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  1. My Three Sons

    Ok, I'll take the bait. The Wild Adventures of Lucy & Vivian (season 1), The Wacky but Loveable Lucy (seasons 2-3), Lucy Goes Hollywood (season 4), Lucy, the Secretary (seasons 5-6).
  2. My Three Sons

    Not too surprised. At times, My Three Sons feels more like a drama or dramedy than a comedy. Even its sister show; Family Affair, is that way too. I recall reading in the The Lucy Book years ago in a commentary by Lucille Ball that she was surprised how long My Three Sons lasted and that it wasn't her type of comedy.
  3. My Three Sons

    Actually, My Three Sons had 380 episodes total. The black & white season era (also the William Frawley seasons) had 184 episodes while the color season era had 196 episodes.
  4. Here's Lucy 50th Anniversary

    I would have to agree. The Lucy Show work best that way too during those first three seasons which many consider the best of THAT series. In my opinion, Here's Lucy just continued what started in those later years of The Lucy Show which was an emphasis on "Lucy and the star of the week" or "Lucy (and company) doing a show-within-a-show consisting of musical numbers". It's no wonder why many consider Here's Lucy to be the weakest of the three long-running Lucy sitcoms.
  5. Clearly with this collection, the emphasis is on I Love Lucy with it getting a volume by itself while The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy share a volume. I would have given all three of her six-season shows each a volume. Yes, I Love Lucy is what made Lucy a star; however, there's more to Lucy than just I Love Lucy. Moreover, there has already been several "best of" collections of I Love Lucy made through the years why keep rehashing it? Why deny her other two long-running shows their long-overdo spotlight? And yes some of their episode selections are just odd. "Lucy, the Fight Manager" over "Lucy and the Ring-a-Ding Ring"? "Lucy Gets Her Diploma" over "Lucy Gets Mooney Fired"? "Breaking the Lease" over "Never Do Business With Friends"? "Getting Ready" over "Lucy Learns To Drive"? "Lucy Takes a Job at the Bank" over "Lucy Enters a Baking Contest"? "Lucy and Carol Burnett (S1) over "Lucy, the Fixer"? "Lucy Meets Bob Hope" over "Lucy and the Loving Cup"? ""Lucy and the Plumber" over "My Fair Lucy"? Ricky Has Labor Pains" over "The Million Dollar Idea"? "Lucy and George Burns" over "Lucy at Marineland"? "Ricky Gets an Agent" over "The Star Upstairs"? "Lucy and Donny Osmond" over "Goodbye, Mrs. Hips"? ""Ricky's Life Story" over "Redecorating the Mertzes' Apartment"? "Lucy and Eva Gabor" over "Lucy, the Matchmaker"? "In Palm Springs" over "Lucy and John Wayne"? "Lucy and Danny Thomas" over "Lucy Is N.G. as a R.N."? "Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable" over "The Operetta"? "Christmas Show" over "Off To Florida"? "Lucy and Carol In Palm Springs" over "Lucy Meets the Law"? "Lucy and Carol Burnett" (S3) over "Lucy, the Crusader"? And while "Getting Bald" is a good selection I would have instead went with "Lucy's Schedule" since that was Gale Gordon's (the only Lucy player to appear in all five Lucy TV series) first appearance on a Lucy TV series. THAT episode was significant. And I must say ... this surely isn't the "Ultimate Lucy TV Collection". Not with these choices and omissions. It seems like most of the episodes were picked at random. It makes one wonder what criteria they were using in selecting episodes. I guess it would be guest stars by looks of it. And not all Lucy seasons are equally represented. Some have one or two episodes while others have as many as six or seven. For example, there's seven episodes of TLS season 1 compared to two episodes of TLS season 2 or six episodes of ILL season 1 compared to one episode of ILL season 3. Of the Vivian Vance years of The Lucy Show (first half/seasons 1-3) the emphasis is on season 1 (with seven of the thirteen episodes). With Here's Lucy, the emphasis is placed on season 2 (with five of the fourteen episodes). The one Lucy guest star that seems to be clearly the favorite in this collection is Carol Burnett as five episodes (out of her seven) are included. Meanwhile, there's not a one Here's Lucy episode featuring Vivian Vance (Lucy's Partner-in-Crime) in this set. Shocking. And you can forget Bill Frawley's cameo appearance on The Lucy Show (in "Lucy and the Countess Have a Horse Guest"). Not even here. Shocking as well. IMHO, the main reason for a casual fan to get this set are for those four episodes of Life with Lucy that are included. Otherwise, it's a wash. There's nothing really new here and the episode selections are a hit and miss.
  6. Beginning this Monday, Decades will premiere its regular daytime schedule focusing on sitcoms ranging from the 50s to the 80s. Here's the premiere line-up of this block: 50s TV 9-10am: I Love Lucy (2 episodes) 10-10:30am: Our Miss Brooks with Eve Arden and very own Gale Gordon 10:30-11am: I Married Joan 60s TV 11-12pm: The Donna Reed Show (2 episodes) 12-1pm: Family Affair (2 episodes) 1-2pm: Petticoat Junction (2 episodes) 70s TV 2-3pm: The Mary Tyler Moore Show (2 episodes) 3-4pm: The Bob Newhart Show (2 episodes) 80s TV 4-5pm: Newhart (2 episodes)
  7. As far as I know I Love Lucy has never left MeTV. It's The Lucy Show that has come and gone repeatedly. So yes the network has had these two Lucy sitcoms on the same schedule from time to time but just never paired up until now. We'll see how long this pairing up will last. Hopefully for a long time. I am still hoping that they will eventually have a weekly Lucy block (ala reminiscent of Nick-at-Nite's "Lucy, Queen of Comedy" block) featuring an episode of each I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show AND The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. They certainly do have room on their Sunday afternoon schedule to fit The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. That would be magical.
  8. Another season will soon be upon us and that means that the Classic Television Network; MeTV, will be shaking up it's schedule. First the bad news ... - I Love Lucy will be scaled back to only 1 airing per week. The Brady Bunch will be taking over it's 6:30am slot on weekdays (and that program will still retain its Sunday two-hour block). - Only 1 hour of Lucy per week. Currently, Me-TV is airing Lucy seven times a week or 3 1/2 hours. Amazing how Lucy gets cut drastically while other programs which have had more airplay on the network still manage to escape of getting cut back such as Leave it to Beaver, Perry Mason, The Big Valley, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Rifleman, The Brady Bunch, M*A*S*H, The Andy Griffith Show and Hogan's Heroes. But this should not come as a surprise as their treatment of Lucy in the recent years overall has been less than satisfying. - It is also worth noting that the Eve Arden comedy; Our Miss Brooks, co-starring our beloved Gale Gordon will be off the line-up. It's replacement is Highway Patrol. The good news ... - The Lucy Show returns again; however, it will be just once a week this time around. It will air Sundays at 4:30pm following you guessed it ... I Love Lucy. MeTV might brand this as "The Lucy Hour". All these changes go into effect on September 4th, 2017.
  9. Here's Lucy is no longer airing on Cozi-TV as the network replaced it with the returning The Dick Van Dyke Show. Hopefully this is just a hiatus and not a permanent thing in regards to our favorite program.
  10. C-A-R-M-I-C-H-A-E-L. I always spell it out because some people spell it E-A-L. But we have the Scotch way of spelling it. Maiden name's McGillicuddy that's how Scotch I am!

