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  1. A new line of clothes “inspired” by I Love Lucy is in the works: https://www.licenseglobal.com/apparel-accessories/unique-vintage-partners-i-love-lucy-apparel There are some fantastic choices here! I can’t wait to see the finished product.
  2. So, this article claims that NC real estate agent David Cook once worked with Lucy. https://www.wbtv.com/2019/07/17/st-jude-dream-home-spotlighting-indian-trail/ Now, I don't put all that much stock in an article that refers to "Barbara Eaton" and "Marlow Thomas" but does anyone have any idea where this chap and LB may have crossed paths?
  3. Carl Reiner, Phyllis Diller (!), Mel Brooks, and Tim Conway were all on Entertainment Tonight tonight promoting the latest issue of the Hollywood Reporter (see: The Betty Thread), in which they participate in a comedians' roundtable discussion. Everyone seemed in fine form, with Phyllis giving her wig a last minute touch-up!
  4. I'd love some Desi-inspired neckties.
  5. Lucy's Jamestown Friends

    In that episode, Jim and Dorothy sent Ricky flowers after Lucy told them he was sick.

    So sad. He was an okay petunia.
  7. New ‘Closer’ cover featuring L&D

    I hope this is a sign that Closer's quality is on an upswing again!
  8. Lucy Sightings!

    Post all your Lucy sightings here!
  9. Lucy Sightings!

    Spotted the Ricardos in the tasteful arthouse drama Pink Flamingos.
  10. A "Miss" No More: Congratulations to the legendary Olivia de Havilland who today, just a couple of weeks shy of 101, has been finally named a Dame by the Queen! She is the oldest woman to ever be named a Dame and, in my opinion, one of the most overdue. "Dame Olivia de Havilland" has a nice ring to it. Even dead, Joan will have to console herself with a single, solitary Oscar.
  11. The death of Al Rosen made me wonder how many pop culture figures mentioned on I Love Lucy (but not seen on...) are still with us today. Off the top of my head: Betsy Drake Pat Boone Arlene Dahl The Queen Prince Philip Margaret O'Brien Gina Lollobrigida Who else?
  12. Arte Johnson has died

    Godspeed, Arte, on your larger-than-wee walk.
  13. Arise DAME Olivia de Havilland!

    Happy 103rd Birthday, Dame O!
  14. Lucy Fest 2019

    Has anyone had any luck getting tickets for the Ernie Kovacs event? When I click on the link, it takes me back to the main page.
  15. Does anyone have any favourite "little moments" within an episode that lends it that certain something, an extra little laugh, a dash of extra charm, or just something groovy? I was watching a bit of ILL Season Three tonight and three things inspired this thread: 1) Bill putting his arm around Lucy when the latter sits down on the living room rock in Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation. Just a small, fleeting moment that shows so much warmth between both the characters and the actors. 2) The glee and pride in which Doris Singleton gave Carolyn Appleby when she hits her big note on the drums in Lucy's Club Dance. It never fails to make me smile. 3) Lucy's napkin going flying in Lucy Is Envious before she and Ethel are supposed to hit their husbands with them. Love watching her cheeks puff out in mock frustration before rooting around for the napkin, grabbing it, and commencing to hit as planned. What a trooper!
  16. Lucy Sightings!

    This edition is 1979. First published in 77, it seems.
  17. Lucy Sightings!

    Miss Ball says Miss Clooney’s autobiography is a helluva book. There were never such devoted neighbours...
  18. Lucy favourite Steve Lawrence has announced his battle with Alzheimer's. Poor guy. https://ew.com/music/2019/06/11/steve-lawrence-alzheimers-diagnosis/
  19. Lucy favourite Steve Lawrence has announced his battle with Alzheimer's. Poor guy. https://ew.com/music/2019/06/11/steve-lawrence-alzheimers-diagnosis/
  20. Lucy on the Big Screen on Her Birthday!

    This is very exciting -- i just wish these Fathom Events hopped the border every once in a while. If only they colourized the I Love Lucy Movie and gave it the official big screen release treatment!
  21. Vivian Photos

    Viv giving kissing lessons in 1939: http://cgi.ebay.com/1939-Vivian-Vance-Northwestern-Univ-Press-Photo-/260735276681?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item3cb5089689