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  1. My earlier error...the Scotland episode was unaired, but released on DVD.
  2. all 16 shows that have been colorized will be on this DVD
  3. This is done by Zach Smothers @ Pop Colorture. His work is exemplary! From what I know, it takes a very long time to accomplish and possibly several different programs.
  4. with the information we have and a lot of research, we do what we can.
  5. Bernie was very kind to be a part of the 2011 "Lucy in London" special bonus material as well. Brought in all kinds of memorabilia and was a delight.
  6. That's famed ballet star, Natalia Makarova. Sorry to hear of Ms Merrill's passing; an elegant lady to the end. Met her years ago in St. Louis and she was lovely.
  7. we all did exactly what this 'person' on You Tube wanted....we looked at it. Love the fact that comments are disabled...says a lot. I reported it as bullying and hateful, but of course this will go no where. Just sad that an unsuspecting public will look at this misinformed, hateful video and believe some of it. Find something USEFUL to do in your life!
  8. The top shot with Desi and George Murphy appears to be at Harry E's funeral in Whittier at Home of Peace, where he is interred.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvin_Kaplan A wonderfully, sweet, smart man. Had to the honor to drive him on a few occasions and he was always a gent! RIP, dear Marvin.
  10. This shot is from rehearsal of the NBC TV special, "TV: The Fabulous 50's" where Lucy hosted a segment on sitcoms. Dinah hosted segment on musical moments. Aired: 3/3/78 Also in the special were: Mary Martin, David Janssen, Michael Landon, Red Skelton and more.
  11. So glad they put this out, but yep, always a few errors that is to be expected. For the record: pg 11, Lucy died at 77, not 78. Pg 24, bottom right photo is from 1954. Pg 75, middle left photo is from 1946 on set of "Lover Come Back" and that of course is not her mom. Upper left shot is Desi from the early 1940's, not 1955. Shot with Liza and Desi Jr. is from February of 1972. On page 91, lower left shot is not from 1957, it is from "Ziegfeld Follies", 1944, film released in 1946. On page 93, lower left, while this Vivian from 1955, it is not actually backstage, it's on the set of "In Palm Springs" episode. The interesting part is she is holding a May 1955 McCall's magazine (which is used in the episode) which has actually has an article written by Vance, "I Don't Run Away Anymore."
  12. Hi Joe! For me...I just scrolled up and there it is in all its glory. about 8 up by Freddie Mertz
  13. Possibly, but in my opinion, she totally resembled her mom a lot: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/77/5f/00/775f00cca94cde5525ebfb4b2942eed5.jpg http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTc1OTc4NzI5OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTcwODM2._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg http://image1.findagrave.com/photos/2010/292/6780224_128759686301.jpg
  14. Approx 1986 at the Wadsworth Theater parking lot in West LA. Checking what the rehearsal was for.
  15. and there's co-star Keith Andes right behind her pointing....
  16. from a local personal source who knows Jerry very well...it seems to be true...but we shall see.
  17. I've taken it into Photoshop and adjusted best I could...still too hard to read. From the looks of it though, it might possibly be a Desilu Report, not a script.
  18. Most likely, his wife, singer-actress Abbe Lane, who still, at 82 looks terrific!
  19. Yes...they were colorized recently and will be shown as such in the updated Xmas episode.
  20. Looks to be her sister-in-law, Helen Mohr at very left and maybe Michele Lee next to her?
  21. as he once said, if he played his cards right, it could have been HenryLu!
  22. Yessssirreee. Great job. I have a feeling Lucy was just about to blink and thus the expression.
  23. It's also the aging of the transparency that this print was made from...the vivid colors are not accurate anymore. Reds turn toward purple, blues turn green and so on. The blue plate starts to generally fade and thus her green eyes.
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