking up the Reg.
  12. Why do you think she was over "studying" so often at Cynthia's?
  13. I hadn't realised until Carol fired up her ol' Instagram that this new series was so star-studded!
  14. Ann Miller

    That needed some Rice is Nice razzle dazzle.
  15. LucyFest 2018

    Does anyone know if our current and up to date Museum/LD Center memberships are transferred to the new National Comedy Center membership system? It appears that way, but it is unclear.