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  1. TVShowsonDVD announced on its Facebook page that "LIFE WITH LUCY: The Complete Series" will be released to DVD on October 8, 2019 by CBS/Paramount.
  2. The Warner Archive is releasing Danny Thomas' 1976 - 1977 sitcom THE PRACTICE on July 16, 2019. Lucy guest stars in the episode "The Dream" (10/13/76).
  3. Warner Archive Collection is releasing A GIRL, A GUY AND A GOB (1941) on February 20. It's not on WAC's website yet, but Amazon has it up for pre-order.
  4. Kino has just released VISIT TO A SMALL PLANET (1960) in DVD and Blu-Ray. Gale Gordon costars with Jerry Lewis in the adaptation of Gore Vidal's play.
  5. Warner Archive Collection is releasing Lucy's BEAUTY FOR THE ASKING (1939 RKO) to DVD [MOD] on September 26. It's now available for pre-order at WAC's site; other e-tailer sites like Amazon will add it over the coming month.
  6. Roger Smith, star of 77 SUNSET STRIP (1958 - 1963) and husband for 50 years of Ann-Margret (HL "Lucy and Ann-Margret") has died. Obituary pending; Smith's son by his first marriage released the news to social media earlier today.
  7. Baseball's Jimmy Piersall has died at age 87. Jimmy guest-starred as himself in THE LUCY SHOW's "Lucy at Marineland." Obituary - Chicago Sun-Times
  8. "The Ithaca Journal" (Ithaca, NY) reports that actress Olive Dunbar passed away on February 8 at age 91. Olive was the 'biology teacher' in "Lucy Gets Her Diploma" and the 'libarian' in "Lucy, the American Mother." Her husband was the late William Keene, a character actor best known as 'Rev. Tucker' on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. Obituary - The Ithaca Journal
  9. Actor, announcer & voiceovers performer William T. Woodson has died at age 99. His friends have shared the sad news on Facebook; there are no obituary notices yet. Mr. Woodson appeared in 2 episodes of THE LUCY SHOW... the Danfield TV newscaster in "Lucy and the Safecracker" and the M.C. in "Lucy and Carol in Palm Springs." His distinctive voice is perhaps best memorialized as the opening credits narrator of THE ODD COUPLE, "On November 13th..." THE ODD COUPLE opening credits, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af1h4ibpKJA
  10. R.I.P. Van Williams, star of SURFSIDE 6 (1960 - 1962) and THE GREEN HORNET (1966 - 1967). Variety obituary
  11. Eddie Applegate, costar of THE PATTY DUKE SHOW as 'Richard Harrison' has died at age 81. Eddie appeared in TLS' "Lucy and the Bank Scandal" as 'Bob Mooney.' Hollywood Reporter Obituary THE PATTY DUKE SHOW
  12. The 3rd retail set "Classic Carol" is set for an October 4, 2016 release, and Amazon has it for preorder. 6 discs, it has the same 14 episodes from the "Classic Carol" section of the "Ultimate" box set. Included is November 24, 1969's episode with Lucy and George Carlin.
  13. Steven Hill, star of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (season 1 *) and LAW & ORDER. Hollywood Reporter obituary * Produced by Desilu
  14. Amazon put it up a few days ago. I pre-ordered it on Thursday.
  15. "Gale Gordon: From Mayor of Wistful Vista to Borrego Springs" by Jim Manago. Coming soon from Bear Manor Media. Click link above for the publisher's information.
  16. The DVD collection "Found at Mostly Lost" will be released this Spring (exact date pending at this time). It will include a rare, early talkie... VENTRILOQUIST (1927) starring William & Edna Frawley. The one-reel short presents a portion of the Frawleys' vaudeville act. More information at ... "Found at Mostly Lost" press release.
  17. Pat Harrington Jr. with Gale & Lucy, in "Lucy the Disc Jockey" (Season 3, 1965)
  18. Coming from The Warner Archive in January 2016 (the 19th, preliminary info), a double feature DVD of Lucy's ANNABEL films.
  19. DecadesTV's "weekend binge" on October 3 - 5 will feature 41 hours of CELEBRITY BOWLING.(1971 - 1978), Saturday 1PM - Monday 7AM Eastern Times. Lucie Arnaz will be featured in two 1972 episodes... Episode 36, Lucie Arnaz & Phil Vandervort vs. Phil Ford & Mimi Hines, Saturday 5:30PM Eastern Episode 37, Lucie Arnaz & Arte Johnson vs. Peter Marshall & Phil Vandervort, Saturday 6PM Eastern http://www.decades.com/#schedule-section
  20. Available in supermarket magazine stands. In my town, I've seen it at ShopRite, Weis and A&P.
  21. Al Checco has died, on July 19 one day before his 94th birthday. The sad news was announced by Al's close and dear friend, actress Francine York. Al guest appeared on two episodes of HERE'S LUCY... "The Big Game," and here as 'Dr. Crawford' in "Lucy is NG as an RN." Al Checco and Don Knotts doing the secret FBI handshake on an episode of THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, "If I Had a Quarter Million." Al Checco with Harvey Lembeck and Burgess Meredith in BATMAN "The Penguin Goes Straight / Net Yet He Ain't"
  22. Patriotic greetings from Desi Arnaz and friends. Hollywood Victory Caravan, April 30, 1942, Washington D.C. Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel, Rise Stevens, Eleanor Powell, Desi Arnaz
  23. Coming from The Warner Archive on June 23, 2015.
  24. Announcer, actor and voiceover actor John Stephenson died May 15 at age 91. John was I LOVE LUCY's Philip Morris spokesman/announcer. John was a regular at the Hanna-Barbera animation studio, providing voices in hundreds of cartoons, and his notable credits include 'Mr. Slate' in THE FLINTSTONES and 'Dr. Quest' in JONNY QUEST. John Stephenson Obituary - Mark Evanier's NewsFromME Blog
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