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  1. I wanted those (and The My Three Sons tapes) sooo bad, but I was just a kid and couldn't afford it.
  2. When I heard the news, all I could think was about her being reunited with Ossie Davis.
  3. I was listening to the first episode of Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast (iTunes) and Dick Cavett told a story about meeting Frank Nelson's son at a restaurant. Nelson's son told Cavett that his father disliked being confused with Gale Gordon.
  4. I've always thought her character in "Houseboat" was a little weird. In that one, she's in love with her dead sister's husband (Cary Grant). When he falls in love with his nanny (Sophia Loren), she feels like he's mistreated her because she's loved him since she was a little girl.
  5. I have Showgirl Lucy and Lucy and Ethel in the Candy Factory. I agree the dolls were better when they first came out. I haven't liked Mattel since they started divided their dolls into labels (pink, black, gold, and platinum). It seems so snobby.
  6. I didn't recognize the name, but I liked him as Sarah Jessica Parker's dad in "Girls Just Want To Have Fun."
  7. I thought they would. They put The Doris Day Show and Family Affair into box sets too after the individual releases.
  8. That's for sure! I hope it all works out the way you want. Sounds very cool and exciting.
  9. I think they were trying to convey that the supermarket is a remarkable place because it brings you your food (and Pepsi) without you having to think about where it comes from and what work you have to do to obtain it. You don't have to pick your own apples or catch and clean your own fish. You can go down to the nice, clean supermarket and buy the things you want. From A Quick History of the Supermarket: Based on this, I would guess that they were trying to convince viewers that the prosperity they were witnessing was going to continue well into the future.
  10. "Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line!" - Lucille Ball. This quote is in the September 2, 2013 issue of Woman's World.
  11. Wow, that doesn't sound familiar at all. It would drive me kind of crazy not knowing.
  12. WINGS is one of the last sitcoms made by people (David Angell, Peter Casey and David Lee of "Cheers" and "Frasier") who didn't base their comedy on references to other shows or media. An average episode of "Wings," "Cheers" or "Frasier" can stand on its own, but if you don't know the cultural references in shows like "Family Guy" or "HIMYM," you're not getting the entire joke.
  13. Thanks for sharing this article! My favorite part was about how costume jewelry fell out of favor.
  14. I enjoyed the first two seasons of "HIMYM," but I lost interest after awhile. I'm not sure why, but I think some of the episodes are hilarious. I was hesitant to watch "Friends" at first because the fans seemed really annoying and it was so hyped. "Friends" also came on the same night as "Martin." But, I started watching it when "Martin" was canceled and I liked it too. I haven't watched it in years though and don't plan too. I've never liked "Raymond."
  15. I think that one is from "Building A Bar-B-Que."
  16. I enjoyed Seinfeld the most when I was a sarcastic teenager. Still love George. I'm in my 30s now and I don't enjoy overanalyzing every little thing and having an endless list of pet peeves and reasons not to connect with other people. So much of Seinfeld is based on "I'm so cool and smart and everyone else isn't." But, with Lucy you feel like you're apart of her world. She isn't perfect and she isn't rejecting people for silly things like manhands.
  17. Thanks! After I bought it, another customer told me that she had been looking at it.
  18. Thanks! I haven't seen that episode in a long time. I'll watch it on DVD tonight. Thanks again.
  19. A traveling vendor in the mall was selling framed posters and I bought the only Lucy one: Can someone tell me what episode this picture is from?
  20. I was at my younger cousin's house once and she said she didn't like the show because Lucy was always scheming. That's my favorite part!
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