    1. Neil


      I love this!

    2. Neil


      And I think it's "we have the Scotch CLAN spelling..."

  11. Why I Love Lucy Endures

    Mine too! It always nice to see younger generations becoming fans of the show.
  12. Recently discovered a Lucy tape I made several years ago (surprise for me )and watched the following episodes that were on it: I Love Lucy: "Job Switching" I Love Lucy: "Lucy's Italian Movie" The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour: "Lucy Hunts Uranium" The Lucy Show: "Lucy & Viv Install a Shower" The Lucy Show: "Lucy and the Countess Have a Horse Guest" Here's Lucy: "Lucy Carter Meets Lucille Ball" Here's Lucy: "Lucy and the Used Car Dealer" I Love Lucy: "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" I Love Lucy: "Harpo Marx" The Lucy Show: "Lucy Buys a Boat" The Lucy Show: "Lucy Gets Caught In a Draft" Here's Lucy: "Lucy Protects Her Job" Here's Lucy: "Lucy and Harry's Memoirs" The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour: "Lucy Takes a Cruise To Havanna" (the first half or so) The tape was titled, "The Best of Lucy: Queen of Comedy" Volume #3. What a nice treat that was!
  13. He's baba'd his last lu!

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      Keep jiggling Peggy, please keep jiggling!


  14. Although the following episodes are not "Superstar" material they do; however, relate to the California Trip: "California, Here We Come!" "The First Stop" "Tennessee Bound" "Ethel's Hometown" All four would be fun to see in color as well. Once the Hollywood/Superstar theme runs its course, they should do a Mother's Day Special featuring colorized versions of "Lucy Is Enciente" and "Lucy Goes to the Hospital". I am kind of surprised these two haven't received the colorized treatment yet knowing that they are the highlights of the highly-favored pregnancy shows not to mention being favorites of both Lucy's and Desi's.
  15. I was beginning to wonder if there was going to be a Superstar Special this year with the announcement being this late. I'm thrilled to see that this tradition is still up and running. As for this year's selections they are great ones but I was hoping for the Cornel Wilde episode and/or The Tour one. Lucille Ball and especially Vivian Vance made stunning performances in both episodes. Not to mention there are several outdoor sights in "The Tour". Maybe we'll see those next year.