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  1. Never seen this one of Desi and Edie before...
  2. Just came across this old blog post written by someone who worked on Regis Philbin’s LA tv show in the 70s, and he recounts Desi’s appearance on the show: http://donaldsandershollywoodnotes.blogspot.com/2010/01/desi-arnaz-i-love-lucy.html Interesting, as I have always loved Regis and didn’t know he had interviewed Desi. But it’s also a bit sad - specifically the tidbit about Desi showing up with a nurse and using a walker. I wonder if this was temporary, since Desi had a lot of medical procedures over the years? I do seem to recall hearing Lucie referencing her dad using a cane or walker when his grandkids would come to visit. But when promoting his book years earlier, he would have been in his late 50s at this point, which is young for a walker. I believe Michael Stern first met Desi while making a Tonight Show appearance around the same time, and said Desi was accompanied by his longtime assistant, Johnny Aithison. Michael noted they both had their hands full carrying things inside the studio - but didn’t mention a walker. So maybe the walker on Regis’ show was a temporary thing.
  3. Just came across this interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about Lucy:
  4. Okay thanks. Did some googling and found a few photos from the premiere, and I know I’ve seen the second one below before. You are right - the above photo is definitely not Desi, but it was clearly from the same night.
  5. Don’t recall having seen this shot before - it’s supposedly Lucy and Desi from the opening night of Wildcat. I say ‘supposedly’ because I would expect to see Desi’s hair more grey at this point but perhaps there’s an explanation. If that’s the case, this is a rare candid of them during a time when they were said to have been considering reconciliation. According to one article from the time, one photographer asked to take their picture when they were out having a quiet dinner but Lucy declined. P.S. Also rare to see Lucy without nail polish on. Perhaps due to the character she was playing?
  6. A few months back I heard about a ‘Closer’ magazine cover story about Betty White’s thirty-year friendship with Lucy. I couldn’t find it in stores, however. Did anybody happen to read it and if so where there any new and interesting insights? I’m curious about their friendship. I always figured that they got to know each other really well on the game show circuit in the 80s, but wasn’t sure how friendly they were prior to that.
  7. Excerpt from Michael’s book, “I Had a Ball”: “Opening night was very exciting for me. It was the first and last time I would see Lucy and Desi together. There were other celebrities that night. People like Mike Farrell (M*A*S*H), Tony Geary (General Hospital), and Neil Diamond, who Lucie had just finished shooting The Jazz Singer with. But that night, I only had eyes for that classic pair. After watching them through countless episodes in I Love Lucy, it was amazing to actually see them standing side by side in real life. Desi was with his wife, Edie, while Lucy was with Gary. At the end of the play, we all went backstage, where Desi turned to Lucy and, in a pitch-perfect Ricky Ricardo impersonation, said, “Luucccy, what are you doin’ here?” Without missing a single beat, Lucy quickly responded Lucy Ricardo style, doing her infamous “Lucy” cry. I got a picture taken of myself with Desi that night. Once again he graced me with his immeasurable kindness. Although I am not one to carry around regrets, I do look back on that night and regret not asking Lucy and Desi to pose with me in a picture. As they were no longer husband and wife, I assumed that they would be unwilling to appear in a picture together. In other words, I was too chicken to ask them. Years later I would ask Lucie, Wanda, and Frank if Lucy and Desi would have posed together, and all three responded with a resounding yes.“
  8. I’ve heard Wanda Clark claim that Lucy used a wig because her hair drooped under the lights but I was wondering what changed from the early years as well. Who knows, maybe her chemistry changed as she got older and it was a combination of both. Interesting facts. Hadn’t heard the one about basketball.
