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  1. The Post-Journal

    The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Editorial Page, Federal Historic Tax Credits Help Protect Community Assets, ". . . used to help pay for restoration of Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Station and Wellman Bldg, [corner 2d, Washington; across from NCC], downtown Jamestown, giving developers incentive to take risk of repairing, improving elderly, sometimes dilapidated bldgs.; a program creating opportunity to bridge gaps allowing hard-to-contemplate projects to 'happen';" published, November 24, 2017.
  2. The Post-Journal

    The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, 'We're going to be very involved in the community.', All Hands On Deck, Fourth Street Hotel General Manager Speaks to Jamestown Rotary, by Dennis Phillips, Head of new hotel, 4th St., want to be important part in growth, Jamestown. DoubleTree by Hilton general mgr./chief sales officer, guest speaks, Rotary Club/Jamestown. Renovations on track; will re-open July 2018, in time for LucyFest, 1st week/August; 147 rooms; salt water pool; 4100 sq. ft. ball/conference room; gastro pub, restaurant. A soon-to-be job fair will hire 50-60 people; looking to hire asst. gen. mgr, event/wedding planner and exec. chef. He is excited with developments happening in Jamestown;" published, 2017.
  3. Lucy Movie Photos

    Three of my favorites, hands down....
  4. Joey:  This site says you CANNOT receive messages; please send me your e-mail; so I can send you what Lucille and company were doing on your day - meanwhile, HOPE IT's YOUR BEST DAY EVER!  Love, Joyce K:fabrary:  PS  Is your birthday the 15th or 16th????

  5. Unfortunate Lucy Products (continued)

    Betting arrdubya has 10,000 stashed somewhere; contact HIZZONER!!!! JUST kidding!!!!
  7. National Comedy Center

    The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Editorial Page, City Should Make Most Of Its Extra Time On Downtown, “Work progressing on Comedy Center. Interior BPU substation hardly recognizable even w/much brick, steel interior intact; companies throughout northeast working to create exhibits, activities for center; w/construction complete in 2018. Officials say they only have ‘one chance’ to open correctly; rather than to open quickly; roughly 19 months until official opening;” published, 2017.

    LOVE more details on this USC Delta Kappa Alpha film project, Harry; when you have some time...... THANKS! First I've heard mention of anything like THAT! Hoping all is well with you and yours. JK
  9. The Desi Photo Thread

    Nothing like seeing a man in a suit and dress shoes on a beach, with a GLASS!!!!

    Oddly, and KNOWING it can't be; looks like an 'arrdubya' smile; w/glasses, like a short nightmare!!!!!
  11. The Post-Journal

    The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, New Hotel Officials Optimistic As Opening of Comedy Center Nears, by Dennis Phillips, "Two area hotel officials excited about future possibilities. Double Tree by Hilton, 4th St., expecting to open late summer; 2018; and officials of new $50+ million Chautauqua Harbor Hotel, Celoron lakefront, each excited about NCC opening; also slated for opening summer 2018;" published, 2017.
  12. National Comedy Center

    November 5, 2017 The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Coming Attraction, Tour highlights Progress of Comedy Center, by Dennis Phillips, [P-J Photos, D. Phillips, a mixture of old-world brick, new vibrant colors inside the NCC; stage of world's 1st Hologram Comedy Club located inside NCC, in partnership w/Hologram USA to display holograms of famous comedians delivering well-known routines.] "Construction continues on national attraction based on celebration of comedy. NCC Officials took Post-Journal on tour Wednesday. Officials completed capital funding campaign spring 2017 on $50 million experience, allowing continuation into production phase w/Cortina Productions, Electrosonic, Adirondack Studios, Clark Patterson Lee, E.E. Austin & Son, Jack Rouse Associates and most recently, Herzog & Company, firm producing the media components of immersive exhibits. Concurrent to production of visitor experience, NCC is developing national marketing plan; working w/NY Governor's I Love New York program creating partnerships w/Niagara Falls, local, regional hotels, casinos, tour bus operators, more. The NCC is designed to be a national attraction based on celebration of comedy: the craft and its contributors; embodying Lucille Ball's vision for her hometown;" [for further information entire article, www.thepost-journal.com];" published, 2017. [shortened for effect. . .]
  13. The Post-Journal

    10/21/2017: The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, New Reg Lenna Marquee Debuts At Downtown Block Party, by Noah Rankin, “Reg Lenna Center for the Arts unveiled new LED screen marquee Friday afternoon, providing a fresh centerpiece for block party held before a performance of Black Violin: Classical Boom Tour;” published, 2017. Added to the above marquee information: 11/4: Zoning Board Approves Video for Reg Marquee, by Dennis Phillips, "City Zoning approved special use permit for the Reg so they can show videos on the new LED screen marquee; not full movie trailers lasting longer than 2 minutes; but 5-10 second, 'non-sound' bites; with light sensor, automatically brightening, dimming, depending on the weather and time of day;" published, 2017.
  14. The Post-Journal

    Guy got a bargain - he's apparently happy; OF COURSE, renovations, up to a year in the making, could easily up the price; I'll keep you posted on any published updates.