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  1. Just had to stop by and say that's a beautiful banner,Brock!
  2. This is an ancient subject but we got to meet Barbara Eden at the Comic con, get our picture taken and go to a Q&A where she did her line from I Love Lucy. I was the last person picked to ask her a question, she had been using the moderator to help her hear the questions but not with mine, I stood up and projected my voice straight to her, called her by her character name and asked her about the early years of her career so she brought up her story about Lucy bedazzling her dress to make sure she looked good and then said the line 'I pick you' ;I was in heaven!! Most people were asking about I Dream of Jeanie and got certain looks when I spoke up.lol She was very gracious and to think that I was very close to giving up.
  3. Amazon video or whatever its called has it on their line-up, but it gets expensive after a while.
  4. Few things to be excited about this week; waking up to beautiful snow and Barbara Eden coming to the Dallas Fan Expo (Comic-Con) at the end of May. They also have Burt Ward and Adam West on their lineup.Hopefully no one will cancel. Soooo excited!!!!
  5. At least you are all used to those conditions, here people don't know how to handle it. They buy groceries as if the world was coming to an end.
  6. We had been below freezing for a week or so, then sleet, ice and snow falling off and on for three days. Made it to work 2days out of 5.Not worth driving on that mess
  7. Just had a major Lucy marathon over the weekend on the Decades channel. I was stuck at home because of the weather.
  8. I hope we'd get some kind of certainty. I don't want to get tickets and then 'oh, she's not going to be there.
  9. I was so excited to see this; Dallas is on the list for July and even though may only be able to afford nosebleeders who cares??? It's Lucie in town
  10. Been a fan of Robin since ages ago; from 'Mork and Mindy' ,'Moscow on the Hudson' , 'Dead Poets Society' etc etc. He has made me laugh,cry laugh and bawl my eyes out. Thought it was a joke at first and since I was working when I learned about it had to shut myself off and keep denying it. Finally driving home; it struck me : One of my favorite appearances of him was on 'Inside the Actor's Studio' with James Lipton. Carpe Diem!
  11. See! I wasn't seeing or not seeing thin's. We had to 'rewind' the DVD to make sure and Desi kept mouthing during 'The Diner' too.
  12. I just watched 'The Mambo Kings' today not knowing about his passing. The book is great; goes very in depth on everyone's lives including Desi's,
  13. Perfect thread! We had a mini Lucy marathon last night and watched 'The Diner' and 'The Black Wig'; there is one of them when Lucy comes back home with Little Ricky and she 'talks' to Ricky but her lips NEVER move!! and if you hear it closely it sounds like a 'voice over'.
  14. Not new but I recently found 'Laughs,Luck and Lucy' and 'For the love of Lucy'. They also had 'Lucy at the Movies' fairly cheap but after glancing at it , I am still not into it.
  15. It bounced,it bou...unnn.ce....dddddd
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