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  1. Great 'stuff' for the chronology . . .thanks for finding it.
  2. there's a word here that fits: TYPO [NOT TO OVERLOOK THE FACT I HAVE NO TIME TO PROOFREAD; THANKS FOR DOING IT FOR ME! Appreciate it!]
  3. I had a snappy reply (or 100), love; but, in the place of THAT; I'll just say to you, when I was working and doing 3 or 4 newsletters for various groups in our County NYSUT political spectrum, PER MONTH, and left out a punctuation point or 'other' typo AND 'SOMEONE' ALWAYS MADE A POINT TO CORRECT IT; I ALWAYS SAID:: "I JUST PUT THAT IN THERE [OR, LEFT THAT OUT] JUST TO MAKE SURE YOU WERE READING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. thanks for doing so......er, reading it.
  4. 8/11/2017: The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, Riverwalk Fest Cancelled Due To Bridge Projects, by Dennis Phillips, "Michael Dykeman, Jamestown Now committee member, says bridge project, near large section Riverwalk, located, complicates having Fest this year Next summer, with bridges installed and NCC slated opening, festival w/b better than 1st 2 years;" published, 2017. [shortened for effect]
  5. August 11, 2017 The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, 'I'm not saying it's better than the holidays, but it's getting close,' All Smiles, Comedy Festival A Big Success For Officials, Local Businesses, by Gavin Paterniti, "Another Festival in books, annual everyone involved both directly, otherwise, satisfied w/end result. The Pub: 'LucyFest absolutely amazing; repeat out-of-towners; definitely a top three of our weekends of year, not saying it's better than holidays, but it's getting close,' Sam Lisciandro, owner. Tom Constantine, The Cherry Lounge: similar experience from his Cherry St. restaurant. 'Weekend business double what we usually have.' Performances by Gaffigan, Black, James, Klein, Lampanelli, 20+ others various sold-out performances, some in newly-constructed 4000-seat Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater. Highlight: George Carlin Archives, w/25,000+ artifacts saved by comedian over 50+-year career; w/10,000 handwritten joke files, set lists, scrapbooks, costumes, thousands of hours of rate audiovisual content. Highest attended exhibit, previewed at Chautauqua Institution. Other comedy events; Kids' Comedy; and Desi Arnaz 100th-year birthday celebration. NCC scheduled opening summer, 2018; first cultural non-profit, national-scale visitor experience dedicated to comedy w/70+ comedy exhibits;" [www.nationalcomedycenter.org] [shortened for effect]; published, 2017.
  6. The Post-Journal, Chamber of Commerce, Todd J. Tranum, Pres., I Love NY Meets I Love Lucy, "NYS has, once again, reaffirmed commitment to NCC, Chautauqua County, and the WNY region. Special trip last week kicked off annual Lucy Comedy Festival weekend, and announced first major sponsorship from the I Love New York Tourism Program with $500 thousand dedicated to promote this unique attraction; support in addition to $14 million state has already invested to see facility built;" published, 2017. [shortened for effect] The Post-Journal, Robert Klein Discussed Expansive Career In Comedy, by Jordan W. Patterson, "Comedy, front and center, spanning 40 years. Klein sat down Saturday night at Reg Lenna Center for the Arts, in segment called 'A conversation w/Robert Klein.' Screening of clips highlighting his career which mixes comedy and music. Coming from the Bronx to upstate to NYS College, Alfred, Hornell, NY, 1962, wanting to become a doctor; several things getting in his way: calculus, physics, chemistry, reading, spelling, aptitude, attitude, inclination, and women; not to mention attendance, talent; steering instead to comedy/music; in 1975, the 1st comedian appearing live in concert on HBO;" published, 2017. (There goes my intuition that Lucie Arnaz would suddenly appear.... along with some 'other' assumptions I've made along the way... oh me, oh my!)
