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  1. I enjoyed this documentary even though I knew the majority of its content already. But hey ... I'm been a Lucy fan for years now. I appreciated that they gave some time towards The Lucy Show. Past Lucy documentaries just mention the show and nothing more. So it was good to see this change for once. Other information that they could have included about the show but wasn't: the original writing team leaving the show after the second season due to script dispute between Lucy and the writers, Lucy hiring new writers for the show, the addition of Gale Gordon to the series and his unavailability during the first season, the explanation of why the series changed settings and the dropping of the kids, Lucy trying to find a replacement for Vivian Vance with the likes of Ann Sothern, Joan Blonde and finally Mary Jane Croft, the well-documented feud with Joan Crawford, Lucy the businesswoman making the decision to film The Lucy Show in color starting with the second season despite CBS airing it in black and white prior to the fourth season, etc. It was interesting to see what the commenters had to say about The Lucy Show: The Lucy Show is I Love Lucy just without the men, After Viv left it became an entirely different show, it was Mr. Mooney and Lucy and guest stars. Here's Lucy was briefly touched on. However, it didn't get the same amount of time as her other shows. More could have been said about Here's Lucy (i.e. it's competition with Laugh-In and Monday Night Football, the departure of Desi Arnaz Jr., etc., ect.). I really enjoyed the stories that Carol Burnett shared about Lucy: the flowers that Lucy sent to her on her birthday after finding out she died, meeting Lucy for the first time and getting herself to ask Lucy to appear on a special with her. I was pleased that they recognized Lucy and Viv as a dynamic female duo and their contribution to television in that regard. And mentioning Mary Tyler Moore and Laverne & Shirley as being inspired from the Lucy-Viv female duo. I was displeased that hardly anything got said about Gale Gordon, Lucy's other main long-time co-star. He had a great career; however, what people remember about him the most is his association with Lucille Ball particularly her television shows. And yet these Lucy documentaries tend to overlook him. It's almost as if he wasn't that important. And that is sad. He contributed a lot to Lucy's television career. And not to mention that he is the ONLY one that appeared in ALL five Lucy TV series plus her radio show. That says a lot. Lucy truly felt she needed him by her side. Again, he gets no credit. I wished the commenters were asked "what's your favorite Lucy episode?" (and not "what's your favorite I Love Lucy episode?"). The latter question gets asked so many times on these documentaries/magazines that cover Lucy and it is quite tiresome. And limiting. There is more to Lucille Ball than just I Love Lucy. One thing that was new to me was the story of Desi getting arrested for shooting a gun to scare off kids and Lucy trying to come to his defense by sending guns with blanks in them. That was an interesting story. And I must admit I did get emotional towards the end with the clip of Lucy receiving the standing ovation at the awards show, Robert Stack reading Desi's speech and the look on Lucy's face that came afterwards and of course the news of Lucy passing away and what she meant to people. The ending of it was quite good when Carole Cook said "Lucy was the original". So true!!! Overall, this documentary was good. I would give it a "B".
  2. In the last week or so ago: "Lucy Gives Eddie Albert the Old Song and Dance" (#128) ... awesome to see old Lucy players in this one; however, the writing is not so great. So much of this episode gets built up that leads to a climax of just a song and dance number that Lucy and Eddie Albert do. That's about it. Nothing spectacular. "Lucy, the Peacemaker" (#122) ... this episode could easily be a Lucy-less one. The plot literally revolves around the guest stars and it's Lucy who is the one that plays second fiddle. Not to mention that no one in the Here's Lucy cast (besides Lucy) is in the episode. "Lucy, the Shopping Expert" (#20) ... fun viewing. The birds and bees talk is a riot. And Lucy trying to show Kim how to shop is hilarious! "A Date For Lucy" (#18) ... not too bad. It is nice to see Cesar Romero, a former Lucy guest, return to a Lucy program.
  3. In the last week or so: "Lucy Gets Her Diploma" (#140) 9/12-13/20 (last night & this morning): "Lucy, the Gun Moll", "Lucy Dates Dean Martin", "Lucy and Bob Crane", "Lucy Is a Referee", "Lucy Misplaces $2,000", and first half or so of "Lucy Buys a Sheep" (#109, #105, #106, #4, #5, & #2)
  4. Lucy & The Loving Cup, Little Ricky's Dog and Lucy & Superman (#164-#166, all on tape) (preceded by Three Stooges (also on tape - same tape)): Gents Without Cents, If a Body Meets a Body, Wham-Bam-Slam!)
