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  1. Her Majesty -- out and about yesterday. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7899273/Looking-great-98-Beloved-Golden-Girl-Betty-White-smiles-shes-spotted-birthday.html
  2. Here's to another 96 glorious years of Glitter n'Tits. Happy Birthday, Goddess!
  3. I first saw him as the snippy bureaucrat in Grumpy Old Men and always delighted whenever he popped up again. A groundbreaker in comedy.
  4. So glad my audio came back into synch for this gorgeous Paris at Last!
  5. Last night, while watching Ricky’s European Booking, I found myself scanning the crowd of ticket holders gathered at Feldman’s. In addition to the victor, Mrs. Hazel Pierce, I think we have a late-in-the-game appearance by the MVP Pleasant Peasant girl and an early-in-the-game cameo from character actress Meg Wyllie. What are your thoughts?
  6. Interesting perspective. I was thinking about this very thing earlier today. Season Two has been my favourite TLS season for many years, the bulk of my top 10 episodes are from this season, but lately I’ve been gravitating more towards Season Three. There’s a fresher energy to this season, more or a rewatchability factor. Was it down to the change of writers? Perhaps. Can it be chalked up to an increased effort to prove TLS was more than the original writers? Maybe. Vivian wanting to go out with a bang?
  7. Crawford emerging from her TLS dressing room.
  8. That sounds about right. Don’t forget that every male star “interviewed” will have invariably propositioned the writer.
  9. His other books (and I use the term loosely) are just beyond ridiculous -- and you just know there are some individuals out there (and I'm sure we can both list a handful by name) who will take this bullshit as gospel because they want to believe.
  10. Jesus Christ... https://www.amazon.ca/Lucille-Ball-Desi-Arnaz-Ricardo/dp/1936003716/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=lucille+ball&qid=1574874382&sr=8-1
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