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  1. Good to be back! Missed y'all.

  2. Yeah.. another "Legend" in the comedy field is gone. I have had this crappy feeling about him for years, then learned the truth about him, he was kind of an alcoholic asshole. anyway that waws what i read somewhere. Good to be back tho.. altho my message for resetting my pw had been going in the spam file.. and it was automatically deleting them. Hope I will be able to be on more
  3. Me too.. Lol it's that bottom lip/jaw thing she was doing !!
  4. I have stayed silent in this as i really think a woman has a right to live her life as she sees fit..and to have some privacy (even if there is nothing to really talk about) after she has passed on. I am sure she is rolling in her grave!
  5. Well.. I saw her the one time with my eyes.. Jamestown. After that it has been more of a "soul to soul communication " to quote a friend. I think this is how Taylor sees her as well. T and I have been sisters, family, etc always close, for many lifetimes we have been told, (not sure how many subscribe to this way of thought) so for us both to have strong sixth sense doesn't surprise anyone around us. Well.. A few ppl.. But won't get into them. - yes- there are so many stories to tell. The next time we get together, I am sure Lucy will be there laughing right along with us, as she does so often while we read these board posts and whatnot. -am under the weather today, dang ra is kicking my arse. Will talk to you more later loves.
  6. Ok (for those of you who don't know.. I have been able to see and hear spirits since I was a small girl, but I didn't do much with it.. Just mainly seeing family around and mainly family know about it.) Yeah, I was told that I had a red headed woman who was like a guide to me.. And the same woman described to Taylor as a guide to her. I saw what I swear was Lucy standing behind us at the Jamestown train station, saw her feet up to her chest. It was see through, the blue polka dot dress, and it was blowing in the breeze. - what I get from seeing her and sensing her around, she cares deeply for those who are keeping her life and photos alive.
  7. Thinking of you today Amy.. Praying Desi, Haily and your friends have found some peace. Much love; Gypsy.. And my family.
  8. I saw this today, and it broke my heart. Praying for you Desi and family. In these up coming weeks, months and years. Brain cancer is horrible. Love to all.
  9. Dear Amy Arnaz, I am Taylor's friend who's mom had the brain cancer..She also had seizures. That's how we knew she had something wrong. It was a long road, and she couldn't drive for a year. I am still praying for you..and that we haven't' heard from you in so long worries us. Prayers helped my mom in this battle, and I know they will help you too. She did have to learn to do a couple things over again.. and still has problems remembering to turn the lights off.. but that's no biggie. Take care, God bless you, and until we talk again, may he keep you in his loving embrace and heal you. Joanie AKA Gypsy
  10. I have met that man's doppelganger.. it just stopped me in my tracks. He's a dentist here in our area and he travels to Rapid City too. F-reaky.
  11. She Looks like Ethel or one of the girls because of her chin sticking out!
  12. Praying for her still, you are right Taylor, but let's hope they had some oxygen there (even tho it wasn't a reg Hosp) so she pulls thru ok!
  13. Man things got hot in herrreee! I just popped in to say I was praying for Joan .. But wow what the heck Claude! Taylor never would wish Anyone harm. Wth! Joan may come back in some way I feel but not public from it.. I just pray she can be there for her family.
  14. Absolutely amazing. Brings back memories for me from going there. Just awesome So cool to see her there too..I know that she was there, but seeing it is another thing ya'know?
  15. What is the actual link to her 59 Lucy lane page, because there are no pics or anything or any link to anything I could find. I found Mary the other day on FB but couldn't find anything about the Lucy Lane house. If there was a link, that would be easier to find. Thanks.
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