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  1. The audio of the Voices of Oklahoma interview can be found here: http://m.voicesofoklahoma.com/interview/clark-wanda/
  2. Just came across this thread and the Dropbox file is no longer available. If this has surfaced again online, let me know! If not, thanks for the spoilers!
  3. The Arnaz/Ball marriage

    This thread was fun to read – lots of great articles in here. Just wanted to follow up on this one point about Lucy saying cruel things about Desi publicly, long after the divorce. Indeed, I remember reading one article where Lucie recounted a conversation with her mom where her mom claimed to have never said anything negative about Desi publicly, but she called her mother on it and reminded her about a few things she had said about her Dad over the years that Lucie didn’t like. I’ve found this to be interesting. While I totally agree that Lucy wasn’t forthcoming about her love for Desi post-divorce, I can’t really think of any comments that were all that cruel. Granted, there was that one comment where Lucy said she had come to the realization that Desi never loved her. But that was made in the years just following the divorce when the pain was still fresh and I’m sure she was trying to convince herself that in an effort to move on. (My theory, anyway.) And then there was her go-to “booze, broads and gambling” comment when asked why she and Desi split up, but that wasn’t anything he didn’t publicly talk about in his own book. It was just a fact. And then there’s that Barbara Walters interview, which on its face might have seemed a little cruel but if you actually listen to what she’s saying, she isn’t calling him a loser in the typical sense of the word. As she put it - in a very poor choice of words - he was a gambler by nature and had to lose. (That said, I have always wondered what Desi and Lucy’s next phone conversation was like after that interview aired! Another sidenote: I think it’s a shame that when you type “Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz” into the YouTube search engine, that interview is the first to come up with the title “Lucy on Desi: ‘I Married a Loser.’ ) Anyway, I was just curious if those were the “cruel” interviews being referenced, or if there’s something I’m missing here.
  4. I just stumbled across a clip of Sonny and Cher’s joint appearance on the Letterman show in the late 80s and it got me wondering - why did Lucy and Desi never do a joint television appearance after the divorce? They were good friends, they were both very supportive of each other’s careers, and Lucy used SO many of her friends and acquaintances as guest stars over the years. You’d think Lucy’s writers could have easily written him a little part on an “Here’s Lucy” episode or on one of her specials. Fans would have loved it, the ratings would undoubtedly been through the roof, and they probably would have enjoyed working together again. Seems like it would have been a win-win! Any theories?
  5. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    Lucie and Phil at her bridal luncheon
  6. And to think - he’s been carrying around all that guilt for 30 years!
  7. Gary letters

    Thanks for posting this! Interesting that Lucy thought that Lucie and Desi Jr. could look to her and Gary's marriage as somewhat of a model relationship. Also interesting to hear Lucy reference the in-laws! I don't recall hearing much about Lucy's relationship with Gary's mother and any other family of his.
  8. The Desi Photo Thread

    If you're going, please report back on any insights they offer! In "The Lucy Book," Desi Jr. shared an overall positive perspective on the appearance, while Lucie watched from her mom's Aspen condo and thought it was terrible, saying she felt like they used her father and that they were kind of making fun of him.
  9. I love this series from Lucie's 1971 bridal shower luncheon because we hardly ever get to see pics of Lucy getting behind wheel, it's nice to see her with Dee Dee, and I like her classic and casual style.
  10. The Desi Photo Thread

    1976 - Edie looks great! Circa 1970 Also around 1970 Previous three photos: SNL, 1976
  11. Gary letters

