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  1. No worries, love; hoping all is well with you and yours; hi to Mom from me; I am in between 3-count 'em 60+ year friends passing within a very short period of time; but, all 3 WAKES within a 4-day period. To say I'm down in the dumps is accurate; and,, it's nice to 'talk' to someone alive I consider a friend.
  3. The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, New Reg Lenna Marquee Debuts At Downtown Block Party, by Noah Rankin, “Reg Lenna Center for the Arts unveiled new LED screen marquee Friday afternoon, providing a fresh centerpiece for block party held before a performance of Black Violin: Classical Boom Tour;” published, 2017.
  4. She's QUITE SIMPLY . . . GORGEOUS in that photo!!!!
  5. WHAT WONDERFUL MEMORIES . . . I'm green with envy....
  6. Thanks for clarifying this, woman; I was building up a fierce volcano within myself. You ARE the best. JK P.S. Chris is, with a friend he graduated with in 1982, buying one of our iconic restaurants destroyed by fire in May; hadn't got around to posting that; since I didn't think anyone would know who he is. I appreciate your reply.
  7. I'M REALLY CURIOUS NOW, LUVS...... CHRIS OLSEN (SON/QUEEN, JAN) DONATED THESE PHOTOS TO THE CENTER; WHO THE HELL IS SELLING THEM ON AMAZON - anyone????????????????? shades of Watergate!!!!!!!! If we can't find out; it IS interesting to note: [sorry, Brock] ardubya was still there....] The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, Lucy-Desi Center Receives Historic Images: “LA man, Chris Olsen, donates several rare Arnazes photos fr/February, 1956; City welcomed them for world premiere, Forever Darling, during which Look Magazine sent photographer documenting visit. More than 1000 images of historic weekend recently donated to Museum/Center. Chris Olsen, son, then-Homecoming Queen: Arnazes official escort, Janice Swanson Olsen; [see: 10/2/2017]; published, 2006.
  8. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Famed 'I Love Lucy' Writer Remembered, 'They don't make 'em like that anymore.' Victoria Ordin, childhood Schillers' friend, by Katrina Fuller, "('I Love Lucy') writer, Robert 'Bob' Schiller, dies, 98, but not without leaving lasting mark on comedy world and hearts of many. [see full article: www.post-journal.com] Lucie Arnaz: ' . . . joyful: was given 98 years making people laugh; should be celebration of delightful human, who helped me so much under- standing circumstances affecting my life. Now, he can enjoy his rest: team is now complete.' Exec. Director, Center, calls Schiller a civil rights, free speech supporter. Schiller, well-received 2004 Jamestown LucyFest Birthday headliner, led seminar, Reg Lenna Civil Center; raised in LA, he was army veteran, entertained troops with comedy shows; spending later time in p.r. and radio broadcasting fields; was carpooler for Ordin, BroadwayWorld reviewer, NYC, whose childhood friend, Schiller daughter, Abbie. 'He was legend; it's impossible to overstate his influence; met the family in Kindergarten;' she remembers Bob as a 'normal dad' driver of their carpool. he was last of the men of that generation still alive from my childhood;'" published, 2017.
  11. Background material from post: 7/14/2015 :jk The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY – City Officials Looking At Train Excursions, by Dennis Phillips - “A passenger train heading to Buffalo may one day happen again in Jamestown. City officials have been working with Western NY-Pennsylvania Railroad and Southern Tier Extension Railroad Authority, seeking New York State grants set in place by the Governor in 2011, looking to have periodic excursions leaving Jamestown Gateway Train Station,” published, 2015. **** 10/11/2017 - The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY – City Officials Acquire Funding For Excursion Train Study, by Dennis Phillips - “For 2 years, City officials have been working to fund a feasibility and implementation study bringing back excursion train travel to Jamestown. A coalition of railroad enthusiasts and operators; 3-county [Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Erie] IDA's along rail corridor; Southern Tier West; and municipalities along corridor; as well as Empire State Development officials met with Department/Development/Jamestown for future funding opportunities;” [see complete article: www.post-journal.com] published, 2017. ****
  12. October 20, 2017 The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, Editorial Page -Success Is Easy To Overlook "Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce President, Exec. Director, Todd Tranum made it clear our area needs an attitude adjustment. Instead of negatively reacting to potential economic development, whether it be National Comedy Center, Jamestown, or other development, Jamestown residents need to believe it will happen. Lifelong WNYers, with good reason, are sometimes far too negative about the potential of the waterfront and future initiatives. The last five years, Buffalo has turned the corner. It's time we do, as well. Tranum's comments were a small part of what is otherwise a celebration of Chautauqua County. The annual event highlights worthy area volunteers and major economic contributors. This year's economic honorees include expanded, added jobs; and growing. Success is easy to overlook. We do it far too often in society nowadays. The annual Chamber banquet continues a special tradition of highlighting those who make the county great. If you look around; and in the mirror; you will see a lot of those individuals;" published, 2017.
  13. BACKGROUND on BRIDGE construction: [earlier this year]: The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, Work Continues On Jamestown Riverwalk Pedestrian Bridges, Bike Path, by Dennis Phillips, “Pieces starting to be put in place for pedestrian bridges over Chadakoin River along Riverwalk, scheduled for mid-September. City received $1.6 million in 2014 to construct the 2 bridges, a $2 million project; Bridges: one from Panzarella Park to Riverwalk's north shore extension; second, below Washington Street Bridge, connecting both Riverwalk sections along River. Bridges scheduled to open next year. Chadakoin Park trail, bike path, Clifton to McCrea Point Park continues scheduled completion: end construction season, October; path roughly a mile in length; scheduled opening next year;" published, 2017. ************ October 20, 2017 The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, Crane Invasion - Pedestrian Bridge Installation The Latest in Downtown Projects, by Dennis Phillips, “One of 2 bridges, crossing the Chadakoin River along the Greater Jamestown Riverwalk was installed Monday. Two large cranes used to connect two pieces making up pedestrian bridge crossing into Riverwalk's north shore extension to Panzarella Park. Second bridge installation under Washington Street Bridge will connect both sections of Riverwalk running along the River;" published, 2017.
  14. Brock: What is this photo a part of, please. Thanks....JK
  15. Luvs: you surely 'find' the best stuff; thanks for sharing.
  17. I believe you are correct, Joey; and I remember something; let me have a look and get back to ya.... later today, tomorrow. Loving you, JK
  18. Thanks, Luvs & rickee for the interesting things to add to Bernie's b/d chronology 'bits'....
  20. Quote