  7. Sneakiness takes time; watch it happen . . .
  8. August 5, 2017: The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, King of Comedy, Comedian Kevin James Fills City Arena With Laughs, 'You like your Timmy Hortons. It's literally how you give directions around here.', by A. J. Rao, "Friday, in front of packed house at Northwest Arena, James brought the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival a hilarious mix of his trademark charm, physicl comedy and everyday gripes;" published, 2017. [shortened for effect: JK] The Post-Journal, Political Correctness, History Of Comedy Discussed At Chautauqua, by Katrina Fuller, Chautauqua, "A downpour didn't stop thoughts and musings from 3 comedic minds Friday morning. The Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater was filled to hear Kelly Carlin, Stephen Morrison, Kliph Nesteroff discuss history of comedy and political correctness. Morrison is exec. producer, CNN, 'History of Comedy;' Nesteroff, best-selling author, comedian, no strangers to funny business. [shortened for effect: complete lengthy article: thepost-journal.com] The Post-Journal, A Lakewood Lens, Summer 2017: Fabulous So Far, by Margot Russell, "Some folks are already starting to gloat. Summer 2017 seems to be shaping up a great one for local business owners: 'sales are up,' from wine shops to boat rentals to cottage leasing(s). NYS tourism bureau understands the best thing about our area is natural presence; nothing gimmicky about rolling hills, new hotel on-the-Lake, in Celoron, etc.; a beginning of unprecedented level of tourism in our county. One of season's success stories is collaboration between Chautauqua Institution and the National Comedy Center to integrate comedy theme(s) into Week Six of Institute's program, busiest week of entire season thus far, as lectures and workshops explored themes between mind and funny bone, 'a fresh idea;' published, 2017. [shortened for effect: complete lengthy article: thepost-journal.com]
  9. 3:30 works for me, as well. Yesterday was well spent for me; lunch at the Pub with the McCuloughs; our about 7 or 8-year reunion; much loved by me, as all reunions are, catching up and in person. We took a 'tour' provided by me, as passenger; my old hometown haunts in Celoron and through Boatlanding improvements; bike path; speaking from memory of the wonderful 'other' world we can provide locally through the Riverwalk and Chadakoin wilderness; which is accessible only by pontoon or small boat; a journey should be made available to all who come to LucyTown [pontoons can be rented locally for that purpose; something the Museum should be thinking of making available to participants; just a suggestion by one of the locals: ME![ Would beat the Summer Wind excursion(s) 1000-fold. ​We drove over to view the Hotel being built - QUICKLY - in the field next to where I lived for 20.5 years, Ellicott Shores and walked down on my old front yard to see the Lake up close and personal; all in all, the most pleasurable and productive time I've spent in quite awhile; since I spend so MANY hours, DAILY, on the chronology; oddly, something the present Exec. Dir. wants nothing to do with [bIG MISTAKE!!] - but, invites and probably pays the former ED to interviews (BIGGER MISTAKE]; he'll take back over given the opportunity! just watch). He and his second-in-command, sure tried to get me to SIGN OFF ON THE CHRONOLOGY WHEN IT WAS ONLY 200 pages; now, at 1200!!!! ​Sorry about the poor weather yesterday; more coming today, I'm afraid; ah, well, western NY: NEVER CAN TELL! ​Hope each of you is enjoying the Fest, in spite of poor weather. Safe journey home for those not attending the Taco Hut reunion, which I'm also greatly looking forward to. JK
  10. WE were warm and DRY in the PUB; last night for you should have been TODAY, er .............. with us! then, we toured the beginnings of the betterment of CELORON NY; and it's about time.... ask the McCulloughs; we stayed fairly dry; except for my butt; when getting in my car at Best Western, with windows down during downpour and our DRY PERIOD. See you tomorrow....
  11. 8/4/2017 (see also: The Post-Journal, National Comedy Center thread for interesting $$ article/NYS) The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Front Page, Clean-Cut Comedy, Jim Gaffigan Opens Lucille Ball Comedy Fest, by Katrina Fuller, "The floor was cold but the mic was hot Thursday night. Gaffigan opened LucyFest at Northwest Arena, filled to the brim with excited patrons;" published, 2017. [shortened for effect] [see: thepost-journal.com for full details] The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY,​ ​Desi Arnaz Memorabilia On Display, by Remington Whitcomb, "Supplemental to LucyFest activities, a collection of Arnaz artifacts on display at historic Jamestown Train Station. Exhibit curated at Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Museum takes guests through timeline of his life, displays handful important artifacts, including letters to/from former US presidents, props from role: Ricky Ricardo/I Love Lucy; some of his personal library/favorite books; and much more; in honor of Desi's 100th Anniversary of life [3/2/1917-12/2/1986;" published, 2017. [shortened for effect] [see: thepost-journal.com for full article].
