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  1. Today (3/28/20): Episodes 1-4: Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying To Murder Her, The Girls Want To Go To a Nightclub, Be a Pal & The Diet Late Evening (3/28/20): Episodes 69-72: Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress, Equal Rights, Baby Pictures and Lucy Tells the Truth Early this Morning (3/29/20): Episodes 37-38: The Handcuffs and The Operetta (followed by The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour episode, Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana) 3/30/20 (early, early morning): Episodes 74-75: "Redecorating the Mertzes' Apartment" and "Too Many Crooks"
  2. The other day ... Desert Island, Lucy Show Lucy, the Bean Queen, & The Ricardos Visit Cuba
  3. I have a vast collection of classic television on DVD (mostly just sitcoms and cartoons). It's like a hobby of mine. Anyways, every now and then I try to mimic line-ups from past classic television networks (i.e. Disney Channel, TBS, Nickelodeon/Nick-at-Nite, TV Land), memorable TV blocks or special events like TGIF, Block Party Summer, Lucy: The Queen of the Comedy/Whole Lotta Lucy, The Disney Afternoon/Block Party, SNICK, Fox Kids, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Twice as Nice, Instant Gratification Sundays/To Be Continued Fridays, Nick-at-Nite-mares, Merry-Thon, Boomeroyality, First Things First/Last Things Last, Box Sets, Casey Kasem's Classic TV Countdown, Hooterville Saturdays, etc. In regards to airplay of I Love Lucy, it airs on MeTV, Decades (sister network to MeTV), and The Hallmark Channel.
  4. 3/7/20: "Lucy Gets In Pictures" (followed by Dick Van Dyke Show episode Where Did I Come From? and Mister Ed episode "Ed the Donkey") (also preceded by Green Acres episode "Guess Who's Not Going To the Luau?", The Munsters episode "Herman, the Master Spy", I Dream of Jeannie episode "Invisible House for Sale", & Bewitched episode "Samantha Loses Her Voice") "Harpo Marx" This morning (3/11/20): I Love Lucy Superstar Special #2 (featuring "Lucy Visits Grauman's" & "Lucy & John Wayne") (followed by The Brady Bunch episode "Love and the Older Man") (also preceded by Happy Days episodes "All the Way", "Fonzie Drops In", "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas", "Richie's Flip Side", "Fonzie Moves In" & "They Call It Potsie Love")
  5. Interesting. One would think they would have started from the beginning of the series given the popularity of I Love Lucy (which was in black & white). I guess the network figured viewers wanted to see more Lucy in color or more color TV period. I must admit but at one point in time, season four, was my least-favorite season of the series (despite that it contains two of my least-favorite Lucy episodes ever). However, through the years this season has grown on me. I enjoy that the focus was more on Lucy getting settled in California, going on dates and being involved with Hollywood and less of her working at the bank. I like that the emphasis is still on Lucy getting herself into these funny (and sometimes silly too) situations and less on the musical numbers and showcasing the guest star. I enjoy that were got to see the Countess again (for one more last time), the last two appearances of Jerry and even the cameo by Bill Frawley. Season four, to me, was just different from the later two (especially season six) but just as enjoyable.
  6. Jimmy Garrett, Ralph Hart and Candy Moore were not seen near much in season three as their roles were reduced to recurring status. But their characters were more or less props from the beginning. It's too bad they weren't given any substantial material to work with during their time on the series. It would have been neat to see them make an appearance or even a cameo in the show's final episode.
  7. Yeah, it is interesting how exceptionally well Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. did especially compared to the other rural sitcoms of the day. One would think that Green Acres would have ruled the roost especially coming on right after the No. 1 show in America (previous seasons earlier) on Wednesdays. And also being different from the other rural comedies by being surrealistic and breaking the fourth wall. Yeah, Gale Gordon lost to Werner Klemperer one year and Don Knotts (from The Andy Griffith Show) another. What really bothers me though is that Don (great actor and one of the greatest second bananas I might add) just made a couple of appearances of Griffith and still managed to win the emmy meanwhile Gale practically appeared in every Lucy episode that season and didn't win. How is that possible? When it comes to Hogan's Heroes, I never understood the appeal of it. But to each his own. I know I have a friend who just loves that show but really isn't into Lucy whatsoever. And it just baffles me why MeTV is still airing it 10 at night for years on end. Really? How many times do viewers need to see every episode of that show? And even Andy Griffith or MASH? Not once has MeTV aired any Lucy show in prime-time. End of rant. Sorry.
  8. Ahh. One of my favorites! I love it when Lucy tells Ricky that she changed the clock back an hour to trick herself in giving her more time. Only for Ricky to tell her that she should have change it forward and now that they are an hour late with having dinner at the Littlefields. LOL. Then once they are at the Littlefields, Ricky tells them they have already eaten. Then Lucy is offered a mint and she manages to put all of them in her mouth. Then she goes for that apple which she finds out that it's fake and it ends up getting stuck in her mouth. LOL Then there's that final scene where the wives try to "stick on schedule" by making the dinner process go at extremely fast pace. My favorite part is when Lucy and Ethel throw biscuits as if they were softballs. "Let's have some of those hot biscuits!". And you could see that the actress who plays Littlefield's wife is trying hard not to laugh. Just love this episode!!!!