    Did you get my birthday post?



    1. leenorman


      DAMN IT!!!!  It lost it!  Said it had recovered; would NOT tell me how to retrieve!!!!  


      Happy Birthday, guy!  Here's an edited version of YOUR DAY [hoping it's your best day Ever!] Love, JK


      THIS THING HAS come over in odd text form; cannot see how to turn it all to Times New Roman; please excuse; if you can figure it out, please let me know!!!!  JK


      September 17

      Jerry Colonna, actor, 40 titles; Desilu Production, Here's Hollywood, 1/23/1962; w/Lucille Ball Bob Hope Show, 1966; w/Desi Arnaz, Joys, 1976; w/Lucille, Bob Hope Overseas Christmas Tours: Around World w/Troops, 1941-1972, 1980; Entertaining Troops, 1994; w/Arnazes, archival, Bob Hope: Hollywood Brightest Star, Video Entertainment, 1996; born, 1904.

      Charles Isaacs, writer; producer; 61-year husband, Doris Singleton (Carolyn Appleby); writer, TV documentary, Salute/Stan Laurel, w/Lucille Ball, others, 1965; born, 1914.

      Lucille Ball mother, Desiree Ball, 26, after 3 years widowhood, wed Ed Peterson, 31, handsome sheet-metal worker she met at work 4/1917; this date, 1918.

      Roddy McDowall, actor, 258 titles; Desilu Production, Fractured Flickers, 1963; w/Lucille Ball, Lucie Arnaz, husbands, Morton, Luckinbill 6th Annual American Cinema Awards, 1989; appears w/Lucille, archival, Carol Burnett Show: Reunion, 1993; born, 1928.