  12. 8/4/2017 - Hoping those of you here for LucyFest see this today: The Post-Journal, Jamestown NY, 'I believe this is going to be a national attraction.' Capitol Punch Line, Cuomo Announces More State Funding for National Comedy Center, by Dennis Phillips, "1st live comedy routine might have occurred in future home of the NCC based on celebration of comedy. Thursday, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo and Howard Zensky, Empire State Development president and chief exec. officer, announced an additional $500 thousand state funding for NCC, to promote the facility scheduled to open 2018, through the I Love NY tourism campaign. To date, NYS has granted $14 million to the project;" [article shortened for effect], published, 2017. [for further $$ information preceding years: entire article, www.thepost-journal.com]
  13. More GREAT STUFF; and I thank you. JK
  14. TX, woman; plans, in case we miss each other, are for the Taco Hut, late afternoon Saturday; see Brock for fine tuning of this annual event. Have fun. Hoping all is well with you two. JK
  15. Wondering if any of you EARLY BIRDS have travelled to Chautauqua Institution for the first two lectures in series, 'Comedy, etc.'? If so, I and the chronology would be VERY INTERESTED in comments from attendees...... Size audiences, and all else, etc. Thanks for taking the time to do so.
  16. 8/2/2017: The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, Work Continues On Jamestown Riverwalk Pedestrian Bridges, Bike Path, by Dennis Phillips, “Pieces starting to be put in place for pedestrian bridges over Chadakoin River along Riverwalk, scheduled for mid-September. City received $1.6 million in 2014 to construct the 2 bridges, a $2 million project; Bridges: one from Panzarella Park to Riverwalk's north shore extension; second, below Washington Street Bridge, connecting both Riverwalk sections along River. Bridges scheduled to open next year. Chadakoin Park trail, bike path, Clifton to McCrea Point Park continues scheduled completion: end construction season, October; path roughly a mile in length; scheduled opening next year;" published, 2017.
  17. The Post-Journal, Region, Funny Talk, Steinberg, Carlin Talk Comedy at Chautauqua Institution, by Katrina Fuller, Chautauqua, "David Steinberg and Kelly Carlin, Sirius XM radio host, chatted about David's time as a theologian, stand up and more at Chautauqua Institution Tuesday morning, during week-long series, 'Comedy and Human Condition,' portion of partnership between Institution and NCC;'" [ ​/JK: 'article shortened:] published, 2017.
  18. Brock: Saturday sound good to me; will be great to see my Loungefriends again . . . . fast year, wasn't it?
  19. How did you get here this year? Jamestown Airport? Have been wondering about accommodations there. Staying all week?
  20. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Question of the Day: ". . .. attending any of the comedy events scheduled this week?" YES: 18% NO: 82% ​The Post-Journal, Black Came Back, Noted Comic Kicks Off Chautauqua Institution's Comedy-Themed Week, by Gavin Paterniti, Chautauqua, "Black's discussion centered around what comedy is and a comedian's role in society. 'Comedy is easy, but writing a speech about comedy is exhausting.' Black kicked off week-long series, 'Comedy and Human Condition,' underwritten partnership between Institution and NCC. Black mentioned inspirational mentors: Carlin, Pryor and Lenny Bruce. 'Laughter allows us to boldly stare into the abyss while straddling the grave.'" [ ​/JK: 'article shortened:] published, 2017. ​
  21. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Question of the Day: "Do you plan on attending any of the comedy events scheduled this week?" ​The Post-Journal, "Anyone who knows comedy knows that Jim Gaffigan is one of the biggest and most respected voices in comedy today." Ready For The Stage, Week of Laughs and Lectures Kicks Off Today, by Gavin Paterniti, "After nearly a year's worth of planning, the NCC prepares to do what it does best: make an entire community laugh. Headliners for 26th annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival are: Gaffigan, Kevin James, Lisa Lampanelli and Robert Klein;" [ ​/JK: 'article shortened:' go to www.lucycomedyfest.com for complete lineup of events]; published, 2017.
  22. Thanks, Freddie; great 'stuff' for the chronology!
  23. Harry: This wouldn't open for me; please re-send. Thanks.
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