  9. I’ve been amazed at how I’ve continued to learn so much about Lucy and friends over the years, so I thought it would be fun to hear from you: what are some of the most interesting tidbits that you’ve heard? Here are some of mine: -Desilu had a policy of not employing married couples -People claimed Desi had a thicker accent than he portrayed on ‘I Love Lucy’ -Desi was outlived by his mother and arranged to have her taken care of after he passed through a $250,000 trust fund. Yet, Lucie claimed there wasn’t much left in terms of an inheritance -According to her cousin Cleo, Lucy couldn’t watch Desi on reruns of ‘I Love Lucy’ after their divorce because it was too painful -From the beginning of their marriage, Lucy and Desi had separate accounts so that they didn’t have to fight over money -Lucy turned her spare garage into a little stage so that the kids could put on plays -Lucy was the victim of theft at least twice: once in the late ‘40s when she and Desi were staying in a hotel, and once at the Roxbury house where the robber went in through an upstairs window while she and Gary were watching TV downstairs in the lanai -A mobster once claimed that Desi was almost the victim of a mob hit. Someone hid in the bushes at his house but he didn’t come home that night, and it was called off the next day when cooler heads prevailed -Desi unsuccessfully tried to woo his future wife Edie when he first got to Hollywood in 1940 -Lucy congratulated Desi and Edie on their wedding with a Horshoe flower arrangement with the message ‘you both picked a winner’ -Lucy started wearing wigs on TV in the 60s because her fine hair would wilt under the hot lights -Desi started going gray early and eventually had to dye his hair for ‘I Love Lucy.’ Lucy was quoted in an article sometime in the 50s saying that she looked forward to him going completely gray -Both of Lucy’s husbands died of lung cancer -Lucy and Desi stopped playing The Ricardos in 1960, but on at least one occasion they went into their Lucy and Ricky schtick in a fun, joking manner, as witnessed by #1 fan Michael Stern in 1980 -Lucy and Desi’s nickname for Desi Jr. in the womb was Thumper, as the Bambi movie was released that year -Desi won a $25,000 bet with MGM that ‘The Long Long Trailer’ would make more money than ‘Father of the Bride,’ the #1 movie at the time -Lucy and Gary decided to get married on the night the first man successfully went into space
  10. Andrea Barber of Full House fame posted a pic of her dressed as Lucy today: Speaking of fun parodies - and to offer a throwback sighting - I thought this was a well done ‘I love Lucy’ dream sequence from the 90s TV show ‘Lois and Clark.’ I actually think that Dean Cain did a pretty impressive Desi impression:
  11. Well I know they got married in’63 so I was wondering if maybe this was taken right around that time.
  12. I think I can spot the P.I. Edie’s hubby hired. The man in sunglasses, to their right.
  13. I think Gary used to call Desi his "husband-in-law." At least he had a sense of humor about it. But maybe that gave Lucy the freedom to crack similar jokes. Regarding the letters, my theory was that Lucy was very much missing Desi after his passing and would read the letters to feel close to him. Perhaps it was part of her grieving process. Assuming that was her own private bathroom, she probably stashed them in there because it was the one place that Gary wouldn't find them and, as you said, it gave her easy access. If you think about it, the grieving process must have been really hard for her. She couldn’t act like the widow, and as we established she wasn’t that open with friends and family (that we know of) about her love for Desi. So she must have felt really alone in her grief and maybe tried to supress some of it for Gary’s sake. Maybe the bathroom was the only place she could really let it all out.
  14. I hadn't heard that tidbit from Robert Osbourne. I googled it and found the video of him talking about it at the TCM festival a few years ago, and he also shared that when Desi got cancer and was ill, Lucy would go visit him and his wife was smart enough to know what they meant to each other and stay out of it and let them have that time together, and that Lucy was with him when he died. The cancer timeline wasn't entirely accurate (Edie died the year before he got cancer) nor was the part about Lucy being with Desi when he died (although she was there a few weeks or days before -- I've heard different versions). But I read that both Edie and Desi were really struggling with their health in the last decade of life, so perhaps it's true that Lucy would go down and visit him. That's the first I ever heard of her going to see him in Del Mar after their divorce other than the visit right before he died. And if true, it really shows how sacrificial Edie was to let them have their time together.
