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  1. The Post-Journal, Chautauqua Belle Docks in City This Yr, by Dennis Phillips, “1/last operating steamboats in North America docks in new home this year. City/Jamestown, US Steam Lines Ltd., announce multiyear lease allowing Chautauqua Belle to dock at McCrea Point Pk boatlanding. May/June, September/October, Stage Family-Matt, Paul, Del-owned Belle, makes round-trip passengerexcursions on Chadakoin River fr/boatlanding to Chautauqua Harbor Hotel. During July/August, the boat w/b back in Mayville making trips along north Lake;” published, 2019
  2. I want to add my great sorrow at Frank's passing; RIP, friend; remember, well, arrdubya asking me what I remembered most about my nearly 5-year, nearly full-time daily, volunteering for the Lucy-Desi Museum et al, and of course, it was: "Chauffeuring the chauffeur!!!!" (can't remember the year; but think 2004 or 2005; he came back once after that; thanked me again; he rode with me, the designated luggage person back to Buffalo Airport and their flight home. Luggage loaded; me at the wheel; knock on passenger door; it was Frank; 'can I ride with you?' He was particularly interested in the wild plants growing in the swamp along Jones/Gifford, Celoron; what we called the 'lower road;' on the way to the thruway; I had no idea; so researched and got the message to him in CA...... lovely man!
  3. Harry:  Please e-mail me your October 16, 2015 post regarding Lucille/Russ Columbo connection; I've had terrible trouble getting on the Lounge; have NO IDEA how to contact anyone; or even log on; TODAY.....after much rough language to myself; it clicked on; while I'm here, I need that post which I found reference to; but, it never got to the October 2015 day.


    Thanks, my e-mail is:  babe4barney@yahoo.com;  I'd appreciate it SO MUCH!  Joyce Kellogg

  4. GOT mine! (See Premiere this Lounge) posted over there; several photos meaningful to me: my Dad; my nephew; a former classmate brother; and ALL THE OTHERS. There's one in there confuses me; have never read that Desi mom went with them. See page 163; looks like her on the bed.... My dad: page 106; w/his best friend; page 108; PP 90, 91 (Dawson) (DeMarco) each an interview w/Lucy. Thanks for the heads up regarding book signing in August.
  5. Just received from Amazon, Christopher T. Olsen, Lucy Comes Home, A Photographic Journey; it's lovely. Rumor has it, the Restaurant he and his former classmate have not progressed in the repair of the burned-out famous eating place, Bemus Point (on the other side of the Lake); [questionable assumption if they are still buying it] can't remember who told me; but, if I hear anything further, will pass the word along. Just as a reminder, Chris is son to the Forever Darling Prremiere Queen, Janice Swanson (at the time) during Arnazes visit here in '56.
  6. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Editorial Page, Federal Historic Tax Credits Help Protect Community Assets, ". . . used to help pay for restoration of Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Station and Wellman Bldg, [corner 2d, Washington; across from NCC], downtown Jamestown, giving developers incentive to take risk of repairing, improving elderly, sometimes dilapidated bldgs.; a program creating opportunity to bridge gaps allowing hard-to-contemplate projects to 'happen';" published, November 24, 2017.
  7. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, 'We're going to be very involved in the community.', All Hands On Deck, Fourth Street Hotel General Manager Speaks to Jamestown Rotary, by Dennis Phillips, Head of new hotel, 4th St., want to be important part in growth, Jamestown. DoubleTree by Hilton general mgr./chief sales officer, guest speaks, Rotary Club/Jamestown. Renovations on track; will re-open July 2018, in time for LucyFest, 1st week/August; 147 rooms; salt water pool; 4100 sq. ft. ball/conference room; gastro pub, restaurant. A soon-to-be job fair will hire 50-60 people; looking to hire asst. gen. mgr, event/wedding planner and exec. chef. He is excited with developments happening in Jamestown;" published, 2017.
  8. Joey:  This site says you CANNOT receive messages; please send me your e-mail; so I can send you what Lucille and company were doing on your day - meanwhile, HOPE IT's YOUR BEST DAY EVER!  Love, Joyce K:fabrary:  PS  Is your birthday the 15th or 16th????

  9. Betting arrdubya has 10,000 stashed somewhere; contact HIZZONER!!!! JUST kidding!!!!
  10. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Editorial Page, City Should Make Most Of Its Extra Time On Downtown, “Work progressing on Comedy Center. Interior BPU substation hardly recognizable even w/much brick, steel interior intact; companies throughout northeast working to create exhibits, activities for center; w/construction complete in 2018. Officials say they only have ‘one chance’ to open correctly; rather than to open quickly; roughly 19 months until official opening;” published, 2017.
  11. LOVE more details on this USC Delta Kappa Alpha film project, Harry; when you have some time...... THANKS! First I've heard mention of anything like THAT! Hoping all is well with you and yours. JK
  12. Nothing like seeing a man in a suit and dress shoes on a beach, with a GLASS!!!!
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