    Yes, it would be interesting to know the evolution of the Roxbury house, from when they first bought it and continuing through the years. And Lucy sounds like a pretty accomodating wife if she was happy to let Gary indulge his passion for fashion. I wouldn't let any man have more closet space than me! Just to follow up on some of the earlier conversation about Lucy avoiding using the word "love" when speaking about Desi in interviews after the divorce, I found one exception from 1984. Here's an excerpt, in which she is actually pretty candid about him: Then the subject of Desi Arnaz was raised, Lucy grew immediately wistful and nostalgic. "What can I tell you, I loved him," she said, a tear beginning to form in her left eye. "He and I just had different hopes for what love and marriage ought to be. But, he's a great father to our kids…a good man." With that, Lucy began dabbing at her eyes. "I'll never stop loving Desi. And I know how much he'll always love me. He and I are good now. Growing older and maturing is the best thing that ever happened to us. And you know it's no secret that we had our problems, but I can look at Desi now and remember the fantastic times we had together back then, too." "That's all you're getting out of me!" her voice rising. "Can we change the subject please?" Full interview available here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2758446/posts It sounds like Lucy was pre-gaming this interview with one of her slushies, so... in vino veritas! Seriously, though, I think this quote helps confirm why the marriage with Gary worked: she and Gary were apparently more on the same page about what love and marriage should be, while Lucy and Desi weren't. I also love this quote because it demonstrates that Lucy and Desi's relationship ended on a good note. There was a lot of bitterness at the begining of their life post-divorce, and so much sadness that Lucy couldn't watch Desi on a re-run of ILL for years. But to hear her say that she could now look at him and remember the good times instead of the terrible times is wonderful. And to hear that their relationship had grown and matured -- even though they were divorced -- was sweet. This comment -- made two years before Desi died -- tells me that in some small way, they had a happy ending. That said, it's interesting that talking about Desi could instantly bring Lucy to tears, as it did in Dr. Chirban's interview a few years earlier. In Dr. Chriban's interview transcript commentary, he stated that the breakup with Desi was "still quite a live drama for her." So while she felt that their relationship matured and maybe even forgave him, the pain was still there, even 20 and 25 years later. I guess they had a bittersweet happy ending. One final thought about the 1984 interview, and her reference to Viv as the love of her life: at least Desi and Gary didn't have to compete for that title!
  12. Gary letters

    Maybe Paula had her timeline wrong. There were a few things in her book that I noticed the fact checkers missed, like Lucie and Desi Jr’s ages (citing them way far apart) and being off by a decade on the year of one of Lucy’s films. Another interesting tidbit about Gary from Paula’s book: his need to have large closets, to the point where Lucy had to store some of her clothes in other closets in the house because his took up all the room. I ever imagined Gary to be the GQ fashionista type.
  13. Lucy's Miscarriages

    I’ve been curious about this, too, and did some digging and wanted to follow up on the comment made about the possible pregnancy of December ’49 that was referenced in the “Lucille” book by Kathleen Brady (which claims Lucy had three miscarriages). Brady claims that Lucy conceived in December 1949, six months after their second wedding, and lost the baby in Chatsworth, shortly after their appearance on “The Ed Wynn Show.” “The Lucy Book” says this show aired on the West Coast on December 24, 1949 and on the East Coast on January 7, 1950. So if she was pregnant, and if Brady was correct about the timing, it was a very short-lived pregnancy. Yet, Kathleen claims that radio listeners sent Lucy nearly 3,000 letters of encouragement following this miscarriage. So, if this is true, they must have talked about the pregnancy publically, short as it was. Brady then claims that Desi and Lucy found out they were pregnant while on tour (confirmed to Lucy and Desi on the radio by Winchell) but miscarried during a costume party upon their return to Chatsworth. This story was confirmed in Lucy’s autobiography, and the timeline she discussed pinpoints it to the spring of 1950. One theory that I have about the Dr. Chirban interview in which Lucy says, “I lost two, and I had two”: this could refer just to her 1949/1950 miscarriages because she follows up that comment with, “I was pretty BUSY there for five years.” If one of the two lost pregnancies she was referring to during this interview happened in the early 40s, it doesn’t seem to fit with her statement that she was busy with pregnancies for five years. So it’s possible she is referring in this interview to four pregnancies she experienced during 1949-1953. But if that's the case, this still doesn't explain why she would discount the 1942 baby in the Chirban interview, and the December 1949 baby in her autobiography. (Yet, as was also pointed out, Desi left at least one miscarriage out of his book.) The mystery continues.
  14. Gary letters

    So I just finished reading Paula Stewart's book and have some new thoughts about this. Apparently knocking Desi wasn't Gary's style. He probably knew that was a battle he wouldn't have won. Paula called his style "passive aggressive." She believed that Gary's remodeling the house in Palm Springs -- and especially taking out a fountain Desi had built -- was due to his jealousy of Desi. Paula also believed that Gary got rid of Lucy's longtime lawyer, Micky Rudin, because he was trying to get rid of the "Desi regime" and replace it with people who were loyal to him. It reminded me of what Carole Cook and Marcella Rabwin have both said about Gary trying to shoo all of her friends away from her in their first years of marriage because he didn't care for anyone who had been important to her during her years with Desi, and he wanted to be the dominant factor. A second thought about the Palm Springs remodel: I wonder if sentimental feelings toward what she had built with Desi was one of the reasons Lucy was so upset about the remodel? It would be in keeping with a comment that one Desilu exec once said about Lucy not letting anyone use Desi's office at the studio for years after he left the company, because of her "psychological connection" to him.
  15. Lucy and Gary's Love Letters in Closer

    Putting Lucy on the cover must really help Closer sell magazines, or they wouldn’t keep doing it. Very cool!