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  1. The last thread I posted in got me thinking about the Lucy: A Tribute exhibit that was at Universal Studios for years. Once I moved to LA, that was one of the first places I wanted to finally see. I took some pics of the items inside and wanted to share them with anyone who hasn't seen them or haven't seen them in a while. Too bad the exhibit is gone now...
  2. I would love to see pictures of the recreated sets of ILL that are now in the Lucy-Desi Museum. Anyone catch them when they were on tour in the early 2000's (?) or while visiting the Lucy-Desi Museum recently? Would love to see that and any other pics you've taken while visiting the museum.
  3. Just curious if there's anyone on the board who loves "I Love Lucy" but perhaps does not enjoy Lucy's other series: "The Lucy Show" or "Here's Lucy"? On other boards that I'm on (not Lucy boards), it's always very common for fans to adore the artist's main or "classic" works and dismiss their later works. Was wondering if there are people who do the same with Lucy's shows?
  4. haha oh Claude, please! She was obviously looking away because the LIGHTING was so bad! Hold on, I think I hear Ethel calling me...
  5. That was a great piece written by Desi Jr. Thanks for posting!
  6. EVERYTHING she's ever done? Optimistic, sure. Possible? Probably not. We're getting the major stuff released, yes. But all the little things along the way? Every single interview she's ever done? Considering they will be coming from various different sources from all ends of the earth...it seems like a whole lot of money spent on licensing and legal fees but with very little promise of a financial return to actually put out such a product. I'd be the first one to buy it--but I'm not expecting it in my lifetime.
  7. We'd be lucky if we got "Life With Lucy" as a download only release.
  8. Phyllis Diller

    Huge bummer. Phyllis was one funny lady.
  9. Finding Lucy documentary

    Only watched it once and remembered it as mostly rehash of everything we've already known. I suppose reading enough books about her didn't help. But also, when you have to go up againt "Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie"...no other documentary can really top that.
  10. What's next then? Re-re-releasing them as .MOV or MPEG files? "These slim cases are waaaay too bulky to store...I need something more compact! These digital files will do me just fine!"
  11. Good to know. It's kinda sad that the studio will rely on Lucy fans to just blindly repurchase anything that's put in front of them but I guess that's how it works. So now both editions of the same season will be available..the old ones and now these reissues? That seems confusing for anyone looking to start their ILL DVD collection. Should we also expect a new reissue of the "Complete Series" box set too? I love the way mine looks...can't imagine it being bettered.
  12. Interesting. I'm sort of surprised by this. Why the need to reissue the old sets? Are the old ones going out of print? A contract issue? Artwork looks alright...just a little weird especially when zoomed in so closely. I can see people's frustrations with the complete series box set but these days, if I do watch ILL...I'm watching the entire series and not just episodes here and there. So I just remove the smaller DVD holder and leave it out until I finish the entire section that way I don't have to constantly put them back in the box etc...
  13. New Lucy Books

    Just finished "I Had A Ball"...things really didn't improve from my earlier review. It looks as though he and Lucy got close enough to be genuine friends but this wasn't necessarily something to devote an entire book to. Stern had scraps of stories that barely wove into one large narrative worthy of a book. A chapter about how Lucy yells at him for not buying enough bed sheets?? Please. He goes on and on about who's autograph he collects at whichever function as if the reader is really that interested to know. This book is really for the common autograph collector/stalker...not necessarily Lucy fans. Stern prides himself so much on who he's met, who he's befriended or who he's scored an autograph from that you wonder exactly what the focus of this book really is? Either Stern has a terrible memory to remember specific details about conversations he's had with Lucy or perhaps he wants to keep those conversations private---the book really didn't reveal too much in terms of what exactly Lucy shared with him. They spent hours playing backgammon together...what did they talk about? Did Lucy talk about her past often? When they looked at her scrapbook together---what did she say about her childhood? What did she say about Desi? Nada. All we get is that they hung out at her house, she said hello to him at the Oscars---as if all this is supposed to impress us. Anyway, not a hugely productive read. It's good enough to pass the time...nothing earth shattering here.
  14. The couch is great, definitely. With that taken, I'd probably swipe the coffee table!
  15. I'm happy everyone enjoyed the photos! I was a kid in a candy store when I was there and didn't want to leave. It's a shame that they never kept the exhibit fresh with new items switched in every so often. That would've made it a bit more dynamic but I guess it was better than nothing. Glady ou liked the pics! Honestly though, I do not believe any piece of the apartment display are originals. I doubt anyone kept any of the original sets or furniture after the show was over. Considering no one knew then how big the show was going to be in reruns (and it wasn't customary to save sets then) I highly doubt anyone kept anything.
  16. YES! Fantastic! Thanks so much for posting these Justin...that's exactly what I was looking for. Great pics...I wish I can see that in person. Nice to know they lifted the no pictures rule. Seemed a little ridiculous.
  17. All good points. Let's see how my view changes after I watch the series...
  18. I'll be in Jamestown this Saturday!

    Good to know...the next time I'm NYC I'm going to have to definitely make room for the Jamestown trip!
  19. haha right on Taylor! I'd be sneaking pics in as well and considering it's a bit of trek to get out there---I think I deserve a few measily shots!
  20. Definitely could have been. I would have easily caught the show a few more times but most shows were sold out and difficult to book. Glad I saw it when I did.