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  1. Complete "Lucy Show" DVD $26.00

    You're quite welcome, Mickie!
  2. Amazon currently (as of 8/14/19) is charging $34.99 for this set. Too high of an asking price if you ask me. I think $19.99 is a fair price for a new release like this.
  3. Went to two different Wal-Mart's plus two more additional stores between today and yesterday and no luck. Quite disappointed. I was hoping to not order this on Amazon as a last resort. But I guess I will have to.
  4. Lucy on Home Video

    It went earlier than that. N@N started in the 1985 with a block of classic TV shows and the rest of the time were filled up with older movies. But as time went on, more classic TV programs were added to line-up thus expanding the block to the entire night (8pm-6am). I didn't see much of the programs they had on from when N@N started to about 1994 but I do have vague memories of them (mostly black & white programming) like Mister Ed, Bewitched, The Patty Duke Show, The Donna Reed Show, Dennis the Menace, Flipper, Timmy & Lassie, etc. I was a child of the 80s and mostly interested in cartoons at that time. lol. And I did have a curfew as well. But if I was older in the 80s/early 90s, I definitely would have been tuned into Nick-at-Nite and TBS for that matter too. But yeah the Nick-at-Nite of the 80s and the 90s was THE PLACE TO BE for those who really enjoyed the Classic TV of the Golden Era of Television.
  5. I think so but I'm not too sure. Great question! It would be a nice treat to have that on there.
  6. I wouldn't doubt it. It seems like that is what all of the cable networks do these days with syndicated reruns. And let's not forget their horrible editing/chopping to fit more commercials in with a half-hour program that lasts anywhere between thirty-five minutes to a hour with the closing credits not intact. That's part of the reason why I just watch the DVDs or a streaming service.
  7. Complete "Lucy Show" DVD $26.00

    You or any customer (really) are almost better off by just getting the individual seasons when they are on sale. Just for the better packaging. I remember once the complete series of TLS officially came out on DVD, the price of the six-season bundle of TLS went straight up by about forty bucks. That is one thing I do appreciate about the complete series release of Here's Lucy (unlike ILL, TLS or any TV series released by CBS/Paramount) is that the each season has its own case and each case in housed in one box that fits all of them.
  8. Hallmark Channel has been changing gears with its programming. Those sappy Christmas movies have proved to be so popular with their viewers that they have been producing more of them each year and dedicating more airtime to them throughout the year. Those movies also inspired the network to focus on original programming with their target demographic being women. The older sitcom fare has worked for them in the past and are consistent with maintaining the same level of viewership but it's those movies and original series that are bringing in the viewership that the network is seeking for. I read somewhere not too long ago that their viewership has actually increased year-to-year since the shift towards movies and original programming. And that their network is now in the top five of the most-watched cable channels. So obviously (and unfortunately), their new strategy is working better than the former. Yeah, The Golden Girls, has always been the most popular of their syndicated fare ever since it joined their line-up. It has outdid shows with longer runs like Cheers, Frasier, M*A*S*H, Who's the Boss, Happy Days, Home Improvement, etc. in regards to attracting viewers. I don't see TGG leaving the network anytime soon. It's too popular amongst their target demographic. Would you believe that the Hallmark Channel had three different rotations of I Love Lucy at one point in time? If I remember correctly, one rotation aired during the weekday mornings, second one in the weekday late-night (2:30am), and third one on the weekends with encores in the late night. It was really interesting to see how they were airing I Love Lucy during that time period.
  9. I Love Lucy premiered on The Hallmark Channel in January 2009 after a seven-year run on TV Land and before that an additional seven-year run on Nick-at-Nite (both networks owned by the same company). The Golden Girls as you can see below was added to the network in March of 2009 after a twelve-year run on Lifetime. Here's the initial schedule for the arrival of The Golden Girls on Hallmark Channel: The Hallmark Channel March 2009 -- What's new: Golden Girls What's back: Cheers What's leaving: The Waltons Blog Story: http://www.sitcomsonline.com/blog/20...timeslots.html http://www.sitcomsonline.com/blog/20...-schedule.html Weekdays, effective Monday, March 2 8:00am I Love Lucy 8:30am I Love Lucy 9:00am The Golden Girls (replaces The Waltons) 9:30am The Golden Girls (replaces The Waltons cont.) 10:00am Little House on the Prairie 11:00am Little House on the Prairie 12:00pm Touched by an Angel 1:00pm 7th Heaven 2:00pm 7th Heaven 3:00pm Little House on the Prairie 4:00pm The Golden Girls (replaces Little House) 4:30pm The Golden Girls (replaces Little House cont.) 5:00pm M*A*S*H 5:30pm M*A*S*H 6:00pm M*A*S*H 6:30pm M*A*S*H 7:00pm Walker, Texas Ranger 8:00pm Walker, Texas Ranger 9:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 11:00pm Murder, She Wrote 12:00am The Golden Girls (replaces Murder, She Wrote) 12:30am The Golden Girls (replaces Murder, She Wrote cont.) 1:00am The Golden Girls (replaces Walker, Texas Ranger) 1:30am The Golden Girls (replaces Walker, Texas Ranger cont.) 2:00am I Love Lucy (replaces Walker, Texas Ranger) 2:30am Cheers (replaces Walker, Texas Ranger cont.) Saturdays, effective Saturday, March 7 6:00am The Golden Girls (replaces Little House) 6:30am The Golden Girls (replaces Little House cont.) 7:00am The Golden Girls (replaces Little House) 7:30am The Golden Girls (replaces Little House cont.) 8:00am The Golden Girls (replaces Little House) 8:30am The Golden Girls (replaces Little House cont.) 9:00am Hallmark MOVIE 11:00am Hallmark MOVIE 1:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 3:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 5:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 7:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 9:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 11:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 1:00am Murder, She Wrote (replaces Walker, Texas Ranger) 2:00am Murder, She Wrote (replaces Walker, Texas Ranger) Sundays, effective Sunday, March 8 8:00am NASCAR Angels 8:30am The Golden Girls (replaces I Love Lucy) 9:00am The Golden Girls (replaces 7th Heaven) 9:30am The Golden Girls (replaces 7th Heaven cont.) 10:00am 7th Heaven 11:00am 7th Heaven 12:00pm 7th Heaven 1:00pm 7th Heaven 2:00pm 7th Heaven 3:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 5:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 7:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 9:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 11:00pm Hallmark MOVIE 1:00am Murder, She Wrote (replaces Walker, Texas Ranger) 2:00am Murder, She Wrote (replaces Walker, Texas Ranger)
  10. It looks like that the Hallmark Channel has once again removed I Love Lucy from its schedule. Only this time in favor of The Middle! It started this past Monday (August 3rd). And right before Lucy's birthday? What is up with that? This reminds me of the time when Nick-at-Nite removed I Love Lucy from their block party summer line-up back in 2001 right before or on her birthday. The show they put in Lucy's place was Gilligan's Island! I wouldn't be too surprised if this is just apart of the phasing out process. I have noticed with each passing year that they have either reduced Lucy or removed her entirely for a couple of months at a time (mostly due to their stupid sappy Christmas movies). The one show that hasn't been effected with this new schedule is The Golden Girls and that show has been on Hallmark Channel more or less the same number of years as I Love Lucy. And they now playing TGG SIX HOURS A DAY (8-11AM, 11-2AM)!!!
  11. Definitely check it out. It's basically the male-version of Laverne & Shirley and of the early years of The Lucy Show. It is also was one earliest flagship shows of TGIF. Not to mention if it weren't for this show, there would be no Family Matters thus no Urkel.
  12. Lucy on Home Video