      Pat Crowley, actress, 128 titles; Desilu Production Scarface Mob, 1959; Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse Untouchables, Pts 1, 2”, 1959; Desilu Production, Vacation Playhouse “2 of Us”, unsold CBS pilot, 1966; Vacation Playhouse “Only Young Twice”, 1967; born, 1933.

      Dorothy Loudon, actress, 10 titles; w/Lucie Arnaz 33rd Annual Tony, 1979; Night, 100 Stars, 1982; born, 1933.

      William Frawley (Fred Mertz), Paramount, Double/Nothing, John Pederson; w/Bing Crosby, Andy DeVine, Martha Raye, John Gallaudet; Dennis O'Keefe, uncredited, released, 1937.

      Too Many Girls NYC run, by Sheila Graham, “Desi Arnaz filming RKO Too Many Girls, after Broadway; has dated many women; since meeting Lucille Ball, film co-star, dates her exclusively, Desi's temper flares when called 'glamorous'; wants to become known as self, on own merits;” [courtesy, Lucy Lounge, Luvsbway 2/26/2015]; published, 1940.

      Too Many Girls NYC run, UP Staff Writer, Alexander Kahn, 'Conga King' Causes Hearts to Palpitate in Hollywood, Handsome Cuban Embarrassed by Boldness of Screen Colony Ladies;” [courtesy, Lucy Lounge, Luvsbway 2/26/2015]; published, 1940.

      Film Daily, Look Who’s Laughing, RKO-Radio: “neat comedy, strong pulling power via name players; surefire for all audiences. Alluring Lucille Ball tops off stellar film richness. In summation, RKO offering ‘magnetic attraction’. Set it down as such on old booking schedule;” published, 1941.

      LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll: “Arnazes move in w/Susan Peters, Richard Quine, Malibu;” published, 1945.

      John Ritter, actor, 132 titles; Three's Company, 172 ep., 1976-84; w/Lucille Ball, General Electric All-Star Anniversary, 1978; he and Lucille co-host Best of 3’s Company, 1982; whose comedy Lucille greatly admires; appears, All-Star Party/Lucille, 1984; Life W/Lucy “Lucy Makes Hit w/Ritter,” 1986; born, 1948.

      Lucille Ball, Richard Denning, CBS Radio, 30-minute, SitCom, My Favorite Husband “Liz and General”, ep. 9, making friends w/General Timberlake; features Ruth Perrott, Katy Maid; Gordon Hughes, producer/director; Madelyn Davis, Bob Carroll, Jr, John Hayes, writers; Bob LeMond, announcer; Marlin Skiles, original music; Wilbur Hatch, conductor; w/John Hiestand, Hans Conried; airs, 1948.

      Desi Arnaz Orchestra record music, (“I Love Lucy”), Ep. 69, 1st ep. filmed, Desilu Studios; airs, 1953.

      Look: “Fall TV Forecast;” published, 1957.

      Desilu Studio-filmed Eve Arden Show, Eve, Liza Hammond, 26 ep.; w/cast: many Lucy veterans, behind-scenes Lucy veterans; premiere, 1957.

      Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Keith Thibodeaux, Richard Keith (Little Ricky), Look Magazine cover collage; published, 1957.

      CBS Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, 60 minutes, b & w, 13 hour-long specials Arnazes made for Ford, Westinghouse re-run as summer replacement series. New opening/closing graphics created to incorporate new name, sponsorship, Same series/same format used 4 times to 1967. Heavy on-air promotion, Lucy Show, w/Lucille voice-overs/closing credits, reminds folks: October, new CBS-TV sitcom, ['correction' 7/24/2011]; 1962.

      Desilu Production Greatest Show/Earth “Lion on Fire,” Jack Palance, Johnny Slate; w/Harry Guardino, James Paleski; Richard Rodgers, composer, “March of Clowns;” premiere, 1963.

      Lucille Ball, Talent Scouts, TV, 60-minute; Bea Benaderet, Glynis Johns, Phil Silvers, Red Skelton; airs, 1963.