  5. 8/8/20 (Evening): Lucy and the Submarine, Lucy the Bean Queen, Lucy and Paul Winchell, and Lucy and the Ring-a-Ding Ring (#116, #112, #118, #113)
  6. The "Part-Time Wife Mother-To-Be" episode would have been better suited for the Kim Carter character as she was of child-bearing age. Moreover, that would have made a great comedy bit/episode for Lucie Arnaz to do. Too bad when the writers wrote this episode they didn't have Kim Carter/Lucie Arnaz in mind. What a missed opportunity! "Crusader" was a very good episode. I would definitely include it in the "Best of Here's Lucy" list. Great script all the way around! I remember being very impressed and entertained during my first time of watching it.
  7. 7/12/20 (Evening): "Little Old Lucy", "Chris Goes Steady", "Lucy Flies To London", "Lucy Saves Milton Berle" & "Lucy, the Robot" (#135, #48, #120, #95, #107) 7/13/20 (Morning): "Lucy, the Meter Maid" (#60) 7/14/20 (Morning): "Lucy Goes to Art Class" (#47)
  8. That's a great selection. Quite memorable that episode. It features what Lucy does best: physical comedy.
  9. So many to choose from! I guess ONE of them would have to be "Lucy Plays Florence Nightingale" as it features many trademarks of the Lucy character, her two main Lucy-TV series and Lucy Show co-stars (i.e. Vivian Vance and Gale Gordon), the comedy scene with wheelchair-bound Lucy getting chased in the hospital by the ever-growing line of nurses and the revival-ability factor to I Love Lucy. There's another scene at the end where Lucy (impersonating a doctor) and Viv (impersonating a nurse) trying to wake up a groggy Mr. Mooney to the extent of making barnyard animal noises. As with trademarks, there's Lucy wanting money, Lucy scheming to get it, Lucy getting Viv involved, Lucy's scheme backfires, Lucy antagonizing the insufferable Mr. Mooney and Lucy's loveable cry. Also, it's worth to mention that the original Lucy writers were involved with this specific Lucy Show episode. That comedy scene with the chased wheelchair-bound Lucy, I think, revivals some of the classic moments from I Love Lucy (whether it be Lucy getting her nose on fire, the mirror scene with Harpo Marx, eggs getting smashed in Lucy's blouse while doing the tango, etc.)
  10. I believe this leaves the actual star (of The Dick Van Dyke Show) which is Dick Van Dyke as the last surviving adult cast member. (Not including the kid-actor who played their son, Ritchie). So sad to see so many talented people from TV yesteryear pass away one by one. Like Dick Van Dyke now, Barbara Eden is also the last surviving cast member of her I Dream of Jeannie TV series. Tom Lester was last surviving cast member of Green Acres earlier this year until he passed away. It seems now that the casts of many situation comedies from the 60s have either all passed away or there's just one or two remaining (of course, there's a few exceptions). Anyways, Carl Reiner was a genius. I hate to see him go but he did leave a great legacy behind with The Dick Van Dyke Show.
  11. 6/6-7/20 Overnight: "Lucy Meets Sheldon Leonard", "Main Street U.S.A.", "Lucy Puts Main Street on the Map" & "Lucy Meets the Law" (Episodes #131, #127-128 & #129) 6/20/20 Afternoon: "Lucy Meets the Berles" (preceded by The Lucy-Desi Milton Berle 1959 Special) (#137) 6/21/20 Afternoon: "Lucy and the Bank Scandal" & "Lucy Goes Duck Hunting" (#35, #31)
  12. Yesterday (Friday, June 5th, 2020): "One Good Grandparent Deserves Another" and "Lucy Makes a Hit with John Ritter" (Episodes #1 & #4) Saturday, June 6th, 2020 (Late Morning): Mini-Marathon: "Lucy Among the Two-By-Fours", "Lucy Gets Her Wires Crossed", "Lucy Is Sax Symbol", "Lucy Makes Curtis Byte the Dust" & "Lucy, the Legal Beagle" (Episodes #6,#3, #5, #8 & #10)
  13. Watched this gem of a classic this morning (6/5/20): "Never Do Business with Friends" (Episode #67)
  14. As silly as "Lucy, the Rain Goddess" is, I do enjoy that episode. It reminds me of The Munsters episode, "Heap Big Herman" which had a similar premise. And that too I enjoy.
  15. Yes bottom 10. For reasons I stated above. My other contenders in the bottom 10 would be: "Lucy, the Starmaker", (Season 6), "Lucy and Carol Burnett, Part II" (Season 6), "Lucy and Phil Harris" (Season 6), "Lucy in the Music World" (Season 4), "Lucy Saves Milton Berle" (Season 4), "Lucy and Ken Berry" (Season 6), & "Lucy and the Soap Opera", (Season 4). If you have noticed, most of these are musical/star-oriented. It's ironic how Lucille Ball made one of the worst episodes of The Lucy Show and then two years later made of the greatest - which BOTH featured Milton Berle as the guest star.
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