  9. THIS WEEK (March 1st-7th) .... WEEK OF MARCH 1ST, 2020 MONDAY, MARCH 2ND, 2020 6:30 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on MeTV): "Redecorating" 9:00 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on Decades): "The Matchmaker" 9:30 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on Decades): "Mr. and Mrs. TV Show" 10:00 AM - THE LUCY SHOW (on Decades): "Lucy Dates Dean Martin" 10:30 AM - THE LUCY SHOW (on Decades): "Lucy and Bob Crane" 4:00 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Mod, Mod Lucy" 4:30 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Lucy's Birthday" DAY'S LUCY PICK: "Lucy Dates Dean Martin" (THE LUCY SHOW) TUESDAY, MARCH 3RD, 2020 6:30 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on MeTV): "Ricky Loses His Voice" 9:00 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on Decades): "Ricky's Movie Offer" 9:30 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on Decades): "Ricky's Sceen Test" 10:00 AM - THE LUCY SHOW (on Decades): "Lucy, the Robot" 10:30 AM - THE LUCY SHOW (on Decades): "Lucy and Clint Walker" 4:00 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Lucy's Working Daughter" 4:30 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Lucy, the Conclusion Jumper" DAY'S LUCY PICK: "Lucy, the Robot" (THE LUCY SHOW) WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4TH, 2020 6:30 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on MeTV): "Lucy Is Enceinte" 9:00 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on Decades): "Lucy's Mother-in-Law" 9:30 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on Decades): "Ethel's Birthday" 10:00 AM - THE LUCY SHOW (on Decades): "Lucy, the Gun Moll" 10:30 AM - THE LUCY SHOW (on Decades): "Lucy, the Superwoman" 4:00 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Lucy and Eva Gabor" 4:30 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Lucy Visits Jack Benny" DAY'S LUCY PICK: "Lucy Is Enceinte" (I LOVE LUCY) THURSDAY, MARCH 5TH, 2020 6:30 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on MeTV): Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable" 9:00 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on Decades): "Ricky's Contract" 9:30 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on Decades): "Getting Ready" 10:00 AM - THE LUCY SHOW (on Decades): "Lucy and George Burns" 10:30 AM - THE LUCY SHOW (on Decades): "Lucy and the Submarine" 4:00 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Lucy, the Process Server" 4:30 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Lucy's Impossible Mission" DAY'S LUCY PICK: "Lucy, the Process Server" (HERE'S LUCY) FRIDAY, MARCH 6TH, 2020 6:30 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on MeTV): "Lucy's Showbiz Swan Song" 9:00 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on Decades): "Lucy Learns to Drive" 9:30 AM - I LOVE LUCY (on Decades): "California, Here We Come!" 10:00 AM - THE LUCY SHOW (on Decades): "Lucy, the Bean Queen" 10:30 AM - THE LUCY SHOW (on Decades): "Lucy and Paul Winchell" 4:00 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Lucy and Miss Shelley Winters" 4:30 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Lucy and the Gold Rush" DAY'S LUCY PICK: "California, Here We Come!" (I LOVE LUCY) SUNDAY, MARCH 8TH, 2020 3:00 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Lucy and the Great Airport Chase" 3:30 AM - HERE'S LUCY (on CoziTV): "Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50?" DAY'S LUCY PICK: "Lucy and the Great Airport Chase" (HERE'S LUCY) DON'T MISS LUCY EPISODE OF THE WEEK: "Lucy Dates Dean Martin" (THE LUCY SHOW) & "Lucy Is Enceinte" (I LOVE LUCY) (tie) RUNNER-UP LUCY EPISODE OF THE WEEK: "Lucy and the Great Airport Chase" (HERE'S LUCY)
  10. Finally, Here's Lucy (Lucille Ball's fourth Lucy TV Series) will be returning to the Cozi-TV beginning next Monday (March 2nd, 2020). It will be air Weekdays at 4 & 4:30am and Sundays at 3 & 3:30am. In addition, Decades TV will still continue airing I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show weekday mornings from 9 to 11am. Sister station MeTV likewise will air I Love Lucy weekdays at 6:30am. Holy Toledo, this is A WHOLE LOTTA LUCY!!! Woo hoo! As far as I know, this will mark the first time that all three long-running Lucy TV series will air nationally on cable simultaneously. Enjoy!
  11. I would have to agree. Also, that ending was not believable. Anyone in their right mind could tell it was actually Lucy in a werewolf costume not an actual werewolf. Maybe Ben had too much to drink on their date or just isn't right in the head.
  12. Watched MPI's "Best of" DVD Disc the other night (2/22/20). It contained the following episodes: "Lucy and the Great Airport Chase", "Lucy Meets the Burtons", "Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage", "Lucy and Joe Namath", "Lucy Goes on Her Last Blind Date", "Lucy and Joan Do Jury Duty", and "Lucy Is a N.G. as an R.N.". What great fun!
  13. Watched these early this morning (2/24/20): "Lucy and the Golden Greek", "Lucy Helps the Countess", "Lucy, the Camp Cook", and then fell asleep watching "Lucy Is a Referee". Watched these on Hulu. Early in the evening (2/25/20): "Lucy Builds a Rumpus Room", "Lucy's Sister Pays a Visit" (2/26/20): "Lucy and Sid Caesar" & "Lucy and the 'Boss of Year' Award" (2/27/20): Early morning: "Lucy Decides to Redecorate" Guess I have been on a Lucy Show kick here lately.
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