      Desilu Production/Desilu Studio-filmed, Mission: Impossible; TV most-compelling suspense series, creator/writer: Bruce Geller, 168 ep., 1966-73; Marc Daniels, director, 2 ep., 1966, 67; Wilbur Hatch, music consultant, 28 ep., 1966, 67; Herbert F, Solow, exec./charge, production, 53 ep., 1966-8; James A, Paisley, production supervisor; Greg Morris, 168 ep., 1966-73; Peter Lupus, 158 ep., 1966-73; Peter Graves, 143 ep., 1967-73; Barbara Bain, 77 ep., 1966-69; Martin Landau, 76 ep., 1966-69; Leonard Nimoy, 49 ep., 1969-71, “Pilot;” w/Wally Cox, and others; premiere, 1966.

      Desi Arnaz Production Mothers-in-Law, “Everybody Goes, Honeymoon;” Desi Arnaz, exec. producer, 56 ep., 1967-69; created, written: Madelyn Davis, Bob Carroll, Jr., script consultants, 2 ep., 1967; Desi Arnaz, director, episode; w/Eve Arden, Eve Hubbard; Kaye Ballard, Kaye Buell; Roger C, Carmel, Roger Buell, first 30 ep., 1967, 8; Herb Rudley, Herb Hubbard; Jerry Fogel, Jerry Buell; Deborah Walley, Suzie Hubbard Buell; Al Lewis, producer, ep., 5 more, 1967; Wilbur Hatch, music director, ep.; Cam McCullough, sound engineer, 6 ep., 1967; Kerwin Coughlin, casting, ep.; airs, 1967.

      Lucie Arnaz, Hollywood Squares, Peter Marshall, host; w/Cliff Arquette, Charley Weaver; Wally Cox, Ford, Hines, Rose Marie, Vincent Price, Carl Reiner, Dick Van Dyke; airs, 1971.

      Akim Tamiroff, b. 10/29; actor, William Frawley (Fred Mertz) co-star, 1936, 37; w/esi Arnaz; Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1960; dies, 1972.

      (“Here’s Lucy”) “Big Game,” Bob O'Brien, writer; Harry, Chamber, Commerce President, gets O.J. Simpson, luncheon guest speaker; Mary Jane Croft, James Brodhead, Sid Gould, Cliff Norton, others; [see: 6/16/2016, Lucy Lounge, courtesy, luvsbway] airs, 1973.

      Lucille Ball, NBC Bob Hope Buys NBC, stages telethon to buy NBC, Extra! Extra! Edition, TV Guide cover; Lucille, Hope, star collage, “Million Dollar Special;” published, 1985.

      Lucille Ball posthumous Emmy, presented Gary Morton by Bob Hope, who pays homage to Lucille, via rare film clips, FOX TV 41st Annual Prime Time Emmys, Pasadena CA Civic Auditorium, Academy, TV Arts, Sciences Governor Award, its highest honor; John Larroquette, Host; w/Bea Arthur, Milton Berle, Kirk Cameron, Angela Lansbury, Robert Reed, Carl Reiner, Robert Wagner, and others; held, 1989.

      Entertainment Tonight, Ron de Moraes, Director; Emmy-nominated, Outstanding Directing Informational Programming, Fox Lucille Ball Memorial, broadcast 7/24/89; ceremony, 1989.

      James Griffith, b. 2/13; w/Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz), Blue Veil, 1951; w/William Frawley (Fred Mertz), Rhubarb, 1952; Desilu Production, Cavalcade, America, 1953; Desilu Studio-filmed, Adventures, Jim Bowie; Desilu Production, Sheriff, Cochise, 1957; Official Detective, 1958 Walter Winchell File; Texan, 1959; US Marshal, 17 ep., 1959-60; Desilu Studio-filmed, Life, Legend, Wyatt Earp, 1961; Desilu Production Untouchables, 1963; Slattery's People, 1964; Mission: Impossible, 1967; dies, 1993.

      Iris Adrian, b. 5/29; w/William Frawley (Fred Mertz), Roxie Hart, 1942; radio w/Lucille Ball, NBC Abbott, Costello Show, 1943; Desilu Production Lineup, 1956; Lucy Show, 1967; dies, 1994.