  15. Good to know about Kaye’s comment about Desi adoring Edie. She also said in the Desilu book that he ‘worshipped’ Lucy, always comparing everything to her. Perhaps it really is possible to be in love with two people. I also recall one book saying that friends claim that Edie and Desi’s marriage became more romantically sentimental in the last decade. Regarding Desi’s time in the hospital, my recollection was that Desi said that Lucy was more worried about him than his own wife. But perhaps that was a different interview. What you (Luvsbway) described does seem harsh. Great insights regarding Lucy and Desi with Simon in the pool! I ALWAYS assumed that they shot that video at Lucie’s house. I’ve wondered, too, about the picture from around 1980 of Lucy coming up behind Desi to give him a kiss. Were they that affectionate around their spouses, or were Gary and Edie not in the room? I recall at least one book say that Desi did stay in Lucy’s guest house ‘under her watchful eye’ after Edie’s passing, and that Lucy offered it at their children’s urging since Desi presumably wasn’t handling it well.
  16. I remember in the acknowledgements section of his book, Desi thanked Edie for coming along at the right time and helping to pull him out of a really low point in his life (can’t recall his exact words). Since Edie did to some extent know Desi and Lucy as a married couple, I’ve always wondered if Desi might have been open with Edie about his heartbreak over Lucy when they first started spending time together. He was certainly open with other family friends / Del Mar neighbors like Marcella Rabwin about still being in love with Lucy after the divorce. In any case, I think it was Kaye Ballard who said that Edie was an unhappy woman because she knew in her heart that Lucy was the first love of Desi’s life and she was the second. Perhaps Edie went into the marriage knowing about Desi’s pining for Lucy but was hoping it would fade with time. Desi always struck me as a man who wore his heart on his sleeve but Lucy was not like that at all. I always got the impression that she was trying to put on this public front that she had moved on from Desi and was trying to validate Gary as this great husband and step father, probably as much for Gary’s sake as her own image. Maybe that was true, but all of her actions in private reflected that she still loved Desi. She would pull mutual friends aside and ask about him, call him multiple times a week, her face would light up when she saw him (according to Lucie), and ultimately her health started going down hill when he passed. (Although, I’m not sure to what extent she told friends she was still in love with Desi. Lucie, for one, once said that she tried to talk to her mother about her feelings for her dad - because she suspected they still loved each other - but did not get very far.) But she certainly kept a poker face to some extent. When one interviewer noted to her that Desi said ‘I still love Lucy’ in his book, she smiled big but simply said ‘Thank you. There’s no animosity between us...’ She could have said ‘Of course I love him too’ or even ‘we’re good friends who are in touch often’ but I don’t really recall her giving details like that in interviews. She seemed to really want to keep that private for whatever reason. I also recall a People Magazine interviewer asking her if she still saw Desi socially, and she said something to the effect of, ‘Sure. He’s been remarried 17 years to a great girl.’ Like she felt the need to remind folks that they had both moved on, almost as if to throw people off the scent. I think Gary’s “she’s happy now, she’s with Desi’ comment to a friend after her passing said it all. Both spouses allowed them to stay in touch and on some level probably knew they were still in love with each other. Not an ideal situation, but what could they do.
  17. Another quote I came across on Facebook, supposedly from Desi, which has no source citation: “I think people have a wrong belief that once a marriage ends the love ends. Lucy and I spent two decades together. We raised two wonderful children together. Lucy is not someone I am likely to forget. She is the love of my life. She knows that.” Anyone know what interview it came from and when Desi said it? While Desi was pretty open in interviews about still loving Lucy even while married to Edie, it’s pretty bold to call Lucy the love of his life while married to Edie. So if legit, I’m wondering if Desi said this before marrying Edie or after she passed.
  18. Was just watching an old obit of Lucy. Any idea what show the clip that is shown at 2:52 came from and why Lucy was crying?
  19. I think this might be from the same event as above. (Lucy be like, "This is sliiiiiiiightly awkward...")
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