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  1. I skimmed through the Closer article in the checkout line the other day. One insight that was given from someone on set: Lucy would have her lunch brought to her dressing room each day so she could spend the time talking on the phone to Desi. A very interesting tidbit! Shows just how dedicated Lucy was to her dying ex-husband.
  2. Many of the Nosotros photos have been published before, but there are definitely some here I haven't seen before.... especially the last one! I kinda assumed we had seen all of the post-divorce Lucy/Desi photos there was to see (outside of the family's private collection), but that one is great. Love it!
  3. Nothing new here, but Fox News’ website picked up the Closer story: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/lucille-ball-life-with-lucy-criticism
  4. Thanks so much for tracking that excerpt down. And your above commentary pretty much tracks with what I was thinking. A few additional thoughts/reactions: - I didn't realize that Lucie and Desi, Jr. were so close. So I really enjoyed learning about that. - I also assumed that Lucy was the more violent one. Harriet's supposed story about Lucy hitting Desi over the head, knocking him out cold, and believing he was dead, also comes to mind. I can't recall if there was any act of violence from Desi that prompted that. (I should point out that the story is totally hearsay and probably shouldn't have been reported on. But I note it because it is another story out there about violence within the marriage.) I believe I read somewhere that Lucy and Desi's fights would sometimes get physical. But if it got that bad, wouldn't we have heard more about Lucy coming to the set with physical signs? Given her job, it would be hard to hide. You noted that he'd get physically violent with men but not with women. In my opinion, the "me too" moment that Paula Stewart shared in her book about her first encounter with Desi is pretty darn close. It wasn't anger-induced violence, but lust-induced (and alcohol-fueled). And it was something that shocked me a bit. I previously would've found it hard to believe that he behaved like that with strange women, because we hadn't heard any similar reports. So, with regard to Desi and violence toward Lucy or the kids, it makes me think anything's possible. One additional thought. Maybe Desi, Jr.'s commentary was vague about the type of violence (i.e. violence against objects vs. violence against human beings) because it was an editorial decision. Maybe the editors were trying to sensationalize it and make it fit better with the "adult survivors of abuse" theme. Final thought: will Lucie and/or Desi, Jr. please write a book already? So many unanswered questions in my mind. They both clearly loved their father, so things couldn't have been THAT bad. But who really knows except them.
  5. Just came across this book on Amazon - “Wednesday’s Children: Adult Survivors of Abuse” by Suzanne Somers, featuring Desi Jr.: https://www.amazon.com.au/Wednesdays-Children-Adult-Survivors-Abuse/dp/0515111325 Product description says: “Adult survivors of abuse--including Traci Lords, Gary Crosby, Patti Davis, Angie Dickinson, and Desi Arnaz, Jr.--share their experiences of pain and recovery from physical, emotional, and sexual battering.” I know Desi dealt with drug abuse, but judging from the description, it doesn’t sound like the book addresses that kind of abuse. Seems more like the kind committed against you. Anyone come across this book before or have an idea is what it may discuss with regard to Desi?
  6. I’ve seen the series of photos from this event, but not this particular shot. #captionthis
  7. Earlier in this thread, Lucie is quoted as calling Closer a rag sheet. I guess she feels better about it, since she gave them an interview.
  8. A new article featuring an interview with Lucie: https://www.closerweekly.com/posts/lucille-ball-and-desi-arnazs-daughter-talks-legacy-of-i-love-lucy/
  9. Here are two online articles associated with this cover story: https://www.closerweekly.com/posts/lucille-balls-granddaughter-remembers-the-late-i-love-lucy-star/ https://www.closerweekly.com/posts/lucille-balls-first-husband-desi-arnaz-was-the-love-of-her-life/
  10. Perhaps comparing her looks to Lucy, especially in the headline, made for better click bait.
  11. Yeah, I don’t notice a resemblance to Lucy. It’s strange that this article played it up, IMO. All the offspring tend to favor Desi, and I think you can maybe see it in her, especially in the Instagram post where she is sitting down.
  12. New article: https://m.theepochtimes.com/comedy-queen-lucille-balls-great-granddaughter-is-all-grown-up-and-looks-just-like-her_2874017.html
  13. (Never noticed before how much taller Desi Jr. is than his dad.)
  14. Lucie’s Instagram post today was quite an honest tribute to Kaye: https://www.instagram.com/luciearnazofficial/p/Bs-yzGElcVQ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=176cuoodabw9p It’s sad to think that Kaye was “more consumed with regret than gratitude.” She seemed so full of life and joy during recent interviews I’ve watched. But you can never know for sure what is going on beneath the surface. Really appreciate Lucie’s candor, though, and her thoughts on the lessons we can take from Kaye’s life.
  15. Good point about him traveling through with Cugat's band. Another photo I would love to see is one of a younger Edie, before her marriage to Desi. I'm surprised one hasn't turned up, like one of her and her husband that would have appeared in the society section of the newspaper.
  16. Well, he supposedly had a photographic memory, so my money is on him remembering it. My question is, when did he hit on her? I thought he came to LA and almost immediately met Lucy. (Not that he would have hesitated to hit on another woman while seeing Lucy...)
  17. I would REALLY love to see a photo of the Arnazes (Lucy & Desi) with the Hirsches (Clement & Edie). They were supposedly friends. Not sure if one exists, though.
  18. I've seen a tighter crop of this photo before... without Edie. (circa 1977) Happy birthday, Desi IV!
  19. Thought this was a pretty odd sighting: towards the end of a Today show piece about Kevin Spacey’s recent video rant, a screenshot of the video on YouTube is shown, and in the right-hand pane you can see a link to the ‘Finding Lucy’ documentary [appearing around 1:59]:
  20. For a lady who carried Desi’s picture around in her pocket while she was pregnant, Lucy certainly got her wish: kids that look just like him!
  21. To me, he looks like a young Desi Jr here - even more so than usual.
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