      Grady Sutton, b. 4/5; actor; w/Lucille Ball, 1935, 37; uncredited, 1938; w/Arnazes, uncredited, 1940; w/Desi, uncredited; w/William Frawley (Fred Mertz), uncredited, 1941; w/Desi, 1942; w/Frawley, Lucille, uncredited, 1946; w/Frawley; w/Lucille, archival, 1947; Desilu Studio-filmed, Life, Legend, Wyatt Earp, 1956; Desilu Production Ann Sothern Show, 2 ep., 1960; dies, 1995.

      Red Skelton, b. 7/18; actor, Lucille Ball friend; Golden Globe-winner; writer, 267 ep., producer, 23 ep. Red Skelton Hour, 575 ep. 1951-71; (Desilu Studio-filmed, 1956-60); Lucy veterans, Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz), Doris Singleton, various times over show run, Clara Appleby, 1951-71; w/Lucille, 1938, 43; w/William Frawley (Fred Mertz), 1943, 46; w/Lucille, 1946, 50; Desilu Production, Shower, Stars, 1955, 6; w/Arnazes, Jackie Gleason Special, 1957; Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, 1959; Masquers, LA, Desi Arnaz testimonial dinner, 1960; w/Desi Arnaz, IV, Dino, Desi, Billy, Toast, Town, Lucille in audience, 1965; w/Lucille, Jack Benny 20th Anniversary Special, 1970; CBS Salutes Lucy: 1st 25 Years, 1976; Happy Birthday, Bob; General Electric All-Star Anniversary, 1978; w/Lucille, Lucie Arnaz, Sinatra: 1st 40 Years, 1980; w/Lucille, Unrehearsed Antics, Stars, 1984; archival, That's Dancing! 1985 38th Annual Emmys, winner, Governor Award, presented by Lucille, 1986; archivay Tonight Show, Johnny Carson, 1992; archival, NBC Bob Hope Bag, Christmas Memories, 1993; archival, Entertaining Troops, 1994; dies, 1997.

      Theatre Guild presents 36th Cruise, includes Lucie Arnaz, Laurence Luckinbill, and others, Cruise On-board Crystal Serenity, fr/Venice around Italy to Monte Carlo; 12-24; 2008.

      The Lucy Lounge Website courtesy, The Back-Stage Bistro Award-winning Babalu-cy! The Art of Desi Arnaz, conceived, written by Greg Purnhagen, began previews 8/23, 3 pm, Actors Temple Theatre. Purnhagen also stars; Gene Castle, Director; David Cook, musical direction/arrangements. Opening performance, 3 pm. Production boasts 7-piece Latin band; director, Cook. Michael, Barbara Ross produce, Babalu-cy! according to press notes, ‘takes a look at Arnaz career from tremendous success as bandleader/singer, to relationship w/Lucille Ball, Babalu-cy! Debuted Metropolitan Room, 7/2007; wins 2008 Back Stage Bistro Award, Best Theme Show;” posted, 2008.

      The Latest Fr/ Everything Lucy Blog, Doris Singleton, (“I Love Lucy”), on Shokus Internet; Radio Veteran character actress, known to fans everywhere as Lucy Ricardo arch rival, Caroline Appleby, Stu Shostak in-studio guest live, 4 pm, PDT, 7 pm, EDT, "Stu's Show," signature program;” posted, 2008.

      Lucie Arnaz, Eleanor Jordan; w/many others, Electric Movie, Pack, Alyssa Rallo Bennett, writer/director; Gary Bennett, co-writer, revealing complexities, anguish how any can get caught in cultural, legal shift of nation; about ambitious Assistant District Attorney, who prosecutes wife, mother for 3 counts of murder after 47-year old husband dies of lung cancer allegedly breathing her second-hand smoke, 30 years; son testifies against mother, DVD; premiere, 2009.