    Perfect timing for this topic. Today I just picked up four volumes of I Love Lucy VHS at a local Goodwill. And these ones are ones that I don't have. Here are the volumes: The I Love Lucy Collection: Volume 1 (CBS/Fox Video) featuring ... "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" & "Lucy's Italian Movie" The I Love Lucy Collection: Volume 3 (CBS/Fox Video) featuring ... "L.A. At Last" and "Lucy and Harpo Marx" (aka "Harpo Marx") The I Love Lucy Collection: Volume 7 (CBS/Fox Video) featuring ... "The Courtroom" & "Never Do Business with Friends" The I Love Lucy Collection: Volume 8 (CBS/Fox Video) featuring ... "The Handcuffs" & "The Ballet"
  13. Complete "Lucy Show" DVD $26.00

    Your best bet is to wait until Wal-Mart sells them again. That will give you the option to make sure that everything is in intact and you don't have to worry. Because you'll know just by picking up the DVD set. That's what I did.
  14. Thank goodness!!! I hope this doesn't get changed. I wished they did ALL of her TV series in production order (instead of doing it by airdate) on the DVD sets. For me, it just doesn't seem right watching them out of order on the DVD sets. If only they would release ALL 507 Lucy episodes in the digital/streaming format. That would enable us to watch them in any order that we want.
  15. Lucy on Home Video

    My earliest videos were the ones I recorded in the year 1997 of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Eventually I Love Lucy too in 1998.All from Nick-at-Nite. That led to recording Here's Lucy, in the fall of 1998, when that series began airing on PAX-TV. At one point in time I was recording 5-7 different series in the late 90s (i.e. The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, The Jeffersons, Mork and Mindy, etc.) in addition to Lucy. I still have Nick-at-Nite's "Lucy: The Perfect 10" which featured the 10 most popular episodes of I Love Lucy. I have bits and pieces of Nick-at-Nite's "Lucy’s 10 Greatest Outfits with a Whole Lotta Lucy" marathon which featured ten episodes highlighting outfits worn by Lucy Ricardo plus some of the popular episodes of the ILL series. A year later Nick-a-Nite did a stunt called "Marathons to the Millennium" re-airing some of their most popular marathons from the past for ten weeks straight prior to the new millennium (2000). The Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, The Jeffersons, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Happy Days, Bewitched, All in the Family, Welcome Back, Kotter, and Taxi were the programs selected for this unique event. I recorded most of these. Almost two years later I Love Lucy left Nick-at-Nite and TV Land welcomed the program by celebrating the show's 50th anniversary with showcasing the show's 50 Greatest Laughs (episodes) UNCUT (with animated opening credits) along with interviews by those that worked with Lucy like Carol Burnett, Lucie Arnaz and Madelyn and Bob, etc. This special marathon showed memorable Lucy classics such as Lucy and Superman, L.A. at Last!, The Camping Trip, Lucy's Schedule, The Great Train Robbery, The Million Dollar Idea, The Freezer, Building a Barbecue, The Operetta, The Fashion Show, The Ballet, Lucy Gets In Pictures, Job Switching, Off To Florida, Lucy Tells the Truth, Be a Pal, Lucy and the Loving Cup, Pioneer Women, Return Home From Europe, Lucy Raises Chickens, among many others. I, of course, recorded this special event and still have it to this day. Looking back I wished I recorded more especially in the 90s. Like Nick-at-Nite's various Lucy blocks on Saturday nights. And their all-star fall 1998 prime-time line-up that featured their "TV Hits": The Brady Bunch, The Wonder Years, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, I Love Lucy, and Bewitched. And much more.