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  1. Jamie: Thanks for this; wonderful 'stuff' for the chronology!!!! Loving you, JK
  2. SO . . . now that you have become a STAR, you're NOT answering post questions from members?????? tee hee; !!!! JUST THINK, FOLKS, OUR 'BOSS' INTO NATIONAL PRINTER FAME!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, GUY!!!! Loving you, JK
  4. Just watched yesterday, for the first time all the way through, Rancho Notorious, with Bill in a bit part, Marlene Dietrich, Mel Ferrer, Arthur Kennedy, George Reeves (Superman); so many top film others - liked it; loved westerns as a child and TV first came out. The film was released in 1952; so, Frawley was already a STAR in 'I Love Lucy'; wonder if he ever watched it? Thank God for TCM!!!! and...........speaking of TCM...... [Later on, yesterday, a WONDERFUL documentary about Gregory Peck (little did I know his ties to Western NY!!!!!!!!] There was a wonderful conversation he had with a 'loaded' auditorium/theater setting, folks asking questions; his replies were comical and warm!]
  5. I believe Shelley was in 'group' - Ronnie Schell, as well; who attended one of the EARLY years Lucy Days, Jamestown; will have to look it up; get back to you unless someone who cares to remember (Joey????) can post it. Thanks
  7. Thanks for sharing this interesting find, Brock; Love, JK
  8. INTEREST; I was wondering if HE was a young Guy Madison.... ANYONE? JK
  9. I think WE ALL mean SPILL the MacRae stuff! I've never heard a word of ill about him.... another one of my faves.... SO, SPILL IT!!!!!! Thanks....JK
  10. I have only one exposure to his film career: (remember, I'm old-school); [loved Cheers; never saw Jay appearance]; but, I saw him in a wonderful film where he played a lousy, arrogant, gambler husband, Eric McKeever; wife, a 'sweets' caterer, who branched off on her own (Judith Light) for financial purposes to save their home; met a man who fell in love with her; she loved her abusive husband; and, moved boyfriend in with the family; and he and Jay (husband) who had become disabled; bonded; A Husband, A Wife, and a Lover (Wm. Russ - GREAT PART), 1996 TV Movie HE WAS WONDERFUL IN THIS ROLE!!!! ​If you get a chance to see it, the title of the film is not a good one; sounds typical (it isn't)....JK
  11. He was, perhaps, according to HIMSELF, a genius; but, his over-riding arrogance muddied the star power 'brightness' he could have presented to the public in personal appearances. I was heartbroken when he and Dean Martin broke up; that was probably for CAUSE, as well. I NEVER DID hear what that was about; but, was watching when Frank Sinatra tried to re-unite them on one of the MD telethons. I watched his MD benefits for 20+ years; WAS a fan as a youngster; then, when I had my babies, was pretty-much tied to home; kept on watching. In those days, he was a compelling presence. Guess when MD fired him, it probably WAS FOR CAUSE. Never heard THAT story, either. That one interview [i watched] he did, late in life, he was so short and not sweet in his replies; it should NEVER HAVE BEEN aired; because, I believe he lost many [to THAT time] LIFE-LONG fans because of it. Thanks, LittleRickyII, for your feed-back; sorry you were disappointed by him; and thanks for telling your story! NEVER be rude to children; THEY HAVE A LONG LIFE AHEAD TO REMEMBER!!!! JK
  12. Another GREAT FIND: thanks for sharing it....JK
  13. Wasn't Hugh's (big-time show) a Desilu Studio-filmed product? That would make Lucille (as Marlo Thomas put it: 'my landlady')?????
  14. GREAT STUFF; thanks for finding, posting it! JK
  15. You are 100% in my exact thoughts when I saw the photo; what a lovely woman!!!! Thanks for saying so; and thanks Luvsbway for sharing it; you DO find the BEST STUFF.... JK
  16. August 20, 2017: The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Living Section, Confluence: Where The Waters Meet, by Sandy Robson, "Confluence is a word meaning 'where waters are joined'. Here, in Chautauqua County, a double-basin lake and the river (Chadakoin) that runs through it; ALL, eventually slipping south to the Allegany, on the Ohio and Mississippi, ultimately to the Gulf of Mexico. . . ;" published, 2017. [A wonderful article in today's Post-Journal, really should be read by all interested in Lucille's 'hometown' history, etc., starting with the Warner Dam, S. Main St., at the 'Rapids,' where one of Jamestown founders, early 1800s, James Prendergast, built the Warner Dam]
  17. I was going to comment day before yesterday, had a note to watch; saw about 15 minutes; fell asleep; so, I join the crowd; Guess our 'memories' will have to sustain us......JK
  18. August 17, 2017 [Wondering WHY this is NCC thread? You may see in a moment; I find it fascinating!] The Post-Journal, Jamestown NY, 'Officials Hopeful Northwest Arena Expansion Draws More Revenue, by Dennis Phillips, "In order to generate more revenue; and to increase year-round use, Northwestern Arena officials are planning $5 million, expansion. Co-presidents spoke of preliminary plans to construct a 5,000 ft. Kids Zone play area: ideal for parents wanting to leave children in a safe place while they tour the NCC or while another child participates in a skating event. Constructing a new addition will eliminate the need for the anticipated connection between the Arena and NCC; which necessitates the need to close W. 2d St., between Lafayette, Washington Sts. Costs of construction also factor in: there will be less cost. In addition to Kids Zone, a gift shop will be created; and OFFICE SPACES FOR THE NATIONAL COMEDY CENTER - by lease arrangement; as well as space for 1st floor gift shop; a concession stand for snacks, deli sandwiches, soda, water; [officials stress they are NOT looking to compete with area restaurants] and enhance the 3rd floor conference room, making it available for catered meals and redesigned to enhance experience with views of ice rink and downtown Jamestown. Project also includes redesigned in-one-place office space for Arena staff members and officials [which presently exist throughout the facility.] All the above, proposed addition: $5 million; would de-necessitate the reliance on Gebbie Foundation 'yearly'$$ influx. [The Arena, built in 2001, funded with $20 million by Gebbie, plus a yearly 'grant' toward debt service; and has been making operations 'grants' each year: ultimate goal: self-sustaining entity.] The Arena presently 'hosts' 250,000 visitors yearly;" published, 2017. ​[shortened for effect; editorial comment by me]
  19. The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, 'I can literally see the difference when I come to places like Jamestown.' Change of Course, Regional Economic Development Council Visits Jamestown, by Dennis Phillips, "6 years of state funding assistance to drive economic development projects can be seen throughout downtown Jamestown. Whether it is the ongoing construction of the NCC or the Reg; M&T Bldg.; Renaissance Ctr.; etc., State Lt. Gov., K. Hochul, chairwoman for all 10 Regional Economic Development Councils says tour of downtown proves how the program is working. Many, this year, additional projects for downtown are in the works, as well;" published, 2017. ​[shortened for effect; www.post-journal.com for total article]
  20. TX! If you 'come by the date of interview'; please let me know. Otherwise, I shall enter the fact of 'himself', without the negative content, in the Stone Pillow chronology dated entry.... 'preciate it! [here comes Joey.... ]
  21. Luvsbway: Thanks 1,000,000 for the wonderful re-cap photos; love it! You are the best! JK
  22. LittleRickyII: Any chance you have date of interview; name of person interviewing, etc.? I'd certainly appreciate having that information. Thanks. JK
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