      The Lucy Lounge website, courtesy, bweir, Lucie Arnaz, Robert Klein Reprise Playing Our Song Moments at Starry Marvin Hamlisch Tribute, 8/25/10, playbill.com, “Lucie. Robert re-create acclaimed Broadway outing: Hamlisch, Carole Bayer-Sager, Neil Simon, They're Playing Our Song, during 6 Degrees, Marvin Hamlisch, All Star Celebration, 10/4, Symphony Space, Manhattan. Lucie, a producer, benefits Actors Fund, honoring long-time Broadway musical director/keyboardist, Fran Liebergall, living with MS. Victor Garber performs Stephen Sondheim, 'No One Is Alone;' Jack Noseworthy, "I Cannot Hear City," Sweet Smell of Success; Hamlisch, original Chorus Line cast members share anecdotes about: perform highlights fr/award-winning musical;” posted, 2010.

      The Lucy Lounge website, courtesy, HarryCarter, Lucy FAQ co-author, “Lucie Arnaz lent voice to Yankees animated film, Henry, Me, young boy battling illness, taken on magical adventure by stranger: Henry. On journey, boy meets NY Yankee legends, past, present, who give lessons about baseball, life, Lucie voice, Jack's mother; w/Richard Gere voice, Henry, Austin Williams' voice, Jack, and all-star 'cast', film yet to be released;” posted, 2011.

      Gregg Oppenheimer, son of Jess, creator/writer (“I Love Lucy”): “I’m announcing entertainment upcoming SPERDVAC Luncheon, 11/5, Beverly Garland Holiday Inn, N. Hollywood. Tickets include 3-course luncheon, 4 great shows, performances by unprecedented number of radio, TV stars, including ("I Love Lucy") veterans, Doris Singleton, Shirley Mitchell, Janet Waldo. Shows include my own radio play, 'I Love Lucy': Untold Story, which had successful premiere 8/6 (Lucille's 100th birthday) near-1,400-seat Reg Lenna Civic Center, Jamestown, NY (broadcast nationwide, same evening, SiriusXM Radio), look-behind-the-scenes at obstacles to overcome to get ("I Love Lucy") on air, based on Dad's memoir, Laughs, Luck, Lucy: How I Created Most Popular Sitcom: All Time. Cast includes: ('I Love Lucy),' My Favorite Husband veteran, Janet Waldo, Peggy, bobby-soxer, w/crush on Ricky Ricardo; radio, Corliss Archer; voice, Judy Jetson; ('I Love Lucy') My Favorite Husband veteran, Shirley Mitchell, Lucy Ricardo girlfriend, Marion Strong; Gloria McMillan, Gale Gordon, Principal Conklin daughter, Harriet, Our Miss Brooks. I'll be directing Waldo in classic Suspense thriller, Sorry, Wrong Number, featuring another ("I Love Lucy")/My Favorite Husband veteran, Doris Singleton, Lucy friend, Carolyn Appleby;” posted, 2011.

      The Lucy Lounge website, courtesy, Ukfan, “New show/week, Joy of Sets, about TV. On wall in background: Lucy poster;” posted, 2011.

      The Lucy Lounge website, courtesy, lucyfanfiftyplusyears, “Watching old Murphy Brown re-run; noticed Gary Marshall (writer: Lucy Show) Office, he plays network head, Lucille Ball, Vivian (Ethel Mertz) picture on his wall;” posted, 2011.

      The Lucy Lounge website, courtesy, Harry Carter, “Emmy Awards, In memoriam, Madelyn Davis, Lucy all things' writer, part of In Memoriam Tribute, w/Lucille mentions;” posted, 2011.

      The Lucy Lounge website, courtesy, vivbagley, “Several My Favorite Husband scripts reworked into ('I Love Lucy') scripts. Basic plot used; 1st act, same; 2nd act, different; scripts almost word for word: ('I Love Lucy') superior. 'Liz Teaches Iris to Drive' became 'Lucy Learns to Drive', we didn't actually witness car coming unhooked on MFH downhill slope;Lucy driving off in Cadillac w/Pontiac tailing; coming back after commercial w/2 cars switched: hilarious! A preferred MFH script to Lucy was 'Liz Changes Her Mind' vs 'Lucy Changes Her Mind'. 1st act practically identical; classic restaurant scene w/Frank Nelson, frustrated waiter, both versions. 2nd act, MFH, superior version: Liz sends letter to George telling him she's leaving; he, thinks she refers to sorority reunion, tells her to go!'” posted, 2011.

