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  1. It’s great to so clearly see Hazel running the steam table in the opening episode.
  2. My copies finally arrived this afternoon. Can’t wait to dig in tonight.
  3. Well, at least we know they have colour episodes in the bank! Great choice!
  4. Our Own Donovan Scott appears in the penultimate episode of The Affair.
  5. Mine has been en route for a few days now. Will report back ASAP.
  6. This is an interesting point. In 1990 or so, Gale said had successfully auditioned to join the cast or an established sitcom (reading between the lines, my unconfirmed theory is the role that eventually went to John Hillerman on The Hogan Family) but lost out in the end because either the network or producers were unable to ensure him due to his age.
  7. Carolyn has been by to clean up the peeper poopers: https://www.wkbw.com/news/local-news/lucille-ball-statue-repaired-after-vandalism-in-celoron-park?fbclid=IwAR3-R_1ZBoUZtQjjJ4nm6LJiACT4-G7PBCPvx8GGTMU-ZyU1He6GbsQ9ZRQ
  8. The I Love Lucy Christmas Special returns to CBS on Friday, December 20, at 8 p.m.! Awaiting word on which episode will be featured after the Christmas episode, but it is NOT a repeat of Pioneer Women, as mentioned by some CBS affiliates. Possibly "The Freezer", after the sneak peek we got in the Colorization Documentary?
  9. “My baby!” Very sad news. RIP Jerome. :(
  10. Season 1 is now available in two parts. Part 1: https://www.oldies.com/product-view/6332KD.html Part 2: https://www.oldies.com/product-view/6333KD.html So far, Oldies.com seems to be the exclusive distributor.
  11. I was saddened to read through these obits that Mrs. Bowers died last year. She was, by far, the most compelling and interesting character in that documentary.
  12. "The resolution is a little lower which probably works out fine for Gale Gordon." RUDE.
  13. One can only hope! I know they have been remastered and are ready to go, but we’ve been teased before.
  14. "and Lucy’s last major stab at TV stardom...." Yeah, it's a shame Lucy's career never went anyplace after the pictures.
  15. After watching "Green Thumb" on my lunch break this afternoon, I'm very curious to go home and watch my bootleg of the same episode. The editing job on the final scene at the hardware store is alarmingly bad, with boom mics all over the place, and peaks above the set walls. I don't remember those bits jumping out at all on VHS.
  16. Started at the top of the DVD during my lunch hour. Now chilling with a drink and Legal Beagle.
  17. On the subject of editing, the LWL promos on the extras are edited very strangely. Having not seen the originals on VHS anywhere, I hope I'm right in assuming the end frames got mistakenly trimmed from each of them during the DVD transfer.
  18. No voice-over shout-out to Miss Ellen Burstyn on the end credits? Rude.
  19. Another great example of the picture quality is being able to see the texture of the vinyl-like necktie material Gale is wearing for the pasta maker bit.
  20. First thought up to the health drink scene in Episode One, I can't begin to say how wonderful it is to finally see after so many years the full facial performance Lucy is delivering.
  21. The picture looks a bit yellowish on my screen, par for the course with video, but the image quality is wonderful compared to what we're used to. Love it!
  22. Are you a Prime member? I've found my non-prime shipments have been much slower since they have tried to incentivize the program. Watching the first episode during lunch: Have we considered the exterior filming location location of the LWL house?
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