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  1. Hope you'll elaborate; never understood why he and his book were always dismissed. I remember something about he lied about how close he and Lucy actually were or that they weren't as friendly as he made it out to be or something...? I forget if people felt the same about Lee Tannen..?
  2. I noticed Jim Brochu was interviewed---isn't he not liked in the Lucy world or something?
  3. I just finished this. It was perfect. Between Lucy and Desi A Home Movie, Lucy and Desi documentary and the countless books, the podcast still manages to get into the nooks and crannies of this story we know backwards and forwards. Engaging, hard to peel away just a joy (and heartbreaking) to listen to.
  4. Would have expected this to be posted here...unless I missed it? 100 Best Sitcoms of All Time
  5. I'm looking forward to this although I expect this to be pretty flimsy as most direct to streaming projects have turned out to be mostly underwhelming. It'll satisfy typical joe public but I doubt it'll come close to Lucy and Desi A Home Movie. Very eager to be wrong.
  6. Thanks @Luvsbway for really coming through on this thread. I knew I'd get all the answers I needed by posting here.
  7. Absolutely fascinating! Thanks so much for this. Any more pics? 😉 Those are presumably Lucy's notes written in the margins and post-it?
  8. Very interesting, thanks for providing some info. I came across your other thread from 8 years back about the CD-rom. I never got that so never knew that excerpts of the audio was used there. Good to hear. Would be great to see images of the pages from the manuscript.
  9. Started revisiting this book this week--twenty-four years after first reading it when it was published when I was very young. The book moves along smoothly as I remembered it. How does this book hold up today? I began to wonder now just how much Betty Hannah Hoffman truly had to work with on this project? How much material did Lucy truly leave behind? The introduction in the book details how the family discovered this forgotten manuscript left behind by Lucy. Hmm, a great story for sure but I do question it. In all the years since the book has been published we've never really seen any pictures of the said documents she left behind. Also I find it strange that the audio tapes Lucy supposedly made for this book were never subsequently used anywhere. I'd imagine they would provide some amazing insight to hear Lucy speak about some of these stories. I wonder now how much of the book truly is what it says it is--a book started by Lucy but completed by Hoffman--- or if it is your typical run of the mill celebrity biography where the collaborator does most if not all of the heavy lifting using interviews and other sources. I suspect this question--which I assure you means no ill intent--might be received negatively. How dare I question the estate? Am I accusing Lucie of lying? Not exactly. Just trying to reframe this book and re-look at it with fresh eyes. Hoping others are willing to do so as well.
  10. haha oh Claude, please! She was obviously looking away because the LIGHTING was so bad! Hold on, I think I hear Ethel calling me...
  11. That was a great piece written by Desi Jr. Thanks for posting!
  12. EVERYTHING she's ever done? Optimistic, sure. Possible? Probably not. We're getting the major stuff released, yes. But all the little things along the way? Every single interview she's ever done? Considering they will be coming from various different sources from all ends of the earth...it seems like a whole lot of money spent on licensing and legal fees but with very little promise of a financial return to actually put out such a product. I'd be the first one to buy it--but I'm not expecting it in my lifetime.
  13. We'd be lucky if we got "Life With Lucy" as a download only release.
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