      Desi Arnaz, IV, United Kingdom, House, Long Shadows Revisited, horror documentary; airs, 2012.

      The Latest from Everything Lucy, 'Best of TV' Special Airs Featuring Lucy Comedy Fest, Jamestown, NY, 9/14/2012, “City of Jamestown; Lucy-Desi Center, Comedy, annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival will be included in segment: 2-hour Barbara Walters Special, 'Best, TV, Greatest Shows: Our Time,' 9/18, ABC, 9 pm, EST, ('I Love Lucy') nominated 2 different categories; Best TV Comedy: All Time, Best TV Show: All Time. Team: producers, cameramen, ABC News; People Magazine, visited during current Lucille Ball Festival to record footage for nationally-televised special. Portion: special features Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, 1st-ever Lucy World Games; footage fr/Lucy-Desi Center, Comedy dual attraction (Lucy-Desi Museum; Desilu Studios). Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, or 'LucyFest' embodies Ball vision for hometown legacy: celebration: comedic arts held annually weekend closest to birthdate, 8/6;” posted, 2012.

      The Lucy Lounge website, courtesy, luvsbway, “TV Radio Mirror, Forever Near Her Heart, Fate Almost Parted Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, But Fate Forgot The Strength Of Woman's Love, by Aljean Meltsir, published, 6/1955;” posted, 2014,

      The Lucy Lounge website, courtesy, luvsbway, “Family Weekly, San Gabriel Valley Daily Tribune, 3 Arnazes on cover, Desi Arnaz article, 'My 2 children prove even a broken marriage can be worth it!' published, 7/7/1974;” posted, 2014.

      The Lucy Lounge website, courtesy, HarryCarter, “See John Mulaney, Lucille Ball fan, interview AVCdotcom, 9/15/14;” posted, 2014.

      A Supplement to Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY; Observer (Dunkirk, NY): Chautauqua County Chamber, Commerce, Chamber 2015, Special Section, Community Foundations, Journey Gunderson recognized: Economic Development Award going to NCCF, CRCF, by Gib Snyder, Observer (Dunkirk, NY) “Chautauqua Region Community Foundation (CRCF) worked in variety of ways to promote economic advancement, Chautauqua County. CRCF provided significant grant to National Comedy Center, real economic boost to area. Chamber honors NCC, Lucy-Desi Exec. Director, by Dennis Phillips, “One person honored 2015 Chautauqua County Chamber, Commerce Person of Year, recipient who believes hard work by many community residents is reason she's receiving award. Journey Gunderson. Lucy Desi Center for Comedy, has led Center since January 2011; past year, has played key role in advance of National Comedy Center project. '2015 Lucille Ball Comedy Festival brought $188,000, outside NYS ticket sales; not counting what ticket holders spent to stay, eat, shop here.' President, National Comedy Center board/directors recognized: Jamestown Chamber, Commerce Community Service Award, 'Some will say Comedy Center Park/NCCare 2 of greatest facilities ever built in Jamestown;'” published, 2015.

      The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Groundbreaking On Hotel Project Could Begin Soon, by Jimmy McCarthy, "Developer has seen economic impacts of 4 diamond hotels in NYS; says same will happen when Chautauqua Harbor Hotel, built in Celoron, intersection Dunham/Duquesne. Watkins Glen (NYS) Harbor Hotel voted USA Today best waterfront hotel in country; thinks year-long Celoron business will be best of their hotels; $24 million, 132-room, banquet facility; cocktail lounge; pools, fire pits, other amenities; due to begin construction this fall; opening: 2018;" published, 2016.


  21. GOTTA LOVE THAT JOEY; and. I DO; keeps my blood running...... And, for an old lady, running blood is a GOOD THING!!!
  22. When I booted and logged on this a.m.; this site was mentioned: [for what it's worth, here it is:] http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/emmys/emmy-awards-the-best-photos-from-over-the-years/ss-AArP625?ocid=spartandhp SEE: SLIDE 15
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