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  1. The Hollywood Bowl event was to benefit Nosotros:
  2. Does anyone have an idea of what event this photo may have been from and what year?
  3. Thanks everyone! My gut told me the story was BS, too, but I thought I'd check. I would argue that it wasn't the infidelity itself that did Lucy and Desi in as a couple, but the alcohol which fueled that infidelity. Lucy knew about Desi's infidelity in the mid-forties and filed for divorce, but ultimately went back to him. Desi's autobiography even alludes to a bit of infidelity on Lucy's part, and since Lucy and Desi were still close and very much in touch when the autobiography came out, I would think she would have taken major issue with him including it in the book if it wasn't true. So I think it's safe to assume there was infidelity on both sides. (Although, Desi's infidelity was to a MUCH, much greater degree.) I believe it was a close family friend who said that, for Lucy, it was one thing for her to know about his cheating, but it was another thing to have it known. Friends said that when Desi would get drunk, he was wild and was basically oblivious to who was watching, and his cheating got much worse. When the tabloids started reporting on his behavior, it was humiliating for her. So I would argue that it was the disease of alcoholism that really ruined their marriage. Was buying RKO the beginning of the end for their marriage? Perhaps. But friends say it was around 1954 when things started to get bad with Desi's drinking, and I believe Lucy has been quoted as saying that by 1955 or '56 they didn't even have a marriage. Maybe if they didn't desire to own the "I Love Lucy" film and decided to just play Lucy and Ricky instead of forming Desilu, their marriage may have made it. But if that had happened, the show may have not benefitted from Desi's innovation and talent as a producer, and it wouldn't have ended up the ledgendary show it became. So who really knows.
  4. I recently stumbled onto this blog and the writer shared the following: As you might know, Desi and Lucy talked ones or twice a week on the phone (and in the later years every single day.) He was always around, even when they were divorced. I saw on YouTube a interview from an close family friend of Lucy and Desi, (I can’t find him anymore and I’m forgotten which person was interviewed). She told that she came to Lucy’s house one day because she had left something. She had the key from house and thought Lucy was at work. The phone rings and she picked him up, but to her surprise Lucy had already picked up the phone (she was home, in her bedroom). She (the friend) said: “I wanted to stop listening but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Desi was on the other line, it was an emotional call... He told her how much he loved her and how terrible it was what has happened between them. How much regret he feel for what he had done and that he hurt her the way he did. And that he never in tempt to hurt her and wished he could turn the time back and do everything different. She told him, that she wished the same but had already forgave him, and will always love him no matter what… I heard everything they said and was crying softly, scared they might hear me. After I left, I was deeply ashamed of myself, and told nobody what I had heard.” I cried when I heard the interview... really beautiful. http://desiandlucy4ever.blogspot.com/2013/11/what-if-and-reason-of-divorce.html I've read and watched a lot of interviews about Lucy and Desi over the years but haven't seen this one. Has anyone seen this video, heard this story and/or know who the supposed eavesdropping family friend was?
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