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  1. I would REALLY love to see a photo of the Arnazes (Lucy & Desi) with the Hirsches (Clement & Edie). They were supposedly friends. Not sure if one exists, though.
  2. I've seen a tighter crop of this photo before... without Edie. (circa 1977) Happy birthday, Desi IV!
  3. Thought this was a pretty odd sighting: towards the end of a Today show piece about Kevin Spacey’s recent video rant, a screenshot of the video on YouTube is shown, and in the right-hand pane you can see a link to the ‘Finding Lucy’ documentary [appearing around 1:59]:
  4. For a lady who carried Desi’s picture around in her pocket while she was pregnant, Lucy certainly got her wish: kids that look just like him!
  5. To me, he looks like a young Desi Jr here - even more so than usual.
  6. Has Cher ever publicly discussed this real-life conversation with Lucy? Would love to see/read that interview.
  7. Yeah, I had no idea that he did video until yesterday.
  8. Just came across a description of the contents of the Desi Arnaz Papers collection: https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/kt9779s1j1/entire_text/ I’m assuming it’s a different collection than what is described earlier in this thread, but I thought it was interesting. P.S. With regard to Desi claiming that Lucy slept with all her male costars, it sounds a lot like Lucy‘s claim to Paula Stewart that Desi slept with every woman in Hollywood. Sounds like they both had a tendency to exaggerate. I’ll bet, though, that Lucy sometimes wanted Desi to THINK that she was playing around on him to make him jealous. She admitted she liked to play games, too. (Whether she did cheat or not is another thin’.) 25 tapes! What a treasured trove. Would love to know who has ‘em.
  9. Thanks for the background! Yes, that was my first time watching the show live. The recordings that I’ve downloaded have always been two hours, so I was surprised that this was four. Made me wonder if perhaps Stu edits the recording down if the show runs over.
  10. Thanks for the heads up about this! It was really great to see clips from the conventions. I hope Stu does some additional shows featuring more convention clips, which it sounds like he will if he gets enough positive feedback. (Although they could have done without all the convo on the Lucy box sets -- a 4+ hour show ending at 11:15 pm was long for an east coaster like me!) I had one question, though: they made much of why they don't do Lucy conventions anymore. Don't they have formal gatherings up in Jamestown every year? Are those not Lucy conventions?
  11. Thanks! Do you know if Lucy ever got to Cuba -- or if Lucy and Desi took many vacations together, for that matter? We've heard about the Hawaiian vacations in the 50s, the ill-fated Europe trip in 1959, and I believe trips to Del Mar in the late 40s led to them buying property there. But other than that, I haven't heard much about them traveling together, except for Lucy meeting Desi in various places when he was on the road. I suspect in the 40s they were just glad to spend time on the ranch together when they got the chance.
  12. Just came across this original clip about Lucy and Desi's wedding in The New York Times: You can see other headlines from that issue here: http://www.rarenewspapers.com/view/567032 I didn't realize that Lucy and Desi planned to honeymoon in Havana. Does anyone know if they actually went? I don't recall hearing anything about this.
  13. The above photo is Desi with Charlie Cinnomon, a press agent who helped orchestrate the 1976 opening of Miami Beach Theater of Performing Arts. Lucy and Desi came out for this event since Lucie Arnaz was starring in the theater's inaugural production, Jerry Herman's 'Mack and Mabel.' Here's a more well-known photo from that night:
  14. Cute story about Desi arranging for the floating Santa, champagne and caviar. He was a charmer all the way!
  15. The “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” Instagram account posted a cute video of the trio doing a parody skit of ILL:
  16. Seems like a long time coming! Kelly made the comparison between she and Mark and Lucy and Desi in this article from a few years back: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/kelly-ripa-on-husband-mark-consuelos-i-worship-him-2013151/
  17. What’s the connection? Was Bill or actors in Harmony Lane in blackface?
  18. Publicity shot from Desi's 1959 appearance in "So Tender, So Profane" on Desilu Playhouse. (Would love to see that episode!) From "The Navy Comes Through":
  19. Cool. So were these photos capturing a reunion of sorts with Desi Jr., or did the kids go with them on this trip?
  20. I found the last part of the story to be especially amusing, as Lucy presumably had an even thicker layer of makeup when they were costars in “Yours, Mine and Ours” yet he was suppposedly “in love” and “very close” with her at that time. Would love to hear Jane elaborate on those comments. And it’s cool that Lucy and Jimmy had a bit of an acquaintance before becoming neighbors, even if they never got to do much together creatively. (I’m a big fan of Jimmy’s films!) Hollywood is indeed a small town. Anyone know when they became neighbors? I always wondered if Jimmy was living on Roxbury when Desi was still living there or if he moved in later.
  21. Came across this excerpt from the book, "Jimmy Stewart: The Truth Behind the Legend" by Michael Munn: "Jim had a more enjoyable and less intense affair with Ginger Rogers. The union, according to Joshua Logan, was instigated by Ginger’s mother, Lela. Said Logan: ‘Lela Rogers worked in the RKO publicity office, and RKO was where Ginger was making all those fabulous musicals with Fred Astaire. RKO had a new starlet, Lucille Ball, and Lela was working hard to raise her profile. At the same time, Ginger had separated from her husband, Lew Ayres, and Lela wanted something–or someone–to take Ginger’s mind off her problems. So Lela hit on the idea of having Fonda and Stewart accompany Ginger and Lucille about town, which would certainly get some space in the papers for Lucille. Jim liked to dance, so he became the obvious choice of companion for Ginger, so Hank was stuck with Lucille. ‘It all went well for all for a while. They went dancing at the Trocadero and the Cocoanut Grove, and Ginger thought Jim was a great dancer–which he was. He could move that long, lanky body really well. Hank just didn’t have the same sense of rhythm. ‘One night they had dinner out, and then the boys took the girls back to their place. Ginger told me she and Lucille thought they were in for a night of exuberant love-making when the boys turned the lights down low. Suddenly, the boys hustled the girls into the kitchen to wash up a week’s worth of dirty dishes.’ Fonda had a different version of that event: ‘After dinner at a place called Barney’s Beanery, which was on Santa Monica Boulevard, we took the girls back to our apartment, and Jim and I were all set for a good time, but Jim and Ginger decided to dance in and out of every room. Before I could say, “Jim, for God’s sake, don’t take her into the kitchen . . they were in the kitchen. And we had piles of plates we hadn’t washed up for a week. That was too much for Ginger. She started washing up, and Lucille joined her. And we were very grateful. When they’d finished, we showed them how grateful we were.’ The pairing of Fonda and Ball was not to last. ‘Lucille always put on too much make-up,’ he said. ‘One night she came out of the bathroom after spending God knows how long in there putting on her paint, and when she came out, I couldn’t help but go, “Yuk! Oh Christ!” And Lucille walked out, and that was that. But Jim and Ginger–they had a good thing going.’
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