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  1. These photos were apparently acquired through the estate of Pepito Perez. Likely taken down in Mexico in July 1968, and the person pictured with Desi is unknown.
  2. Looks like Debbie and Desi hung out more than we thought, too
  3. I was listening to an old Stu Shostak podcast recently, an interview with Desilu exec Bernie Weitzman, and Stu said that he had heard that Desi was actually brought in during the Joan Crawford episode to essentially calm down Lucy. Sounded like Bernie wasn’t aware of that story, but the timing would make sense, as Desi probably would have been nearby working on ‘Mothers-in-Law’ at that time. But I found it to be interesting, as I’ve read that Desi knew how to handle Lucy when she would become upset about something on the ILL set (and vice versa)... but they were divorced 8 years at this point. Says a lot about their relationship if true. And I wonder what Gary thought about it.
  4. From January 1991. Anyone see the interview or know what Lucie was promoting?
  5. There aren’t many photos featuring all four Arnazes post-divorce. The only two I can think of:
  6. Barbara Eden mentions Lucy in this article: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/09/11/dream-jeannie-star-barbara-eden-says-shes-never-thought-herself-as-sexy-actress.html
  7. Edie did NOT look like Lucy IMO... but she was a pretty lady.
  8. Lucie did an Instagram post dedicated to Burt the other day. I had read they dated, but didn’t realize it was for as long as a year.
  9. With Aaron Spelling: Bonus one of Desi Jr and Liza....and OJ:
  10. Well, in the spirit of Lombard here is one of Lucy and Gable (1946) Speaking of which, I came across this quote on Instagram about Lucy and Desi, attributed to Clark Gable: “They were the perfect couple. I never saw two people so in love.” Any idea what article that quote came from?
  11. I remember my mom putting on “I Love Lucy” each morning when I was young. Just after I turned 5, Lucy passed away, and I remember it being my first real experience of someone I “knew” who died. Really, it was Lucy who taught me about death. That day my mother bought two angel fish for our fish tank, and we named them Lucy and Ricky. But it wasn’t until 2001, when I watched the 50th anniversary special, that I became fascinated by Lucy and Desi’s story and became a true fan.
  12. I did that with this issue. Nothing new here.
  13. Thanks so much for passing this along! If I were Lucie, I'd go to People to set the record straight! People magazine is usually pretty trustworthy, and if they are looking to Closer for story ideas, they should be aware that it is a rag that gets the story wrong. (Also, what a great opportunity to drum up interest/support for the Lucy/Desi biopic and/or the new book audible recordings .... just sayin'!) Regarding the article not being in print, if you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the Closer online article, you'll see that Lucy and Desi are on the cover of the print edition.
  14. I get the impression that Closer's audience skews older (i.e. retired folks). That's why they feature a lot of older stars (like Betty White) and people from the "golden age" of Hollywood on the cover. Also, they wouldn't feature Lucy on their cover if it wasn't selling magazines. Seems like they do it quite a bit, so those cover stories are obviously performing well ($$$) for them.
  15. Apparently there is a new Closer cover story featuring Lucy and Desi, and quoting Lucie: https://www.closerweekly.com/posts/lucille-ball-desi-arnaz-divorce-163949 People magazine also picked up the story with a click-bait headline: https://people.com/tv/lucille-ball-desi-arnaz-divorce-horrible-says-daughter/ Seems like the articles are citing a bunch of old quotes. Probably not too much new info here.
  16. Just curious about the timeline: the CA to NY train trip came first, and the visit to Grandma’s while Mom was in NM came sometime later? Boy, that kid racked up the miles at a young age!
  17. Spending some time reading over this thread - great compilation of articles! I wonder if, in this article, the visit Desi refers to is the one where he and Lucy were filmed playing with Simon in the pool? Although, I do recall someone saying that Lucy became ill shortly after that visit and Wanda had to bring the baby to Lucie. So either Lucy recovered enough to join Lucie and the baby on a train back to New York, or we’re talking about different visits. Either way, it’s nice that Desi and Lucy could spend time together with their grandchild.
  18. The audio of the Voices of Oklahoma interview can be found here: http://m.voicesofoklahoma.com/interview/clark-wanda/
  19. Just came across this thread and the Dropbox file is no longer available. If this has surfaced again online, let me know! If not, thanks for the spoilers!
  20. This thread was fun to read – lots of great articles in here. Just wanted to follow up on this one point about Lucy saying cruel things about Desi publicly, long after the divorce. Indeed, I remember reading one article where Lucie recounted a conversation with her mom where her mom claimed to have never said anything negative about Desi publicly, but she called her mother on it and reminded her about a few things she had said about her Dad over the years that Lucie didn’t like. I’ve found this to be interesting. While I totally agree that Lucy wasn’t forthcoming about her love for Desi post-divorce, I can’t really think of any comments that were all that cruel. Granted, there was that one comment where Lucy said she had come to the realization that Desi never loved her. But that was made in the years just following the divorce when the pain was still fresh and I’m sure she was trying to convince herself that in an effort to move on. (My theory, anyway.) And then there was her go-to “booze, broads and gambling” comment when asked why she and Desi split up, but that wasn’t anything he didn’t publicly talk about in his own book. It was just a fact. And then there’s that Barbara Walters interview, which on its face might have seemed a little cruel but if you actually listen to what she’s saying, she isn’t calling him a loser in the typical sense of the word. As she put it - in a very poor choice of words - he was a gambler by nature and had to lose. (That said, I have always wondered what Desi and Lucy’s next phone conversation was like after that interview aired! Another sidenote: I think it’s a shame that when you type “Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz” into the YouTube search engine, that interview is the first to come up with the title “Lucy on Desi: ‘I Married a Loser.’ ) Anyway, I was just curious if those were the “cruel” interviews being referenced, or if there’s something I’m missing here.
  21. I just stumbled across a clip of Sonny and Cher’s joint appearance on the Letterman show in the late 80s and it got me wondering - why did Lucy and Desi never do a joint television appearance after the divorce? They were good friends, they were both very supportive of each other’s careers, and Lucy used SO many of her friends and acquaintances as guest stars over the years. You’d think Lucy’s writers could have easily written him a little part on an “Here’s Lucy” episode or on one of her specials. Fans would have loved it, the ratings would undoubtedly been through the roof, and they probably would have enjoyed working together again. Seems like it would have been a win-win! Any theories?
  22. And to think - he’s been carrying around all that guilt for 30 years!
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