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  1. So sad!!!! But she had a good life and a long one!
  2. Desi looks way too feminine for me in that portrait! But I'm sure it'll appeal to someone!
  3. In Lucy Raises Tulips, Lucy is getting mighty frustrated with Fred The Dog: "Fred's trying to bury his bone in my tulip bed!!"
  4. That pic is HILARIOUS!! :marionstrong: :marionstrong: :marionstrong:
  5. http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/television/jenny-tomasin-known-as-maid-ruby-finch-on-upstairs-downstairs-dies/2012/01/20/gIQAeUwKnQ_story.html So sad to hear!
  6. I am DYING laughing at these entries. Just brilliant! :marionstrong: :marionstrong:
  7. !! Still as fresh as it was a quarter century ago!
  8. Lucy shook my hand, then kind of held it for a second or two. She MAY have brushed the sleeve. But I can't remember. I don't think I had that dress dry-cleaned, even. I only wore it the one time!
  9. I can cut it up like Ricky's BVD's and sell portions to everyone on the Lounge! "Youuuuu..TOUCHED HER!!!!"
  10. She sure did, which made it all the more special. A few months ago I started to wonder what happened to the dress I was wearing that night. I knew I'd never throw out/donate the dress I had on when I met Lucille Ball! But my closets here proved fruitless. When I was at Mom's recently I came across a bag of clothing. I recognized an 80's skirt on top. I reached down past it, and lo and behold I pulled THE DRESS right up and out of the bag! I nearly fainted! It's still a very pretty dress. Off white lacy knit with silky ribbons running through it. I wore a double strand of pearls with it. Went as a LADY!
  11. Thanks, Rick. I am so delighted to be back in touch with Lee Schiller and Rose Leiman Goldemberg! Lee always had nice things to say about Lucy. Lucy was very good to him on the set of "Stone Pillow". Lucy was leary of people jumping at her with autograph books, so he always made sure she was aware of a fan wanting to meet her. I was brought up to her for my autographs (one for me and one for my sister) as they were taking a break from filming the Supermarket scene. Lucy of course was in full Florabelle regalia and I was so nervous I could just squeak out "Hi Lucy! You look wonderful!" She kinda rolled her eyes! I was Lee's guest at the "wrap party" held at the Limelight Disco in NYC. Lucy greeted me with a handshake and a "Hello, Darling..it's so nice to see you again!" What a thrill! I still have a pic of Lucy that Lee snapped the night of the party. She was trying on a very fancy dress, deciding what to wear.
  12. If I have to 'splain THINS it won't be funny anymore. That link doesn't take you to fb.
  13. http://failbook.failblog.org/2011/12/19/funny-facebook-fails-maybe-just-weight-and-see/
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