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  1. Google Doodle

    A beautiful tribute!
  2. Kaye Ballard has passed away

    Lucie’s Instagram post today was quite an honest tribute to Kaye: https://www.instagram.com/luciearnazofficial/p/Bs-yzGElcVQ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=176cuoodabw9p It’s sad to think that Kaye was “more consumed with regret than gratitude.” She seemed so full of life and joy during recent interviews I’ve watched. But you can never know for sure what is going on beneath the surface. Really appreciate Lucie’s candor, though, and her thoughts on the lessons we can take from Kaye’s life.
  3. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    Good point about him traveling through with Cugat's band. Another photo I would love to see is one of a younger Edie, before her marriage to Desi. I'm surprised one hasn't turned up, like one of her and her husband that would have appeared in the society section of the newspaper.
  4. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    Well, he supposedly had a photographic memory, so my money is on him remembering it. My question is, when did he hit on her? I thought he came to LA and almost immediately met Lucy. (Not that he would have hesitated to hit on another woman while seeing Lucy...)
  5. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    I would REALLY love to see a photo of the Arnazes (Lucy & Desi) with the Hirsches (Clement & Edie). They were supposedly friends. Not sure if one exists, though.
  6. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    I've seen a tighter crop of this photo before... without Edie. (circa 1977) Happy birthday, Desi IV!
  7. Lucy Sightings!

    Thought this was a pretty odd sighting: towards the end of a Today show piece about Kevin Spacey’s recent video rant, a screenshot of the video on YouTube is shown, and in the right-hand pane you can see a link to the ‘Finding Lucy’ documentary [appearing around 1:59]:
  8. The Desi Photo Thread

    For a lady who carried Desi’s picture around in her pocket while she was pregnant, Lucy certainly got her wish: kids that look just like him!
  9. The Desi Photo Thread

    To me, he looks like a young Desi Jr here - even more so than usual.
  10. Lucy in The Cher Show on Broadway

    Has Cher ever publicly discussed this real-life conversation with Lucy? Would love to see/read that interview.
  11. Stu's Show Nov 7th Loving Lucy

    Yeah, I had no idea that he did video until yesterday.
  12. Deleted information from A Book.

    Just came across a description of the contents of the Desi Arnaz Papers collection: https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/kt9779s1j1/entire_text/ I’m assuming it’s a different collection than what is described earlier in this thread, but I thought it was interesting. P.S. With regard to Desi claiming that Lucy slept with all her male costars, it sounds a lot like Lucy‘s claim to Paula Stewart that Desi slept with every woman in Hollywood. Sounds like they both had a tendency to exaggerate. I’ll bet, though, that Lucy sometimes wanted Desi to THINK that she was playing around on him to make him jealous. She admitted she liked to play games, too. (Whether she did cheat or not is another thin’.) 25 tapes! What a treasured trove. Would love to know who has ‘em.
  13. Stu's Show Nov 7th Loving Lucy

    Thanks for the background! Yes, that was my first time watching the show live. The recordings that I’ve downloaded have always been two hours, so I was surprised that this was four. Made me wonder if perhaps Stu edits the recording down if the show runs over.
  14. Stu's Show Nov 7th Loving Lucy

    Thanks for the heads up about this! It was really great to see clips from the conventions. I hope Stu does some additional shows featuring more convention clips, which it sounds like he will if he gets enough positive feedback. (Although they could have done without all the convo on the Lucy box sets -- a 4+ hour show ending at 11:15 pm was long for an east coaster like me!) I had one question, though: they made much of why they don't do Lucy conventions anymore. Don't they have formal gatherings up in Jamestown every year? Are those not Lucy conventions?