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  1. Hi Brock! (And hi to everyone!) It's been many months since I've had the time to visit here but I knew I had to post this info for you since you are a big fan of Gale Gordon. The actress who played Gale's daughter on Our Miss Brooks will be interviewed on stusshow.com on 1-21-15 at 4:00PT/7:00ET. Here's the info from Stu's newsletter of upcoming guests: "January 21 - Actress GLORIA McMILLAN, the last surviving cast member from the popular radio/TV series, "Our Miss Brooks" will be in studio, along with her husband, actor/producer RON COCKING. Gloria started on the series in radio playing Gale Gordon's teenage daughter, Harriet Conklin. The series segued to television in 1952 with the entire radio cast intact. The show went through a big format change during its last season on TV, ousting the original cast while they continued doing the radio version and working on a feature film! We'll get the whole scoop on this from Gloria, including what it was like to grow up working alongside Eve Arden, Gale Gordon, Richard Crenna, and Jane Morgan. Today Gloria runs a very successful acting school in the Inland Empire of Southern California with husband Ron." Hopefully there will be lots of discussion about Gale. Be back soon to read & catch up here at the Lounge. If you listen to the broadcast, enjoy!
  2. Hi Joyce ! There was a full page article & picture about Lucy's Christmas special in TV Guide. I typed up the whole article for you, but I can't copy & paste it into here from Word like I usually do. I'll try again another time...
  3. Hi Joyce! I have been meaning to get here to let you know I found two Lucy mentions in the Nov 25 - Dec 8, 2013 issue of TV Guide, but life has been so busy lately (& doesn't show any sign of letting up ) . If they've been mentioned in another thread just disregard this post; I don't know when I'll get a chance to catch up around here. The first is on page 19. The article by Aubry D'Armino is "Deck the Halls: The 60 greatest holiday episodes of all time". While Lucy did not make the top ten, she is #6 in "The Other 50" list. AND, I thought it was terrific that it was not an I Love Lucy mention, but this series: "Lucy battles Vivian over tree decorations on The Lucy Show (1962)." The second mention is on page 27 under "Movies and Specials". There are two columns. At the bottom of the first is a color picture of (left to right) Ethel, Lucy, Ricky & Fred dressed in their santa suits with the beards down so you can see their faces. At the bottom of the right column (with an arrow pointing to the picture) is this: "I Love Lucy Christmas Special (Friday, 12/20, 8/7c, CBS) "Lucy, I'm home!" For the holidays, that is. Two back-to-back episodes of the classic sitcom -- the rarely seen "Christmas Episode" and the famous grape-stomping installment -- will air in color." It's on my calendar -- I'm curious how much they will cut from each episode. Maybe nothing -- here's hoping!
  4. Ross Elliot: Are you the young lady who is going to do the commercial? Lucy: Yes sir. Ross: Well, I'm Ross Elliot, the director. Lucy: How do you do. I'm Lucille ... McGillicuddy. Ross: Ricky sure knows how to pick 'em! Lucy: Oh, thank you.
  5. Claude, I have some dvds of a show called Angel that Jess created. In it, an American man marries a French girl & brings her home to the US. Cute show, a bit like ILL in reverse (which I'm sure was intentional as that formula worked so well in ILL!). A huge bonus was that Doris Singleton was a regular as the next door neighbor & friend of the woman named Angel. Shirley ?? (who played Marion Strong on ILL) is in one of the episodes I have, too. I'm not sure how long the series was on or how well it did in the ratings, but I thought it was good. If anyone is interested in them they are for sale at Shokus video.
  6. I'm watching this season now, & find myself loving some (The Vault, Safecracker, Symphony, the Merman eps) but watching only parts of some (the Military school one, the one where Mooney breaks his leg & is in the hospital). Some I skip entirely because I have a vague memory of not liking it the first time around (Cleopatra, the Golfing one -- yes because of Gary; I think he's a boring actor). I thought Chris Goes Steady was a good episode but hated the casting of the boyfriend. Was he stoned, bored, self conscious or all three? He had the same cheesy look on his face the whole time & spent so much time hunched over & looking at the floor. Chris should have stayed with Alan Harper :-)
  7. Whenever Lucy had to ask permission from Ricky to get money. That bugged me on ILL. It really bothers me in TLS, though, that she has to beg for & justify getting access from a stranger to her own money! That whole sexist notion that women were not smart enough to handle money pops up so frequently in those series but, as you said -- that's the way it was back then. Another thing is seeing Lucy & Ethel or Lucy & Viv wearing gloves. (Not the winter kind :-)) That lasted into the 60s, I think. I love how women looked when they dressed back then, even though I wouldn't want to have to put on a hat, gloves, dress & stockings today just to run to the store! :-) Oh, & hats. Not just the women, but in the ILL era most every man wore a hat when he went out.
  8. Is the necklace in the bottom photo the same one that someone posted a color picture of recently? It was mint green, I think. I'll have to search around for that thread ...
  9. I browsed through ebay tonight & came upon this listing. It is a group of three pics, the first a candid of Viv on the street. Check out the belt &pretty turquoise bracelets. The second pic is a group shot of all three of The Lucy Show kids . It looks like they may have been at the Lucy-Desi museum. They look wonderful. The third pic is of Viv's CT house -- not sure if it is older or new. I thought of putting this in the Viv section, but didn't want anyone to miss seeing "the kids"! Plus, Viv was both a costar & a cohort, heehee. I'm sorry I don't know how to post pictures, but here's a link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VIVIAN-VANCE-LUCY-SHOW-C-MOORE-J-GARRETT-R-HART-VIVS-FORMER-HOME-IN-CT-/141105553419?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20da8be00b
  10. Home Improvement was a sitcom that often made me laugh. While it is no I Love Lucy, for comparisons sake, the relationship between Tim & his TV wife Jill was loving, funny & well written (like the Ricardos). The relationship between Tim & Al is a bit like the male version of Lucy & Ethel .
  11. Raising my hand & waving it! I would love to not have to change discs or fast forward the openings. Then I feel unappreciative because I have every single I Love Lucy episode on DVD to watch whenever I want -- and they don't have a single commercial. .
  12. Upperco, I'll have to get back to you on this -- I, too, am watching TLS in chronological order, but I'm only on Season 2. This is only my second time watching these episodes (with a few exceptions made for some Lucy & Vivian episodes) & I don't remember most of them .
  13. Annaleigh, how beautiful you look! Your hair & makeup are perfection -- you look so much like Lucy . When you posted that: I nearly fell off my chair giggling !
  14. Ajrich, thanks for posting that picture of the back cover -- I didn't know that there were 3 episodes colorized! I thought it was just the Christmas one.
  15. I love when a post makes me laugh unexpectedly! Brock: Heehee!
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